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VIDEO: Welbeck goal and Cleverley assist for England

A great ball from Tom Cleverley set Theo Walcott up for England’s first equaliser of the night against Scotland.

22 by sph21

Danny Welbeck scored the equalising goal to make it 2-2 before Rickie Lambert scored minutes after coming on for his debut to win the game.

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  1. WeAreUnited says:

    a great interview from Moyes. One line I think many of us should take on a note. When Moyes tells that he only started in 1 of July and he should look his players first and then consider the market. ANd how he has watched the market, but it’s not the same when you don’t know your current players, so you can’t throw yourself straight into the transfers-window.

    NExt season he will ahve time to watch and scout more players with the United budget and therefore he will have the time to follow more players and buold the future easily and install his football philosophy into our squad. So can’t blame him for not being fast on the transfer market.

  2. WeAreUnited says:


    Last season it should have been Chicharito and RVP together playing upfront. they should have been the striking force and not Rooney with RVP, but the good thing is Rooney wa scorign and assistingm Chicha did the same and RVP did the same, that is our riches and that won our trophy back.

    Now we have to look what benefits Unietd the most. If Welbz does not hit that beast-mode immediatelly, give Chicha the chance and if he scores goals, let him play no matter the opposition. But never let Welbeck suffer for it because he’s our future, and I hope you read my other comments about Welbz also, because he’s a talent.

    All I can say is, whoever seizes the moment and United can benefit ffrom, should play. But never give up on Welbz or others until they don’t play for us. We have a great future ahead of us. We will not be short of options.

  3. Sparkz says:

    Welbeck’s first season he actually played up front…and he got, what 14 goals? Very similar to what Rooney used to get at his age. As the years went on Rooney became more prolific so why can’t that happen with Danny?

    He’ll not be a 30 goal man but he could easily be a 15-20 man, with plenty of assists in the bag.

    The great thing is, he’s only got that final 10% to add. The rest of his game means he’s worth his weight in gold already. Some of our most fluid performances of the last 2 years have been when he’s played, coz of his ability to hold onto the ball, link up with team mates and also run at people. The work rate is a bonus as far as I”m concerned, and we shouldn’t let that blind us to the technical ability he has.

  4. Scoreboard paddock says:

    I think people are getting carried away with Cleverly and Danny playing for the FUCK OFF ENGLAND against championship rated jocks

  5. In David We Trust says:

    WeAreUnited – Really? even though rooney played a huge part in the manchester derby win, rooney and RVP were terrifying defenses in the middle of the season, and unlike hernandez, rooney can score and assist for the team. RVP and hernandez do not work, because they play far to forward, none of the 2 like to play deep which leaves a gapping hole between attack and midfield, RVP likes playing that number 9 role, and herandez also likes to play that role. That is why rooney and RVP worked a treat, rooney can come deep, but also can play further forward, RVP is good playing deep casually, but he is a number 9

  6. WilliamAR says:


    Sort of agree with you but there is a problem with that. Rooney has developed the touch of a baby elephant so now he’s useless. Chicharito all the way for me.

  7. WeAreUnited says:

    No mate I understand your view but when a player is on fire like Chicha was last season at scoring goals then keep him on the field and its not like Chicha does not know how to play or that RVP can’t drop deep. And they actually played together and if I recall it was our biggest win when they did, both scoring and assiting to each other.

    But that’s the positive thing of last seasons which I embraced and why Rooney basically wants out. The competition, it brought us the glory and I realise that when you have RVP and WR on your team it’s hard for the likes of Chicha and Welbz to habe their moment.

    But effin hell, Chicha is a stonecold player, whenevr he plays he scores, and I am tired onthst Rooney drops deep analysr mate, cause you can drop deep as much as you like but goals win you games, and bare with me cause I realise why WR infront of Chichs and it’s not like he did not play, but those excuses are getting old, if Chicha could not do any of those things he would not play for us. Anyway, I am happy to have 4 established strikers and like I mentioned earlier, whoever benefits the team more at that moment, let him play. Peace mate.

  8. Dan-young says:

    Whilst i see why people question welbeck.. You have to be blind to not realise how much he brings to united. We currently have another english striker who we have stood by and turned into one of the best attackers in the world but feels like hes too good for us. Yet a player that plays with passion for united and would happily put himself through a season long injury just to get a winning goal in the champions league final is being slated.

    The ‘lingaard isa better striker’ line was wayyyy too far. Lingard will never score as a number 9 against the vincent kompanys of this world

    You guys are putting yourself out there to be ridiculed when hes winning us the league, but i dont doubt that you would happily be proved wrong with what your saying

  9. Mr C says:

    I’m not sold on Welbeck but for him to develop, and for Kagawa and Hernandez to get the opportunity to shine, Rooney has to be moved on.

  10. Sparkz says:

    Chicharito didn’t really lose his place to Rooney though (although I understand the core of the argument). Chicha lost his place, initially to Welbeck in 11/12, and then to RVP in 2012

  11. Mr C says:

    PS: De Gea > Joe Hart.

    It’s good to see the ABU media having to suck on that one after all the crap DDG’s had to take.

  12. Mr C says:

    If Rooney were happy to continue as a ‘squad’ player (even though his pay says different!) that would be immense and he’d probably force his way into the side anyway. IMHO he’s certainly a better ‘footballer’ than Hernandez or Welbeck will ever be, and a better striker than both. Yes, a better finisher than even Chico, who I rate big time, because when Rooney’s playing shit he still scores goals. BUT….

