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VIDEO: Van Persie, Cleverley and Rooney goals vs Sunderland

Man United vs Sunderland 3:1 GOALS HIGHLIGHTS by UCL2410

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. belfast red. says:

    @ van. U talk dung my friend.

  2. Dromole says:

    @ belfast red. I think SAF should try kagawa on the left wing. He plays there for his country. Tony V has not been in very good form atm, but young is. So shift young to the right and put kags to the left while wazza and VP keep their current positions and let’s see what happens.

  3. slim says:

    Kagawa fits in nicely. Whwn he gets back he can play on the left or behind van persie,with Rooney playing the space vacated. Like everyone else he’ll have to show the boss he should be in contention and I’m confident he will do it. He’s a much different no.10 than Rooney ,would play reall well in a 3 man midfield with one striker. It’s the same problem we had at the start of the season,injuries just made the decision for the gaffer.
    With Hernandez and Danny gagging for games along with Ando, there’s gonna be preferred diamond formation and it will feature the Japanese maestro. Can’t wait to have him back.
    Carrick,fletcher/tom c and Ando patrolling the midfield with kagawa,Rooney and van persie up top sounds delicious and looks a strong mobile set up too.
    There so many permutations up front its scary. You could sub Rvp for Hernandez,move roo to the center and sub kagawa for Danny. Or stick roo up top with kagawa on the left,Valencia on the right. If the stars and constellations align these guys could do some real damage. It all depends on having the right combo of midfielders fit

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Valencia gone missing?

    Pet theory: Valencia can’t hit the target because it is no longer recognizable.

    Facts: Rooney’s hair transplant have removed the beacon of bling that was visible for miles.

    Solution: Paint a shiny patch on the forehead of the CF of the day.

    [.... said completely tongue in cheek ...]

  5. Brooka says:

    Our biggest hinderance this season will be Fergie’s insistence on tinkering with the midfield when it isn’t really necessary. I think he made the comment yesterday that Carrick and Cleverley deserved to play after their performance in the derby? Hopefully, they’ll stay in because at the moment they are our best pairing. He did allude to the fact that he changes the midfield depending on the opposition. It’s only my opinion but that is a slightly dangerous way of doing things and is the reason why we got beaten at Norwich.

    I actually dread us playing once a week sometimes as i know Fergie will be just itching to change things around for the sake of it! If you get used to rotating and ‘freshening things up’ it can be difficult to stop and play a settled side. I know we’ll rotate 4 or 5 players for each game over the festive period. I just worry how that will affect any fluency that we may have built up by then. In the late 90s we could get away with wholesale changes week after week. I’m not sure it’s like that these days!

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Important read:

    Fergie: Not bringing in anyone in January.

    Suppose that doesn’t rule our deals that move in the summer. But basically proves that all these links have been pure, unadulterated tosh!

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Belfasf red – kagawa has a massive fight on his hands in terms of competing with wayne for that number 10 role. Wayne is not only a rare all round talent but he’s also incredibly determined and he won’t want to give up the idea of being a key player. I think kagawa will have to adapt to another position, perhaps on the left as some have pointed out but in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 or any other flexible tactics. I don’t think he can play effectively as a winger a basic 4-4-2, he would be drifting in a lot and his game could suffer. There’s also a chance if he could get stronger to play in central mid but to be honest, kagawa’s best role is an attacking playmaker. He knew the tough task he had when he chose united and how tough this league is, he’s still needs to adapt before we see his overall quality. I think it’s good to know united have a player in kagawa breathing down wayne’s neck, it sharpens him up and at least, united have an option with the japanese who i feel could be crucial in the champions league hopefully when he starts regaining form.

    There are several alternatives, i think kagawa could be tried a little deeper in midfield, in which he can use his dynamism, ping passes around and make late runs as he’s a top finisher, it won’t be his most effective or favourite position but he has to be integrated back into the team. I think he’s adaptable and technically good enough to carry out these roles.

    I also think united need to his strenghts well. We need to play more passes into him when marked, he has the ability to dribble past an opponent rather than always going wide.

    It would be interesting to see how he kicks on, i hope he’s hit the gym to work on his upper body strenght, could be a step towards adapting. This is a dilemma we should cherish though.

  8. andromeda says:

    This morning I read some rumors about Hernandez quitting United, any truth to that?anybody here??:((

  9. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Andromeda – you cannot stop rumours. Hernandez is an easy target for idiots in the media. Pick the quiet nice guy in the united team and claim he wants to leave with a mysterious non existent source. Hernandez is an integral member and a key player in the team, he’ll get more than his fair share of game time. He gives united an alternative to the likes of RVP and rooney. No chance of him leaving.

