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Vidic: I’ll Keep Getting Better

Nemanja Vidic played 90 minutes in our 2-0 win over West Brom yesterday, which was our first clean sheet in over a month. He completed more tackles, interceptions, blocks, clearances and won more aerial duels than any player on the pitch.

He hasn’t been thrown in at the deep end since returning from a long spell out with a knee injury but Vidic insists he will improve with more playing time.

“The doctor is managing the games I am playing at the moment,” he told MUTV. “Over the first two or three months I have to really look at that because sometimes I might have a reaction. This is a process I have to go through. I am glad I have managed to play after three months. It is nice to be on the pitch and playing games. Hopefully I can play more often so I can build my form and play better.”

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  1. WeAreUnited says:


    we were talking about berbatov vs rvp

    stats tells it everything

    If Berbatov would have started his career like RVP did, do you really think Berbatov would now play for Fulham`?

    14 goals before the season has ended against 9 goals for a full season, tells it all.
    The thing is, both players touch is beautiful, both are talented and has that football vision. The difference is RVp scores when it matters, more that Berba.

    Nothing against Berba, trust me, RVP has everything what Berbatov lacked. It isn’t much, but it’s that last touch that didn’t make berbatov the player to watch, unlike RVP. If you know what I mean.

    Well yes, the ycould do that what RVP did, Rooney has done it many times, but from the left.
    As for Chicha and Welbs, havent’ yet seen a goal liek that.
    And that separates them from RVP’s and Rooney’s. Nothing against anyone.

    I don’t have time to hate players haha, just pointed out. And that’s a fact. RVP being Left footer has nothing to do with Berbatov.? I don’t get that, and don’t start bringing Messi also up if you will use him as a example, cause he’s from another planet.

    Left footer or right footer, the difference is, RVP can lead the likes of Arsenal and United and Berbatov the likes of Tottenham and Fulham. In United, he was one of the players who kept United alive and win that 19th tittle, which is a accomplishment of course.

    But 14 goals and so n against 9 goals, tells you all. cause their all.around game is exactly the same, no matter which footed they are, So that’s crazy comparison.

  2. WeAreUnited says:

    And also, the thing is

    Berbatov played with the likes of Tevez, Ronaldo and Rooney. And still managed only 9 goals.

    The competitions was crazy, but do you really think that RVP wouldn’t have scored with the likes of Ronaldo more than 9 goals and established himself better?

    Think again. RVP keeps our team tick at the moment. He is the final puzzle and berba wasn’t .

    End of story.

  3. Marq says:

    I wasnt even comparing. All I am saying is Rvp being left footed had a better chance of fitting in. Exactly like you pointed out, Rooney only did from the left. Nobody else in the team can do it from the right, apart from Nani. I know you are not bashing Berba, but there is nothing to compare

  4. WeAreUnited says:


    now I only got what you meant, even though I am not agreeing that being a reason for Berba not to fit for that reason. Anyway. Let’s agree to disagree .

    Whatever right? Now we have the golden man RVP who scores and assist for fun.

    I just pointed out the stats and the reason why I thought Berba was never going to make it here, because he started badly and was never a player to carry the team of our caliber. I never though the conversation would go so deep hahah. Anyway.

    We have nothing to complain and we should be happy for the year we experienced.

    Happy new year mate!!! and let’s hope our next year is even betetr and our best year for United!!!

    peace mate.

  5. WeAreUnited says:

    One final thing.

    There was alot to compare because RVP came here in the age of 29
    Berba the other hand 28 I think.

    Their price was the same. And the expectations also.
    Talent wise they are in the same caliber.

    The difference is and was,

    RVP is delivering in his first season and carrying the team, and for Berba it took 9goals in his first season when everyone expected 20 and also 4 seasons to make it, and he even played with better players. And still he never kinda made it here, in some manner if you think about it.

    peace and a happy new year for all.!!!

