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VIDEO: Welbeck, Januzaj and Young’s goals vs West Ham

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Tommy says:


    Also Baines aint great defensively either and is no one near Evra ability on the ball, Baines loves the long ball upfield and for 20mill, really ok he takes a good set piece but not worth anywhere near 20mill at his age, Alba only cost 12mill and hes better and younger than Banies, Yep he could well be ready for a loan spell probably next season, give him a year to get used to the united way then have a loan spell somewhere, hes already a proper athlete, other young players need time to develope physically he looks like he could handle himself at first team level already

  2. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Buttner is 25, almost near his prime and people are talking about he needs to.”develop”, develop? Don’t make me laugh. That offside error can happen to anyone but what is worrying with buttner is, he cannot do the basics of defending. He is poor aerially, he doesn’t track runners well, almost looking like an hippo has been shackled to his legs, he gets beaten with any form trickery and I mean any, he always looks a liability in the box, he gets out-witted far too easily for a defender at the level united play at.. Going forward is his strenghth but he lacks composure and that class needed to be regular. Enougg excuses, he’s into his 2nd season now and has enough first team experience.

    I’m not going to state on here that jonny evans is world class, he isn’t (maybe he will get there who knows) but he has been and is a far better defender than buttner. He may have made errors but not to the shambolic extent buttner digs himself into. Buttner knows he won’t hack it at united and is looking for a loan.

    “Rewrite blog history”? Sorry.. You’ve lost me. Buttner’s attacking quality (which is filled with lack of composure and erratic) do not make up for the first and foremost and that is to be a defender. He is not good enough and won’t be at united next season. I would rather tyler blackett return from.blackpool and given a chance or fabio than see an out of his depth buttner.

  3. sir matt martin says:

    Baines is conrently injured, and he is injury prone too. type of player that will be out of 2 to 3 months. and everton wants £20m for him, if moyes is lookin for a left bak, i say give fabio a chance or get luke shaw from souththampton.

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Wayne – I don’t consider baines terrible but he is not as good as the match of the day mostly terrible pundits would have you believe, I don’t think he’s worth investing in, focus should be placed on a more crucial area. The baines rumours seem relentless and it’s evitable that he may well move but it would be a waste

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Tommy – baines’ setpiece taking and crossing are exaggerated a bit and it certainly adds more ££ on his worth. Everton are digging their heels in, I don’t think he’s worth chasing really as you’ve mentioned, there are better fullbacks out there with less pricetag and with more potential. Kenwright wants 20mill, no chance, the british premium thing again.. I would rather spend that on a luke shaw or something, a player with immense quality and would blend in.. Rafael, smalling, jones/evans/michael keane, shaw… Looks to give united a lot more.

    Agreed on janko, probably gives valencia a run for his money in the gym. He is physically ready, like tyler blackett but needs hone other aspects of his game in order to be ready for the top level, big potential he he has…

  6. NairobiRed says:

    Baines would be another waste of money by moyes. At 29 – 30 and playing LB, he probably has 2-3 years ahead of him, for 20 mil, that’s just wasting limited funds. He is probably better than Evra, but he will not improve the team by such a huge margin as to sanction a 20M transfer. He will not win the EPL like RVPor form the future of defence like DDG. For 8-12M maybe.

  7. Tommy says:


    I must admit I havnt read any quotes from Buttner which mentions himself as Evras replacement, if thats what he thinks then he is very deluded, I am wondering whether Moyes will be back in for the lad at Madrid, worth noting hes not appeared in the champions league this year for Madrid so wouldnt be cup tied, Buttner was going to be loaned out to Besiktas had the deal not fell through

  8. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Tommy – I can’t certain but I remember him saying fergie brought him in to learn from evra and then replace him… I don’t think a player that’s just arrived should be thinking in such manner, you should try to prove your quality and let’s be honest, he has shown no indication of being able to step up. I think he’ll be gone this january, if he wants to salvage a place with the dutch team at least.

    Coeantrao on the other hand is a top player.. He can defend and is fantastic going forward, his partnership with ronaldo will surely be portugal’s main strenghth.. Not sure if moyes is still interested, didn’t he sign a new deal? I heard rumours of that…

  9. Tommy says:


    I would be amazed if he has signed a new contract since hes rarely featured for madrid and they were very keen to offload him in summer, permantly or on loan. Its not worked out for him at Madrid but keep in mind they spent 30milleur plus Garey (Whos now valued at 30mill himself), He can play left back or left wing, he has even played midfield in the past, sky sports sources who are usually spot on to be fair said that Moyes wanted both Evra and Coentrou to both play 1 in front of the other, I can see him going back in for him in january

  10. sir matt martin says:

    @ NairobiRed
    Pls can u tell me how baines is better than Evra apart from the free kicks??

