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VIDEO: Van Persie, Kagawa and Rafael’s Goals vs Fulham

m 3-2 f by footyroom

The Republik of Mancunia has brought out a brilliant downloadable World Cup preview. It contains 20 articles written by football experts on the countries our players will be representing in Brazil. There is also exclusive content from this country's top football journalists, such as Sid Lowe, Martin Lipton, Sam Wallace and Dominic Fifield. All profit is going to charity. More info on the RoM World Cup preview can be found here.

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  1. CJ7 says:

    Did i say Fergie should sign him up? I read somewhere UTD made a very low offer for him(not sure if its true), that must mean Fergie also see him as a talent. I agree with some of your post and that we already have a great squad, but like most fans and football minds alike, can see that our central-midfield is missing a midfielder that can dominate the game. I can think of a lot of games where this problem were exposed by certain teams. I get that UTD can’t sign every player, but too suggest a fellow fan is shallow for saying a certain player is class, is also pretty shallow in my opinion.

  2. DreadedRed says:


    Why are you asking me to identify what you said?

    Your opinion on what may be shallow holds no interest to me. For example, I don’t care if you think that buying a toasted sandwich is shallow. I also don’t care if you think it’s shallow to wear a seatbelt. Similarly, your description at 10:47 of shallowness bears no relevance to my expressed views.

    I said:
    “We have a great squad. Wanting a particular player is one thing, wanting our recent opposition’s best player is quite another. It’s shallow, spoilt, demanding and puerile.”

    I did NOT say:
    “a fan is shallow for saying a certain player is class”

    That you think I did say it, seems unlikely.
    To describe something I did not say as “shallow”, is quite shallow.

    That’s enough depth on shallowness for now, I’m sure you agree.

  3. CJ7 says:

    Whatever mate i don’t have time for this bullshit… oops that must be shallow.

  4. DreadedRed says:


    You addressed me. I responded.

    You then addressed me again (rudely this time), I responded once more.

    Now you claim to not have time for the conversation.



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