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VIDEO: Van Persie’s goals vs Andorra

Andorra 0-2 Netherlands (All Goals) 10… by ourmatch

Andorra Netherlands van Persie2 by Counterpoint1

Robin van Persie scored both of Holland’s goals in their 2-0 win over Andorra. He is now the 2nd highest scorer in Holland’s history, overtaking Dennis Bergkamp and is two goals behind Patrick Kluivert.

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Great goal? No doubt, but it was freakin Andorra!

    …… No disrespect to Andorra ;)

  2. ignatius J says:


  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Off topic:

    Be good to have a thread on the growing Brewhaha between Phil Jones, Pierce and the FA over england commitments.

    Good read on the elements of the issue

  4. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    RVP. Congrats on breaking Holland record.

    Rene interview:

    He took the training at Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson for five years, is one of the most enlightened thinkers in modern football who helped enhance the skills of Danny Welbeck yet did not even receive a call from the Football Association when it was looking to staff its National Football Centre or fill the England Under-21 job. Meulensteen is also just back from 16 chaotic days as manager of Anzhi Makhachkala and had been urging United to buy Willian.
    The man sitting in a Wilmslow coffee bar yesterday is clearly hurt that his long association with United ended when David Moyes succeeded Ferguson. “I felt very strongly that the picture painted to us [by the club] was not the one that came out in meetings with David Moyes,’’ reflected Meulensteen. “I said to him: ‘David, with all due respect, you’ve done a fantastic job in the Premier League with Everton but do you realise you’re going from a yacht to a cruise ship?’ Ferguson, the captain, had a good crew with coaches like me.
    “I felt David wanted familiar faces which he is entitled to but it would have been absolutely no problem if he said: ‘I definitely need Jimmy Lumsden as a sounding board but, hold on a minute, this cruise ship has been sailing successfully with this crew for the last five years so I might as well sail along with them for a season and see how it goes.’
    “It saddened me leaving,’’ continued Meulensteen, 49. “I had the best job in the world there. I loved every aspect of working with those top players. I know the team inside out, the club inside out.
    “I’ve given 12 years in every single department of the club, skills development coach in the academy, reserve team, technical coach for individual first-team players and then as a first-team coach. Especially the last five years have been fantastic for me. I’ve grown every day, every week, every month, every success, every defeat.

