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VIDEO: Young Goal and Assist For England

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. smartalex says:

    Neville has never hidden his feelings for United’s rivals and did not shy away when asked whether it was true he hated Liverpool. “When I was younger there was no doubt about it,” he said. “I was a United fan, they [Liverpool] were winning everything and it was a horrible time for my club, to be honest, through the 70s and 80s.

    “I suppose it came from jealousy through my childhood – jealousy, hatred, passion for your own club. You don’t want them [Liverpool] to win anything, and you don’t like the people who are winning, just like I’ve seen in the last 15 or 16 years, from a good side, everybody is now ‘we all hate Man United’ – and they hate Man United because we are winning.”

  2. slim says:

    Its funny, opinions that try to shoe horn Jones. Telegraph article just smacks of an envious group who for their next John Terry. United have pedigree in nurturing young talent and journo are saying “it time for him to focus” Fucking bollox, SAF is more than well equipped to get the player realise his potential, even if it ultimately is Centre half. In no time looking for another player to lift to the high heavens and smash him over the head back to Earth,

    It’ll be interesting to see what he’s like over the season, at least the telegraph got that bit right- sort of
    Fuck me Journos have the easiest job ever,I swear they do this as a second or even third job
    Go home
    Knock a few back
    Gob shit about player/club/manager

    this economic downturn is made even all the more painful with this printed garbage

  3. smartalex says:

    United have scored 24 goals in their seven league games so far. But Fergie is more concerned about the seven league goals conceded. He said:

    “Let me tell you, I’d be quite happy winning every game 1-0. We’re playing a wee bit open, that’s for sure, both in the league and in European games. We are very attack minded at the moment, but we have to be tight at the back. The defenders we have been using this season are young, remember, so they are going to get better as the campaign goes on.”

  4. smartalex says:

    “It took a lot of persuading for the first-team management to take more of a look at him. They wanted old players with experience and they didn’t fancy him against the old-time, gnarled centre-forwards. The Ryman League is a very, very physical league and Chris was always six foot-plus but very, very wiry and had no real muscle on him,” Nott said. “And as a centre-half you are up against some big burly players, there were some concerns if he could handle it physically.”

    Nott, who had tracked Smalling from the age of 10 or 11, had no doubts about his quality. He was responsible for bringing him to Maidstone after he left Millwall. “Chris came to us as a 16-year-old. We had a trial match and within five minutes I was walking around the pitch to get him to sign forms. Chris has worked exceptionally hard but he was a talent, he had speed and awareness.”

    Once Nott’s advice was heeded and Smalling was selected, he did not look back. Not that a place in Maidstone’s first team was particularly lucrative. Now he is on £50,000 a week. Then he earned £30 a week expenses – or, more often than not nothing, if he didn’t play.

    Thank you Sir Alex!

  5. CedarsDevil says:

    I have written to Scott and apologized for the name calling I directed at him. To anyone else I pissed off the last couple of days I apologize as well. A combination of personal problems and alcohol brings out the worse in me, but that does not make it excusable…

    I will take some time off the blog just to cool things down but hope to be back posting soon….


  6. voice of reason says:


    personal problems and a shit work environment brings bad things to all humans. Rooney is a human too.

  7. covyder@Malaysia says:

    Sorry England fans here but as long as he (Rooney) didn’t do it when playing for United, I couldn’t care less. Man United > England…period. With all the old twat and scum playing in England shirt, I didn’t feel like supporting England anymore.

  8. Sandeep1878 says:

    Good morning red devils,

    for all the attacking mentality of Ole, thought of posting something different,

    such selfless act this was,

  9. rohan19 says:

    its great rooney’s red carded and i hope he misses atleast three games..
    the circus called english footy team deserves to get knocked out…
    big time.
    @king eric : sorry for the late reply mate. was in a flight to edmonton.
    i replied on the other thread too.

  10. indiandevil says:

    Sir Alex Ferguson is days away from completing his 25th anniversary as the manager of Manchester United. THT’s tribute to one of the greatest managers of our times continues with this piece on top ten most memorable goals of the Alex Ferguson era, which of these gems would you pick?

  11. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    Why do people assume that rooney done that rash tackle because of his dad’s arrest? are you mystic meg?

  12. fergie is the boss says:

    Samuel – united WE stand – who cares now he is suspended and that as been the highlight of my weekend, rooney finally done ferguson a favour

  13. WillieRedNut says:

    Cedars – Don’t worry about it mate. We all have those days. I shouldn’t post anything either when drinking!

  14. Rai says:

    Cedars – Don’t worry about it pal I’ve done it myself…take It easy

  15. denton davey says:

    NBI @ 20:06: “I think Valencia’s greatest asset is his ability to get a consistent level of good crosses into the box. Playing at right back that is wasted. And if he interchanges with Nani there is a risk the RB position is exposed.”