  6. fergie is the boss says:

    WeAreUnited – still for me RVP would have blown ronaldo and tevez out of the water that year, no matter the competition, RVP for me would have easily scored the goals he is scoring now. The fact remains, even when the competition was low, like 2010, berbatov still failed, and even though he scored 20 plus goals in 2011, it still was not that great of a year for berbatov, only a few gat games, and his form went down the pan again. RVP does it when united need it the most, RVP never goes through hot and cold, he is like van nistlerooy at his best, always on the ball. If RVP was signed, and the way RVP is playing, tevez would have been benched even more, that is how good RVP is. RVP is not just a talented player, he is a great player, and when talented players become great players, you have the complete package. Berbatobv and nani are good players, but they are not great players, and that’s what separates the strong from weak

  7. fergie is the boss says:

    Football for me is like a wolf pack, competing with the big dogs, if you are not strong enough to dance with the wolves, you get spat out. That is berbatov in a nutshell, he just could not handle the big dogs in the playground, and was easily bullied at united. Anything went against him, he would shrug his shoulders. I remember a game with fulham when they were losing to liverpool, liverpool were passing the ball back and 4th, all berbatov did? was watch the game, no pressing defenses, And that is another problem, there was no ball pressure from berbatov. That is what I love from united’s current strikers, their ability to pressure defenses when they have the ball in their own half, and that transfers to the other players, and united become a far better team.

  8. WeAreUnited says:

    Fergie the bosss — this is what i meant when I compared them and I think you pointed the issue very well.

    I agree 90% with this because at that time Ronaldo was the boss, but then if RVP were at that time with us and not injured, he would have been the boss.

    your quote AND I COULD HAVE QUOTED YOUR BOTH COMMENTS, the underlines the fact that I was trying to say and the fact that implies with Berbatov.

    no matter the competition, RVP for me would have easily scored the goals he is scoring now.”

    peace and a happy new year FITB!

  9. david says:

    1. it is said that the only human capable of slamming a revolving door is captain vidic.
    2. RVP would never have been the main man in the side while CR7 was a part of it. Ronny and Messi are on a different level of genius, and any teams they are in will always be built around them. RVP would have been a valuable contributer to the team, but CR7 would always be the boss of that team. RVP is world class, but CR7 and Messi are all time greats with pele, maradona, cruyff etc. with messi possibly being the greatest of all by virtue of being better than CR7.
    3. Berbatov comments I find are a bit silly. RVP has been the better team player for us in his career so far, due to his greater work ethic and the way he fits into the team. However, my favourite player of all time is DB9, its got nothing to do with passion and work ethic and blah blah blah. DB9 is art. No fuss, no sweat, just a glorious first touch, jaw-dropping bits of skill, putting away bicycle and scissor kicks while missing tap-ins. His game is art. I watch fulham games when I can just to see him outrageously controlling the ball, nonchalently doing skills and watching lesser mortals run around. Most berbatov fans dont define his career at utd with goals and assists, but the times their jaws hit the floor when he controlled wayward shots as if they were amazing passes etc. Man utd have not lost a great player in berbatov, just an entertainer.

  10. david says:

    also, personally felt DB9 was actually a midfielder/ number 10, stuck in a strikers body. Hisl link up play and his passing range seemed to suggest that he should have not been a striker. His goals were usually spectacular kinds which were typical of number 10s. Therefore comparing him to RVP is unfair, cos I think that of the two, DB9 has the better passing range, better awareness of tempo and better vision, which is usually not very useful for a striker to have as it gets in the way of a strikers instinct.

  11. Mr.Button says:

    Good on ya david for making a lot of sense. The others slating Berba can learn a thing or two and not compare players when they are not totally like each other. There are some things where RVP outshine Berba, and others where Berba outshine RVP. To be honest I have never seen anyone else apart from Zidane who can control a football the way that Berbatov does. Not RVP, not Tevez, not even CRonaldo.

  12. WeAreUnited says:

    if you look closesly

    nobody was even bashing Berba, he’s a CLASS act. one of the few that brings the beauty of the football on the field.

    The thing just was that they are comparable, cause both have that same football genius touch and came to UNITED at the same situation. Botth wanted out, both are talented, both strikers, both have the price tag, both were at the same age when came here and both had similar expectations.

    The difference.

    Berba scored 9 goals and 9 assist in his first season
    RVP 14 and 6 and the season hasn’t even started. HE aalso has scored many gamewinning goals and is an influencial player to us from the beginning, different to Berba, who only was later on.

    And when he was, he was magical, nobody will and can’t deny that, because he’s a geniius.

    Just that RVP is doing it fro mthe beginning and is our starplayer. Berba never was.

    end of story.

  13. Simon says:

    i hope he does because I have a nasty feeling that this could be his last ‘proper’ season for us


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