    Rooney won’t accept a squad player’s role. He sees himself as the main man.With RVP and Kagawa in the mix that can’t work. Too many other players have to compromise their talents to accommodate Rooney’s game, which isn’t good enough (in Europe especially) to base our play around. Moreover, the younger players would develop better playing with the likes of RVP and Kagawa, rather than running around like blue arsed flies in Rooney’s wake.

    Even though I’ve said before Rooney should had been fucked off in 2010 after the ambition nonsense, I don’t really care for all the hate that’s been directed his way. He’s still a United player, and by any measure has given the club great service on the field if not off it. Wayne’s won a lot with us, but sometimes its just better for both parties to move on and let it be.

    Still hope he does well for England though.

  13. Marq says:


    If Walcott didnt score, we will still be talking about the pass plus Walcott messing up good through ball

  14. soccerman says:

    @Mr c
    Wayne rooney is a better footballer than Hernandez but no way is he a better finisher.Do u even watch hernandez?

  15. Mr C says:

    @soccerman – finishing is about hitting the back of the net, not necessarily how you do it. Rooney’s better positional sense and all round play means that he gets more than his fair share of tap in / knock ins if you stick him up front, even when he’s playing shit. Chico’s a great poacher but when he’s not scoring his overall game can be poor. As I said earlier I’d rather have Rooney gone so that the likes of Chico can get the game time and development they deserve so what point exactly are you making?

  16. WilliamAR says:

    @ mrC and soccerman

    You both have a point but you both are missing one vital point. Wayne Rooney has developed the touch and control of a baby elephant so now he’s a complete liability when it comes to our retension of the ball. Rooney used to be a better footballer and used to make the game look easy and used to have better finishing. Chicha is a better player now. Sad for wayne but true.

  17. soccerman says:

    Hernandez has the best goal to minute ratio in the epl and the 3rd best in europe.I’ll let you take a guess at to who 1 and 2 are.

  18. The Truth says:


    No we wouldn’t. Do you think there would be a YouTube video of a Cleverley pass that came to nothing? Would this article be “Welbeck goal and random Cleverley pass in the 29th minute”? Your comment was just typical United-tinted glasses crap. If it had been Welbeck on the end of the pass and putting it in the net you’d give him credit, but as it was a non-United player you felt the need to have a dig at them. Very childish.

  19. Mr C says:

    @soccerman – Stats? With apologies to our American cousins, stats are for Yanks and politicians! :) By the same logic Rickie Lambert has a great goal per game / goal per minute ratio for England…The only stats worth bothering about are goals score, goals conceded and points won.

    Anyway, the long and the short of it is that Chico needs and deserves more game time to develop his potential, and do some of the others, and with Rooney gone that will be possible.

  20. WilliamAR says:

    @ soccerman

    Chicha hasnt got the 3rd highest ratio in europe in fact he has the 7th. Mess and ronaldo arent 1&2 either.

    So it goes to show sometimes stats dont always show the facts.

  21. Mr C says:

    @WilliamAR says:

    “@ mrC and soccerman

    You both have a point but you both are missing one vital point. Wayne Rooney has developed the touch and control of a baby elephant so now he’s a complete liability when it comes to our retension of the ball.”

    Perhaps, but I just don’t think Wayne’s heart is in it for United anymore. Possibly its time for a fresh challenge for him (and more big bucks) as he’s won everything he could have possibly won at United. After all, Wayne’s a born and bred Everton supporter and being Ingerlund’s star player gets him all the attention really needs . For these reasons I don’t think he’s remotely interested in breaking Sir Bobby’s goal scoring record for the club. Can’t see him sticking around at United to play second fiddle to RVP either. It’s over folks. Time to wish Wayne well, Chelsea or no, and move on.

  22. WeAreUnited says:


    I agree on WR for the moving on and I think he could stall some of our players developement if he stays, but then if he stays, he’s 1 more quality player for us and when you have that United shirt I will support them.

    but it’s hard to decide, probably he’s staying, and we just have to stop and see how will Moyes handle this positive problem with strikers + the WR – situation

  23. Marq says:

    @The Truth

    You feel the need to be right do you? Its my opinion that the pass was much more glorious than the pass, becase without it, there wont be a goal. Almost any striker can do a cut back, but not every midfielder can put in a pass like that. Besides, feel free to quote my where I dismissed Walcott’s goal, I merely said the defender could have done better. So who the childish one?

  24. soccerman says:

    What would u guys prefer the lineup to be tomorrow?Mine would be this
    Fabio-Vidic Jones-Evra
    I put welbeck for kagawa cos he looks fitter and his closing down could be effective against the slick paasing from swansea.
    Ando looks like he deserves his chance to be honest and is looking more fit every game so imo gets the nod over cleverley
    Zaha and nani simply because they are the only wingers I rate in the squad.

    I want fabio at RB cos we lose our attacking incentive wen smalling or jones are played there
    Degea, evra, vidic, Carrick and rvp pick themselves
    And jones because he has the making of a world class CB so I want him and vidic to be 1st team partners this season and also him and vidic looked solid vs wigan in the early stages of that game

  25. WilliamAR says:

    My team for tomorrow would be

    De Gea

    Fabio, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra

    Zaha, Carrick, Giggs


    Chicharito, RVP


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