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VIDEO: Welbeck’s Goal Against Southampton

Follow the game on our live blog!

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  1. Tony Starks says:

    how do you watch this live on the net?

  2. DanS says:

    @ Tony Starks – search for live football on Google

  3. Taehr says:


  4. Drew Vader says:

    He played well. BUT, it was basically against lads his own age, so if we’re being honest, wouldn’t we all expect him to stand out?

  5. Oooodz says:

    true but wouldnt we expect everyone else to be outstanding if that is the case??

  6. paddy says:

    had to laff at the southampton fans cheering for liverpool on a few occasions.sad as fuck.

  7. King Eric says:

    paddy: yeah I thought I could hear that

  8. meko420 says:

    i think tha kidd shud b startin up top he’s mekin a statement evrytime he plays

  9. Laos Red says:

    Great performance from the lads. Glad to see our youngsters performing so well. Unlike our World Class money infested rivals who should be glad to escape with only a 3 goal defeat!!!

    United Fan from Laos!!

  10. EastStandManc says:

    Had to laugh at all the ABU cunts in the media screaming offside for Danny’s goal and ‘debating’ the red card. The only decision Riley got wrong was the penalty and by then it was inconsequential as they were down to 10 and we had several gears to go through if necessary.

    You can understand it from Poortvliet. His team are up Shit Creek with the smallest of paddles, so it works to his advantage to instill the siege mentality by playing the “big teams only get the decisions” card. Some of the shite falling out the pundits mouth was funny, though … so bitter.

    What advantage did Welbeck have by the time the ball came back off the bar? None. The defender was alongside him, and if he was going to make a challenge, he would’ve done. Offside? Bollocks. Even when O’Shea headed it, there wasn’t clear daylight between Danny and the defender. Laughable, it really is.

    The red isn’t debatable. Once again, SAF got it right by saying the young lad Paterson would’ve benefitted from an early yellow for one of his earlier rash challenges, to calm his naturally youthful exuberance down.

    As for the chants of ‘Liverpool’ – where there’s that chant, fear not, ‘Murderers’ is sure to follow ;)


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