  11. John says:

    In other news, both Everton and Spurs have won their respective matches! United Vs Spurs is destined to be a cracker. Both United and Spurs have winable couple of games before they face each other. Credit to Roberto Martinez and Everton! Barkley could be the one we should target along with William Carvalho.

  12. sir matt martin says:

    @ NairobiRed
    Pls can u tell me how baines is better than Evra apart from the free kicks??

    i dont see fabio contraio playing as a winger for united, he is a left bak at best. or u want to ague again? and the only winger i wud like moyes to sign off real madrid is Angel Di maria. so what are u on about?

  13. TopRed123 says:

    We would have to overpay for Baines, like we did for Fellaini. Everton have a very capable replacement in Oviedo ready to take over and it is pretty clear that Baines isn’t ready to force a move. That leaves us with only one option really, which is paying around £25 for a 30 y.o. left back. Although I’m really not that worried. Having seen the genius that is Woodward during last summer he’ll start at around £10m going all the way up to £17m and then ultimately just end up wasting everyone’s time.

  14. John says:

    lol, Mourinho’s Chelsea has dropped down to 5th place before ahead of their game against Arsenal!

  15. John says: [ Just check the table and fixtures ahead! 1st place and 4th place battles this season are going to be truely exciting!]

  16. sir matt martin says:

    Rose Barkley that guy is sometin erls, it gets ur mind boggles on how will spend £27m on the wrong player from everton talkin about Fellaini. Rose Barkley is a steven gerrard type player if not better.

  17. John says:

    @sir matt martin…hopefully, we would do better in next 2 transfer windows esp coming summer. However, only if we are fortunate enough that our own mistakes of past summer won’t cost us top 4 this season.

  18. John says:

    It is a long shot yet but Roberto Martinez could be the primere league’s answer to Bundes liga’s Jurgen Klopp!

  19. John says: [How about Ivan Rakitic in this jan?? It looks a very possible transfer as we are linked recently. Check his profile!]

  20. Dela says:

    sir matt: Everton likely turned down United advances over Barkley in the summer and given that they are absolutely determined to tie him down to a contract now they obviously expect people to come knocking soon.

    We haven’t seen much from Fellaini yet due to injury and selection constraints. As for the £27 million, that’s not his fault. Just like it wasn’t Berbatov”s faultt how much we paid for him either but that didn’t stop some of his “fans” using it against him when he had a bad game.

  21. John says:

    If we have ambition left in us anymore as we loudmouth infront of media when we win against bread and butter teams then I reckon we go and get Ilkay Gundagon and Fabio Coentrao this jan. Don’t know much about Rakitic but looks like a decent player as well! For potential William Carvalho is there. Coming summer Barkley is there. Porto centre back Mangala is as well talked about. Options are there plenty! Question is, how much transfer budget we have now minus 27 millions for this jan?

  22. Dela says:

    @John big signings in January are extremely rare in any event. It’s not just about how much money you have its also when the other club are winning to let a big player leave. Sure, you could do a chelsea on it and drop 50 million on a player not worth half that amount, but United are not going to do that. Other teams are unlikely to sell good players mid-season, with or without european football. In the summer at least the leagues haven’t kicked off yet, nobody is cup tied and clubs have a chance to re-invest money they got for selling players.

  23. John says:

    @Dela…Rakitic has himself said he may consider transfer in jan…don’t know much about that guy but looks like a decent player. Liverpool are as well in for him as reported. Gundagon and Coentrao both won’t be cup tied for champions league and would be game changers for top 4 bid. So, it doesn’t depend only on budget but its a major factor, i hope you agree. We have to get out of “no value in market” comfort zone this jan imo as there are no shortage of options. I know there is blocking our own clevz and welbz progress stuffs are important too. But cm is the area we can’t and mustn’t ignore this jan. We have had false dawns already this season too often so, we can’t rely on our recent wins and ignore cm. True tests begin in the 2nd half of season and it is better to go with inflated price if we have in this jan esp re couple of cms.

  24. John says:

    Also, all is not well in Dortmund as it seems so may be this is the time to test German club with bit of cash! Coentrao is someone we could have already so it depends on choice of our manager. Coentrao over Baines any day of week! Agewise, talentwise, moneywise, intregration to team wise (we can’t write off Evra completely) Coentro edges Baines. Has cl experiences as well. Later is a very good left back as well and a humble lad but former would be better signing for us.

  25. Mark Reid says:

    I don’t think we”ll be buying anyone.Moyes already saying we”ll have a look around but not many players leaving their clubs.Might be just as we’ll wait till summer see what way the ball hops.

  26. Tommy says:

    According to the sun Real Madrid have told Rooney to not sign a contract because they believe they will sign him for 20mill next summer

  27. WeAreUnitedd says:

    YES YES YES to Coentrao, arguably one who can really bring depth and style to our left back spot after Evra moves on. NO to Baines, yes he’s good but at his age why get him when you can get a better younger defender like coentrao with european experience?

