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VIDEO: Vidic’s Red Card

Harsh sending off? Or silly behaviour from Vidic?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. invertedquestionmark says:

    After this red card I adore Vidic even more. :)

  2. Dan united says:

    The guy was holding on to Vida’s back and he shrugged him off. He looks like he is about to rage on the ref after he received the card. The man should consider himself lucky to still be breathing.

  3. kman says:

    i think it was both, silly on Vida’s part AND a hard red card!
    i just hope the FA dont get on his case for this :D

  4. kman says:

    sorry, harsh red card…not ‘hard’

  5. Ahmed says:

    Yellow, not red.

  6. SRAB says:

    On channel 5 they were saying they think he’ll be suspended for one of the matches against Inter, possibly both. Can anyone clear this up? I’d have thought if he was going to be suspended at all (i.e. if UEFA claim some sort of jurisdiction in what is a FIFA tournament) it would be for more than one match, considering it was a straight red.

    In response to your question, Scott, I think it was a deserved sending off.

  7. liveD says:

    eh didn’t the action of that player next to Vidic (0.07) reminds you of certain someone? :D

  8. EastStandManc says:

    Jesus, if your man enough to grab someone’s throat, you should be man enough to take a brush of the elbow to your face without rolling half-way back to Ecuador.

    Stupid for Vida to react, but can’t say it wasn’t provoked.

  9. TonyBee says:

    Whenever we go down to 10 men the siege mentality kicks in and we just will not be beaten… i,m so impressed with them all… Fucking fair play to all of them particulary Van d sar who was detemined to keep the fuckers out…

  10. manutd24 says:

    Vidic, second time off!
    The referee though was a bit harsh throughout the game.

  11. DinoTheDog says:

    Silly by Vidic, harsh red card.

    The “injured” player in situations like these should be forced to come on tv, in front of a live tv audiene, and explain how much that elbow really hurt, and why he was acting like a girl.

  12. Tony Starks says:

    Players acting is part of Football these days, our players should know better by now than to put themselves in the situation where silly refs can send them off, its happening too often recently

  13. Manu says:

    On a day United are confirmed as champions of the world, Citeh are confirmed of their status in the relegation zone. Simply marvellous :D

  14. mj says:

    In retrospect I think it was a bit harsh, but I cant fault the ref for seeing it out the corner of his eyes. When you watch it in slo-mo vidic is just trying to get the guy off his back, I dont believe he was trying to strike him in the face, just brush him off.

  15. Red-Manc says:

    VERY harsh, the other player grabbed him by the throat, vidic pushed him more than a elbow he hardly touched him.

    If he misses the inter match i will personally snipe down whoever is at fault at fifa.

  16. Ryan says:

    You mean a south american player got lightly touched on the face and reacted as if he had been shot? I’ve never seen this before…lol.

    Also, I fucking love vidic so much, he will fucking murder you.

  17. TonyBee says:


  18. Tom F says:

    I would applaud Vida doing that to somebody like Drogba, but I have to say Vida was plain stupid. To miss Inter is a bad thing for us, we travel to Milan needing a draw for us to claim the unbeaten record in the Champions League.

    He was silly today.

  19. Costas says:

    I am starting to question the attitude of our players.There have been too many instances.I won’t mention Wazza because that’s who he is.But now all of a sudden Ronaldo is kicking away at opponents,Evra gets into a fight with a nobody from the Chelsea camp,Vida elbows for no apparent reason and some others.I think maybe Fergie has let them a bit loose.This thing is costing us.Evra won’t play for 4 games,the team collects multiple bookings in the big games and most importantly Vidic misses the Milan matches.I said in another topic that the outcome of the Milan matches will depend a lot on Fergie’s tactics and the Vida-Ibrahimovic clash.Now we really have to pray for a big game from Rio at the San Siro.As Tom F said,we have a record to break and we really can’t afford to lose if we are going to qualify to the QF.And yes,Vida missed the Barca games but Barca play with a lot of short passes.They don’t get the ball into the air as often as Inter.Vida’s aerial presence will be missed.

  20. sophiepaddy says:

    Sadly, you can’t really pass that one off as harsh…as Fergie agreed afterwards he gave the referee no option.
    Yes, he was provoked, yes, the other player rolled around like a girl. But if you are gonna react then you have to hope the ref doesn’t see it, otherwise you are gonna walk.
    I love Vidic to bits, but he deserved the Red. The other player deserved more, but that’s how it goes.
    Vidic just reacted, as most would do, but I bet he feels a bit silly himself today.

  21. Usman says:

    This was not at all a harsh red card. Vidic asked for it.

    He will miss ATLEAST 1st leg of the CL tie vs Inter. Its for FIFA to decide if more punishment is needed.

  22. EastStandManc says:

    Evans will be more than ready, don’t worry lads.

    Who knows? Wes might even have hit form by then (I’d probably still prefer Evans though (despite Wes being one of my current faves, shows how I rate young Jonny!))…

  23. suhayl says:

    BOTH. Harsh Red and a Silly boy VIDA.

    The fact is that bastard south american made the biggest meal off it, theatrics which you expect from south americans all the time. Infact is on the scale of gerrard the twats theatrics ( by the way another dive yesterday to con the ref against arse). Anyway saying deserved a yellow for the slight brush of the elbow. However vida was stupid..he knew that fuckin ref from the footballing power that is UZBEKISTAN was brandishing cards like fuckin howard webb. And he knew that liga quito players were going to try something in order to have the remotess chance in the game. Hence the writing was on the wall when vida did what he did.

    You could see it happening EVEN THOUGH HARSH

  24. suhayl says:

    ANYWAY THE RED CARD MADE ME SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NERVOUS. As our whole club wanted to win it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I was pacing up and down the house. ANYWAY CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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