  10. NBI Red Onion says:

    Cleverly seems to be growing into his game though his ability to track back and tackle need to improve quite a bit, he often just ball watches the other team attacking, even Pea tracks back more, he needs to watch the way Barca midfielders hustle off the ball. His attacking play is getting back to the promise he showed.

    However, either Cleverly or Rooney will need to be stood down for Kagwa. It will probably be Cleverly. He has a little time to prove himself before Kagwa is back but right now Kagwa is the far better player. He is not a wing player. Once back and fit I think he will be a premier league star and his thinking complements RVP, Pea and Rooney.

  11. tom c says:


    really hope that doesnt happen, fucking love the lad!

    Offtopic hahahahahah bitter fan coming here. fucking windup. get a life ya fuck, joke fans? your club is a fucking joke. racist fans, racist players, clueless manager. go fuck yourself. last season was a fluke, even Mancini said United lost it. fuck right off and take Mario with you.

    Ontopic great win! would’ve liked to keep the clean sheet for DeGea but fuck he was immense! first half was class, yeeeeeeah! 8D

  12. Tope99 says:

    Playing kagawa deep would be so ineffective,kagawa plays his best when in an advanced attacking role. What he has done since he came can’t be compared to what he did at dortmund.when I see videos of kagawa I just can’t wait for him to get back

  13. AlphaRS says:

    Isn’t that because Dortmund press a lot higher up the pitch?
    Where as United play more on the counter attack?

  14. Singh7 says:

    Corinthians!!!! 1-nil

  15. Proverb says:

    Not sure if Corinthians are actually good or Chelsea is
    just shit!!!

  16. Singh7 says:

    @Proverb….Corinthians are much better than the Mexicans the Renties played ……oh and Chelsea are shit

  17. mybloodismetal says:

    so happy the rentfags lost

  18. Dromole says:

    It’s over in Japan, and that’s it. chelsea now confirm they are shit and only won the champs league because of a truck-load of luck.
    And so much for lady boy being back to is best. Missed a sitter he did when it was easier to score.

  19. Costas says:

    Shit club and shit manager. Both got what they deserved.

  20. Hamzah says:

    The last replay of our second goal
    Was that a little smile on O’shea face?

  21. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Manchester United: 2 time World Club Champions:
    Intercontinental Cup (1999)
    FIFA Club World Cup (2008).

    Only English club to win either and only to win both! :twisted:

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Related: Thinking Red cards in FIFA competitions result in bans for CL matches.
    Didn’t Scholes red at Club Championship make him miss a CL game the following year?

  23. Proverb says:

    I hope Benitez stays on as the chelski manager. Its
    pure comedy

  24. FletchTHEMAN says:

    One laughs at Chelsea losing but won has to look at the pathetic FA.

    Spot the difference:
    Corinthians Schedule:
    2/12 São Paulo (A) L 1-3 Bras Last game of Season with no need to win.
    12/12 Al Ahly (A) W 1-0 CWC
    16/12 Chelsea (H) W 1-0 CWC

    Chelsea Schedule:
    8/12 Sunderland (A) W 3-1 Prem
    13/12 Monterrey (A) W 3-1 CWC
    16/12 Corinthians (A) L 0-1 CWC
    19/12 Leeds (A) 19:45 GMT CC

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    NBI – You don’t stand players down for another, kagawa has to earn it. He’s got to prove himself at this club, you’re basing his supposed guaranteed start due to his displays at dortmund. He needs to work hard at united and earn his corn. This club will not adapt to him, it has the other way round. Kagawa not only needs to adapt to the physical and tactical style of the PL, he has to learn the language. He has great potential but we need to see it.

    I do agree with the cleverley point, he needs to be more aware and have more desire to stop danger on the pitch. I think it’s a tactical awareness issue, he needs to work hard on that side of his game.

  26. Proverb says:

    - Lost the Community Shield.
    - Lost the UEFA Super Cup.
    - Lost the FIFA Club World Cup.
    - Knocked out of the Champions League group stages.
    - Out of the Premier League title race.

    Season defined…

    This is pure comedy, the ladyboy had never lost in a final, but chelsea managed to screw him and his record :D fucking clowns

  27. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Typos??! Sheesh

  28. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Proverb, Cheers mate…. Didn’t know about this Torres record in finals. Been in a few finals then? or is it more coming off the bench? Couldn’t say I ever paid attention. But most of those finals with Spain I don’t recall him on until the result is in the bag.

    One thing is for sure, the lads temperament is dour. Like today’s match. When things go south, his character goes right out the window. Would be the last lad you’d want to count on in a tough pinch.

