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VIDEO: Welbeck, Anderson and Rooney goals vs Spurs

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  1. StatesideAussie says:

    bridgoldy … I’m in CA. I think SAF couldn’t give a hoot about the press, and rightly so. But I think he will be mindful of heaping any more pressure on de Gea than is necessary. Fortunately, de Gea doesn’t read much or even any English, but people will let him know. Plus there’s de Gea himself — even if Sir Alex tells him it’s simple rotation, he’ll have that nagging doubt in his mind somewhere. No, I think that Sir Alex is confident de Gea can settle down and prove himself over a few games, and he understands he value of allowing him to do that.

    Indeed, much the same could be said of all the young guns. I would not be surprised if rotation is kept to a minimum over the next few weeks. First of all, these guys have done well enough so far, so why not let them continue? It ain’t broke, is it?

    Secondly: Sir Alex is the lord and master of the rotation system. He pioneered it, and has used it more frequently, more deeply and better than anyone else. And we all saw he value of that last year. Yet Sir Alex will understand that the rotation system also imposes significantly greater demands on players — fitting in with different formations and combinations, trying to maintain their own when not playing constantly, all those things. Right now, these young guns have stepped up to the plate and down remarkably well. But adding rotation into the ix would be an extra burden on them. It may even be too much in some cases. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him stick with this basic team for a little while (just the occasional tweak). They’ve shown they can handle it, now let them settle down and get comfortable before starting to move the pieces around again.

  2. StatesideAussie says:

    oops, … meant to say : Right now, these young guns have stepped up to the plate and **done** remarkably well.

  3. King Eric says:

    Union Jack – Yes and rightly so. IMO and I may get slated those green and yellows have died a death. Good while it lasted but to wear one at the same time as buying tickets for the game is laughable. I like to see OT decked out in Red White and black not fucking green and gold. It looked fantastic last night in those colours.

  4. King Eric says:

    bridgoldy – sell De Gea if Lindergaard is good. Are you even serious pal? The kid is 20 and possibly our number 1 for the next decade. Why on earth would we sell him? I assume you were joking yeah?

  5. King Eric says:

    birdgoldy – Berba does not have to be sold at all. A season is a longtime and god forbid Wayne and Hernandez get injured at the same time we will need him. He aint going anywhere.

  6. King Eric says:

    Arsenal are fucking shit and not one of those youngsters will make it big. They will not be right back in it at all. Wenger is steering a rudderless ship, no direction or purpose anymore. He has had enough time to get things right but over the summer who has he bought? Another 17 year old winger from league one an 18 year old in Jenkinson who looks OK and that weird hairdo cunt Gervnho. Don’t know what game you were watching birdgoldy but they looked fuck all to me. They are finished . They are further away from the title than ever. All those saying Wenger will pull summat out of the hat are talking nonsense to be frank. He has had 6 years to pull summat from the hat yet fuck all has happened. They are clinging on to 3 league wins from a long time ago and all of a sudden are becoming very dipper like. Arsenal ‘s time under Wenger has gone IMO.

  7. Mr C says:

    The pecking order upfront? Berba, Chico, Welbeck, in that order. Quality and a proven hit rate has to mean something in terms of playing time. Danny played great 2nd half but it’s early days. If one misfires try another. Then another. And there are plenty of matches over the season for all 3. Competition for places is good anyway. If you were an opposition manager, in the PL or in Europe, whose names would you worry about about on the United team sheet? Chico, Berba…Berba, Chico…

    No Rooney? That’s because I’d like to see him playing deeper supporting the front two, whoever they may be, as Rooney offers the workrate and the vision to make it work and he will get goals breaking through. We don’t need Sneijder or Nasri. Now all I have to do is convince SAF…!

  8. bridgoldy says:

    King Eric – I was giving extreme examples, and if Lindegaard is actually “that” good (meaning deserving of the #1 keeper spot at OT) then wouldn’t DeGea be relegated to a backup role? Would he stand for that? Can’t we afford to bring him along slowly?

