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Vidic Out For The Season!

Manchester United have today confirmed that the injury Nemanja Vidic picked up in our 2-1 defeat to FC Basel will see him ruled out for the rest of the season.

This is absolutely devastating news for the club, given the massive difference he makes to our defensive performances.

“We thought it was a bad one,” said Ferguson. “He’s out for the season. It’s not unexpected but it’s still bad news. He’ll see a specialist on Monday to work out the progress of when he has the operation. It won’t be immediate as we have to let the swelling come down.”

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  1. Costas says:


    As for Rooney, don’t know what’s wrong, but imo it’s pretty obvious that once his spark fizzled so did our team’s. That’s when the defensive problems came to forefront even though they existed from the start of the season. And unfortunately, Berbatov has been too marginalized to pick up the slack in any way like he did at the start of 2010-2011.

    Plus, at least last year we knew that as soon as Rooney got his fitness back he would step up. Like he did. Don’t know what’s it going to take this season. Everything personally and professionally has been going great for him.

  2. wayne says:

    Rooneys dip in form coincide with his dads problems?anyone remember him having a great game since

  3. rohan19 says:

    i think we should go for a fullback in jan.. nothing jazzy just a body in defense.. that’ll atleast allow smalling and jones to play CB..
    as regards to the midfield. we shall be fine once clev returns.. he ought not to be rushed. i fell he got injured again cause he was rushed against everton..
    why the fuck are the da silvas out till the new year?? they hardly played at all..
    call me an optimist but we’ll be glad to play in the europa.. morrison can get valuable experience so can fryers and the other youngsters.. this’ll stand us in good stead for the next season..
    we’re still city’s closest competitors in the league..
    and the best thing about luck is it CHANGES

  4. WillieRedNut says:

    redbilly – Very true lol. The tax man cometh!

  5. Costas says:

    True wayne. Forgot about it. That was in early October. Don’t think he or the team have had any great games since.

  6. rohan19 says:

    de gea
    jones smalling evans evra
    carrick fletcher
    nani rooney young

    hopefully this team can beat wolves by more than a goal.

  7. redbilly says:

    I wonder if Harvey Nicks will set a tent up for the OT boys to do their xmas shopping in peace… from adoring fans. City are such a bunch of cunts

  8. redbilly says:

    rohan- they had better be prepered , Wolves will fancy their chances no doubt about that

  9. Fred says:

    wayne – could be. Maybe Rooney’s dad even had a bet on us going out on Wednesday night. Would explain the missed open goal by his son.

    King Eric – “Rooney’s mind was on fucking Ingerlund on Wednesday night. Or some fucking slag somewhere in dipperville. Either way he needs to pull his fucking head out his arse.”

    Hahaha superb!

  10. WillieRedNut says:

    Funny thing about Redknapp taking over from Don Fabio. With his tax case on the horizon, what happens if gets convicted? Do they look for someone else? Brian Clough was thought to be too outspoken for the position. Surely, they wouldn’t appoint someone with a criminal record? Then again, he is treated like the second coming, by the media in the UK.

  11. Cyril Sneer says:

    I’ll tell y’alls what’s wrong with Wayne. He’s suffering from Too Much FIFA Syndrome.

    You an always tell when Wayne’s been on the FIFA. He goes out of his way to keep trying a spectacular trick or Hollywood passes like he’s trying to re-create his gaming antics on the real pitch.

    There were a couple of games earlier this season (just after release) where he kept trying to chip the keeper, over and over again. Other times he’s trying to do the ‘lofted through-pass’ (L1 and Triangle button for you PS3 fans, LB and Y on XBOX) or going for headers.

    I would blame EA Sports for encouraging him by putting him on the box but he’d play it anyway. Coleen needs to take the XBOX away.

  12. Clint-iamyourpapii says:


    Didn’t mean any offence fella, just was a bit shocked to hear 55 years, I thought Cedars and Giles was the only RoM Veterans ;)

    Wow man, fantastic United life, at the moment I can only afford Preseason friendlies, Testemonials and the Odd Carling Cup game.