    Never a United player, not in a million years. There are alot of posters on here that really need to look at themselves with flavor of the month footy manager stuff. Remember folks gutted he signed for ‘pool years ago. More recently calls for the owners head when we didn’t sign Nasri. Then last month calls to break the bank for Fellani. :lol:

    Not a chance!

  29. Goat Peticoat says:

    Ive just shaved my pubes. I feel like a young boy again. I feel we need atleast two midfielders and 2 centerbacks and two wingers because we are shit. I kissed a girl, tee hee. I think we should get Hernandez Garcia from Sporting Humpti of Peru as he is excellent. Ive seen him play 2 times on my x-box. We need a hard tackling midfielder who takes no prisoners. Umbungo Salif is a good one that I heard a person on football365 mention two weeks ago, hes getting great reviews in the Daily Goat which is a respected newspaper in Surinam. I think Sir Alex is passed it, he must be like, what 40. Ashley Young is slow and never scores. Why didnt Rafael start, Jones is so slow and runs like a moose. I mean imagine going shopping with him he’d knock all the racks of clothes over, hes such a clumsy oaf. Scholes and Giggs played together again I see, how 1990′s.
    We wont do anything unless we adress our glaring deficiences in Defence, Midfield and Attack. Is Rooney past it only 8 goals.

  30. Proverb says:

    DECEMBER 16, 2012 AT 14:27
    samuel – united WE stand says:
    “NBI – You don’t stand players down for another,
    kagawa has to earn it. He’s got to prove himself at
    this club, you’re basing his supposed guaranteed
    start due to his displays at dortmund. He needs to
    work hard at united and earn his corn. This club will
    not adapt to him, it has the other way round.
    Kagawa not only needs to adapt to the physical and
    tactical style of the PL, he has to learn the
    language. He has great potential but we need to
    see it.

    I do agree with the cleverley point, he needs to be
    more aware and have more desire to stop danger
    on the pitch. I think it’s a tactical awareness issue,
    he needs to work hard on that side of his game.”

    But shouldn’t we play him in his favored position so he could prove himself well?
    The last time we played him there on his favored role he was devastating that pass to chicha inch perfect unfortunately he went off injured but imo he did just about enough to warrant a place in the first even which basically answers your question and NBI’s.

  31. Ash says:

    With all due respect to young , a full form kagawa is and will be better than full form Young. I will play kagawa at left flang. Not as a winger but as a left attacking midfielder who can interchange his position with Rooney and RVP. Cleverly and carrick should be our first choice Midfielding pair with Tony V or Nani(If he stays) in Right wing. My line up with kagawa will be

    Carrick Cleverly

    Tony V Kagawa


    But like samuel said kagawa has to play well to earn his spot. But I have seen kagawa play for dortmund and have to say he was their best player.

  32. ARUN says:

    glad we didnt sign nasri… to be honest i wanted us to sign him. i think we will get the midfielder that we need soon. i think fergie will only buy wen the right player becomes available , like rvp. he did say after signing rvp that he wanted to sign 1 more player but he was not available.

  33. belfast red. says:

    @samuelUnitedwestand. I hope your right. As you knw we play at our best with wingers and with Rooney given the free role as a floating c.f. kagawa has an uphill battle to make that role hs unless we play a diamond formation or a 433 with no witdth imo the team is getting bck 2 fourm without the tinkering tho maybe S.a.f is Looking at the future and sees Rooney as the nxt scholes and believe he has the game to take that mantle on, but for me atm he has far to many goals in him to be sacrificed. Like u said We are lucky 2 have such a dilemma.

  34. wayne says:

    Fsw is a joke but let’s face it most of Chelsea’s problems stem from Roman he signs the players who get all the hype or who he likes personally not what best for the club.Then to top it off if the manager doesn’t play the players he’s bought regardless of form manager gets the punt
    Dippers loss yesterday goes back to how overrated possession is without any penetration,Dippers had 68percent of possession and lost 3-1,Le Arse are another team who just pass the ball around aimlessly with no killer touch

  35. Ash says:

    Chelsea ran their luck in uefa champions league. I bet if he had even half the luch that chelsea had we would have wrapped the league with ease. The reality is chelsea are a shit side. Mata and Hazard are good especially mata. Other than that they have bunch of overrated guys. Oscar is ok but not that great like some pundits are saying. He may become great but definitely not at chelsea. Chelsea will never make a star player. It was the skill of mourinho that made chelsea the team to beat. Drogba always gives credit to mourinho for his success. ANCELLOTI WAS good but roman sacked him. Chelsea like I SAID in start of the season with implode. Don’t be surprised if they again finish outside top 4.

