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Vidic: Real Madrid Game Will Be Great For The Fans

Whilst United beat West Ham in the replay of the FA Cup 3rd round last week, Manchester United captain Nemanja Vidic still holds the Champions League and Premier League as the most important trophies.

“Champions League is really important” he said. “The Premier League, especially in the last few years we can see how much English football has grown and how many quality players we have in this league as it is difficult to win. Those two trophies are big trophies and difficult to win.”

Vidic has won both competitions in his time at United but this season we will have to beat Spanish champions Real Madrid if we are to progress to the quarter-finals.

“It’s a tough draw, two clubs with tradition and quality,” he said. “It will be a tough game. Madrid isn’t doing well at the moment in La Liga but this is their chance to prove they’re a good team. We are looking forward to having a better end than last year when we went out after the group stage. We have a good motive to play well and win the game. I think it will be great for our fans.”

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  1. Mitch Kramer says:

    will be great if we win

  2. unitedunitedunitedunited says:

    Hope this will spark the team to rise to the occasion, to play with flair and with style. It’s been a long time since United turn it on few more gears. First half against Bayern Munich 2 years ago was and against Arsenal was it. 9.4sec to goal……

  3. lordrt says:

    improvement needed if Utd want to get past RM, and Ronaldo will not be easy to mark as well.


    IF this really happens then we’re in for a keeper crisis once more

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    We need to keep Ronaldo out of the game, like we kept Bale out last night. Rooney and Robin from the start. Hope Anderson is fit and plays as well.

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    lordrt I doubt it very much. There is a chat up about those articles on the last thread

  6. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fletch – safe to say that the speculations aren’t going away anytime soon (even though a large percent of them are lies. An indictment of the media really.

  7. Robin van Gora says:

    I am starting to get irritated by gary neville. He is a pundit not a critic. Swear i have never heard him say a lot of things positive about us. He is overcompensating. Didnt like the criticism of de gea. The lad was brilliant against totenham

  8. DreadedRed says:

    Sell de Gea? What a load of shit. David’s going nowhere. Of course, that won’t stop idiots justifying their personal vendettas with references to ‘facts’ that they regurgitate from tabloid twaddle.

    de Gea is already excellent. The Kid is an early bloomer, now watch him grow . The next keeper to be extolled as a United great, he will join our our illustrious group of shot-stopping legends soon enough.

  9. Bek@. says:

    I hope david leaves united cause he is unfairly bullied every time he plays even he is makin world class saves n distribution…just like in d game with spurs i mean how cud anybody get more iritatin in sayn that he had a bad game n he costs united 3 point…rubbish

  10. MICHEAL SC0FI€LD says:

    Wil be xo disapointed if De Gea leaves Us.

  11. King Eric says:

    Robin – May get stick for this but Nev is a fucking prick these days, arse licking cunts at Sky when he should be at United coaching. I will NEVER forget his reaction to the tranny’s goal in the Nou Camp.

  12. King Eric says:

    Reading that Nazi Mail’s story on De Gea did amuse me. “He has failed to bulk up in the 2 and half years” 2 and half years? Sure he only joined start of last season the thick cunts. Shit paper.

  13. Gopher Brown says:

    I have no idea why the media have it in for de Gea.

    Against Spurs he made two brilliant saves which kept us in the game. Had he got an extra 2 inches on that punch at the end, we’d have won.

    Now, I know a blunder is a blunder to many people, but football is won or lost on such fine margins, and to round up on DDG is crazy.

    SAF did not spend £18m on a 20 year old thinking he would be the finished product by 22. If he had done that Cristiano would have been shipped out in 2006.


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