    “The manager delegated to me. He trusted me. I was the one most hands-on. I visited the manager the other day, to see how he was getting on with his hip, and he reiterated how well it had worked. I hope now to get a really exciting challenge to work for somebody who has the same belief and trust in me that Sir Alex had for so many years.
    “My name was mentioned with the Under-21s. I never spoke to the FA. How can they pick the right candidate if they’re not even listening to others? My mates on holiday said ‘you’d be great for the Under-21s’. I said: ‘Believe me, they won’t go for a foreigner.’ But I’ve been in this country for 12 years. I’ve more affinity with younger players from England than from Holland. I know Welbeck, Cleverley, Larnell Cole, Jesse Lingard. Great players.’’
    He is saddened by England’s travails at many levels. “And I’ll tell you this: nothing will change.’’ More advanced and adventurous coaching is required, he believes.
    His insight into United is formidable, particularly into Champions League frustrations against La Liga’s finest, firstly in the finals against Barcelona. “In Rome [in 2009], it was a closer game but we didn’t utilise the qualities we
    had at our disposal. We had Paul Scholes, one of the best midfielders in the world, on the bench. With Barcelona, you need players who can keep the ball.
    “At Wembley [two years later], our preparation had been brilliant but we lost it in half-time. There was an argument going on too long between players. I don’t think we used half-time to reiterate what we’d done all week. Look at the first 15 minutes of the second half, that’s where Barca try to kill off teams. They did. We didn’t start the second half the way we should and it cost us. People forgot what we’d done all week.’’ Keep the ball.
    His old club play Chelsea on Monday, bringing Jose Mourinho to Old Trafford five months after he visited with Real Madrid. That Champions League tie caused much discussion and angst after Wayne Rooney was left on the bench by Ferguson and Welbeck deployed in the hole to stifle Xabi Alonso. “The manager asked Wayne to do that role many times before, sometimes he’s done a perfect job, other times he hasn’t. It was such a big game. We felt sometimes if we do start Wayne, he used up so much energy that coming to the end of the game he was running out of steam a bit. Asking a player to constantly drop back on Alonso takes a lot of energy.
    “Of course, Wayne can perfectly play with Robin. The ball against Aston Villa [for Van Persie’s second last season] sums it all up. Wayne’s been an excellent player for United over so many years but if you want to see Wayne at his best everything in his world needs to be stable, on and off the pitch. The year we beat Arsenal in the semi-final of the Champions League [in 2009] was the best I’ve seen Wayne: powerful, full of desire and determination, sharp finishing. He was unstoppable.
    “But we thought, ‘let Welbeck take the sting out of the game, and then bring Wayne in, then have the Red Arrows flying forward’. I was just discussing [in the second leg] with the manager that ‘this is a good time now to bring Wayne on’ and then there was that stupid incident of Nani. The card was absolutely ridiculous. The manager went down to have a go at the fourth official. He knew ‘this is my last season’. I was sitting there, thinking ‘hold on a minute, no matter what happens, that card is there. How do we deal with it? We need to kill that width’.
    “What I was trying to get across was to put one guy in to create a defensive line of five for 10 minutes to re-establish ourselves. We didn’t react properly. I couldn’t get through to him [Ferguson] to get it done. I saw Luka Modric coming on [to change the game for Real]. Mourinho reacted.
    “I thought Mourinho definitely could have been a candidate for the United job. The manager and him are on very good speaking terms, have a lot of texts. They respect each other. Mourinho would have relished it. To understand him, you have to split Mourinho up into three characters. Him, as he really is, a family man. Him as the entrepreneur, the one that deals with the media. He does everything with a purpose, a hidden agenda. And him, as the man who deals on the day-to-day basis with the players. He’s a very good communicator, speaks different languages, obviously studied the game.’’ Meulensteen, too.
    After the October win over Chelsea last season, Van Persie praised Meulensteen’s preparations. “You need to set up traps. You know the dangers come from the likes of Juan Mata in between the lines so don’t give them any space, defend half-sideways so you can step in front and then hit the spaces, get in behind them. David Luiz likes to bring the ball forward, likes to take risks, so if you do win it, expose them, get a quality ball in. There’s no point putting all these high balls in because they’re very strong in the air with John Terry, Gary Cahill and Petr Cech. Low, hard balls and cutbacks hurt Chelsea.’’
    Cutbacks of a different sort accounted for Meulensteen at Anzhi. “It was good for my experience and contacts. Obviously the money was good.
    “There were good players like Willian, a player who can make a difference, a player that people come to the stadium to watch. A good character too. I made United aware of him straight away when things were going belly-up. ‘Have a look at him,’ I told them. At the top level you need to refresh at the right time. Like Van Persie with us last year.
    “We were really lacking that quality, that powerhouse up front, bringing others into play. If he hadn’t come we would not have won the Premier League.’’ Helped by one of the best coaches in the world.

  5. The One says:

    What a beauty, the 1st goal!!

  6. Red's No.9 says:

    Congrats RVP
    This mulensteen thing is in the head again. We should have kept him in the contracts .I really miss SAF and his right hand man. I hope we see him again in the red feathers.

  7. TheCANTONA says:

    @Red’s No.9:
    reene wanted to go despite moyes wanted him to be his assistant now he’s whoring himself because he made a very wrong decision.

  8. wayne says:

    Honestly getting fucking bored of it.If Rene is so brilliant and had worked with Sir Alex all these years having a problem figuring out why he wasn’t a automatic.You’d think right,knows Utd inside out yet Sir Alex didn’t think he could handle it.I’m fucking sick and tired of hearing Rene this and Rene that,Sir Alex didn’t pick him and he left of his own choice,so unless you’re sucking his cock Rene is old news,that also applys to Pogba.

