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Vidic: I’m A Defender, I Don’t Have Skills!

After spending most of last season out of the team through injury, and parts of this season, Nemanja Vidic has had a positive impact on our defence over recent months. The amount of times his head is on the end of crosses in to the box in recent games is incredible.

For Vidic, becoming a professional football was never a decision he had to make, with him falling in love with the game as a child and developing from there.

“Since I was 5 or 6 I started to play football every day,” he said. “I love to play football, it just came naturally. I didn’t have to make a decision; really it was made for me. To play, obviously my family gave me support and obviously I managed to become a professional footballer.”

Vidic signed his first professional contract with Red Star Belgrade, the team he joined when he was 15-years-old and later went on to captain for three years, and can still remember the day he became a pro.

“Obviously the dream came true,” he said. “It will be a day I will always remember. It was a good day for me, my family as I had worked so hard to reach that which I managed in the end.”

Whilst the fans may think Vidic has plenty of skills and strengths, our captain is quick to play down any compliments.

“I am a defender; I don’t have skills!” he joked. “My skills are to take the ball from the opponents and this is what I do best. I like to play in training two touch. We always love to play it here at Manchester United especially. I’m not bad at that.”

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  1. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Parry – “he’s not an EPL standard keeper”. looking at your comment, i rest my case

  2. parryheid says:

    samuel united We stand.

    is my view regards DeGea new to you?Until he convinces me otherwise it will remain so and believe me his cost wont sway me I think he is an average goalie and that is my prerogative.And as for Gary Neville some what 20 years player and captain at our club do some think he has no idea about after match tensions in the dressing room.Do you think Vidic’s look said Well done DeGea?More like what the fuck but hey rest your case as you have not made your point.

  3. parryheid says:


    Richard Keyes speculates? Too right he does the mucky minded fucker,he also doesnt know what he is talking about period.

  4. Costas says:


    Or speaking as someone that worked at Sky for years, he might actually be onto something. Like I said last night, Neville (or the outlet he works for in general) was hardly as critical when Hart cost City the game at Sunderland.

    Not denying De Gea made a mistake. But so did other United players in those dying minutes. If Neville wants to blame it all on that one mistake, it’s his prerogative. He’s wrong in my opinion.

  5. parryheid says:


    Keyes jointly runs a radio show so anything he says is agenda driven imo.I think you are the first to confirm he made a mistake and I am aware others did also throughout the match.Just seems to me all or most of the posters are only to keen to give a free pass to the one individual,not good enough.Regards other keepers,big difference is our goalie is a vastly overpriced record signing and naturally get more scrutiny and desevedly so.

  6. parryheid says:

    And where is Smart Alec,get yourself back here man.

  7. Costas says:


    Of course I am no expert on goalkeepers, but yeah, I felt it was an error by De Gea at that moment. But I can see the confilct some fans might have when a player has been good for the majority of the game and then does something like that in the end. It’s hard to judge him.

    It’s also not uncommon for fans to disagree on who to blame. We also had that issue when Chelsea equalized in injury time at the League cup game. Others blamed Wootton for the penalty, others blamed Nani for surrending possession 30 seconds earlier and others blamed the midfield for not closing them down. For me, in instances like that, you have to equally blame everyone involved. It’s a sequence of players not doing their job properly with one poor bastard being the last to do so. When United conceded Michu’s goal at Swansea, it was mentioned that the defending was average. No one singled out Evra for going asleep in the buildup for that goal. Don’t see why it should be any different with any other poorly defended goal we concede. If a goal is stricly De Gea’s fault, then by all means he should be critisised harshly.

  8. parryheid says:

    no dispute with the points you mention,if there is a fuck up you accept and move on,problem is some want to deflect any blame whatsoever away from the person mentioned.For why I dont know but that’s life.

  9. King Eric says:

    No I agree on Nev. He has become a fucking prick since arse licking those cunts at Sky. Quinn makes no bones about slagging United and being biased to City so perhaps Gaz could do the same and side with United. With Tyler et al there are enough abu cunts on Sky then you have Neville sticking the boot in. Never forget his reaction at the tranny’s goal that night in the Nou Camp.

  10. King Eric says:

    Costas and samuel – Spot on lads. No Nev won’t slag that over rated toff cunt Hart as he is part of Nev’s Ingerlund contingent.

  11. Sparkz says:

    Got a huge amount of respect for Neville as a player and as a pundit. Don’t actually have a huge problem with him hammering De Gea….coz at the end of the day, he’s paid to give his opinions. Same thing happened last season when Keane hammered some of our players…..people on here were complaining, but not me, coz Keane has every right to give his opinion.

    BUT, I will agree with the Joe Hart thing. IMO, Neville gives him wayy too much of a free pass. Barely gives him any stick at all.

  12. WeAreUnited says:

    I’ll rather listen to this guys opinion than gary Nevilles.

    @King Eric SPOT ON!

    “He has become a fucking prick since arse licking those cunts at Sky. Quinn makes no bones about slagging United and being biased to City so perhaps Gaz could do the same and side with United. With Tyler et al there are enough abu cunts on Sky then you have Neville sticking the boot in. Never forget his reaction at the tranny’s goal that night in the Nou Camp.”

    I understand that he’s doing his job, and righlty so, but so mention Vidic’s reaction and Welbecks etc, he’s making a fool of our team.

    DeGEa made a little mistake, but without him it would have been 2-1 earlier! Vidic didn’t win the header and Rafael and Valencia didn’t close down. So wh oto blame?

