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VIDEO: Van Persie’s goal vs Arsenal

Goal van Persie Manchester United 1-0 Arsenal… by Sport-Today-2014

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. WeAreUnited says:

    sorry for the typos and bad english, wrote it so fast that only now while reading my last comment, I realised how bad I wrote it.

  2. CTRED says:

    If ever anyone wanted to see the difference between Rooney and Ozil this game had everything you need. Put simply, Rooney, was born to play in the Premier League,whereas Ozil came off as a traveller trying to make his undoubted skill have an impact in a Premier League game that matters.

    Rooney was box to box, defended as much as he played on the ball or off the ball, and quite simply made his presence felt all over the field from start to finish.

    Ozil, on the other hand, was not noticed unless he had the ball at his feet, but even then he couldn’t seem to figure out how to get it unless he was 40 yards from the goal and out wide. Of the times he did go centrally he disappeared in the shadow of Jones or Carrick. He is definitely dangerous on the ball but clearly not as dangerous as when he is surrounded by Ronaldo and Benzema or Muller and Gotze. As for defending…..non existent. The Premier League is too strong and pace too fast for teams to have players that are passengers when they don’t have the ball.

    Ozil is a great player to be sure, but not in a million years can I see him ever putting in a performance like Rooney did today. If you want a difference maker in a premier league game choose Rooney. If you are already going to win 2-0 but would rather win 4-0, go with Ozil.

  3. zibbie says:

    Wazza MAN of any match.
    Jones the beast to rule the PL mf for 12+ years.
    Tony V playing balls out.
    Smalling saying MUFC look at me.
    Cappo be well.
    RvP wants trophies.
    Moyes settling in for the next decade.
    Kag got a start played well.
    DDG what a punch and well earned clean sheet.
    2 banks of 4
    Wazza penalty spot to penalty spot dominance.
    Cappo, Jones and Wazza punch’em in the mouths…… Dared others to not join them…

  4. zibbie says:

    CTRED like Schwienstieger, if or when he excepts or plays a more offensive Schweinsiger MUFC rules the day, he has some Totti time in him as well, he is a baller, who avg 30+ goals a year he played the 9! Wazza the team baller!

  5. zibbie says:

    Jones stomped a foot and forearmed a head in the first 4 mins of the game FUCKEN AAAAAAAA!!!

  6. zibbie says:

    If some how god sees fit, a fit Fletcher and AJ and a Powell end season run to CL glory!!

  7. John says:

    @CTRED…Nobody can doubt wayne Rooney as an impact player but Ozil is better no. 10 than him..Rooney is a workhorse and impact player who can make the difference but as a No. 10, for me, ozil is far better player..Hopefully, wayne can keep up his contribution like today, we need him this season…but we never know till moyesy uses him on left and kagawa as 10 with RVP upfront for few more games..may be we could have scored few more!! RVP was the one to score anyway..Great win, all credit to players and moyes but still early to write off anyone…you simply can’t write off class of Ozil !!

  8. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Keep banging on about number 10, yes rooney is not a number 10 but he is better, he is an all round footballer. “Workhorse” disregards rooney’s class, his work ethic is just a bonus of an undoubted talent. Rooney is a man for the game, he can slot into most positions and still not look out of place.

  9. WeAreUnited says:


    don’t take iit into techniqalities, the tag #10 is obvious, because when you play there you are an all around player, you have to be.

    anyway, that being said Rooney has earned, yes earned his spot back! just hopefully he gets his first touch back too! not being negative but because he’s one of the main players we demand more from him, it also has something to do with him trying to leave x2


  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Zibbie. Hahaha. That would be immense! It takes a squad don’t it. ;)

    Glory Glory!

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    WeAreUnited – are you sure ? A number is an attacking playmaker, they are fixed in that position and are only effective there. Rooney can play as a centreforward, om the left or right or even central mid. You could stick him at right back and he would still fit, definition of an all round footballer. Rooney had played a centreforward before kagawa was even heard of and united thrived and were successful. I’m all for rotating of players and rooney may at times be dropped to the bench or moved into another position in order to accomodate others, up to moyes to rotate accordingly but he is still a key player, the most influential player at united.

  12. John says:

    @Samuel…I think you appreciate Arsenal have their definite playing philosophy and we won today more by killing off their was a great win credit to moyes and team for for Rooney yes he can slot in wing, no. 10, centre midfield and no. 9 but I am talking about no. 10 position. I am not doubting Rooney anyway. I am just saying if we use kagawa as 10, RVP upfront and Rooney on wing then it will be better..who knows, we may have won by more goals. Still lot of games to be played, and if we play best players at their respective position, may be we will continue to improve as a team.

  13. John says:

    @WeAreUnited…You got it wrong about no. 10 position…it is good to have an allrounder but it is more for a player who dictates the flow of team’s offensive play and is mostly the passing moves which leads to goals than to be jack of all type allrounder.

  14. DreadedRed says:

    Earlier this week Mikel Arteta (six years under Moyes at Everton) said: “[Moyes] is a winner, for sure, and United are looking much better now. They have won a few games in a row and it will be tough to win there. I said when I moved to Arsenal that Everton was the best spirit I have known, and Moyes gets all the credit for that. He built an amazing dressing room that is going to stay there a long time.”

