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VIEW FROM THE ENEMY: Chelsea fan on Torres, Mourinho and Terry

After beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the league, before being knocked out of the FA Cup by them, United will be keen to win on Sunday. That said, our season finished on April 22nd when we won the league whilst Chelsea are still scrapping to finish in the top four, meaning the performance this weekend is difficult to predict.

Ramon Isaac, from the Chelsea blog Mowing Meadows, has taken time out to chat about Chelsea’s season and their hopes for the future.

Scott: If you finish in the top 4 and win the Europa League, could this be considered a successful season for Chelsea?

Ramon: It’s a bit of the old, yes and no. We were outplayed in the Champions League so the Europa League was the only realistic European competition we could win and whoever managed the side, I reckon the best they could have done was a top 4 finish. The problem for me and the reason I’d consider this season a failure is how difficult we have made it for ourselves. We didn’t have a large enough squad to challenge for the league but we should have been between you and City, not scrapping it out for fourth place on what is likely a battle that will go to the last day of the season. Carrying on our success in the FA Cup would’ve been nice too, it seems that record at the new Wembley belongs to a certain Didier Drogba as opposed to Chelsea Football Club. One of the bigger and perhaps more trivial disappointments was our failure to win the Club World Cup, who knows the next time we might get to participate in that tournament. I suppose what I’m trying to get it is that I’ll be happy given the circumstances with a Europa League and top 4 finish but it is hardly the most successful of campaigns.

S: With 5 goals in his last 5 games in the Europa League, surely Fernando Torres will have to take a lot of the credit if you win it. He has scored over 20 goals this season but most of these in cup competitions. Why do you think he can’t do the business in the league?

R: He’s a lost cause. I know many (they grow fewer by the day) try to defend his case but even when he scores he’s rarely playing well. I’m pretty sure any striker in the world would be around the 20 goal mark if they had the service Fernando Torres has at Chelsea. Who knows why he can’t manage a single goal in the league this calendar year. I’d say part of it comes down to luck, he gets the breaks in Europe that seem to allude him in the league but there’s only so much you can put down to luck, the rest is a lack of confidence/ability. He proves that the saying “Form is temporary, class is permanent” is complete and utter [Insert Profanity]

S: Chelsea were 4 points off the top when Benitez got the job and they are now 20 points behind. Do you believe your fans have been justified in protesting against the Benitez appointment now?

R: I think the fans were always justified in protesting the appointment. Do we have to agree with every decision the board makes? Of course not. Are we ungrateful because we protest? No. We felt that the board had completely ignored the fans’ perspective when they appointed Benitez and the only way to get that across is by protesting. The fact we are now so far off the lead from a United side, who, when we have faced them in the past this season have not been superior to us, is incredibly frustrating. That lies at the feet of Benitez, he was the one failing to pick our three creative talents in the same side, he wasn’t playing the best team available and that cost us. Recently he’s learnt his lesson and the results have improved but that won’t stop us from partying when he leaves.

S: We’ve bossed the league this season. Do you think Chelsea will be able to compete next season?

R: The squad is incredibly talented but it clearly lacked depth. The return of loanees should go some way to providing much needed strength in that department, the likes of Essien who’s loan still bemuses me today and the impressive Kevin De Bruyne/Romelu Lukaku who, if given the chance to stay at the club, have a lot to offer. The rumours that link us to Falcao should probably terrify everyone else in the league. He’s probably the most lethal finisher in world football and will have his fair of chances with our midfield. I think another central midfielder and a centre back to partner David Luiz will mean that come the end of the season next year, we will be challenging for the league title. Oh, there’s also the fact Rafael Benitez won’t be mismanaging the team with his rotation policy for a season. If it happens to be Mourinho that takes over, all the more likely a fourth Premier League title under Abramovich’s reign will be witnessed.

United’s dominance this season hasn’t been particularly their most impressive, you’ve managed a remarkable consistency and whilst you can only beat what is in front of you, the standard of the league (Chelsea included) has been relatively below par.

S: Speaking of below par, what do you make of the rumours that John Terry wants to play for England again? Bit odd when he can’t even get in the starting XI of a team competing for 4th spot, isn’t it?

R: I personally wouldn’t have made that decision if I was him. That being said, John Terry has rarely given much thought to how his actions might be perceived. He, along with Rio, is still one of the two best centre backs that England have, so in terms of “footballing reasons” he has every right to want to come back to the national team. David Bernstein was one of the factors that forced him out of the England set up and with him gone he feels comfortable to once again be up for selection but it will inevitably turn into a media storm whether he is or isn’t selected when it comes to Roy’s next team call ups and I think Chelsea fans are tired of the constant non-football issues that surround the club.

