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VIDEO: Welbeck, Rooney, Young, Nani and Park Goals vs Arsenal

Manchester United – Arsenal 8:2 by FootballKing1892

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  1. scan74 says:

    have 2 say it all my time of going united yesterday was the most surreal game ive ever been 2

    for a chap .use 2 games against on arsenals famous defence and the massive games against vieira henry and co i couldnt believe what a piss poor bunch wenger has allowed them become

    dont get me wrong the shirts were excellent wazza ashley were fantastic and 4 me anderson has been excellent so far this year

    but i have 2 say strangley this soppy old fucker felt the gooners yesterday no way a club of that size and stature should be performing like that

    even more reason 2 cherish SAF and marvel and what he has done 4 our club

    onward and upwards


  2. Ancha says:

    Great point Costas!

    a lot of them in the media decided to overlook how many seniors we haven’t played yesterday
    Rio, Vidic, Rafael, carrick, fletcher, Berbatov,
    giggsy & park came on after that game is dead & buried, so that counts to 8 first team players
    the fact is that there is a huge difference in class & talent between young ones of both the clubs
    you have to laugh at the fact that the whole media was singing praises of Wenger’s Youth development for the past few years

  3. scan74 says:

    oh and 4got get fit soon danny lad real shame looks like a month out hope he gets back and shows this kind of form 4 the shirts

  4. kev e says:

    I’m loving how well Young has settled in to the team. The banter between him and Paddy after his second goal was awesome. You get the feeling that the dressing room is jumping and he’s at the heart of it. He reminds me of Yorkie in a lot of ways. We all know what happened when Dwight joined. The fact that they’re all playing with fire in their bellies and a smile on their faces bodes well.

    On another point… Did anyone see how pissed The Pea looked when both Nani and Young scored because they hadn’t crossed to him! Love that guy. The team’s winning 7-2 and he still knows he needs to get on the scoresheet. He’s in danger of being left behind!! I think Nani is feeling the pressure exerted by Young as well. Everyone is trying to impress the boss… can’t wait for Fletch and Valencia to be fit to join in the fight…

  5. Mr C says:

    @Heywood is Red:

    ‘ Djorou has got to be the worst def in the league, even worst than bramble’

    Ouch! Harsh but fair. :)

    Yesterday’s result was worth well more than the 3 points, and not just for the entertainment value. It has imploded Arsenal as a club. Been reading the Arsenal fans’ comments elsewhere this morning. Hilarious! Most want Wenger’s head on a platter – the pitchforks and flaming torches are out. This is what happens when the highest season ticket prices in the country doesn’t match the product on the pitch. Let ‘em burn.

    The only possible downside for us is that of more and more teams, even better sides, will likely try parking the bus when they play us. It won’t work though..

  6. Costas says:


    I heard what Merson said, but if you believe the media, Wilshere can walk into the Barca team. So I don’t know what he was smoking there. :lol:


    Hi mate. I wouldn’t even count the likes of Rio, Giggs, Park and Berba. They were fit and it was the manager’s choice not to play them. The truth is that Sir Alex has done a better job of bringing in young players to the side. Plus, unlike Wenger’s policy, loaning out the youngsters to other sides is beneficial. Welbeck and Tom have profited from that. Just like Jones and Smalling did from their stints at Blackburn and Fulham.

  7. lordrt says:

    So will Berba leave before the transfer deadline? He has played only against West Brom, that too like a “special appearance”, while Owen is yet to feature even on the bench. Any news of Welbeck as well, given he limped off with a hamstring injury, just at the time he was imposing himself in the team

  8. fergie is the boss says:

    Costas – very true. You look at cleverly compared to Wilshere even when he broke in to the arsenal side he seemed pressured. I look at young tom, he has got his feet up with a cigar running the show. What also pisses me off is, the media and annoying united fans along with the pundits all hype up Wilshere, yet when cleverly is breaking through still we have annoying united fans moaning we need WS this and WS that, even the media are still not giving cleverly much credit even though they have hyped the tom up.