    Ole’s testimonial was emotional. The carling cup game vs Southend was aweful, we lost 1-0 I think it was in 2006-07.

    Once again, didn’t mean any offence Im a class clown, its how I do. Never doubted you for a minute, wow 55 years fucking hell mate, that something special !

  13. smartalex says:

    Great comment StatesideAussie! Kick-start the punch-drunk fans with those crazy kangaroo clod-hoppers of yours. Anyone would think the season has been cancelled. We’ll still hammer Arsenal at least one more time, and now is a great time to get a big bet on United winning the League.

    Come on United!

  14. smartalex says:

    wayne, hello mate!

    OCTOBER 13, 2011 AT 21:51 wayne says:
    Well you can select something from Africa if I win and I’ll send you something Canadian if you win, has to be a 3 game ban for the bet to be valid

    OCTOBER 13, 2011 AT 21:56 smartalex says:
    wayne Agreed! I will select something from Africa if you win, or you select something Canadian if I win. It has to remain a 3 game ban for the bet to be valid.

    Are we agreed that the bet is now null and void, as Rooney’s ban has been reduced?

  15. Zibbie says:


  16. RedBlizzard says:

    crashed out in 2005, signed Vidic, Crashed out against Bayern, signed Chicharito, crashed out against Basel,….

  17. Fred says:

    In 2009 the Dallas Texans teamed up with Manchester United to offer their players the chance of a lifetime – to train with Manchester United at its world class Carrington training centre. Each year, the club sends a group of players, accompanied by Dallas Texans coaches, to train with United’s youth teams, experience their facilities and share the latest coaching techniques. In addition, every summer coaches from Manchester United travel to Dallas to help identify players and offer their advice and expertise in the youth team’s coaching sessions. Brian McClair, Director of the Manchester United Academy said, “This is a great opportunity for the Dallas Texans. We are looking forward to welcoming them to Manchester and putting them through their paces.” Hassan Nazari, Founder and Technical Director of the Dallas Texans, agrees: “Soccer is a growing sport in America, and it is a great honor to learn from the best. We appreciate Manchester United’s expertise in helping our players develop into not only great soccer players, but great young men and women.” Manchester United is considered the most popular professional soccer club in the world, with more than 330 million supporters. The legendary club has won 19 top flight titles, 11 FA Cup trophies and three European Cups.

    Another perk from the partnership saw the prestigious Manchester United Soccer Schools come to Dallas for the first time, hosted by the Texans at their Ross Stewart Soccer Complex in 2010. The camp is coming back in 2011, and in addition to Dallas, the camp will be hosted by the Texans affiliates in Tulsa, Austin and Houston, throughout the summer.

  18. denton davey says:

    Notorious @ 15:28: “Ashley Young is scapegoat ofthe month at the moment”

    I don’t like singling out players but – sometimes – it’s called for. I usually respond to a comment, rather than initiating a discussion. With regards to Ashley Young – like with Dimmy – I “scapegoat” them because someone else has bigged them up and I disagree with that assessment.

    If we’re going to “scapegoat” any players for the loss to Basel then Chris Smalling and David De Gea should be fitted with the horns for both goals while TheWayneBoy missed three (?) gilt-edged chances. Ashley Young didn’t do anything disastrous – rather, he didn’t do anything ! (Same goes for the match last weekend against Villa).

  19. soren says:

    Sad news indeed, a great player
    So sorry for you Vida get well soon

    It’s going to be difficult at the back now.
    Hope Smalling can do it, I prefer Smalling to Evans
    @James21 song verse????? =)

  20. CedarsDevil says:


    My love, sorry I missed you earlier today my darling! How are you?

  21. soren says:

    I’m fine thanks and you?

  22. King Eric says:

    Fred – Cheers pal.

