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Vidic Back Ahead Of Schedule

Nemanja Vidic has returned to full training and could play for United again next week against Cluj.

Vidic has been missing for over two months with a serious knee injury and wasn’t expecting to return until closer to Christmas.

“It would be nice for him to play on Wednesday,” said Ferguson. “We are not afraid of that.”

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  1. wazza!!!! says:


  2. phildo79 says:

    Excellent news. He has been sorely missed. Hopefully this will shore up our back four over the tricky winter spell and he stays fit for the rest of the season.

  3. phildo79 says:

    And even better news was Wazza being ‘first’.

  4. dasilvatwins says:

    “but winger Nani could be out for another four to five weeks with a hamstring injury.”. that puts him out through to january. im guessing he has already signed a deal with another club. a hamstring injury rarely lasts 7-8 weeks

  5. Costas says:

    Good news. And the Cluj game would be a good test for him. But he should be given more time to get back into top shape. Meaning he shouldn’t play against City. No need for it either. We have options now.

  6. belfast red. says:

    Ahh to have a fully fit Vidic back would be a blessing. We have missed a real leader and thats what he is. Just think the dilemma will be who to play at the back. Evans totally deserves his place and Smalling needs more games to grow in to 1 of the worlds best.. either way tho thats still great news! :)

  7. malice_mizer says:

    wonder what happend to shinji kagawa? how long still he’s out

  8. Ajewole oloruntoba says:

    Vidic back, will thank God for that and will have a fully fit up united

  9. denton davey says:

    dasilvatwins @ 11:36: ” im guessing he has already signed a deal with another club. a hamstring injury rarely lasts 7-8 weeks”

    Not unreasonable.

  10. Babzcorleone says:

    Great news, if he can be back to his imperious best of a couple of seasons ago then i can see us shading the league. Its like citeh having kompany out for nearly 2 seasons they wud hav no chance!

  11. United till I die says:

    He’s never going to be the player he was a couple seasons ago after that bad knee injury. My guess is he is going to start picking up those niggly injuries that plague players as they get older. He still has a important role in the team just don’t think he will be as dominant as he once was

  12. Proverb says:

    Welcome back vida, just in time for the derby, its something was going the opposite way for us last season
    Wish kags was ahead of schedule aswell

  13. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Utd till i die – we don’t know that, you don’t lose quality. I think if he can fitter for a sustained period, works harder in the gym as he relies on his strenght then he’ll hopefully come good. I think you’re right about possible niggling injuries, hopefully that’s not the case. Vida’s experience is valuable though, i think he can still get back to his best, fergie has to use him wisely. Also think the days of he and rio are long gone, both At aren’t as sharp as they once were, when they play then it should with smalling, evans or,jones.

    I saw this about vida returning and i thought it was a joke but good footballing news, our entire backline getting fit.

  14. wayne says:

    Utd played him to much straight away because of injuries to other players that’s the reason the second injury occurred,to all of a sudden peg him as injury prone is absurd
    Listened to a Rio interview yesterday,sounds like the club hasn’t made any move yet.He compared his situation with Giggs and Scholes said that normally Sir Alex begins the process in extending older players contracts in January,got the impression he’s open to a extension

  15. Unitedforeva says:

    I hope I’m not upsetting some senior guys here when I say this: Please somebody tell Sir Alex not to start Scholes & Giggs together, please. I hope I’m not being disrespectful but past matches have shown we need Ando & Cleverley to start.

  16. va7encia says:

    evans and vidic vs city = 3 easy points for us

  17. LoneStarRed says:

    Let’s hope we learned our lesson from last time and he is FULLY recovered. In his absence our young defenders have really flourished, especially Evans.

    Now for that midfield acquisition.

  18. United Till I Die says:

    Perfect, him and Rio concede less goals when together, and we’ll need our best players to win anything this season. All we need now are Kagawa and Jones back in contention, and Nani to still be here in February! Our team selection has been all over the place this season but with the whole Squad fit Fergie might begin to settle on one starting 11, or two.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing this team anytime soon.