  9. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @Cedars, You know cable is shit expensive over here and I’m not much of a TV guy unfortunately. Anything I watch, films and TV shows, all are done on the PC. I have no reason to pay for cable only to watch one sports channel. To be honest, the Sopcast streams I receive have stupendous quality in HD on a 40-inch television. I don’t think I could get that even through cable. :P

    @Mr. C, “The only possible downside for us is that of more and more teams, even better sides, will likely try parking the bus when they play us. It won’t work though.” – And that is why we have a certain Dimitar Berbatov still on our payroll despite interest from elsewhere. Not to mention more direct players like Valencia as well. Simply put, we have an answer for every situation the league can throw us right now. Want a physical game – throw Fletcher and Anderson in. A more technical game, throw Tom and Ando/Carrick in. 0-0 for a long time, throw the experience of Giggs and Berbatov in to break the stranglehold. I can give countless more examples like that.

    Mr. C and Ancha, It is a matter of personal preference mates. For me, I won’t want anyone else in our team ahead of Rooney. Personally, Rooney is the best player in the world when he is playing like he did yesterday. And Mr. C, I wouldn’t say we are entirely dependant on Rooney, but there is little doubt that he is the lynchpin of this team. He is the Eric Cantona to this set of kids, that is of no doubt IMHO.

    Ancha, Thanks for the links to those amazing analyses. Was a pleasure to read through them.

    Jim White on Telegraph

    Brilliant quote from that article: “In their midst, as lost and hapless as the rest, was Aaron Ramsey, who three seasons ago announced that he was signing for Arsenal ahead of United because he believed that under Wenger he had a better chance of developing as a young footballer. So how exactly is that going, Aaron?” :lol:

  10. Costas says:


    In my view, the longer the media keep the focus off Tom, the better it is for him. I don’t like all the circus like environment they create around England players. It’s very easy to believe your hype after all the nonsense. Wilshere isn’t the perfect example of this, but look at Dawson. Someone the rags have said might keep Ferdinand out of the England side even when Rio’s fit. How did Dawson do against City by the way?

  11. Troy says:

    Wow, and to think that when Valencia comes back we will be even more dangerous.

  12. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @Costas, This brilliant article from Gary Neville exactly hightlights what you mean. One bad performance from Tom for England and the papers will be all over him like he is a lamb for slaughter. I fucking hate the British media. The longer they wank over Bale, Wilshere, Ramsey and whoever else they can find, the better it is for us.

    I don’t want anybody wanking over how good Manchester United are unless it is someone related to the club or us fans. Everybody can go fuck themselves for all I care. It is better if they hate us, because that only makes us more stronger than we already are.

  13. fergie is the boss says:

    Costas – I guarantee if shitty or barcelona beat arsenal 8 2 they would be wanking to death over those 2 sides. Hilarious how some think shitty’s performance was better, when we look at allot of united’s goals they were unstoppable. We play the better football, we have built a squad that has been a mix of smart buying and bringing players through the academy, it would not surprise me ifwelbeck stayed on the field it could have been 10 or 11 – 2 or even 12 – 2

  14. fergie is the boss says:

    I do not see anyone in the media put more analysis over how united’s style of play has completely changed from last season, one said have united stolen arsenals football from 2 years ago LOL

  15. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @FITB, I swear I am going to snap a kitten’s neck if somebody compares our early season football to Barcelona or Arsenal. What we are doing is not fucking tiki-taka. If somebody writes that it was Barcelona-esque, I may just have to become a serial killer. This is the Manchester United way. The way we played at our best during the 1990s and especially in the treble season. The way that was instilled into us by a certain Sir Matt Busby and carried on under Sir Alex Ferguson. There is no way Arsenal or Barca would’ve been as direct as we have been this season so far. No way they would’ve scored so many different “types” of goals that we have. No way they would’ve played with so many different tactics as we have. Fuck Barcelona. Fuck Arsenal. If anyone wants to compare our early season form with anybody at all, it should be with the United sides of yore. This has been Manchester United back to their fucking best. Period. Nobody else can come close to that.

  16. Vilhelm28 says:

    Lets not get totally carried away here. Rooney better than Messi and stuff like that is plain stupid. We have played well in attack , but we have played against 3 very bad teams. The way Spurs and Arsenal are playing and the squads they have, is nothing better than middle of the pack clubs.

    Fact is that we are still very naive in defense (ref Neville and SAF after the game), both in our back 4 as well as behind our central midfielders. There is a lot of room and all three teams we have played have had much time passing the ball around our box. When we meet better teams and better finishers, we will be punished unless we fix it. First half stats against Arsenal say 5-3 in chanses in our favour as well as a penalty for Arsenal. We had the ball the most, but we still give our opponent to many chanses given our possesion.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good start to the season, but we need to tighten the ship for our away games.

