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Vidic Compares Berb’s Miss With JT

I knew it was coming. As the team list was read out ahead of Wednesday’s victory over Portsmouth, there were sections of the crowd that booed Dimitar Berbatov. It sickens me. What kindof fickle twats do we have pouring in to our ground in their thousands?

Booing your own is never something you like to see. I thought Kieran Richardson was a prick and I was glad when we got rid but could never quite get my head around the mentality that saw our fans boo him when he scored in the FA Cup semi and when he lifted the Premiership trophy in his last season. What the fuck is that about?

Last summer should have revolved around talk of our Double success but instead it was all about Cristiano Ronaldo, who confessed he dreamed of leaving us that summer for Real Madrid. He came back in to the team and he wasn’t booed and I was glad of it. Again, I think he’s a prick, but you don’t boo your own.

To then turn around and boo Berbatov, who has made it clear his dream has been fulfilled by playing for our club, sickens me. We’re playing Spurs today and won’t they get a good kick out of it if the same knobeds turn up booing Dimi today!

Fan favourite, Nemanja Vidic, who was poor in his first season, has spoken out to defend his team mate.

“Look, anyone can miss a penalty. And he was more angry about it than anyone,” he said. “It was hard for him. But when John Terry missed in Moscow last season, no one said he was a bad player because of it. Everyone knows he’s a great one and it’s the same with Dimitar. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got the winner against Tottenham on Saturday, because he’s a very talented player with great qualities. Don’t forget this is his first season here. It’s always hard when you change clubs, especially going to one as big as United. Obviously, we know he can do much more but he has still got 13 goals and done really well so far.”

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  1. lozzautdfan says:

    In a couple of seasons time when berba’s started to prove his pure class the fans that booed him are gonna be embarrased and ashamed. He will come good, he has more assists than anyone in the prem exept van persie and has a decent goals return. Some players take time to settle at a new club. If you see what he did at spurs theres no reason why he cant do that at united and help us win more. Give him time!

  2. lidija says:

    what vidic is saying means that dimitar is to start today,which is good. I agree we don’t say bad words against our guys and i want big win today,it’s 2 hours till the kick off and i can’t wait,i’m watching the liverfool on TV and they look like droping points :) :):)
    go Mitko,Wayne and Ronny :)

  3. AJ says:

    well said vida.

    People seem to forget its his first season and seem to forget what good he has done already.

  4. kevin says:

    Well said Vidic – it’s embarrassing that one of our players feels he has to stand up for Berbatov, I much prefer it when players can say how proud they are of how we get behind our team (as Evra said recently)

    Personally I think Berbatov is brilliant – I don’t think we’ve seen his best by a long way – can you imagine how our season would have looked if he had played at his best? For a first season he’s done pretty well.

    Scott is right – he’s never done anything to dishonour Utd and as a Utd player deserves our support as long as Fergie keeps picking him.

    No one will boo Tevez for the stuff he’s come out and said just because he runs around like a headless chicken (well compared to Berbatov) and I think it is the stupid beefcake mentality we have in England about what constitutes “proper” football.

    If you watch Berbatov carefully (especially in his first dozen games) his movement is brilliant – watch how often he finds space in the box to make himself an option – he rarely gets the pass though. How often does Tevez get himself in the right place in comparison? I’m not having a bash at Tevez but using him as a comparison as someone who Utd fans have given a lot of support to.

    BTW Scott – have you ever looked at any old Utd games (take 68 for example) and noticed how often Best sulked like Ronny does? (After getting fouled by defenders who’ve clearly marked him out as a threat)

    If Fergies picks them, I’ll support them. If you’re a Utd fan, you should too.

  5. spencer says:

    U didnt moan about richardson being booed at the time

  6. costas says:

    What was wrong with Richardson?Lol.Seriously,here’s hoping he bangs the winner today.Hull are giving a good account of themselves so far.

  7. Bob Koh says:

    Gotta love Vidic for coming out to say it for Berba. I agree with views that we should NEVER boo our own. Berba will come good, I’m so sure of it that I’ll put a 1000pds on it if any one wants a go.

  8. PeeJay says:

    So let’s say there’s a young lad, age 15,
    who, on the 50th anniversary of the Munich
    Air Disaster, went round celebrating and
    disrespecting those who died.

    Man Utd don’t know about it and he looks
    like a promising footballer. He joins the
    club, plays a few games, then word gets
    round that this kid playing for our team
    only a few years earlier was disrespecting
    those who died in ’58. Wouldn’t you boo?

    Naturally this an extreme case but the
    principle remains that booing your team
    shouldn’t be associated with “fake/bad
    supporters”. Middlesbrough supporters
    paid hundreds, maybe thousands, of pounds
    for their season tickets in the middle of a
    recession to see their team (which could easily
    be 12th or so) win once at home, don’t they
    have a holy right to boo? Berbatov shouldn’t be
    booed, I agree, but not everybody thinks it like
    I do and some prefer Tevez’s futile tenacity.

  9. bruce thomas says:

    As I recall Vidic wasn’t the tower of power that he is today in his own first season at United. So well said Vida. Berbatov is class — and will give Kaka a run for his money as Player of the Year next season!

  10. costas says:

    Liverpool in front.All up to us now.

  11. Scott the Red says:

    If you want to talk about today’s matches, go to the forum. Off topic messages will be deleted.

  12. Pat says:

    What Vidic seems to be forgetting is that JT’s penalty would have been good if he had not slipped.

    What excuse does Berba have? none

  13. kevin says:

    Hey Pejay – good scenario but personally I’d prefer us not to boo him whilst playing for Utd and use other channels (letters of complaint to Utd, the player / his agent for example) to push for an apology etc.