S: I would argue racially abusing someone is what “forced” him out of England, not Bernstein, but moving on… Terry would have been your most important player once upon a time. Who is it now?

R: “Most important” is tricky. Mata has been the best, Cech is perhaps always going to be the most important in the fact that he is one of the very best keepers in the world and back to his best. Without Cech in the team we are left with the unreliable Turnbull or Hilario, neither really inspire confidence. But, I will go for David Luiz. I love everything about him and this season he’s perhaps been the first name on the team sheet. Fantastic in defence, dominant in midfield and what a finisher. He has it all. Reliability issues have been sorted over the past twelve months and without him, the team are near enough guaranteed to concede. His performances this season have got most fans thinking “Future Captain” he has been the only leader on the pitch when Terry and Lampard have been absent and gets my vote for the most important player this season.

S: Mata was one of two Chelsea players shortlisted for PFA Player of the Year, but it was Gareth Bale who won all the individual player awards this season. Is he your player of the season?

R: No. He’s been incredible, there is no denying that but he was relatively quiet for the majority of the start of the season. The criteria for Young Player of the Year needs to be reconsidered too. Robin Van Persie would have been my vote, this isn’t merely because he will finish top scorer but he performed when the club needed him, on the big occasions and was the biggest reason United have won the league with a month to spare. He cooled off for a couple of months but the damage was already done. Mata and Bale are close runners up but Van Persie has been the difference, regularly.

S: If you could have any United player at Chelsea, it would be Van Persie then?

R: This is a bit of a tough one, even if it is only between two players. I think I’m going to side with Michael Carrick because I think we will definitely get a striker in the summer. He keeps everything ticking over, he’s become one of those few players who appear to have time on the ball even if he’s being pressed. He also offers great protection for the back four and can break up play really well. One of the biggest issues I’ve seen surrounding Mata/Hazard/Oscar is that the ball doesn’t get to them quick enough, Michael Carrick could solve that problem quite easily. I’d have picked Kagawa on terms of ability but we don’t need another attacking midfielder quite frankly.

S: Yes, don’t be greedy! Finally, predictions for Sunday?

R: News that Welbeck is injured for the game is tragic news for us. I’m not criticising Danny, it just increases the likelihood of two out of the three strikers that always score against us starting. Ferguson might even try to start all three! The fact we still have something to play for, gives me hope that we will be the team with the greater intensity and past experience of United being unable to control Mata bodes well for Chelsea fans. I think we win a fairly high scoring game. 3-2.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Cheers Ramon, One of the best interviews we’ve had all season.

    That final point would be down to Hernandez! Loves to score v Chelsea!

    Ramon seems to be a very reasonable bloke. RvP for POTY, and Carrick for is choice? Those aren’t they typical ABU garbage we get from top 4. Pretty level headed about Sir JT as well.

    Suspecting a closet red?! ;)

    Naww! Bring it on then! Let’s be havin it.

    Like to know the last time United were odds against at home. Like to see how that works out HA!

  2. wayne says:

    Makes me laugh when Chelsea go on about not a large enough squad they’ve something like 20 players on loan and every team is allowed 25,so the fans need to give that one a rest.
    Really want to do these cunts on Sunday

  3. wayne says:

    At least he sees the Bale hype was based on about 12 games in the middle of the season

  4. NBI Red Onion says:

    Hmmm, trouble controlling Mata, I thing everyone has trouble closing him down, Welbeck could have done that job Alonso style.

  5. Khaled says:

    Absolutely crucial that we beat Chelsea. We can’t have them play in the Champions League next year. If Chelsea have both Mourinho and Champions League football on offer, they’ll attract really top players and be a real threat to our supremacy. If they lose against us, they have a really tough game at White Hart Lane. We need them to be 5th.

  6. Sparkz says:

    He makes an interesting point about Carrick being the player they need.

    If you think about it, the type of player Chelsea lack in midfield is a Carrick style passmaster. And the type of player we lack is a Ramires style powerhouse. Those 2 in the middle of the park would be a quite brilliant combination.

    Same goes for City – they lack a Carrick type of player, we lack a Yaya Toure type player!

  7. ahjs says:

    If they get Mourinho they wont want a passmaster, but an extra hatchet man. Generally when people “go back” it’s not so successful, so here’s hoping it will be the same for Mourinho at Chelsea. Oscar and Hazard look like good players, hopefully Jose can stifle the life out of them after a few years with his shit football.