  17. CedarsDevil says:

    Balaji – lol

    My reference to you being a thief was a response to a poster who said that you stole the words out of his mouth and not to do with cable or web viewing! :-)

  18. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Oh, and I do have one bone of contention with our performance yesterday, and the reason why it was not perfect for me.

    Anderson did not score and, as a result, we could not see him do his own take on the Brazilian Samba like last week.


    @Vilhelm, “Rooney better than Messi and stuff like that is plain stupid.” – Not looking to start a debate here, and I know this was not directed at anyone, but trying to make myself clear. This is my preference. I will say that “I” consider Wayne Rooney to be a better all around player than Lionel Messi when both are playing to their absolute best. “I” would want Rooney ahead of Messi on my team anyday of the week. I don’t care what other people think but that is what I feel. That is not getting carried away in the slightest, I have felt like this for over 6 years now, and I don’t think that will change ever.

  19. Costas says:


    Hey, take it easy on the kittens. :lol: Anyway, thanks for the read. That was brilliant insight into the England camp. But the last part pissed me off. I can’t believe he tried to get Gerrard to join us! :shock:


    In fairness, CIty have built a good team, but no one can say for sure if they’ll last . The problem right now is that due to all the hype, many teams are afraid to have a go at them. Like Bolton last week or Tottenham yesterday.

  20. Fibes says:

    @Vilhelm – Naive defending? I think what you’re really seeing is the embodiment of the United way, the way it was with the Babes, with Best/Law/Charlton – it’s the “you score three, we’ll score four” – football the way it should be played. It’s not as tight as last season because so far we have done without the holding midfielder, Ando and Clevers playing box to box gives us more options, and the opposition more to worry about. I’m sure all of us would rather watch brilliant attacking play than stoic, 11 behind the ball defending.

  21. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    BTW, where’s smartalex and Willie?

    I wonder what our friend from the South of Africa feels about his prediction that Arsenal will finish second behind United?

    Gutsy call, some would say. :lol:

  22. Mr C says:

    @Balaji. We’ll never agree on the Rooney thing so I’ll park that issue here. We do agree however on doing it the ‘United way’. I hate Barca’s tippy-tappy / ticka tacki or whatever their system called. Sure, it effective but it’s also boring, just like the Spanish national side, and laced with cheating. Barca have to play that way because they’re a bunch of midgets upfront. Sure, it’s effective. No other team plays their system and as Barca are disciplined and talented it causes opponents unique problems. They will be found out this season if not by us by someone else – Mourihuo tried kicking them off the park but that doesn’t work as with Barca’s diving ability you will be down to 10 men in less than no time.

  23. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @Cedars, LOL! I know you meant it in jest, but I couldn’t quite place it in context and ended up making a bigger fool of myself. :lol:

  24. Notey90 says:

    It feels great to be a Red………cheers.

  25. CedarsDevil says:

    Balaji – smartalex is busy shopping for the gift he owes me after our bet at the start of the season…

    Willie it seems was apprehended by local police after running around naked with the number 8 sprayed on his chest :mrgreen:

  26. Mahesh says:

    I think saying the defense is ‘very naive’ is harsh, but there is point to be made there. However, its not a worry, because little blips in concentration and decision making are to be expected with 19-20 years olds that we have in De Gea, Jones, Smalling etc. Especially playing for a United team where we will usually have most of the possession in a game, and these young lads might go maybe 10-15 minutes without anything major to do and then suddenly have to switch on. I think those are things that will sort themselves out with time and experience, and will be cut out once Vida and Rio are back – if they do indeed get back in the squad. I think dislodging Smalling and Jones in particular will be hard, they are very good. Evra has been a little lacklustre, and Evans has been really good but has been less impressive than Jones for me, in some of his positional play and something distinctive lack of pace and acceleration. Like I said though, all these are errors which are down to lack of experience, and are issues that will get sorted with time.

    The Rooney-Messi debate I really don’t want to jump into. I would not swap Rooney for anyone in the world, including Messi. BUT, I do think Messi is on a whole different planet at this point – and lets forget about the genius that Messi seems to pull out of his pocket ALL the time for a second. When Rooney can pull out world class performances, week in week out, year after year, for a few years, I will at that point start putting Rooney on the same level as Messi (and Ronaldo for that matter). It is to the credit of both teams though that they have allowed Rooney and Messi to do their stuff – only with Rooney the team has literally had to carry him through some terrible patches of form, which never seems to happen with Messi. On potential, maybe I would put them on the same level (although they are completely different kinds of players in my eye) but on end product I think Rooney has some ways to go, and I think more than anyone else he knows that!