    I’m missing something here – when did DeGea get anointed the savior? There is not one person out there that can for sure say he will be the man. I’m just suggesting to give Lindegaard a shot and if, god forbid, he turns out to be awesome, well then, what do you do with DeGea?

    And no, Berba does not HAVE to be sold this year. IMO he should be though… We have 6 strikers on the team and he is falling down the pecking order. Will he stand for that? At what point will he become a detriment to the overall psyche of the team? It has to happen – he’s a proud man and an excellent footballer – he will not be satisfied sitting on the bench. And, this is not to mention a possible chance to recoup as much of Utd.’s outlay on him as possible. The closer he gets to leaving on a free, the tighter United’s hands are tied.

  9. willierednut says:

    That’s not Fergie’s pecking order though. Hernandez, is clearly ahead of the Berb atm. Berbatov would be my 3rd choice. The manager thinks differently. Still see a role for him. Anything can happen during the season. A lot of games to be played. Injuries and loss of form, to contend with.

  10. Dragonslayer says:

    I think we will know whether the youngsters are up to the challenge once we can evaluate the overall team performance over Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool in the first half of this season. Besides, we have some CL matches. If the whole squad can keep up and perform most of the matches, we might be ready for another rematch with Barcelona. Now, it is too early to say anything.

    IMHO, I think SAF doesn’t mind if Utd didn’t win CL or Premier League this year, he is willing to give them that time for the youngsters to develop into good players. But that doesn’t mean he is willing to give up the trophy without a fight. One year drought trading for another decade of success in Europe is definitely worth the wait. For this year, we would have to be patience for our youngster to develop, especially De Gea and our midfielders.

    Arsenal losing so many good players is definitely bad sign for Wenger. Chelsea and City trying to beef up their team seems to be making them our top rival this season, besides, Barcelona and Real. I am not sure if we are really up for the CL challenge, but if there are players who has the spirit to win like United available in the market (not a mercenary), I think SAF should consider the option. It will bolster our force and give United more option when the team subjected to too many injuries.

    Cheerz to United for doing well in the Totenham victory.

  11. StatesideAussie says:

    BirdGoldy … but why don’t you let Sir Alex about the “need” to recoup the club’s outlay on the Berb. You might think he hasn’t been good value, but without him last year, we would not have won #19. And you either don’t know or are ignoring the fact that the club has the option to extend his contract by one year whenever they like. He can leave on a free at the end of this season — but only if the cloub does not exercise that one-year option. It is a one-way option at the club’s discretion and is already wirtten into his contract. They can exercise it anytime they like, without his permission and without renegotiating with him. So even if the club decides they don’t want him next year, they can still invoke the extension and then he can’t leave on a free, see?

    And according to the papers, Paris SG already tried to buy him this summer and Sir Alex told them to take a hike. As willie says, this is only the start of a long hard season and anything can happen. No one foresaw Rooney’s dreadful loss of form last season, or that whole transfer saga, until they happened. We were bloody glad to have Berbatov then, and he certainly did the business. There’ll be loss of form, injuries, suspensions and corwded schedules to deal with, so let’s just allow to Sir Alex to get on with it as he sees fit. If that means The Berb goes — then so be it. If it means he stays, then so be that, too.

  12. Mr C says:

    Lest we forget. No Berbs, no 20 goals, no 19.

  13. Ironbrand says:

    Mr C
    August 23, 2011 – 18:03
    Lest we forget. No Berbs, no 20 goals, no 19….Dead right on that, mate. You can ask the scousers for confirmation

  14. StatesideAussie says:

    And seven of them winning goals, too. That’s 21 points, right there.

  15. The Scottish Wonder says:

    @SA actually it is 14 points since you get 1 point for draw

    but antways, Berba is great and he will be useful this season, we will play 50-60 games so we need a deep squad

  16. bridgoldy says:

    Alright… we’re MURDERING this dead horse.

