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VIDEO: Van Persie Goal vs Spurs

т 1-1 м by Futbol2101

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  1. united forever says:

    great goal proper center forwards goal

  2. lordrt says:

    One-goal leads are never safe, and United paid the price for relying too much on defending rather than making the opposition team defend. only 2 shots on target FFS!!!

  3. United Till I Die says:

    Thats the thing with the fabled “final pass”.

    If we do all the hard work but constantly fluff up the final delivery, we end games with daft stats like 2 shots on target, even when we’ve pushed players forwards all match. That was the only thing wrong with our performance today. If the passing was better around their box we’d have forced their keeper to make more saves and probably scored a second. Instead we end up with 2 poxy shots on target.

  4. bbabyj says:

    Should maybe have started Rooney… Kagawa wasn’t great.

    We were screwed out of a penalty though.

  5. Marq says:

    Rvp made it look so simple, but it was anything but. There was no pace on the ball, so it had to be inch perfect, and it was. Clev have done it a few times already, whipping in such crosses, would like him to see him do it more

  6. Lyndhurstred says:

    I thought today’s 2nd half performance was similar to last weeks against the scousers, we seem to loose our wy after half time, which is very frustrating

  7. RedHarry4Life says:

    Mr Simon Beck raises his fucking ughly head again. All match i was thinking where vthe fuck do I know you fucking blind ugly face from.

    Then like a light going on remembered whjen on another thread someone mentioned drogba not being flagged at OT when clearly 3 yrads offside. Mr Simon Beck was that blind linesman that day who could not see that big fucking ugly bastard offside not 10 ft in front of him. How thw fvuxk is he expected to see a nailed on United penalty more than 10 ft away.

  8. Van der Sar says:

    How many more points will we lose because of De Gea? Fergie needs to sort the goalkeeper problem before it costs us the title.

  9. Hans says:

    Great goal, and yes it was a stone wall penalty, but we only have ourselves to blame for two dropped points. W should have mad sure w scored second goal.

    As well as they performed today, both Vidic and DeGea were at fault for their late goal!!

  10. rory says:

    Respect DDG but FFS he needs to be takin those balls and not parrying them!

  11. wakey says:

    @Van der Sar

    Sorry but you are seriously an idiot. I suggest you try collecting a ball or punching it further out when you have Vidic crashing into you. The issue on the goal was alot more to do with Valencia than anyone, if he had closed down the cross it would have made putting in such a difficult ball to defend harder, most likely forcing the overlap to have been used which between Rafa and Valencia could have been dealt with.

    As it was the cross forced Vidic to fall too deep and be too close to DDG preventing him from catching the ball and due to having to stretch to deal with it he was then unable to get under it to get the punch high and out of the box.

    And without DDG we would have conceeded a couple before that point as 99% of keepers wouldn’t have made those reaction saves

  12. Van der Sar says:

    @ wakey
    The fact that De Gea spills so many balls is the main reason Vidic didn’t trust DDG at this particular moment. Had there been a keeper like Van der Sar between the sticks, Vidic would be sure the ball is gonna get caught or punched out of opponents’ range. DDG’s incompetency is the reason Vidic went got the ball himself.

    I don’t think you’ve ever player football yourself…

  13. lordrt says:

    DDG has to be thanked this time, although he did mess up early on with Lennon’s shot then the one which led to the goal, but he kept out a couple with his feet and one from defoe’s near post shot to keep Utd in the game, else could well have ended 3-1 win to spurs as we had 2 pathetic shots on goal whole game, and robbed or not of a penalty, there was no definite chance of knowing this would have gone in, since Lloris is a good keeper and Rooney just missed one in midweek

  14. calebkzh says:

    @Van Der Sar
    How many good saves did De Gea make all night last night? And all you’re singling him out for is their goal, in which it wasn’t even his fault.


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