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VIDEO: Welbeck and Cleverley goals vs Aston Villa

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  1. NBI Red 21 says:

    3 goals from open play! Must be xmas.

    Liverpool spanked Spurs 5-0.

    Newcastle and Spurs now only 2 points ahead of us (27 to our 25) and we have the superior goal difference. Time to jump over them. Lets hope they drop more points. I expect Newcastle to drop points 4sho.

    However gap to 4th place is 7 points to catch City who have 5 times the goal difference.

    Suarez may be scum, but he is one hell of a player. The difference for Liverpool. That said they didn’t start the season to shabbily without him.

  2. Fletch™ says:

    Happy times! Good win. What I needed before a productive afternoon of holiday shoppin with the kids.

    United Youth. Lads showin what they were about.
    !00% quality poaching from Danny.

    And may I just add. You lads writing Fletcher off can just go do one. Lads a red.
    I want to be in the stand when Fletcher comes on at Old Trafford. The reaction will show where you Footy Manager types can stick your predictions!

    Darren, Cleverley and Welbeck, 100% United, 100% of the time!
    Those lads bleed red and black!

  3. ys says:

    Dear NBI
    It seems you missed my message to you on the previous thread , so here it is :

    Dear NBI : ” Today the players decided to play 451 again despite the manager setting them up as 442. It is Rooney dropping into MF that is making the difference not the way the manager is setting us up.”

    I believer that is your comment. So you mean to say that Rooney ( as a player ) dropped deep, against ( used the word despite ) Moyes’ tactics. How do you know what Moyes thinks or planned to do?

    Secondly : “@ ys – unless you have been living under a stone from which you have recently been evicted, Rooney has publicly stated he did not want to be played out of position and that this was an issue he had with SAF.”

    I believer Rooney wanted to play as a striker but SAF wanted him in mid ( attacking mid or whatever U call it ).
    Conclusion (according to your statements ) : Rooney wants to play as striker , Moyes wants him to play as a striker , but Rooney ends up playing a mid.

    Either Rooney has serious issues , or you.

    PS: I wish I was still under the stone

  4. Fletch™ says:

    RIP Peter O’Toole. Sunderland fan, and surely the classiest thing from their if true. Won’t hold it against him.

    Thoughts with the family!

  5. Sparkz says:

    Love seeing the Academy boys score and play well like today. Ive said many times that Danny has 90% of the tools, just needs the final touch. Hopefully he gets more games up top and keeps improving his composure.

    Cleverley changed the game in midweek and I was hoping he’d carry that over. Pleased he got a goal but for me that’s a bonus. I was more impressed with his movement and ball retention.

    Great seeing Fletch back, looked really good as well. Possibly a start against Stoke in midweek, or maybe off the bench? Thought Valencia was sensational, had their left back on toast and showed good technical skills as well. Rafael had that drive and energy he’s been lacking in his last 2 League games, looks back to fitness now.

    IMO, it aint a coincidence that our 2 best performances in recent weeks (Leverkusen and today) have come when we had a number 10. Rooney has spent most of the season as a striker but Moyes clearly told him to drop a lot deeper today and it worked. Only other game I can remember him doing that was against Fulham.

    Hopefully we stick with this formation now. Either Rooney in that #10 role…or Kagawa there and Rooney pushed forward as the striker. Obviously when RVP comes back we might have to change things about.

  6. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ ys – relax – I never said Rooney wanted to play in MF, both him and Moyes said they see him as a striker. I said he was playing in MF in certain games which results in us playing better and happen to be ones we have won. Which is a fact, the way you can tell is search his positions in game, he was a key player for us today from MF position and also he chipped in on wings.

    The fact Moyes sets up the team as 442 is obvious and well recorded and he has also said he sees Rooney as a striker and wants him to form a striker partnership with RVP. Does not sound to me like he has asked Rooney to play in MF. I think Rooney does what he sees he thinks he needs to do, sometimes that work for us other times it doesn’t today it worked well. His positional discipline has been cited as both a weakness and strength depending on which view you take.

    So I really don’t understand what you are picking an argument on, as your comments don’t really make sense. The players were in a 451 for most of the game today as Rooney was playing in MF, obviously as a striker you can call that dropping back, but he did not just drop back to help out and run up, he played most of the game in MF.

  7. Tommy says:

    Good solid performance, See what happens when Welbeck gets himself in the box, he gets on the end of crosses, great to see him getting as brace, should of been a hattrick tho and hopefully Clevs will start scoring a few from midfield, something we have lacked for years a goalscoring midfilelder. Note on fletch, great to see him back, great reception from our away fans at Villa and even the Villa fans were on their feet, Respect to them for that!


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