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Vidic off to Italy

Inter Milan have today confirmed, as expected, that Nemanja Vidic will play for them next season.

“Vidic is a world-class player,” Inter president Erick Thohir told his club’s website. “I’m extremely happy to have completed this deal to bring Nemanja to Milan. He’s one of the world’s best defenders and his qualities, international pedigree and charisma will be an asset to the team and help bring through our younger players. He will bring added value to the club and is another piece of the great Inter side we are building.”

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  1. wayne barker says:

    Yawn not the keyboard warrior line again that has so jumped the shark.What part don’t you understand I know you’ve been anti Moyes from day 1,or that I know you’re a plastic or I think you’re a idiot for already saying stupid shit like Moyes doesn’t know how to get the best out of Rooney,RVP and Mata although Mata has just joined the club and Rooney is behind Moyes 100 percent
    Or that i’ll stand behind Moyes while the club does,dont see anything there that would be to complicated to understand to someone with ave intellegence

  2. RepeatOf99 says:


    I respect your opinion, and cannot speak for anyone else here, but I for one was cautiously optimistic of Moyes when he was announced.

    I didn’t think we should have gotten a manager without experience at the top level, but got the continuity argument and thought that he might learn quickly on the job.

    It’s just the longer this season has gone on, the worse he has gotten, rather than the other way around. I wish that he turns it around. I wish that we go on to win most of our games this season or at least put out some attractive football and a stable philosophy on the pitch. I go to each game and I cheer for our players and I even sing for our manager, because he is the Manchester United manager!

    But this is a forum for us fans to talk to one another, with the assumption that we are all behind the club and we all want what’s best for Man Utd. If some cunts come on here to gloat at our time of difficulty, fuck em. But that’s not going to stop me (and others) expressing that we think Fergie made a mistake in appointing Moyes; as is becoming increasingly likely.

    Of course Fergie is not going to come out on a TV interview and slate the current manager. But that doesn’t tell us anything at all about what he is thinking behind the scenes.

    So yeah, I cheer David Moyes, in the same way that I cheered William Prunier and I cheered David Bellion and I might yet still cheer Bebe again; cause they represent us. But frankly, they shouldn’t have, and neither should Moyes.

  3. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    There is a difference about being anti Moyes, and when a guy is doing a bad job, and Moyes is the latter. Yes Moyes cannot get the best out of players like Mata rooney and RVP, and he benches his best player for players also out of form. He cannot even get the best out of Rooney and RVP, and he gives rooney a 50K pay rise after his behavior the past 2 years, and gives him more money when he is coming close to 30 than 25.

    Again did I criticize your view of getting behind Moyes? no, good for you, glad there are fans who get behind the manager, every united fan is behind the team, does not mean they agree what they are doing. But its fine for you to criticize people who are against Moyes, see the contradiction? You know what Anti Moyes would be if I was? if I was still criticizing Moyes, even though united were challenging for the title, and well in europe. See the difference? you cannot be part of the anti Moyes brigade, if the manager is doing a bad job, and united are getting humiliated nearly every week. Its called having logic, when a manager basically says he cannot work with these players, and he wants 6 to 7 world class players, oh I thought that was united fans playing football manager when they asked for this for years, and has lost has many games now than when they did in the 2001/02 season, and the 2003/04 season

    But here is the funny part over the past 8 months, after all these years since CR7 was sold, and the media, rival fans, and even united fans have said repeatedly this is an average united side, and we would be nothing without fergie, but we have heard plenty of united fans, say? they are just being anti united or plastic united fans and they are talking shit. But fergie leaves, and we are mess on all levels, so all this time they were right all this time? or? is it the manager? you cannot have both ways, its either the players? or the manager? make up your mind. So what if I said in the summer? and predicted, united would do this badly? am I part of the anti Moyes brigade? of course not. Its called having common sense to know, you hire a manager who cannot win a big game away from home, or has not won anything has a club manager, its high risk no matter how you look at it, its high risk. Or its the squad that is distinctly average, which is it?

  4. Matthew Fairclough says:

    Love United but hate Moyes? If you feel that he hasn’t lived up to expectation and you want to see a new manager at the club please sign this petition now!

  5. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    But like I say, to be anti Moyes, you got to be still criticizing him despite he is doing well, that is the difference for having blind criticism for him when he is doing well. If Moyes was doing the job that rogers was doing at liverpool this year, and even last year, we would not be having this debate


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