The Sloop John B tune can be heard at most grounds every week these days, but it wasn’t always this way. In October 2010, Nani scored a goal against Spurs which left the opposition incredulous. He had fallen over in the box after Kaboul pulled on his shirt with both hands. When Nani was on the floor, he touched the ball with his hand. Referee Mark Clattenburg either did see this, or didn’t feel the need to blow for a freekick, as goalkeeper Gomes was in possession of the ball.

However, Gomes presumed a freekick had been given and threw the ball several yards in front of him. Nani spotted what the goalkeeper had done, knew that no whistle had been blown, so collected the ball, and slotted the ball in to the open net.

“We’ll do what we want, we’ll do what we want, we’re Man United, we’ll do what we want,” Old Trafford boomed. It wasn’t a new chant but it was one that hadn’t been sung for years.

Fans from all over the country have now adopted our song, inserting their own apt lyrics (like Chelsea fans singing “we know what you are” to Anton Ferdinand after John Terry was found guilty of racially abusing him, or Stoke fans singing “we’ll play how we want” following criticism of their style of play, etc.), as it’s become one of the worst football chants going.

And it was all started by Nani against Spurs.

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