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Vidic: I want to wear my United number at Inter

Nemanja Vidic wore the number 5 shirt when playing for Serbia and number 26 at Spartak Moscow.

Having been unveiled at Inter Milan today, Vidic has said he hopes he gets to wear number 15 in Italy, the name number he wore at United.

“I would like to have number 15, my number,” he said. “But I haven’t spoken to anyone about it and I will be happy with it or without it.”

There had been rumours that Vidic would captain, with Javier Zanetti retiring, but Vidic insists he is concentrating on getting a starting place in the team first.

“First of all I have to earn a place in the team,” he said. “I want to prepare myself well in pre-season. For me it is more important to settle well and perform well first and foremost. I haven’t even thought about it.”

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  1. Kris Okechukwu says:

    @ Tommy n John: I think u both are a making the same point but the d problem is that u are misunderstanding each other. Manutd is the biggest club in the world or the most supported club in d world, but they are not d most supported in every geographical part of d world. John is saying that d south american, portuguese rate barca n madrid more mainly because of the language and also that’s d league they follow. Asians, Africans, most English speaking nations rate d Epl more and they watch it more. South american players(zamarano, rivaldo, messi, maradonna, ronaldinho, bastituta, et al) will always rate d big 2 but kagawa, park will rate epl and utd to be precise. Even in africans, they have french n english speaking ones, d french ones follow french league because of language and also canal franc broadcast it to them and u can see all french speaking africans, 50% of there national team plays in france. So that means if for instance Asians, USA, Australians are great footballing continents and produces great players, most of d great players would have played in epl.

  2. Tommy says:


    I am sure if Carvalho becomes as good as Vidal is now at the age of Vidal then I bet you will most likely see him playing in white shirt playing for Madrid esp if LVG leaves after 3 years only. Rubbish, only 1 player has wanted to leave united in my lifetime, the rest dont want to leave when they join United, more players in the same timeframe have wanted to leave Real Madrid.

    @Kris Okechukwu

    I agree mate, just the way John was saying it, he was saying it as if asians dont count and only south americans count, that is what I didnt like.

  3. John says:

    Tommy, :) :) why you make outright lies??!! Nowhere I have said Asian don’t count or undermined them in any of my comments. Hahaha…you make me laugh with your nonsense bullocks. Anyway topic closed from my side. You can carry on. I am done with you on this topic.

  4. Tommy says:


    I dont lie pal, you insinuated that Asian people are not as important as South Americans, but im bored of proving you wrong now pal, until next debate, im out

  5. KingJalon says:

    United is the biggest club in the world…fuck others

  6. KingJalon says:

    @John you really messing things up…. are you really utd fan?

  7. Efe Elvis Omoregie says:

    @Kingjalon John has his own way of stirring things up.

  8. Tommy says:


    I will answer that mate, no John is not a United fan and quite frankly hes never been a United fan, just claims to be one which is bizarre

  9. John says:


    That was too harsh tbh. Makes me really sad how you insult the true red like that. :(

  10. John says:


    Your full name be Tommy Barker. :) :)

  11. John says:

    *********must be*************

  12. Tommy says:


    Nah mate, my surname is Routledge, Thomas Routledge to be precise lol, and you Americans should be able to take a bit of banter right?


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