    Chelsea can have him, hope it destroys any hope people have that he might replace Fergie. I thought even the hacks were getting sick of him by the end of his Chelsea reign but I can’t remember for sure.

    And Europa League and top four would be a massive achievement for Chelsea. Far more than they deserve. I really hope we beat them and dent their hopes.

  8. Marq says:

    As funny as it sounds, I think it would be good for Chelsea to get into the CL. If they miss out, they will focus fully on the league, and with Mourinho’s likely return, we need all the distractions they can have

  9. bombay_devil says:

    Mourinho comes in, he absolutely rapes the team (gets them playing shit football, sacks anyone that opposes him e.g. Casillas, murks the dressing-room atmosphere) meanwhile giving it a few orgasms (Only a couple of fa cups here and there this time) and then leaves it absolutely disheveled and distraught (chelsea after he left them the last time or even better, Inter)..looks like Chelsea do like getting raped…twice.

  10. Marq says:

    Not that I am trying to defend Mourinho, but I dont see that as the truth. The Chelsea team he led to the 2 league titles were hardly playing shit football, there was alot to admire about them, powerful and strong. And the Real team he led to the title last year scored more goals than anyone. The only ugly games that he had were against Barca, and that was whatwas required to beat them.

    Of course he sacks anyone that opposes him.Sir Alex does that too.

    And I think we can all see that his past players loved him, so I doubt his dressing room is anything like murky.

    Mourinho is on course to get more trophies than Sir Alex, so you can hardly say he won the ocasional cup here and there.

    Not that I am worried, but he will definitely improve Chelsea, and I’ll take any advantage we can have over them

  11. ahjs says:

    They’ve struggled against decent sides, though. They scored more goals in La Liga because they’re able to wallop most teams, but their “big game” strategy in same old Mourinho – spoil and counter attack. Dortmund battered them for 3 and a half games this season. In his three years there, we’re the only good, big team he’s beaten in Europe and he needed a lot of luck. His mission was to win the 10th European Cup and topple Barcelona and they’ve done neither. He’s been a failure there.

    Some players love him. Hardly surprising that guys like Materazzi and Drogba love him. I think if he stays at a club long enough his methods will annoy as many players not. If they’re winning they’ll love him, if you’re not winning guys like Casillas (a treasure in Spain) wont want to be dragged in the gutter for nothing.

    He probably should’ve won more at Chelsea, with the players, team and money. They played good football for a while when Robben was a star but I didn’t think it was great after. Winning football, not exciting.

  12. wayne says:

    Its just ridiculous to even suggest Maureen isn’t a great manager.Hate him for his personality fine although I personally find him entertaining but he’s head and shoulders above everyone except Sir Alex in terms of achievement

  13. ahjs says:

    I wouldn’t say Mourinho is ahead of Ancelotti, Del Bosque and Guardiola in terms of achievements.

    No one’s saying he isn’t a good manager but he’s also had his luck (lots of luck for his two Champions League wins), lots of money to spend and he often leaves teams in a mess because of his short-term approach. Guardiola left a legacy for Barcelona and set a standard, Mourinho hasn’t achieved that let alone what Ferguson has. Even Louis Van Gaal pretty much matches his trophy haul and built strong teams and left a good legacy at Ajax, Barcelona and recently Bayern.

    And Mourinho’s his style is still to stop the better teams playing and feed off the scraps. If you’re going to do that with a big club you HAVE to win and Madrid have been comprehensively beaten in the last three CL semi-finals and only won one league. He and Chelsea deserve each other, wouldn’t want him at United.

  14. wayne says:

    That’s just not true he’s left every club with a strong squad,he didn’t spend money at Porto very little at Inter and hardly any at Madrid,think his biggest signing at Madrid was for Modric but the rest of his signings were around 10 to 15 mill range.At Chelsea he was given lots to spend but the core of his signings were the backbone of the Chelsea team for years.
    Sorry Guardiola cannot be rated at all yet,most of those players were at Barca when he took over and pretty well all his signings ended up being flops and him going to Bayern to take over another ready powerhouse in a deficient league just doesn’t rate for me.
    Can’t say Maureen had lot’s of luck that’s just stupid every team get’s breaks,i rate Ancelotti but doesn’t have the same success record as Maureen and going into the French league is just a fucking joke.
    Erm if you check Madrid set a goal scoring record last year,Maureen also stopped Barca’s dominance,he beat them with Inter when they were supposed to be unbeatable,he won the league last year and imo that’s the reason Pep baled Maureen got to him.Pep supposed to be Mr fucking cool well it’s easy to be cool when everything goes a teams way it’s how cool someone stays under pressure ans quite frankly Pep caved then quit,i put a lot of that down to Maureen
    To say all Maureen does is spend money then leave the team in a shitty position is just not true.Every team Maureen’s managed have become better won trophies and had a better squad when he left.