    NO to rakitic, an average player, would not improve our team in the long run, for short term solution we got fellaini, who has along contract though and hopefully makes of it.

    Gundogan is one who we really could get! hard to say, but for example Cabaye would be a great addition in the January and he has that EPL experience. brilliant little player. I would also raid Iker Muniain ! another little clever player who would improve us, only 20-years old. good friend of DDG + maybe Herrera? Barkley is also a good prospect.

    basically those are the options, I am not opting to bring all of those, but I myself would get rid of Ando Young (no matter how many goals he scores, won’t happen but I would get rid of him) and Nani (YES I said it, a surprise from my behalf for those who don’t know me, but I think his time is up for United unfortunately, I would be very sad if this happens, but for the sake of United I would sell him)

    bring POSSIBLE players who could really make this team tick-> Cabaye Herrera? + Muniain . Simple.
    Next season mould the likes of Powell Zaha Lingard and Perreira to the team and suddenly we don’t look out of depth. Giggsy will retire and if Rooney is to leave and possibly Chicha leaving then we can bring a PROFILIC striker and also mould Henriquez and Wilson/W.keane slowly to the team,.

    it’s not an easy task being a manager that is sure and I REALISE that January is not the best place to make business. but this is how I see it.


  28. Tommy says:

    @We are United

    I think Cabaye is certaintly getable simply because he refused to play when Arsenal made an offer for him which riled the Newcastle faithful, If he did it again if United bid for him then that would be it, no forgiveness a second time from the geordies!

  29. red war says:

    Players we should sell

    1. Anderson
    2. Kagawa or Nani. Kagawa’s situation has gone too far. Nani, the most technical player of the squad has become a bench warmer.

    Players we should buy

    1. Alex Song (whatever is needed) or Mario Suarez
    2. Ola john

    Other choices for CM position

    Axel Witsel
    Rasmus Elm

  30. tallestreD says:

    It is obvious that if some of us “fans” were to be manager or anything of a sort at this football club, we would be in dire state. See the number of players name on here, and we call journalist shit… Names are been thrown around with convenience. Let the club bring in who they want.

  31. lecho says:

    Nine points in half of a season are absolutely doable.

  32. Popped_Collar says:

    Just read an interesting piece in the Evening News where David Moyes throws quite a few compliments Wayne Rooney’s way. But what caught in my craw was the man’s blatant attempt to take credit where he’s not due any. David Moyes is quoted inferring that he instructs Wayne Rooney to drop deep to help out in midfield (to great effect might I add), when no less an authority on All Things United than our resident ITK, NBI Red, authoritatively informed us that dropping deep is usually a spur of the moment decision made by Wayne when he realizes his dopey manager’s prehistoric tactics aren’t working.

    I’m now trying to figure out who between NBI and Moyes is a clueless, negative, pretend-to-know-it-all prick.

  33. samuel - united WE stand says:

    No one’s being a manager, it is called debating….

  34. sir matt martin says:

    No one is trying to be a manager here is called giving ur own idears.. thats if u have any.@ WeAreUnitedd nice idears.

  35. WeAreUnitedd says:

    it’s called debating, another thing if we want all our players to leave and obviously that’s not the issue.

    we certainly know which players need to be cut off for a reason or another. and we all know we need reinforcments so that’s why people throwing names.

    @tommy, exactly mate, I think Cabaye should be a priority, he really could help us, he assists, playmakes, knows how to play that dirty football, possession football and also scores goals. and as you mentioned a tempting offer and he’ll be off regarding the situation he had earlier with offers.

    @sir matt cheers mate, I think those players could help us, I am not throwing Barkleys name that often because I see Powell as our Barkley, but If a chance would come, I would get him, there’s not such a thing as too many great players.

    @samuel what do you think mate? you know we’ve been debating with others for a long time about Nani, but what about his situation? is it good anymore? should we sell him for the sake of United and Nani? the same with Kagawa? and you know my stance with him too, but I am slowly giving up.
    I think we could offer Kagawa to dortmund and get Gundogan.


  36. Tommy says:

    The problem with modern football fans is youre all so fucking impatient, I remember Carrack being the butt of everyones jokes (And if you try to deny that you didnt rate him, youre a liar) Nowadays those same people who hated him are now wanking over him and getting the tissues out when hes injured!

  37. Gazzer says:

    I guess it was sloppy of Buttner to undermine his own team’s offside line. I can forgive mistakes. I’ve certainly made plenty of my own.

    I can’t blame him for not being good enough. After all, plenty of others are not good enough. And I’m pretty bad myself (I know what I want to do, but I just can’t do it!)

    I think that what was most disappointing was seeing him jog back. If it were me, I’d have been busting a gut to get back just in case the ball squirted over to my side.


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