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VIDEO: Welbeck goal vs Shakhtar Donetsk

01 by 21cad

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Red Robin says:

    Great goal and great assist as well.

    Pleased to see Rafael play again. I hope Moyes can keep our back four and stop rotating it.

    This few months are actually the audition for our existing players. Moyes will pick whoever can play under him. Different manager has different style of play, so we can’t expect Moyes to start winning now with the set of players he worked with for few months. We will see THE TRUTH after few more months. He will also have chance to bring in new players on January.

  2. need to feel the love says:


  3. Rd54 says:

    Fxxk off u are not qualify to make my words to represent u

  4. Rd54 says:

    U just plastic North Korea fan ,my comments are just base on the fact, I said moyes are rubbish before he appointed , many fans abuse me but what the fact now ?

  5. Rd54 says:

    I just hope all the moyes lovers don’t change their mind forever ,keep the faith ,I also anger we want to trade our trophies to prove him was Fxxk

  6. AlphaRS says:

    As we happy with the amount of chances United created last night?

    According to Sky Sports United had 1 shot on target and 2 shots off target against Shakhtar Donetsk.

    To put that in to perspective Bayern had 8 shots on target and 6 shots off target away against Man City, and in our own Group A – Real Sociedad had 7 shots on target and 2 shots off target away against Leverkusen.

    Playing devils advocate here but Is that really good enough? I mean really?

    I would say chasing the win with Giggs in the middle isn’t a good idea but did we really chase the win when Shakhtar Donetsk equalised?

    Creative players are sacraficed for players who will put in a shift. I can’t remember anyone running at or taking on an opponant yesterday other than Evra and Rafael?

  7. Sparkz says:

    Considering it was going to be our toughest game – good point. Loved the defensive structure/ discipline we had, they had a lot of possession but created very little. That’s how to play away from home in Europe.

    Disappointed at our carelessness on the ball though, and there was very little creativity. Saying that, most of our creative players weren’t playing, Moyes wanted to graft in this game and we did that.

    Fellaini – wayyy too early to judge but he looked out of his depth, just as against City. I’m hopeful he’ll improve though.

    I thought Carrick and Cleverley were excellent – Cleverley’s defensive work has improved a lot. I noticed this against Chelsea and same again yesterday.

  8. mjcRED says:

    Instead of moaning and whining about the manager. The bigger issue remains our season by season falling back from where the bench mark of football is at.

    For a club that prides itself on being and apparently competing with the best in every aspect, how can it be that we’re so far from the elite level of european football?

    I will stand by Moyes, but hand on heart I really don’t think it’s in him to get us anywhere near the level that Munich are currently at.

    The frustration for us that during our golden time, we were never able to get close to matching the endeavours with which Munich are currently inflicting on their opponents. With the exception of the Roma and Arsenal performances, we never dominated or put in a commanding performance in Europe, including the two fortuitous wins over Chelsea on penalties and the miracle of 99.

    This British mindset that seems completely unbalanced with far too much emphasis on grinding out a result and playing in a conservative and bland style. The insualar and chest beating with which we constantly claim to be playing and competing in the best league in the world is making us look a complete joke each and every time one of our top clubs comes up against a top calibre of opponent, first off it was Barca and now it is Munich.

    The worry is until we learn the basics of keeping hold the ball, a theme that was again noticeable by its complete absence last night, we won’t even begin to close the mile wide chasm.

    Our insular and complete ignorance to even acknowledge a more continental mindset towards engaging in the tactics, formation and high pressing energy that is so much more effective , we’ll forever be trapped flailing in a time warp of up and at them direct football that see’s us being found out.

  9. The Truth says:


    Bollocks. Guardiola, Martino and Blanc have hit the ground running. Mourinho, Ancelotti and Pellegrini have somehow managed to avoid turning the teams they inherited to complete shit as well. What a coincidence that of all the new managerial appointments this season, only Moyes is struggling.

  10. TraffordLord says:


    You are a troll, ABU, and cunt of all cunts! You don’t like our brand of football then feck off to the blue side of town then, or jump on the brand new Wegner bandwagon.

    How dare you come on here and spout all that logical, sincere, and well thought out comment about our team.

    Shame on you Sir/Madam!


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