  15. evisu says:

    ahjs: Yeah SAF never had luck in his CL wins? 1999 two extra time goals, 2008 terry slips and united win it on penalties. Sorry but every team that win CL got some luck at times. Real Madrid did so well before Mourinho right? Got beaten by Liverpool 5-0, fucking great team!

  16. ahjs says:

    Look, you give Mourinho credit for leaving teams with strong squads and criticise Guardiola for inheriting a strong squad and buying poor players when the fact of the matter is player recruitment at teams like Porto and Barcelona/Real/Inter isn’t down to the manager like we’re used to in England. I don’t think you can praise one and slag off the other for things you don’t even know how much they controlled. What I do know is Guardiola brought through guys like Pedro and Sergio Busquets to be world beating players. I know who I’d rather trust to bring through talent and that’s just as valuable as a chequebook.

    “Sorry Guardiola cannot be rated at all yet,most of those players were at Barca when he took over”

    Guardiola turned a dysfunctional side into treble winners at his first managerial job. Mourinho’s a short-term fix and even he’s never had such an immediate impact! And he’s inherited a great squad at Real yet they’ve underachieved. He’s won one league, he’s toppled Barcelona as much as Blackburn toppled us.
    You slag off Guardiola for running from Barcelona yet don’t care that Mourinho always runs or gets sacked. Mourinho’s a short-term man. Point me to the long term successes he’s had.
    And if Mourinho doesn’t go to Chelsea he’ll go to PSG, no doubt you’d praise him for leaving oil rich PSG with a strong squad in two years if that happens.

    Every team gets breaks but Porto were done for match fixing in their domestic league for the 2003- 2004 season. And they beat us due to bad decisions and got a dodgy penatly to decide the semi final. In the final they played Monaco. More lucky than your average team.

    My problem with the money is that he doesn’t play good football with the players at his disposal and the money spent. Chelsea at the end of his reign were pretty dire. Dortmund’s team probably cost about the same as Modric and they battered Real for 3.5 games this season. The 4-3 scoreline flattered Real and Cristiano Ronaldo was the worst player in the second leg. It was embarrassing.

    You slag off La Liga and then look at the stats, that Real have scored lots of goals like it’s proof of his genius but you ignored my point that they’re brilliant at destroying small teams, but play like a small team against “big” and “good” teams. He’s a winner but at a win at all costs, joyless, angry, dirty football and unlike Ferguson and Guardiola and others, his teams wont be remembered fondly by ANYONE apart from the supporters (apart from Real Madrid who won’t even remember his team very fondly). Even Tony Pulis is discovering that you have to at least win if you play ugly football. Mourinho is Pulis, Guardiola more like Michael Laudrup. I know who I prefer.

    I don’t think he’s a bad manager, he’s a good one but I wouldn’t want him at United. People on here think Benitez is a bad manager yet forget how often he outdid Mourinho with an inferior Liverpool team, especially in Europe. You like him, I don’t. You rate him more than me. I suppose he divides opinion and he’s got us talking. I’ll give him that, the prick.

  17. ahjs says:

    evisu says:

    “ahjs: Yeah SAF never had luck in his CL wins? 1999 two extra time goals, 2008 terry slips and united win it on penalties. Sorry but every team that win CL got some luck at times. Real Madrid did so well before Mourinho right? Got beaten by Liverpool 5-0, fucking great team!”

    My last word on the matter – 1999 Fergie didn’t get extra time goals. Man Utd scored 2 legit goals to Bayern’s 1 in allocated time. 2008? United won fair and square on penalties. So what if Terry missed, Ryan Giggs missed a sitter in extra time and Chelsea’s goal took two deflections before falling to Lampard. Your point?

    Dodgy decisions helped Mourinho in 2004 and again in 2010. Inter’s 3rd goal in the first leg was WAY offside and Barcelona had a goal wrongly disallowed that would have put them through in the second leg. I think that’s luck. Beating a team fair and square is done on MERIT, not by luck.

    “Real Madrid did so well before Mourinho right?”

    They haven’t done much better with him. That’s why he’s considered a failure and they’re going to get rid of him. Did you see Barcelona get beaten 7-0 by Bayern? Real Madrid HAVEN’T GOT CLOSE this weakened Barcelona team in the league.