  27. FletchTHEMAN says:

    WR10 Re Bobby Charltons record 256 goals for United:

    “It’s a target for me, to try and do that. Hopefully, in the next few years, I can do it.”

    Yeah mate, you just go and do that. Brilliant if he gets that committed ! Well….. beyond brilliant really.
    Lad must have eat his Ronaldo Wheaties before the match!

    Get stuck in!!!!!

  28. fergie is the boss says:

    Balaji Sivaraman – it has the barca style about it, in the way united are now using the short passing game which we never used last season, something major has been worked on in training all summer long. But united hit sides in the classic united way, fast and furious but with intelligence and guile. It is a new united I have not seen since 1993/94 sides and the 1998/99 sides.

  29. fergie is the boss says:

    Costas – I agree they have, they are going to be a major threat. But what they lack for me is the way they pass the ball can be off. United’s only weakness for me is the GK, when de gea settles and improves his overall game, like handle shots from distance etc. I do not see a weakness in the side.

  30. YorYor says:

    @fitb, actually I think we have played like that last season, just constrained to a few select bits of the opponents’ half, usually between Nani/Park and Evra and Rooney on the left flank (we’ve really made all other 19 teams’ right backs in the league look pretty much useless).
    I suppose the introduction of the youthful and energetic central midfielders encouraged the players to do it wherever they can, especially when the opposition obviously couldn’t quite keep up and the midfielders are getting more involved.

  31. fergie is the boss says:

    YorYor – maybe since fletcher and berbatov stopped playing in the side and the lineup of carrick giggs and rooney pulling the strings. But anderson cleverly and young put into the midfield this season, has seen united’s engine room improve ten folds

  32. King Eric says:

    Vilhelm. Trust you to put a negative spin on things. It was a young defence mistakes happen. All in all they were great. Having witnessed Messi in the flesh two or three times heis the best in world BUT rooney has so much more to his game. Vision. Passing sheer power. Work rate. The lot. I would take him all day long.

    Fitb. Hello mate. Ha. Loved your tom running the midfield with a cigar in his mouth. That lad is top drawer as I keep saying. Controls the tempo. Keeps it simple. Knows whenb to stay or go. Great passer. Tenacious. Gets into box. He has it all and mark my words in the next two years this lad will be one of the best midfielders about. I love him. Him ad ando make a great pair. Fletch and carrick have a fight on although we all know fergie likes his rotation.

    Phil Jones. Oh phillip Jones. What a fucking lad. Fan favourite already. One hell of a player. I can’t type this post quick enough as I am so excited.

    Oh and if Iniesta had lobbed that ball over the top for dannys goal we would never see end of it. It was excvellent.

    Ha. This is true. Arsenal have offered free tickets for an away game for their fans who had to suffer that yesterday. Seriously.

    Oh and we play fuck all lke Barca. That annoys me. Our one and two touch is a marvel but we get the ball into the oppositions box quicker.

    United are gonna be a very different animal this season. We have our fear factor back.

  33. Zibbie says:

    @Balaji here are my thoughts on a young dumb Rooney as Gary said he read the situation wrong.

  34. King Eric says:

    Messi is great at Barca. Put him in an argentina shirt and he is shite. Suppose we can say the same about wayne though. Rooney to me looks the happiest he has for years.

    Watched the fascists last night and as much as I loved Ronnie he really annoys me now. Always has that stupid look on his face like he is gonna cry. Also what’s that celebration he does for the last two seasons where he clasps his fingers together?

    Ashley young is gonna prove to be a hell of a signing. I was never a fan but fuck me I was wrong. He is class. A hardworker too and has really embraced the United ethos. I have never seen such fantastic team spirit. All the young lads are loving it.

  35. YorYor says:

    Yeah, with Evans, Smalling and Jones all possessing a decent amount of energy and pace, perhaps that negated the need for Carrick to sit in front of the defence.
    Berbatov is more than capable of playing this style of football though, would like to see him in the side. A lot of times, I think he’s waiting for the wingers and midfielders to get forward, but some of our players like to “be available” for a simple pass and thus not run into space. Nani especially, at times, i just wish he’d trust whoever’s holding the ball to spot him and just start running into space.


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