    Rafa Vidic Rio Evra
    Nani Cleverley Anderson
    Kagawa Rooney RVP

    Thats still our best defence this season imo, and it gives enough width and support for two of the best strikers in the league. Either way, as long as we don’t go selling ridiculously talented players for peanuts, United should be a force to be reckoned with next year at home and in Europe. Fuck knows how we’ll line up against CIty tho. Maybe thats part of the plan?

  19. orez says:

    I am hoping for the best and looking forward for his return.

  20. allwellbeck says:

    cant wait till he comes back hopefully he will be starting with jones or smalling come on vidic !!!

  21. allwellbeck says:

    you r right united till i die but u can not play them 2centre halfs all the time so maybe jones and smalling go in thre and chico up front play 4-3-1-2 ddg rafa/or smalling vidic rio/or jones evra fletch ando cleverly Kagawa attacking mid ( when he comes bac)RVP rooney/or chico

  22. wayne says:

    I just love the way Tony V is being left out of all these formations,if any of you think he isn’t going to get a lot of playing time when he’s fit again must be mad.He brings so much to the team it’s not even funny
    Did you see the way West Ham defended,playing a narrow back 4 because Utd had no wide threats,just clogged up the middle
    All this talk about a new style of football quite frankly is bollocks,Utd looked anemic in the last third and most other teams playing this way in the prem are fucking boring to watch
    Unless you have great playmakers in midfield who have vision and can thread the needle it’s a vey easy formation to defend against
    Wingers add width,pace and stretches defenses and don’t see Utd changing drastically from this anytime soon.

  23. Mozza79 says:

    He’s not really ahead of schedule. He was actually scheduled to already be back playing by now initially.

  24. Denton Davey says:

    Wayne @ 17:52: “I just love the way Tony V is being left out of all these formations,if any of you think he isn’t going to get a lot of playing time when he’s fit again must be mad.He brings so much to the team it’s not even funny”

    I’m not as confident as you are that we’ve not seen the best from AV7. Without a doubt, he’s fast and powerful BUT he’s just too one-footed and I think that if that’s obvious to me then opponents must have sussed him out which might be why he’s suffered a “dip in form” recently.

  25. Warwick says:

    Great to have Viidic back for the City game. Just need Rooney and Valencia to be firing on all cylinders and I’ll be a happy man

  26. wayne says:

    Denton don’t think so mate he’s been in the prem long enough for teams to have sussed him out long before he came to Utd.Last season teams were double teaming him and he was stil unstopable,I really don’t think he’s been playing that bad and maybe he’d been playing with a knock because of other players been injured
    Not worried about him the lads a force and one of Utd’s most important players normally a Tony V dip in form means a Utd dip in form,his contribution to the team is very underrated

  27. JC says:

    Im glad Vidic is coming back but Evans wont be left on the bench, he and Rafa have been our best defenders this season. Hopefully Vidic is back to his old self and not slowed down by the knee but you never know with those types of injuries. Regardless it will be nice to finally have a choice of who to play at the 2 center back positions again instead of only having 2 (and sometimes 1 + Carrick) available.

  28. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Denton 21:44

    The length of Valencia’s rehab tells me that he was playing hurt. As Wayne said , teams already know his game, trhey just can’t stop him when he is in flow. Right Ashley Cole. he hehe

  29. redangel07 says:

    If Vidic is back to his old self, Rio should be dropped instead of Evans. However, I doubt Vidic will be in shape for the City game. He’s been out for a while

  30. Kagawa The Shirt-seller says:

    Our players back from injuries. Shitty players off to African Nations Cup abd getting injured there. Chelski getting radiated in Japan from nuclear leaks. Hahahaha…
    Just a dream thing to happen

  31. Proverb says:

    I didn’t have any problems with TV7 on the team, but only problem, the one and only I had is his goal instincts, does he really wanna keep himself in good positions to score and then flap it?


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