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VIDEO: Van Persie and Welbeck goals vs Swansea

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Proverb says:

    @In David We Trust That’s not a surprise mate this gasbags are quite predictable. I wonder when the Sky hype machine will kick into gear for next Mondays title decider
    Souness is so far up mourinhos arse
    Their ultimate goal is to feed to much shit to dumb opposition fans about united.

  2. In David We Trust says:

    Proverb – this is hoddles masterpiece that should get him the sack, if swansea had RVP, they would have won 4 1, so what was michu? Souness makes out united are in for a tough season, despite how physically drilled ferdinand vidic and evra look, jones does not seem to be picking up injurys, DDG looks outstanding, and upfront again I will say it, we look terrifying, RVP rooney hernandez and now welbeck are all capable of scoring double figures. Alan smith is ok, but again he says united need a goalscoring midfielder, no, when you have the rooney RVP axis, that wins you games

  3. Proverb says:

    @In David We Trust What, like last season yah, hoddles cunts name.
    Anyway, our forwards can make up for that. We do need a midfielder but in that sense, we’ve enough quality in depth to retain our title. Welbz, Rooney, RVP, pea and kags will lessen the need for a midfielder, tom clevz can only improve, carrick is amazing he’s such a fit player, I won’t be surprised if he see out the season without too much injuries. Ando will be eased in, the training regime will reverse the injuries curse. And the flood of youngster pushing their way in through the ranks, we don’t depend on buys on only. This cunts are spouting too much bollocks.

  4. WilliamAR says:

    The funny thing about all of this talk about our midfield is pretty much most of it has no foundation. What alot of people forget is that because united employ advanced full backs always looking to overlap mainly rafael and evra our wingers then tuck in to slightly wide midfield positions. this does 2 things. it provides us with attacking numbers giving us more options for goals and secondly it enables us to retain the ball quicker as we close the gaps from the opposition defensive line. at the same time we have players who track back from forward positions covering our full backs temporarily. effectively when we play 433 it interchanges from 433 to 451 instantaneously to ensure we are not caught short defensively. when attacking our 433 changes to 253. its always switching depending on if we are attacking or defending. but another thing with our movement it allows us to have between 2 or 3 attacking players in the central attacking third leaving us with options. it covers scoring opportunities from the near post, mid box area, back post and sometimes the opposite side winger makes 4th man in the box. the beauty of it is we also have at least 1 or 2 men on the outer edge of the box ready who are always covered from the rear ready to have a shot from outside, stifle any counter attack or take a realistic long range effort. United are the only team in the league who are capable of achieving that level off efficiency which is why we tend to have a lot of different scorers over the course of the season and we are very very rarely if ever caught out in counter attack. Just look at the swansea game just gone. swansea are a very good passing team but they had nowhere to go which is why there scoring chances were very few. that is down to a good compact pressing midfield eager to retain the ball. the pass for RVP’s first goal came from a midfield position and welbecks second came from rooney playing an advanced midfield position. the build up to RVP’s second goal came from the back to the wing to the advanced mid pass from rooney to RVP. Almost all our goals come from players dragging defenders out of position either from the full backs overlapping or advanced midfield play pulling defenders to create openings. the rest of our goals are mainly from set plays. basically I guess what I’m trying to say is i think too many underestimate how good our midfielders are. they do a multitude of jobs that allow people like RVP to do what he does best and also they do a terrific job in their defensive duties. So the question is are we really desperate for a midfield signing or it it just people looking at our rivals and worrying too much and feel we need to do the same? I personally don’t think we are desperate for any signing and if we do sign a player it will just be a bonus. we are easily the the best drilled squad in the league who are tried and tested and PROVEN!! so I just think that anything people like souness and hoddle say is just out of hope rather than fact. Deep down they know who the team to beat are and they certainly don’t wear blue.

  5. vinnyacardo86 says:

    @IDWT, Samuel, Proverb

    Jamie Redknapp on SNF was spot on about united still being the team to beat. The rest are just in awe of Jose. He is a good manager but i don’t understand the hype and how Chelsea are favourites all of a sudden…. I prefer us to do our job quietly and under the radar while cunt jose grabs the media spotlight like the drama drag queen he really is…

  6. King Eric says:

    William. Belting post. Spot on.

  7. Paintitred says:

    City arent going to be fabulous, n chelsea althgh havva solid midfield dey stil are lackng a lot in the final third n da wae i saw sem play last night dey r mre den beatable. As for us da evnthgh da midfield seems to be of some concern. Realistically there is enough firepower upfront to make amends for it!

  8. Marq says:

    The biggest joke with pundits like Souness commenting about how weak United are, etc, is that if they really knew how to beat United, you would suppose they would be a manager somewhere collecting a big pay cheque rather than sitting in a room playing fantasy football and talking crap

  9. redadare says:

    Thought Rvp was awesome at weekend but if we loose him through injury City have much stronger squad, don’t like to admit it but neighbours looked good last night and will take some stopping this season. See they now refer to their biggest game of season as being against Chelsea, ha, just hope they don’t repeat what happened at OT ’12… never heard the end of it.

  10. redadare says:

    Heard rumour at work (take lightly).. Rooney > Chelsea, Dzeko > Utd and Falcao > City. Don’t think City would sell Dzeko to us but we need some support for Rvp bcoz I believe ONCE A BLUE ALWAYS A BLUE Rooney wants out


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