    Let me clarify one thing – in no way, shape or form did I suggest Berba wasn’t an integral part to our squad last year. (Not sure how you fellas were able to read that into my post but so be it.) All I’m saying is that, and I don’t think anyone can refute this, Berba has clearly fallen on the depth chart. Rooney is #1 (regardless of where he plays, he is the #1 STRIKER). Chicha is #2 (he has gotten the nod, when healthy, a lot more than anyone else). Welbeck has started the last 3 games in a row. Berba is #4. He is TOO good to be a #4 (and IMO a #2 or #3 as well), and I hope he will be okay with it. Do I think we need him? YES! I’m just worried about his mental makeup and, if his lack of playing time kills him, how long it’ll be before this becomes an issue.

    As far as SAF recouping funds – do I care? Not really. Not my money. Would it have an positive impact on our ability to spend? I think it would, and that would be a positive, no?

    And Stateside, I actually do know about the club option on Berba but what I’m suggesting is, while his value is still relatively high, if SAF really has him behind the other 3, wouldn’t it pay to sell high (or higher than it might be when he is 2 years older?)

    Listen, these are hypotheticals – I just look over at Berbs on the bench (or him sobbing in the dressing room for the CL game) and see an unhappy man. Is he committed to stay and fight for his place? Yes. Is his fight subjective? Yes. SAF has the final say and so far it isn’t in his favor.

  17. smartalex says:

    Not to nag, but I’m getting hoarse from defending our Bulgarian stallion from those riding rough-shod over his inside straight. When the going gets tough, the Berb will get going.

  18. TheRedsOfManchester says:

    All the comments aim at DDG is bullshit. He had a clean sheet and people are still unhappy with his overall performance. I seem to remember shitty conceded two sloppy goals against bolton but no one seem to give a shit about the performance of the mighty fucking shitty HART! In my opinion, the press just want to see DDG failing to make the grade at OT so they can be proven right. BUT FUCK THAT, MAN UTD FANS WILL ALWAYS BACK OUR OWN PLAYERS AND NO DIFFERENCE TO DDG! Keep up the good work, fantastic performance from all lads!

  19. denton davey says:

    StateSideAussie @ 17:32: “according to the papers, Paris SG already tried to buy him this summer and Sir Alex told them to take a hike.”

    I’m a day late on this so it’s unlikely that most people will have the patience to look at this thread BUT…

    I think that what we need to know is not whether or not SAF told PSG to take a hike but the timing of his dismissal of their inquiry. My logic is that a month ago, Chicharito had a concussion and Danny Welbeck hadn’t proved himself in game action. That’s one scenario and, now, Chicharito is supposedly “over” his concussion and Danny Welbeck has lived up to the hype. So, that’s a very different scenario.

    I don’t disagree with the “long season” argument; I don’t disagree with the options/rotation argument, either. What I do think is that if Dimmy isn’t going to be given regular game-time then he’ll stagnate. To me, the issue is 1: play the guy; or 2: take the money and run. I’m not sure that the middle-ground makes sense now – but, of course, in two/three/four/five weeks’ time the variables might be different. However, the logic of that line of thinking is a pretty clear recognition that Dimmy’s value is going to be as “insurance” and not as a first-team regular.

    IF – and it’s a big “if” – they’re all happy with that “insurance role” then it’s a fantastic luxury – he might not be my cup-of-tea but there are situations when he could do-a-job (against Barcelona, it was a huge mistake not to have the option of putting him on the team-sheet).

    In the final analysis, this is not how anyone wanted this situation to work out – even a confirmed BerbaSceptic like me was thrilled on that night in August three years ago when Dimmy put-pen-to-paper. Alas, he’s had more lows than highs in his three years at OT. Can he do better – much better ? I’m sceptical but I don’t have a crystal ball and cannot predict the future. Nor does anyone else.


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