    Perhaps – but if the CBs and the other fullback )or one of the central midfielders) play “disciplined positionally” I don’t see why that should be so. RedNev was frequently up the field, linking with SirDavey, and Patrice Evra always seems to be up-field in the attacking zone. Indeed, to get the best out of the nominal wide-men (say, Ashley Young and Nani) there has to be flank support so that they have the option of running into the inside channel while the flank support keeps defenders from sagging inwards. For SAF, width = creativity, and Valencia’s ability to fire low, hard crosses would certainly be valuable in the fullback role.

    But whether you or I are “correct” in our assessments is really beside-the-point since SAF is the man-with-a-plan. What I like about his plan is that he floods the pitch with guys who are footballers, first, and position-players secondarily. So, if he plays Valencia/Nani in midfield then he’s essentially robbing-Peter-to-pay-Paul since it means that Cleverley/Anderson/Giggs are taken out of the match. In almost all matches, UTD have so much of the ball that the quick strike-force seems to me to be the way to go. Some matches – of course – call for a somewhat more cautious plan but just look at what TheLads did last year against TheArse when TheOldFootieKnight surprised everyone and played a combination of seven defenders – including Gibson, O’Shea, and the Da Silva twins. All those guys – even Gibson and O’Shea – did well because they are all footballers first and foremost.

  16. Zibbie says:

    @Cedars no worries mate. Demons follow everyone. I have mentioned before they love big brain people.
    I have grown to like, respect and love you in a non-cock sucking way.
    Nice that you have written STR.
    The tribal hate in the UK, is something I can only ques at. A Liverpudlian as Man Utd lead man, must suck for the Manchester people who lived through the 70′s and 80′s.
    What ever these “problems” are we here on RoM wish you the best and you will beat back the demons as you have always done. Blessings mate. Many Blessings.

  17. Zibbie says:

    The way English players are treated in the UK, why on earth play for the fucking team. Wow fucking filet the fucking lads.

  18. Sandeep1878 says:

    Hey Zibbie,

    how are u mate?

    can u brief me on what happened that has done our Cedars pain and hurt?

    and yeah, bloody fucking media, its time they treated Rooney fairly well, it happens in the heat of the moment and they fucking link it with his off field, cunts.

    come saturday, rooney will answer on the field.,.


  19. Zibbie says:

    @Willie all that Vodka talk got me to put the Grey Goose in the freezer with martini glasses. Ice cold vodka in a frozen glass that had vermouth rinse and large Spanish olives. By the light of the fire my lady was so beautiful, her eyes danced with the flicks of the flames. Her red hair glistened and shimmered as it cascaded over her shoulder. She laughed with our friends as she felt my gaze and slowly turned made eye contact. A knowing look of happy to be loved. It was a good night.

  20. YorYor says:

    One of the lamest red card being dished out I’ve ever seen. If that’s a red card, while Carragher’s knee-high tackle on Nani isn’t, something is seriously wrong with the referee community.

  21. fergie is the boss says:

    Sandeep1878 – to be fair to the ABU media to put things into perspective, when they go bonkers with rooney sent off it is pethetic how they react, but if rooney got sent off for united I wonder how many united fans mostly the trolls would call rooney this or that. So to be fair the ABU, they are reacting how some quarters of united fans would react esp if it costs united 3 pts

  22. Zibbie says:

    1878, no I can not. I know this much. The trolls were getting to him a few days ago. I think as he said it is of a personal nature.

  23. Zibbie says:

    RoM have a great day, I’m off on a ride. Got my drop top and my women some bud and were out of here. Making new memories as old ones fade.

  24. Sandeep1878 says:

    Hey Zibbie,


    hope our Cedars will be back soon, come on pal, its all part and parcel, ignore the troll cunts.

    Hello FITB, how you mate,

    good point u make on some UTD fans reactions to Rooney sent off…

  25. slim says:


    true United fans would react but if England lost the game, it wouldn’t have been Rooney fault, they looked woeful all the way down. The first was scored with on the pitch no ? and the equalize made a mockery of the British bulldog Mr Cunterrry. The red card meant fuck all in my view. The minute Montenegro got the first goal the team as a unit crumbled. I think United fans would be able to tell the difference

  26. fergie is the boss says:

    slim – some united fans would blame rooney for the loss. I have seen it before on forums it is how fans work, especially with the rooney gate some would hold that against rooney

  27. Clint-iamyourpapii says:

    Leave Cunterry out of this !

    Cunterry has backed our Roo through some hard times recently.
    Cunterry has been influential in the development of Phil “Beast” Jones.
    Cunterry won us the CL in 2008.

    His best Pal Lumpard has claimed Dwayne Ronnie is the best player in the world.
    So I am Hurt many here can insult Captain Lady Legend Cunterry.

    :cry: Leave Cunterry Alone – Leave her alone :cry:

  28. TheCantona says:

    “Leave her alone”

    LMFAO papi!!


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