    In such a scenario Fergie wouldn’t pick him anyway :-)

    As a “consumer” maybe a Middlesborough fan can boo but as a “fan” I don’t think they are doing the right thing.

    Maybe you’ve got a point that there are scenarios where boos are OK but they would have to be pretty damn severe – a lot more than dreaming of playing for Utd scoring 13 goals and being the 2nd highest assister in the league (god, I sound just like Scott!)

  14. suhayl says:

    Scott….you’re right.. fans and regular readers of the blog maybe should go to the forum. As its people discussing the game etc. However as the season approaches its climax and fans are talking non stop and getting nervy and jittery every second….they want to discuss each and every goings on. Whether it be our team or our rivals….If the dippers are playing etc.

    Hence i suggest ike you did just now….that each game from now on you put an appropriate thread. Eg Predictions for the game…..or if the dippers are palying earlier for instance today…a relevant thread on the days game that obviously concerns us…but fans are not off topic if they comment on the title race…hence we can leave comments.

    Personally i think the blogs much clearer and more concise than the forum. And there’s a great family off fans on here. So instead of diverting or deleting the 200 comments that are going to come up on the blog on matchday….i suggest you put the thread you have put up, each game.

  15. the Count says:

    those aren´t fans that boo, they are fickle day tripping muppets and it´s a shame that they take seats off the Real United fans who would sell their grannies soul to get tickets and support our lads.

    As far as comparing tevez to berbatov it´s not possible. Not doubting tevez and his drive or ability, but his mad running around the pitch brings less for the team than berbatovs brilliant touches and vision.

    rooney up front
    berbatov behind him
    ronaldo left and right

    that is the solution

  16. PeeJay says:

    I agree about Berbatov and I have a lot of time
    for him. After seeing what he did at Spurs I have
    reservations about booing him and don’t doubt his

    I read about a Gooner hearing someone shout “sack
    the Manager!” when Arsenal drew for the fourth or
    fifth consecutive time. I think it’s embarrassing,
    considering what Arséne Wenger has done at United
    and agree that there are a lot of fans who are too used
    to results and success.

    I do maintain, however, that there are times when booing
    your own team has to be justified. Considering that the
    fans are paying the wages I think that booing your own
    team can be justified.

    Those who booed at Wembley because Rooney and Ronaldo
    weren’t playing shouldn’t be allowed to watch United

  17. jandsdad says:

    just support the team, how many fans have changed their tune over Darren Fletcher formerly known as the scottish play(er) or calling for Sir Alex to leave few seasons back and in late 80′s.
    Berbatov is quality, don’t buy into London media and their the ABU agenda.

  18. SULLY says:

    Costas is a regular customer of chatting off-topic. He does it everyday. Its refreshing to see Scott putting an end to that. It fuckin sickens me when Costas does it and I’m sure there are plenty of others that feel the same.

  19. suhayl says:

    SULLY….i think youre going at tad overboard lad. Costas cares for the team like others on here…sometimes passions spill over…you care for the team so much you want to talk about them with your fellow utd brothers. So what???

    On matchday ive left a comment here or there if there hasnt been a relevant thread. Cos i know the regular readers will read em.

    Ok sometimes a thread shouldnt be violated….but if its the last thread scott has put out for the day…and the match is on….fans will come and leave comments. I feel thats the way it has or is going to be till the end of the season. Its inevitable for fans who dont like or dont use the forum

    Sickens me??? blimey a tad ott

  20. perkythered says:

    players who have this don’t always play well – but they will.
    Teams who have it don’t always win – but they will, usually;
    and supporters show class when they understand this – and don’t undermine their players or team by demonstrating impatience with the off-form.
    Just look at where this lack of class gets the geordies….

  21. smithy99 says:

    You should NEVER boo your own player, regardless of what you may think of him. It achieves absolutely nothing. I hate to see it. It was a piss poor penalty last week but Berba didn’t miss it on purpose! They wanna leave the bloke alone and show him their support instead of getting on his back.

  22. jespermoses says:

    Its not like us to boo our own players and I think it will get to Berbatov because he really does want to impress here.Its just his demeanor(had to google that one!) that gets the fans annoyed.

    I think he’s had a decent first season ,not spectacular but decent.What he need is a nice 30 yarder to get the doubters of his back.

  23. misterq says:

    Well, the game is over. /Manu-Spurs/ 5-2
    The fucking cocksuckers booed Dimi again!
    Thank God, Berbatov found the strength to play one brilliant game, create some briliant chances and score a goal. I had to watch the game on tv, but if I was there, I’d probably kick some fans in the head!
    On a different note, I love to see Tevez on instead of Nani, and the team playing as well as they did tonight!
    Hm, should SAF give Ronaldo-Rooney-Tevez-Berbatov another chance!?

  24. jamiemufc1974 says:

    all those who doubt berba’s quality and booed him yesterday should fuck off and support the dippers! i’m sure these same cunts cheered their heads off after he scored the fifth! fuckin piss off and support the dippers cos united fans dont boo their own! ffs the man is aboslute class and showed it against tottenham! great performance from a great player. well done berba, THE REAL UNITED FANS BELIEVE IN YOU!

  25. Red-Manc says:

    If you read this and your a fan who boo’s Berbatov the fuck right off you dont deserve to enter Old Trafford.

    It must be in the South/North stands this booing is coming from because there was no boo’s coming from the Stretford End as far as i could hear, and my mate in the East stand said one guy mouthed off at Berbatov and some trouble kicked off because he got a mouth full from real supporters.

    whether you like Berbatov or not thats not the point YOU DO NOT BOO YOUR OWN!

  26. jcolas says:

    True, booing your own players is a no-no. Just don’t say anything or yell and curse. (not at the players)


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