  36. Proverb says:

    @samuel – united WE stand

    It has been both ways mate, he’s one lucky bastard
    If you recall his goal which automatically eliminated barca you’ll get the point I’m trying to make, it didn’t require much effort as he was nowhere near the barcas last men, I don’t know what kind of system they had deployed he was miles out of play (not offside) but you would get the sense he was….

    The rantboys journey all the ways to winning the CL has been one huge fluke, same can be said of torres record
    I was quite shocked when I heard his stats, I don’t know if we can rely on but if true oh boy…

  37. wayne says:

    Don’t see how anyone can make a direct comparison between Young and Kagawa,Kagawa isn’t a left winger.So to say a full form Kagawa brings more to the club than a full form Young doesn’t make any sense to me,would play in different formations.I’d want Young as Utd’s left winger over Kagawa if that’s the formation Utd were playing

  38. Proverb says:

    Apologies my last comment was aimed to @FletchTHEMAN

  39. Marq says:

    I think Kagawa is getting the Wilshere syndrome. The longer he is out the bigger the expectation. Not in anyway playing down Kagawa’s ability, but we have yet to see what he is capable of, and we have not been using him properly for starters.

    Comparing Kagawa & Young is silly. One is an attacking midfielder the other is a winger, they do different things.

  40. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Proverb. Agreed. . . You’ll be shocked to know that Torres come in the top 10 of world football players in a recent AP poll:

    AP Top 10 (voter points)
    1. Messi(170pts) 2.Falcao (169) 3.Rooney (120) 4.Oezil(98) 5.Totti (67) 6.Torres(65) 7.van Persie (44)

    One positive is that United are the only team with 2 in the top 10 ;)
    United also top team by a margin in the same poll. Ha!

  41. Proverb says:

    Like @samuel – united WE stand we must not stand players down for the other
    Kags and ash are two completely different players therefore we shouldn’t be comparing the two, both possess different qualities and a equally considered by the club, kags is way more creative but lacks defensive qualities while young can do abit of both and still nod in some vital goals, so I’d say both are better in their respective positions, that’s about that no need to bring the other to his knees in favor of the other
    The fact that both play in completely different roles makes this a utterly pathetic argument

  42. slim says:


    Still not justification enough to disregard it.
    Just my opinion but possession football is here to stay look at the players we’re grooming.
    Is suggest we need more of it ourselves seeing that we don’t seem to like defending these days. It’d either that or a strictly counter attacking game.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if pool had the ball in their own half for most of the game. That’s not possession football that’s a toothless side,nothing more. A team that bases its game on wingplay (or any system for that matter) that can’t get crosses in doesn’t mean wingplay is overrated or crap, its just not being put Into practice properly.

    Possession football without penetration-as you put it is not possession football its just fannying about

  43. wayne says:

    slim lol ok mate well most of the pundits call it possession football not saying disregard it just seems to be the most talked about in football at the moment and managers like Brendan Rodgers get a lot of praise as the new wave.
    My point is and as you pointed out it’s fannying about without the end result as the Dippers and Le Arse are proving this season.Imo the most over talked,overrated thing in football at the moment like you said no formation works without the right personell

  44. Proverb says:

    Its really amazing, he’s even ahead of RVP, imo this stats has to be influenced by his past self at liverpool cause currently he’s a total shadow of himself, van persie’s general contribution to club and country has by far been better, you can’t even attempt at comparisons as there is a visible gap in quality between to two
    At chelsea he has done fuck all, its really amazing

  45. BSF OHA says:

    Rvp and clevs goals are fantastic.nice game though but i have never been angry with valencia.guys i have to say av7 made the game very frustrating in the second half.and it’s was so infuriating that i almost cried when the game ended.hope he will make up for that mess next week

  46. wayne says:

    Jesus wept it just keeps getting worse,fucking idiots

  47. Ash says:


    In all honestly I would prefer to play with kagawa than with young. So if you read my post you will notice that I myself said Kagawa should not play as a winger but as a left attacking midfielder.

  48. wayne says:

    Ash mate i was just saying not fair comparing the 2,if Utd use a formation with wingers Young would be the preferred option.Two different type of players chalk and cheese so to speak

  49. Ash says:


    I know mate its hard to compare between these two but there will be time (I really hope) when we may have every player fit. So at that moment we have to pick our best players. In that regard I will pick Kagawa over young. I have nothing against young. I am loving the way he has been proving his critics wrong in last few matches but kagawa adds a little more. Or kagawa could replace cleverly as a central attacking midfielder . Honestly I won’t prefer that.


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