  9. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Honestly, does Van Persie score EVERYTIME he plays? Would love to see more of the same this weekend.

  10. Marq says:

    FFS Rene was offered a job to stay, but he chose to leave to try his luck, and too bad for him it didnt work out, or perhaps he didnt have what it takes. Its like letting Rooney go try out how is it at Chelsea for 2 months and if it doesn’t work out for him, we should welcome him back. Downright silly

    The ship has sailed for Rene and he didn’t want to be on it, period

  11. AlphaRS says:

    Thats alittle unfair. Rene was offered his old job back as reserve team coach. Why would he want to do that after being first team coach and sitting next to SAF on the dugout? One week he was on te stage in Manchester celebrating winning the Premier League with the first team and then the next week asked to take a demotion and look after the reserve team.
    Moyes is more than within his rights I bring in his own staff but can’t understand letting Rene go. Letting a lot of staff go who have experience winning countless trophies and essential Champions League experience with nearly men who haven’t won anything.

  12. Bobby Charlton's Combover says:

    Rene is right to be miffed. He was first team coach with Manchester United and now he’s not.
    he had worked hi way up through the ranks and proved himself as a knowledgeable and well-liked coach with ideas and who understood the modern game. He was offered a demotion by Moyes while
    lesser experienced and I’d say inferior coaching staff came in above him. he had no choice.
    He couldn’t help what happened in Anzhi which is Russia’s Man City but there’ll be plenty looking to sign him up as coach or manager as he’s one of the best out there.

  13. scholes says:

    i really liked what rene has to say. seems to be a man of insight and dedication.

    moyes has every right to shake things in a way and manner that appeals to him. i am not sure he is doing it. by starting giggs and welbeck on left wing he is continuing the era of SAF. moyes is no SAF.

    i seriously believe time has come for moyes to impose his personality. develop a playing regime suitable for utd ( as one of the strongest teams of europe) and stick by it. i am ready to take a fruitless season but with signs of progress

  14. Costas says:

    Any day now I expect the next Rene exclusive: “How I taught Steve Jobs all he knew”.

    RVP seems to score in braces these days. Hope he’s saving the next one for Shitty.

  15. Marq says:


    Its the real world. Your boss leaves doesn’t mean you get a promotion. You can either stay and prove your worth, or u move on. Rene chose the latter. What else could Moyes do? Beg him to stay and offer him the assistant manager job as carrot? Besides, from all the praise Rene received, it is evident that he is a good coach but his input on tactics I have yet to hear anything, so I’m not convinced. If he was so good, why was Phelan the official assistant? And why was he out of a job so fast? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he is bad, I am just questioning his credentials, because apart from the league we walked to last season, his stint beside Phelan didn’t really improve us.

    So I think the move to offer Rene a job as reserve team manager is a good one, even for Rene himself. We get to keep him, he helps develop our youngsters (which we are seeing the results now with the better techincal abilities of our youth stars) and it would allow him to test his managerial abilities rather than his coaching abilities in a less than hostile environment. But obviously he didn’t fancy it. And judging by how his reputation as a manager is now damaged, he probably regretted that he didnt take up our offer in the first place.

  16. Rukky says:

    Only hibernation can calm me down till saturday. Happy birthDAY to me BTW

  17. DreadedRed says:

    The Meulensteen interview published above is THREE weeks old.

    It was widely published on the 24th of August, ffs!

  18. The One says:

    TheCANTONA @14:06, Spot on mate. I’ve lost all respect for Meulensteen. He’s doing a lot of damage to out club (real bad bad publicity) with all this shit, whatever the truth may be!! The man’s a virus!!

  19. The One says:

    People forgot that Meulensteen had left United once before, failed and came back. He should be thankful that United offered him a job again and stop bitching about now that Moyes has taken over.

    SAF said before he left that people should get behind the new manager because he knew that there will be people bitching about the new regime. If you can’t support the new manager, go support another club, perhaps a club Meulensteen might manage in the future!!


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