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Vidic: We Can’t Ignore Liverpool and Chelsea’s Good Start

Ahead of our third home game of the season, Nemanja Vidic has spoken of his desire to wrap up another three points and go on to a winning streak.

He acknowledges we’ve had a tougher start to the season than our rivals, in terms of fixtures, but hopes that we can continue winning, so that we’re on course for another title when our game in hand is played.

“The international week broke that momentum,” said Vidic, “but now we have West Bromwich Albion and I hope we can win. We need to keep winning, we need to maintain that run. It won’t be easy, though: West Brom are a good side and they play good football.”

The Serbian centre-back says there’s little margin for error after a less-than-perfect start to the season.

“I’d love to win six or seven games in a row, even more,” he added. “Last year we didn’t have the best start and the same has happened this season. Liverpool and Chelsea have started very well and we need to follow them. I must point out that we had a very tough schedule in the first few games: we played Liverpool, Chelesa and Blackburn away, which are all tough fixtures. But we’re very positive, we have a good squad and I hope we can continue winning.”

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  1. Failsworth Devil says:

    If United play really attacking today, i would have thought we would score a few goals… hopefully 4-1 or 5-0…

    If we can do that today, and the goals are shared out especially between Rooney, CR7, Tevez and Berba.. (and would love to see Anderson get his first for the club), then confidence will be right through the team.

    If that happens i can see us going on a big run right through xmas…

    We got Arsenal in a few weeks, and think it will be perfect time to play them, and then we got Citeh… burst there bubble again for them.. plus we will be right up for that.. after the 2 daylight robberies last season.

    Rio and Vida will command the back as usual… and i would love to see Rafael playing at Right Back today.. to really make it attacking as we know how good Evra is on the left.

    With regards to the Dippers… well there only real threat is out for 3 weeks Torres… so i can see them having some tough close games… as they have been going on good momentum… but everything goes through Torres so its gonna be a sticky November for them i think.

    For Chelski… well unfortunately we do expect them to be right on our arses all season.. but fergie was right… a lot of there players are ageing.. they sold SWP to Citeh, thinking they were gonna get Robinho… and Ballack is out injured along with Deco.. Joe Cole and Malouda go hot and cold and Drogba aint anywhere near to match fitness (ps.. do you not think he looks like Grace Jones?)

    I do not think we have anything to worry about.. if we win our game in hand, then we are 3 point behind, with both the dippers and Chelski gotta come to OT… plus take into account we would only be 3 points behind if these to shiters dont drop any points.. which is defo gonna happen.

  2. jsos says:

    ha ha ha he TOTALLY looks like grace jones! love it!

  3. Failsworth Devil says:

    If you notice as well.. if his Alice Band in his hair gets moved slightly he gets all uptight trying to sort it out fast.

    Thats because he is as bald as a coot… seen it once on tv… thats why he brushes his hair right back lol…

    Im wondering now if Steven Ireland and Didier Drogba are in fact half brothers. lol

  4. Tom F says:

    Vida is right,

    Liverpool played absolutely shite at the start of the season, and still won the games. The only good game they had was against us.

    Chelsea, well, they are looking very strong and we cannot do much about either team. All we can do is win our own games and worry about the opponents in each up and coming game.

    I think Drogba looks like a drag queen!

  5. Red-Manc says:

    I dont understand why we start so slowly to the season, Im not worried as were not even 10 games in yet but last season our slow start didnt matter as much as chelski didnt have a good start either but this time round they have, couldnt give a toss what the scousers are up to because i cant take them seriously :)

  6. TonyBee says:

    Failsworth me old lad…. fairplay old son… nearly pissed meself laughing at Gracie Jones remark….. and do you wanna do me pools next week as your prediction of the match score and scorers was almost spot on… keep up the pisstaking fella, its a pleasure to read your thoughts and putdowns when the dippers and gooners try being clever.

  7. Failsworth Devil says:

    TonyBee.. put my prediction down to luck more than anything mate lol… with regards to the pisstaking of the dippers etc.. its my pleasure…i even put it on my cv when it comes to hobbies and interests…..

    “Well i aint lying am i??” lol

  8. SULLY [South Africa] says:

    Failsworth Devil… You little genius. You got the scores and the scorers almost perfect. 5 points for you mate!!!! Always look out for your pissy comments. Makes a happy day. Keep ‘em coming. But one thing though… I just dont like your mad obsession about Anderson. He’s just about an average player. I hope he’ll only get better with United. He’s passing is wayward. And he’s shooting is fuckin awful n u knw that too! Give me my Scholes any day of the week! Anyways cheers mate. RESPECT FAILSWORTH DEVIL


    Cheers Sully mate, and fair play… Scholesy is proven… we all know that… and a genius and a legend…

    Just ive seen lots of vids on Anderson pre United.. and scored for fun especially in S.America…

    He definately is work in progress… i dont know… just like his attitude mate, and love the way how he always has Fabregas and co. in his back pocket..

    Give him about 3 years… and a good run in the team and i reckon we will have an awesome type player..dont like saying this… but in the calibre of Essien.

    As long as he doesnt turn out like Klemba Klemba (Kleberson and Djemba Djemba cloned) i will be a happy man lol


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