    The team and the tactics to play defensively I say! If you play that defensively, what do you expect? a Golden 3 points?

    Anyway, Gary Neville should continue how he critisized our gameplay, but SHUT UP when it’s about one player or giving inside ManUtd tour for free in his comment.

    It’s not his business, some respect for the supporters and the team! No one eelse going to slagg their own ex-team!

  13. WeAreUnited says:

    I’ll rather listen to this guys opinion than gary Nevilles.***

    Gordon Banks

  14. parryheid says:

    He’s only got One yack.

  15. parryheid says:

    You state you would rather have anothers opinion than Gary Nevilles? Wouldn’t you rather just use your own eyes,you state it would have been 2 -1 but for the DeGea save earlier I assume you are meaning the shot that hit his leg when he dived.Are you seriously telling me you thought that was other than a lucky hit on his leg.and while we are at it what gives with the trying to use his legs for meat and drink saves.

  16. WeAreUnited says:

    @parryheid you just pushing it, you know that.

    When it comes to goalkeeping I’ll trust a goalkeepers opinion more than Gary Neville’s,

    THIS MEANS, and be with me: I’ll rather listen to this guys opinion than gary Nevilles when it comes for opinions about goalkeepers! Like for example, if I became a manager, and there would be GaryNeville and SAF, I would rather listen SAF than GaryNeville, and this has nothing to do with my eyes.

    Another example, If I would be a Welbeck and there would be RVP and GaryNeville, I would rather listen to RVP for goalscoring advises than GaryNeville. YOU GET THE PICTURE??? or do I have to use another example?

    GaryNeville should SHUT UP, and not critisise our players, when he avoids JoeHart. Next time he will make an inside tour to OT by filming what is happening there, just that people would like him as a pundit.

    Be reasonable, you just being to be dramatic. You are the one who is going on that bandwagon of DeGea being bad and not me.

    He made 2 great saves, you say they were lucky, well if you have really watched our games this season with your own eyes and last season, you would notice that everytime when he’s 1on1 he comes as a winner.
    HE never just dives, he waits for the attacker to make his move, that’s why he comes as a winner.

    Sometimes, it’s lucky, but when you think about it, it’s not. Because when you are 1on1 it’s either him or you. The job of a goalkeeper is to save our asses, and if you can’t appreciate it. Believe whatever you want.


    get over it, you will be the one eating your words.

  17. WeAreUnited says:

    If I would be Welbeck, means being in his position.

    Cause you obviously grab only the words you like and sounds good for you to make an argument.

  18. WeAreUnited says:

    “You state you would rather have anothers opinion than Gary Nevilles? Wouldn’t you rather just use your own eyes”

    this is so delusional haha :D when you have nothing to good to say, better say nothing.
    You saying that just for the sake of an argument.

    ridiculous mate.

  19. parryheid says:


    Defend to the death.pointless waste of effort you cant see what’s in front of you like a nuber of others you think fan/pundits are critical because it’s a United player?Wake up man.

  20. WeAreUnited says:


    look, I never said, he hasn’t make mistakes, did I, I am just saying, if it wasn’t for him we would have lost the game 2-1.

    No it’s not just because he’s another United player, though it has alot to do with that also, cause if you’re not a nuber like you called me, you would realise that.

    I will defend him to the death cause he’s an exeptional keepr, if you can’t see it, well you have to wait for 5-10 years when he’s off.

    So good luck for you.

    btw. you never answered in my arguments, like I did in yours, but you just live in denial.


  21. WeAreUnited says:

    number of others*

    I meant, like I think you also :)

  22. parryheid says:

    Ah you noticed the missing M then.I dont see any point you have madeI have missed. Clearly you have a higher opinion of DEGea ability than I and increasingly more observers of him do.And that’s your prerogative.peace man

  23. WeAreUnited says:

    @parry yeah I noticed the M haha, firstly I was wondering what the.. is a nuber, cause english is not my first language, then you can see that minute later I got it :P

    back to business, I know you are being sarcastic and I don’t mind on that.

    I have been a bit arrogant with my opinion, but I am only trying to tell my opinion and not dismiss yours, though it might sound like that.

    What irritates me is that GNeville, our legend, instead of bringing other things into account, he goes and points out DeGea, who should have done better, but there were more in that situation than meets the eye. Secondly he tries to implie that our players have a grudge against DDG after that.

    It might be, and GNeville has been there inside that locker room, and that’s more of a reason why he should keep his mouth SHUT, because he’s making us look stupid and the ABU’s loves it. Like I said earlier Next time GNev will make an inside tour to OT by filming what is happening there, just that people would like him as a pundit. Why not talk about JoeHart ( though we know the reason)

    Then there’s people jumpin on that bandwagon of DeGea’s critisism, which is all the time, pundits and some supporters.
    Like it or not, and you should know this as a United supporter, that there are certain people and they are alot of them, that bash our team and tries to bring us down by critisising our players and being biased. IF you can’t see that , it will let me wondering.

    We have of course in some occasions our red tinted glasses, and we have been sometimes favoured, but so are many others, and the truth is that we really are under the microscope and many of them are biased towards us.

    peace mate!

  24. parryheid says:


    This is a blog and all about oponions yours and mine both,in some ways yours is much stronger than mine on all things DEGea but I can live with that and I am pretty sure you can live with mine also.Maybe not agree but that’s no big Wow.cheers man.

  25. WeAreUnited says:

    agree to disagree



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