    - I’d say that our amazing dressing room under SAF might just be getting a whole lot better. It takes time. In today’s performance and result I saw a United team that want the title more than the Arsenal. No surprise there. We knew before this result that Chelsea are our main opposition in the League, no matter how shite they may be playing. Other than them, Pellegrini was an unknown factor, but never likely to hit the ground running. They’ve a lot of good players, but have no depth at the back. And Hart. He’s worth a few points. The others teams were never in it, and still aren’t.

    Arteta finished by saying: “They will keep going to the end and grab points everywhere and I think they will compete for the title. When you look at the squad of players and the quality they have, then add the experience and mix it altogether, it obviously comes to something good.”

  15. DreadedRed says:

    zibbie – you are a Wayniac! How’s the Rooneyholics Anonymous working out there for you lad? Every time you make progress, he puts in another performance and you’re back where you started?

  16. CTRED says:

    We can make comparisons all we like but today was head to head and the facts speak for themselves. The facts are that in the biggest game of the year for both teams:
    - United came to play and showed the spirit of champions.
    - Arsenal and their vaunted midfield were left wanting (though I will give them credit for fighting to the end). Couldn’t even score a goal.
    - Carzola, Ozil, Wilshire, and Ramsey were all second best to Jones, Carrick and Cleverly.
    - Moyes’ tactics were superior to Wengers.

    Eat that ABU’s.

  17. WeAreUnited says:


    it’s an attacking midfielder,
    but for example looking at Zidane probably the best #10 of all time, he used to pop all around the park, I get that #10 is more on creating and I get the all around footballer who can play many positions,
    but what I meant was that the number 10 has to basically dictate the game, creating those triangles and support alot and then hit those assists, so he needs to be all around the pitch, this is what I meant when you mentioned the all around player.

    for example Januzaj in that capital cup game was all around the pitch working his ass off as a 10, of course concentrating more on attackin but also supportin on many areas of the pitch to buold the play.

    but yeah, this is how i see it.

  18. WeAreUnited says:

    and don’t take it twisted, when I say all around the pitch, Idon’t mean coming to defend also all the time, but occasionally that happens.

    anyway mate, great talk. peace.

  19. Tommy says:

    Great team performance today, Not 1 player played bad! Vidic 1st half made Girund look like a pub player, What a worrier refusing the stretcher quite fitting really considering its Remembrance Sunday because hes someone you’d what in the trenches with you! Jonesy what a player he was all action both in midfield for first half and in defence for the 2nd half, clearly was the MOTM! Rooney was his all action self, that guy ran his socks off, Not sure about the post about smalling being back to his best tho! Did DDG have a save to make all game? I was quite nervous for the majority of the game untill they brought on Bendtner then I knew it was game over!

    Wheres the truth? He claimed Ozil, Ramsey would kill us before the game!! Show your face pal! Wheres the moyes knockers now?? Those guys only come out when we lose/draw!

    How good was Wes Brown today? You wont see a better defensive performance all season than Wes today after almost 2 years out as well! p.s. Pellegrini seriously looks ill, managing cities gonna be the death of him lol

  20. RedOne says:

    Great game!!! The lads really breathed as one and gave their best. We should have won by bigger margin, but I`m delighted with the performance and the result.

    Back four played very well, even Evra tracked back, can you believe it?=) Smalling also gave his best. Not as dangerous as Rafa in the offense but defense today from him was flawless.

    For me Jones was the man of the match. His presence in the midfield in the first half was invaluable. Arse boys coudn`t even hold the ball. If you ask me, he has the best anticipation in the league. How many interceptions did he make, how many times did he close down the opposition? Just brilliant. Not to mention his forward runs. And when he was forced to take Vida`s place, he did that with confidence and led the defense like our captian before him.

    Valencia had one of his best games in two years. On the other flank Kagawa raised his performance on the wing drastically. He is starting to adapt the role and I expect him to get only better.

    I`m also really happy for Roo and RVP starting to blend. I said in the past that they don`t work well together, but after the game with Stoke they started smilling and talking so that was apparently a good sign. And today when RVP scored after the pass from Roo, man that was a celebration.=)

    Happy for the Moyes also, so he`s going to be free from hearing all the bullshit for a while=) I thought he did well with the subs yesterday with the expetion of Giggs who didn`t even run for the ball. But in the end it really didn`t matter.

    Great result and great week for us seeing City and Tottenham lose and Maureen draw, after they had been given a present in 95th min. We` re back in business, so let`s keep up the good work.

    Also hat off to the fans. They have been brilliant. More of the same please, even if the opposition is not one of the top 4.

  21. Rukky says:

    Dan-young at 21:24 you called me a moron because unlike you i dont think valencia is world class? Another football genius

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Header or Shoulder + Head? Clearly the header portion put the direction on a ball cushioned magically by the great mans shoulder.

    Let’s call it a “SHeader” (shoulder+head) then!

    Appropriate as Moyes took Wenger to the woodshed tactically as well!

  23. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Injury Update: Nemanja Vidic released from hospital after concussion

    We were comfortable after he came off, but way more settled with the first half set up.

    Still credit Moyes for his attacking subs.

    Vidic off, Cleaverly on. 45′
    Kagaway off, Giggs on 78′
    RvP off, Fellaini on 85′

    Much much better from him. Tactics spot on for me. Took Wenger to the woodshed.


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