  23. CedarsDevil says:


    Doing as well as can be thanks, looking forward for the match tomorrow, time to set the records straight and lash out

  24. soren says:

    Yes, we must be positive,
    but I miss my boy haha

  25. STAMpede says:

    If I had supported a club out of my political views then I would not have been a United fan, that is for sure. I believe the club is big enough to house people no matter what political view they have, and guess what, I know the club does that as we have fans that represent the entire political spectrum.
    I am opposed to multi-culturalism and I have seen the bad consequences of it and I would not back it just cause those that do are communists and I hate communism to the core.
    I know local fans are mostly commies and that there are powerful figureheads that are on here that run the rule over people no matter where they come from because the way you are supposed to think is very restricted on match days and locally.
    I have no problems with other peoples views about things I they are entitled to them as I am to mine. I would never dare to question other peoples experiences from life which shaped them into who they are.
    If local United fans wants to run a dictatorship and force their opinions down other peoples throats then that is their choice and in that sense I am far too openminded to ever support something like that.
    There is a reason why United are the worlds most hated club and why the world now is celebrating our failure. The local media machine might have been effective in the past to influence fans to think alike but that is a thing of the past and Britain is changing fast now as we see the influence on society at large that a failed politics have created.
    When it comes to my bad luck and that it has to do with friends or people around me then I can just tell people that I have not had any friends for the most part of my life as that is something I chose. I know people but I never spend much time with other people as I feel better off that way. I do not drink and I do not smoke and I do not laugh when other people do.
    I am me and I always will be!

  26. smartalex says:

    Some fans are all about Me! Me! Me!

  27. CedarsDevil says:

    I miss him too soren! His smile alone brings joy to my heart

  28. soren says:

    His smile and goals haha

  29. STAMpede says:

    To talk about the old racism that the irish were victims of seems silly in this day and age cause if you compare their struggle to other struggles out there they seem to have been quite priviliged people. They moved to places where work was easy to get and they were given places to celebrate their culture.
    I don’t think the irish needs people that are not irish to feel sorry for them when they always had the guts and drive to make themselves a living.
    From now on I will only talk about football on here as I know that my views and experiences are not welcomed here anyway.

  30. CedarsDevil says:


    And his goals of course! hahaha But I really love his smile :-)

  31. soren says:

    I love his smile too and he gives his best effort in every game.

  32. smartalex says:

    STAMpede – It is you that is not welcome.

    You continually disrespect Sir Alex, and claim it is your right.

    You denigrate the Irish and the Scottish at every opportunity too.

    We see you, plastic ingrate of a glory-hunting xenophobe! Get lost!

  33. Bad Wolf says:

    I think Omar Gonzalez would be a good replacement for Vidic while he heals. Jones and Omar in the center would be a wall of doom, plus MUFC wouldn’t have to shell out an ungodly amount for him like they would a European defender.

  34. King Eric says:

    STAMPede. God you are a narcissistic bore. Nobody is remotely interesed in your woes pal. Please go away Moses.

  35. voice of reason says:

    Wednesday night was a bi g blow. Injuries are piling up and dip in form of key players does not help at all.

    But now we can concentrate on the league which seriously will be difficult to win with city scoring goals for fun and never getting injuries. We are in Europa league, still FA cup to play for, lets make the best out of our bad luck.

    P.S. Rooney get your act together. Danny Berba strike force for wolves.

  36. lccooler says:

    Don’t expect the same Vidic to come back immediately after he is physically able to. He tore his cruciate ligaments and anyone else here(I’m speaking from experience myself) will know exactly what I’m talking about. Best guess he is physically able to play sometime around august/september, but don’t expect to see the same Vidic until April/May of 2013.

    Cruciate ligament injuries take about 18 months for the athlete to fully become physically and mentally capable of where they once were. Not only that but most of the time they lose speed and agility. So don’t expect the same Vidic.

  37. nass says:

    This depresses me even more than our CL exit.
    I just hope our younger players can cope in his absence.
    Time for Rio to step up and be the rock in our defense.

  38. kk says:

    where is fletcher?


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