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Vidic: The Best Goal I Have Ever Seen Live

Ronaldo vs PortsmouthNemanja Vidic returned to the United team after a virus kept him out of our FA Cup victory over Spurs at the weekend. With thirteen minutes played, he ensured that United kept up their brilliant defensive record in the league, which boasts just three goals conceded at home, and was witness to a brilliant goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo is on the form of his life and I imagine it would be rather unusual now to see even two games go by without him scoring. Last night against Portsmouth, he added another two goals to his tally, making it 27 in 27. His second of the night was a brilliantly executed freekick, which has left his United team mates lavishing him with praise.

“It was unbelievable,” said Vidic. “I think it was the best goal I’ve seen in a game I have played in.”

Michael Carrick was also quick to praise Ronaldo, saying “I was in the wall, trying to block David James’ view. I just turned around and saw it go in the top corner. It was a fantastic free-kick, probably the best one he’s scored. It was nice to see it fly in.”

Was it his best ever goal?

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  1. pet says:

    Very nice goal, possibly equal to the reast, it does not matter how it bends in so long as it enters and hits the back of the net

  2. Tom F says:

    For the way it looked, I would say it’s easily the best. It went in against a top-keeper but NO keeper or even a defender on the line would’ve got to that. He has scored a lot more important goals, but in terms of beauty that was it!

  3. Morrish Uganda-Makerere says:

    Guyz believe it or not That BOY Ronaldo is on form and right now his the best player in the world better than so called KAKA.
    As winger being the TOP Scorer in the league with good strikers from different clubs its amazing.
    Man UTD Oyeeeee? Oyeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Jorgen says:

    We also have to remember that all players at united are more or less free to shift positions whenever they go forward, so to say it is incredible for a winger to score so many goals is a little misleading. Ronaldo plays more or less as a striker and specially last night he was part of a strikingteam alongside Rooney. So, this strikerate/winger discussion is not accurate when it comes to the actual positions on the pitch. It is anyway a fantastic strikerate no matter what kind of player he is, he is top-scorer in the prem, 27 goals in 27 matches! Unbelievable!

  5. JLC says:

    Here’s how good that goal was. When he scored the first, I remember thinking, “At this point, nothing the boy does can surprise me.” Then the free-kick flew into the top corner and everyone in the pub was in shock. I didn’t just get chills — my jaw dropped and stayed there for a good 3-4 minutes.

    Most important goal? Not even close. Best? To this point, I’d say absolutely.

  6. Tom F says:

    Ronaldo’s official position is a winger, so I guess the discussion comes from there. The same as his official shirt number is ’7′ so being compared to other number 7′s comes from that I’d imagine.

    Rio Ferdinand is a centre back, but he is allowed to push forward with others defending in his place. He scored a superb ‘centre forwards’ goal against Newcastle the other week but he will always be looked at as a centre back who scores goals. It’s very accurate.

  7. jsos says:

    agree with Tom. The playing style of United does not change the fact that Ronaldo is a winger.. it is his speed and skill which allows him to move around the pitch more freely… and spank the opposition :D

  8. Jimmy bob says:

    V good show shame wasn’t more in the end.
    Sorry too be negative but park 1st touch is poor and he needs to improve his strength on the ball.

    Plus points back 4 immense, scholes and anderson looked superb and ronaldo well what can you say

  9. Taron. says:

    agree with Tom. Ronaldo might start couple of games up front, but it doesn’t change his position as winger

  10. UnitedRay says:

    Does anybody else reckon wazza lack of goals are down to him being played as the spearhead of our attack? We all know he prefers to play off a frontman rather than being one. I dun know man, i still wish wazza can be our top scorer

  11. GODSTIME U BEKEE says:

    i luv man u and dats why am ur fans


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