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Vidic: Valencia Is An Artist But Media Paralysed Him

Nemanja Vidic has praised Antonio Valencia following the two winning goals he has scored in our past two matches.

Vidic reckons the pressure of filling Cristiano Ronaldo’s boots had a negative effect on our winger but now we can expect to see more and more great things from Valencia.

“At the beginning of the season, Antonio had some difficulties because he was bought to replace Cristiano Ronaldo,” said Vidic. “The media paid special attention and were watching his every move, and the pressure paralysed him a little. He is a real artist, gradually gaining confidence and playing better and better with each match. Scoring will help him even more.”

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  1. jamos9 says:

    Coming good after a subdued settling in period, needs to practice on using his left foot for more than standing on and could then be a top, top player!!

  2. SteniS says:

    I’m sure there’s plenty of truth in what Nemanja says. Maybe his lack of goal celebrating is a sign of the pressure he feels. So he gets more sort of relieved than actually happy when he manages to score a goal.

  3. Darius C says:

    My sentiments exactly Jamos9. He has to be careful he doesn’t become a one trick pony, but if he can learn some dribbles and feints he will be top drawer!

    We all know when he gets the ball on the wing, its either hit with the right foot and sprint down the by line to cross it, or turn back and play it back to Gary Neville lol

    Dont worry Antonio the Red Army still loves ya mate!!

  4. Vishal says:

    Still looks like he feels under pressure wen he puts on the red shirt. Why doesn’t he celebrate after scoring?.. Never seen a reaction like dat from any united player after scoring their first goal!..

  5. John Ferry says:

    Maybe he feels a little lonely. Is there anyone on the current squad that speaks Spanish ? Imagine moving to Japan and not being able to communicate. Give him time to settle, just image how much better he will be when he feels more comfortable.


    Valencia will be a great player just needs to relax. i think he was bought to bring something to the team and he even said he does’nt like being compared to ronnie and was’nt brought to replace him. he needs to try something different bcos at times he is predictable and needs to add a bit more skill. but he’s an excellent buy and we(some united fans i none of them are on this site) shouldn’t always look for marquee signings bcos we sold ronnie. typical of the ABU media targeting united’s players and manager always planning for our demise. they’re so daft to know that ronnie was a one off. but forget the media whatever they do we’ll never DIE!!! We are United!:-)
    Hey guys does’nt valencia know english? i mean the lad has been in England for a few years now.:-l

  7. Vishal says:

    @ GHTT
    Sorry mate can’t watch d video. But waiting to watch him celebrate a goal:-). Mite b saving it for d dipper’s!:-P

  8. bchilds says:

    Honest comment from Vida, I sometimes forget that our players are only human and some lack in confidence now and again.

    Was impressed with Valencias pre-season and hopefully, after his recent goals, will start to feature more in our forthcoming games.

  9. Kings says:

    I’m pleased for the boy. I sincerely think he will be a good signing for United. I think it’s unfair to expect him to deliver in the same manner as Ronaldo. He offers us something different, and that is strength. My only criticism of him is he should be a bit more decisive when getting behind his full-back, but the last two games have shown that he has addressed that. I think he will have a good game on Sunday and may nick another goal. Apart from his winner last night, he was unlucky not to score before after a slick move with Nani. Good signing in my opinion and will get better as the season progresses.



  11. kel says:

    @GHTT: Wow. He celebrate so well. Maybe he doesn’t feel enthusiastic about United? Nah. I think he needs more time to adapt well and sure will see him celebrate.

  12. rdurango says:

    On Valencia’s lack of celebration: More than likely, his recent lack of celebration stems from the fact that he was unfairly yellow-carded after scoring in the match against Uruguay—during South American qualifiers—for purportedly overdoing it, which unfortunately caused him miss out on Ecuador’s final game. He kisses his forearm after scoring because he has a tattoo of his daughter there, to whom he always dedicates his scores. Another reason he may not celebrate is that he follows by example. How does Ryan Giggs celebrate after scoring? After all, Valencia is new and he is still adjusting to the team, which I believe includes how they celebrate. The final reason is, perhaps, that he really believes he is one more player on an amazing team, who works hard for the team and is not the star. I really cannot believe people are criticizing him for that. In fairness, however, it would be nice to see him celebrate more. Maybe when he scores the PL or the UCL final goal to win it all, he will celebrate accordingly.

  13. rdurango says:

    On Valencia’s predictability: What is great about watching Valencia play is that defenders also know what he wants to do, and he is able to do it anyway. I think that is a true mark of his genius. He has, however, added a lot of new tricks to his repertoire since coming to United. Specifically, his runs down the middle (from right-to-left, rather than to the byline), where he combines with Berba, Rooney, and Nani, are definitely something new in his game (perhaps that was SAF’s reference about going down the middle). I think that now, by being surrounded by other top class players, his (and his teammates) abilities, will blossom. I truly have faith that SAF will develop him more over his career at United. What is important to note is that he has played less than ten games at the club, and he has adjusted well, thus far. I hope there are a lot more great things to come.

  14. Gandalf says:

    ah, so he can celebrate – good to know that. Pressure gets to everyone no doubt or may be concentrating too hard after missing some good chances before [he missed a great one against spurs too I think].
    Anyway – hopefully we will see him scoring to double digits this season, we need our midfielders to chip in.

  15. RedDeviled Egg says:

    I still think he’s overrated. He doesn’t take a single touch with his left foot during a game. It’s quite terrible actually. As i’ve mentioned in prior posts, he is probably the easited United player to defend against. Given his onefootedness(is it a word), he only has one move. Deke left then move right. If you watch any tapes of him he does it ALL the time. He’s missed a lot of wasy chances because he refuses to even tap the ball with his left foot. I can’t understand how a player can be like this. Hell, even i can take a touch or two with my left foot. HELL Even GARY NEVILLE cracked a shot off with his left foot in Moscow haha.
    I still would rather have Nani on the wing. I know he can be frustrating but his movement on and off the ball always create problems for opposition defences. He’s slippery with the ball and they have to respect it. (Now bring on the criticism for this opinion, i know i’ll get it)
    Valencia’s post goal reactions are disgusting too. We beaked Berba about his lack of emotion, but Valencia is on a whole new level of rubbish. He looks like he’s watching a dog get cut open or something. Crack a smile at least….his goal celebrations have shades of a Nicolas “le sulk” Anelka hahaha


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