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Vidic’s Agent: Captain Staying At United

Following reports in this morning’s Daily Mail linking Nemanja Vidic with a move to Real Madrid, our captain’s agent, Paolo Fabbri, has come out quickly to deny any possible move.

There were strong rumours that Vidic was going to leave in the summer of 2010, which his agent repeatedly denied, before the player went on to sign a new four year deal.

The Daily Mail claimed that Vidic wasn’t looking for a move, rather the manager was prepared to sell the player to Real Madrid next summer if the price was right.

It was rumoured that Vidic and Sir Alex Ferguson had fallen out over the player’s decision to play for Serbia against the club’s wishes. However, now Vidic has retired from International football, there is the suggestion that the two have made peace.

“There is no news. The move is not possible,” Paolo Fabbri told The International Business Times. “Vidic has no will and has made no request to leave Manchester United.”

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  1. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:

    Fred your like an Abu can’t believe you hate vidic :-)

    Gerrard > Fred

  2. CedarsDevil says:

    Fred > All scouse and Leeds scum combined


  3. Zibbie says:

    CR7 better talent, Rooney better for winning.

  4. ironbrand says:

    COME BACK ON HERE YOU FELLOW MANCUNIANS!!! I’m so loving this debate. Fred, Cedars, Costas, Giggsy12, WillieRed, Sandeep, Zibbie…sick sick dudes, you all. The way I’m laughing this morning, if my boss gives me the boot, you guys better have a job waiting for me. Pls more on the Ronnie and Mr ambitious comparism.

  5. lordrt says:

    Vida needs to stay, but if SAF sees that he’s not concentrating much then am no one to stop the gaffer selling him… But I hope we do get a world class replacement if he does leave, as Jones-Smalling-Evans are still in the learning process, along with DDG in goal, and to win trophies, the backline needs to be very solid

  6. lordrt says:

    And if I may add, lets get CR7 back, scoring in almost every game he’s playing, while Rooney is struggling to get even a shot on target these days

  7. CedarsDevil says:


    You could become my nurse if you lose your job, nothing else I can offer! hahahaha

  8. Paul Parker says:

    I don’t think Vidic is over-rated at all, I do think fans and supporters have their own personal favourite players though. Like Fred said, we’ve seen Vidic’s reputation stay intact when if Evans made the same mistakes he’d be bollocked forever and a day. Interesting convo though, beats holding hands or not sharing an unpopular opinion. I’d agree with Willierednut as well, despite the stick he gets, Rio always was the better defender of the two BUT together they’re probably still the best in Europe. They compliment each others games, and imo thats what we were missing in midfield til Anderson met Cleverly…

    As for Ronaldo, he’s the best player in the world for me, and thats how I see it until Messi play the same football in the EPL. Might sound highly arrogant, but La Liga ain’t England, and world class players over here are NOT protected like they are on the continent. When you watch Ronaldo and Messi play in Spain they basically tell the referee what to do against the smaller teams, but what world class striker in EPL isn’t told to get up after he gets kicked or knocked or barged? You half to be tough to be world class in England, so I think Ronaldo has the edge. He’s certainly broken records here as well as there, so until Messi leaves his comfortzone in a hugely publicised and risky transfer, I can’t call him the worlds best while he stays at Barca. He is a fantastic player that players beautiful football, but like his club he doesn’t face the same level of competition week in week out like we do in England. There are only 2 teams in Spain who can win it, while we have at least 5 or 6 who could challenge for a EPL title.

    So as funny as it sounds, to be the best you really do have to do it on a cold night in Stoke while being kicked black and blue by 7ft bulldogs. Until Messi does that, he can’t be called a better player than Cristiano Ronaldo. Not in my book anyway.


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