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Vidic: I Feel At Home With United

Nemanja Vidic took his time to settle in with United, adjusting to life in England as much as playing on the pitch. He quickly won the fans over though with his tough attitude and brave approach to the game, with a chant created for him not long in to his United career.

Comments circulated a few months ago, which Vidic tried to distance himself from, claiming that he wasn’t happy in Manchester. He today moved to deny these rumours, claiming that his improved English and increase in friends have helped him settle in.

“I definitely feel settled here,” said Vidic. “It is unnerving for everyone when they move clubs. When I joined Red Star Belgrade as a young player it was two hours away by car. It felt like the end of the world and at first it was very hard. It was the same when I came to Manchester United. But you get used to it. I have more friends and I am used to the language. I really feel at home now.”

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  1. SULLY [South Africa] says:

    My best player in United alongside Scholesy. Vida love you.

  2. Red-Manc says:

    Vidic = Legend, he’s solid at the back and wins everything in the air, him and Rio are the best CB partnership we’ve had for a long long time.

    he came, he saw, he kicked their heads in!

  3. SteRDLK says:

    Just hope the boy stays for the rest of his career, coz hes immense, especially with Rio. Glad he loves it up here in the dreary North-West!

  4. suhayl says:

    sully agree pal

  5. Redrose says:

    I felt that so far this season, he has not been quite the Vida of last season. However, v Stoke, he was back to his imperious best.

  6. Red-Manc says:

    rednose, i do agree with you abit but he’s still been class this season but i think on the whole we havent been playing well in defence compared to last season. Everyone seems to be getting back to their best though ;)

  7. King Eric says:

    Definately good to hear! Red – Manc, I agree with you that everyone seems to be getting it together and starting to gel properly again as a team!

  8. Manutd forever says:

    The FA are a piece of garbage.Really can’t understand why they are still carrying on with the “RESPECT” campaign .If the referees want to be respected why don’t they command respect by their decision making on the field.REALLY if referees start making good decisions them the players will automatically give them respect.This reason Some refereeing decisions and fa decisions have been absolutely rubbish ,(Carrick against hull,bolton disallowed goal against liverpool,john terry red card case,etc………). I really think the FA wants everybody to think like them about referees .The Fa are living in a dream that their referees are world class and are not prepared to accept the fact that referees are quite poor ,DUE to this they are not taking steps to ensure that referees get better..I actually think that refereeing standards in the best league of the world are no way near world class..AND THE FA RULES ARE NOT THE SAME FOR EVERYTEAM IN THE LEAGUE.

  9. Manutd forever says:

    Sorry for the last comment should’ve been in the other section

  10. Manutd forever says:

    Vidic has been a rock solid defender for us and has shown great improvement in the last 2 seasons.Although i must say that i was not sure about him when he first came at united But his performances in the last two seasons have been great and he along with reo forms the best defensive pair in the premiership(even europe).
    I really want him to finish his career at UNITED and be counted among the best that ever played for united.

  11. OTRed says:

    How long till the Daily Mail or The Sun come with some BS story completely opposite to this?

  12. Harry says:

    VIDIC……..VIDIC..He is our warrior. makes the defense what it is. He doesnt take shit from anyone. He is probably our most important player. Before he came we had a defense that went to sleep all the time…..didnt have any bottle. Anyone remember away to everton a couple of seasons ago and the dirty big bastard Duncan had Rio and Wes shitting themselves. Vidic would have stood up to him. We had too many defender whop thoughthey were there to play football and not defend. Rio has looked immense last couple of seasons because Vidic makes him look so good, allows him to do what he does best and makes him remain focused. Vidic has to be one of fergies greatest ever buys. We don’t have anyone else at the club that does what Vida does attack the ball and defend. Absolutely love the guy.

    Any older supporrter remember the old Greenhoff chant? We should be dooing that for Vidic.. 75,000 rythmatic clapping ending in a VIDIC

  13. Harry says:

    Anyone see the thread on BBC a c few months ago about Vidic? Laughed my nuts off at some of them


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