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Vidic Out For Two Months

Manchester United have today revealed the dreadful news that we will be without captain Nemanja Vidic for two months.

“Nemanja Vidic has had a meniscus operation on his right knee and will be out for around eight weeks,” read a club statement. “Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson rested Vidic as a precautionary measure at the weekend after he complained of tightness in his knee. However, further medical investigation revealed the underlying problem. The central defender was operated on this week and will be sidelined for about eight weeks.”

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  1. bbqbod says:

    we need a solid, stable, young ish, injury proof bunch of defenders

  2. Corea says:

    @Utd4life – exactly! Michael Keane ? What for, we have Michael Carrick.

  3. Swapnil says:

    i have criticized evra so many times over last 2 seasons but one thing i have to admire about him his is astonishing fitness!!!!i don’t think he’s ever had a serious injury.and i hardly remember him missing even 2 games in a row…SAF is surely aware that evra isn’t the same player he once was but at least as long as he’s there SAF doesn’t have to worry about whom to play at LB before every game whereas our players at all the other positions pick up knocks even while walking!!!!

  4. matt says:

    i actually cant believe we have another injury. i really hope keane or wootton get a run in the first team, preferably in the cup games

  5. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Jesus christ. How on earth has this happened? He was doing fine against Galatasaray just a few days ago and all of a sudden this happened? Someone just does not like us.

  6. LonestarRed says:

    Okay everyone.. let’s just give up now. We can concede every game in every competition and rest everyone up for next season . Who’s with me? Good all those who are with me on that please step into that room over there, I’ll be in shortly. Yes that one right there ( all whiners , chicken littles and doomsayers file into the room). Is that everyone (pause) …oh a couple more, okay , yes right over there. Another pause….Is that everyone? Good. Thank You. I walk over to the door of that room and LOCK IT from the outside!!

    Okay all the rest of us here still have competitions to plays and trophies to win, let’s get back to preparing.

  7. Redbilly says:

    Maybe it’s not that bad and the old fox is playing mind games . Sadly not the case. I’m surprised he didn’t allow longer with the recovery process

  8. kagawa bunga bunga says:

    I started to doubt how medical stuff is doing as well as their advice when we played Rooney in beryen munchen
    game,the lad played while injured
    The club must review the medical stuff and training system soon as possible…there is something behind this is not normal aiseee.

  9. LonestarRed says:

    I didn’t realize it was “Blame The medical Staff Day” . I missed the memo sorry. I think we should string one medical staff member up by the short and curlies everytime one of our players gets hurt and stays hurt. Especially if it’s a defender. These injuries they cause must be stopped and they obvously are the cause.

    Other Prem teams pay their staff to mend and care for players. We pay our medical staff to do the opposite and that must stop. It’s a conspiracy, that’s what it is.

  10. United Till I Die says:

    Gutted for Vidic, but step up Keane, Wooton, Carrick and whoever the fuck else we can bring into defence until Smalling and Jones return.

    I do understand the despair of fans, its fair enough, but thats why a no-nonsense hard bastard like Fergie is in charge. No time for wallowing or laying blame, and I can’t imagine Vidic looking for sympathy. We have to get on with it simple as that. League Cup should be reserved for our youngsters anyway so we should be grateful theres a match tomorrow. Assuming Evans does have a knock he’ll hopefully be rested so he’s ready for Spurs at the weekend.

    But whatever happens in the next two games our senior lads have to be clinical with our chances. Nani, Hernandez, RVP, Valencia, Welbeck… all our lads have to start putting games to bed. I love Rafa but with our defence back to being a bit dodgy we can’t rely on our fullbacks bombing forward all the time. The whole Squad has to pull together to grind out results, and lets be honest we do have the players to plug the gap at CB.

    Keane and Wooton might not be veterans like Vidic but their journey has to start somewhere. Meanwhile – Rafa Rio Evans Evra – thats hardly a bad back four ffs. Gutted for Vidic but hopefully he’ll be back before the end of the season. Until then the Squad have to rise to the challenge, starting with Ba and Cisse tomorrow. Typical.

  11. Costas says:

    No need to be so precious about Rob Swire and his crew. They have every right to be critisized just like we all are when we fail to do our job properly.

  12. LonestarRed says:

    @ Costas Legitimate questions must ,of course, be raised and answered ! I am not saying they are absolved from any blame, I am saying do not just convict them immediately as many here are doing. The medical staff rarely gets praised for getting it right. By virtue of their job we are mostly aware of what they get wrong.

  13. Adam says:

    Costas says:

    “Fergie hasn’t surrounded himself with an adequate staff. Whether it’s doctors, coaches or assistants. And it’s something that’s clearly obvious these days when you look at cetrain aspects of our performances or the injury situation”

    Agree. Can’t say I didn’t see that coming. I would be surprised not to see Ferdinand out in the next month as well. We need to integrate the youngsters asap even when and let them play with Vidic while he’s still around to learn the trade. I’d rather get some young blood in the back then moving Carrick in there which is what will happen.

  14. Marq says:

    Its the same knee btw, so you really have to wonder if it is going to have any long term effects

  15. utd_fc says:

    I’m all for integrating youth into the team but fuck me this isn’t the time for it. Arsenal Chelsea coming up, CL fixtures midweek, newcastle in the league. We don’t just throw our youngsters into the deep end and shatter their confidence if they mess up in such big matches now do we?


  16. Nesh says:

    This is so Fucked up…. God jeez! 3-4 seasons same thing, what is going on with our medical team this just cant be bad luck for sure. I am just hoping this is one of those because if we get another long term injury to another major player we will result in make shift.
    Anyway where I come from we have a culture of being optimists so i still think we will somehow be okay and get better.

  17. lordrt says:

    it’s not a surprise for me, as i had doubt on the medical team currently looking after our players, and with valencia also reported to be injured following the clash where both agger and johnson went for him in the liverpool game, it could be yet another important player to miss a few games. may be also time for saf to consider give the likes of veseli and co. from the reserves a run-out in the first team

  18. Costas says:


    I agree and I’ve tried to stress often enough that I am not blaming everything on the medical team. They did a good job with Vidic (as well as Valencia 2 years ago). After the recovery is over, if these players get injured again, the blame lies elsewhere. And that’s why I am sceptical about Fergie’s staff in general. I just find it weird that Fergie is ruthless with his players, but seems to overlook any incompetence from his associates. That being said, the fact that we will introduce that new medical facility at Carrington this fall, indicates that maybe the club thought that our methods had become outdated. Pity it didn’t happen sooner.


    Absolutely. Time to start trusting youth again. We’ve reached the point where recycling Carrick, Scholes and Giggs in midfield and depending only on Rio and Vidic won’t solve much. FFS, Rio is 34 and Vida is 31 and he just suffered a serious injury. They can’t be the first choice defensive duo anymore.

  19. Redbilly says:

    Is the meniscus tear present befor or after his return , if before , I’m dubious he should gave started. If so, why was it not picked up?. Maybe someone better informed on such matters could enlighten me. Bad luck lads

  20. Redbilly says:

    Personally , throw the youngsters at this competition . If they get dumped out it’s still a great experience for them .

  21. SWJ says:

    No Vidic for two months is a massive loss to United. Who thinks Fergie should enter the transfer market and sign a central defender?


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