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VIDEO: Van Persie and Rooney goals vs Crystal Palace

مانشستر يونايتد 2-0 كريستال بالاس – الأسبوع 4… by MediaMasrTv

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  1. Andromeda says:

    Gorgeous free kick by Rooney, would love to see more from him.very pleased with the wizard kid Janujaz, reminds me of Ryan Giggs in his youth with his silky touch and clever footballing mixed up with dribbling tricks and audacity.also pleased with Fellaini, he just showed what we were missing.he just kept it simple and yet he was so effective with every passes, he also had a very good vision, am sure he will be a good asset both to the defence and our forwards.
    Off topic
    I was watching Citeh game against Stoke and I must say the bitters were absolutely clueless without David Silva.not just that, it seems as if the defence were not even close to what we have seen under Mankini, well its probably too early and we must not forget that Kompany is still out due to injury but one should think this is our best opportunity to beat city at Etihad.

  2. Strik3rr says:

    No goals from open play is a bit upsetting.

  3. jimmymac62 says:

    Young up to his old tricks again…wish Moyes would ditch him. Still playing with 2 wingers instead of playing Kagawa and Hernandez….wtf?

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Great composure by Robin and a super free kick from Rooney. Take a 2-0 win any day of the week.

    Young? May have been booked earlier, but that one for the pen was stone cold bundled over. Last man had to walk. The ref called it in the box and maybe it wasn’t, but the red card AND the foul were absolutely spot on. Don’t know what you lads are complaining about.

    As to the yellow card before, if they gave yellows in La Liga for that. Well, you wouldn’t have a single player on the pitch after 90 minutes.

    Piss off.

    3 points and glad for it.
    CP was never going to win this. Parked the bus and Carrick took care of the rest.
    Think there was 1 clear chance and that one went wide.

    For you self professed purists…..Move on. At least try and enjoy the ride.

  5. JamesIMacRae says:

    Did you see Giggs give the old one two tap tap to the United staff member. Think It is Alan Keegan but cant be sure. Haha brilliant. Please correct me who it is if you know better.


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