  18. King Eric says:

    You can’t underestimate Peps achievements at Barca. Look at them under Tito and unfortunately his illness has played a major part but they are rudderless.

  19. King Eric says:

    Ahjs. Agree with just about every word of your posts on the narcissist Mourinho.

  20. wayne says:

    Maureen”s never been sacked and i’m not pointing out Maureen is a genius i’m pointing out you’re full of shit by saying he play’s negative football when Madrid banged in goals for fun can’t be both mate,you go on about Madrid beating up on weaker teams,well wtf has Barca been doing for the last 4 years same fucking thing.
    You keep slagging off Maureen for being a short time fix and go on and on about Pep he was there for 4 fucking years and quit as soon as Maureen showed up and took the league from him,you’ve got double standards mate putting Pep alongside Sir Alex like he’s been there for years,bollocks Pep has had one job for 4 years and quit when things got tough.WTF does win at all costs mean? there is winning and losing simple as that
    You’re just repeating yourself with the falsehoods,money spent,quick fix,not good football,win at all costs,
    Chelsea went he left was dire,just not true mate stop making things up. Dortmund has a good team so what,you were going on and on about how much money he’s spent and again a untruth,could say the same about Pep buying Fabergas or Ibrahimovic same difference lots of money spent with little impact.
    I’m not even that big of a Maureen fan i find him entertaining but just hate all the nonsense written about him,everything negative you’ve said about him the same can be said about Pep yet Pep hasn’t done 20% of what Maureen has and that is just a fact

  21. evisu says:

    You forgot Real won last year when Pep was in charge and that they also lost to CHELSEA? Tito won the league this year with big margin, they scored 101 goals. Yeah he has done a terrible job, they had the unforunte luck to face Bayern who plays the best football of their lives. Add plenty of injuries on key players and there u go. I doubt Pep would’ve done a better job this year.

  22. wayne says:

    King Eric yes i can mate people talk about him as being one of the best ever and it’s total bollocks,he lucked into a talent pool that most managers don’t see in a lifetime,a huge advantage in resources over every other team in the league except 1 and stayed 4 years before quitting.Now he’s going to a team in a league that no other team can come close to competing with sure there’s teams like Dortmund that show up every now and again but all their top players will be sold off because Bayern are the only team in Germany who can pay the money for top talent.So Pep is going to a powerhouse already in place with a bigger advantage than Barca and his reputation is going to grow because Bayern will continue winning,give me a fucking break.Maureen just like Sir Alex has turned teams around and achieved things that didn’t involve money or having the best players,Pep hasn’t done fuck all even close to those two.

  23. wayne says:

    Oh and another thing mate no i wouldn’t respect him if he went to PSG,that has to be the biggest joke in Football and anyone going their is a sell out with no ambition,that whole project is a fucking farce.Like i said mate no even that big of a fan but have respect for his achievements and there’s only one better manager in Football.Although it won’t happen i’d like to see Moyes get a chance after Sir Alex leaves,imo the most underrated manager in football,he has it all and don’t get why he hasn’t been given a chance at a top club.Like some though i’d have no issues with Maureen coming in after Sir Alex because i know Utd wouldn’t miss a beat if he took over.

  24. Marq says:


    Yes Real haven’t been at the races in the league, but you would do well to find out they have a very very good record against Barca in recent years.

    You can hate the man, but you cannot dismiss his achievement because of that. Even Sir Alex recognises his ability

    And talk about Pep leaving a legacy? His transfer record is abysmal, and the team he left behind just got trashed by Bayern, so did he leave the team in good shape “unlike” Mourinho? A big no for me.

  25. King Eric says:

    Wayne. Oh no mate I aren’t saying Pep one of greatest. He’s a bottler. What I was pointing out was people think Barca could perform without a manager they were that good. Pep played a huge part. The tide is certainly turning where those stale cunts are concerned.

  26. King Eric says:

    Wayne. Ha Ha. You’re like me aren’t you. You love the PSG “project” Makes me vomit.

    Evisu. Yes Barca have won league but since Xmas they have been poor by their standards. Barca have a lot of question marks. Like a dogshit back five. Xavi is fucked. Villa never plays. Pedro regressed. Sanchez garbage. Messi’s drugs wearing off! As Fergie said teams go in cycles and Barca are nearing end of theirs in my opinion. The so called conveyor belt from Le Masia isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

  27. King Eric says:

    What does amuse me is the so called greatest ever side since 2008 have won one more European cup than United but we have won five of last seven leagues. But for one point and gd would be seven on spin yet United are deemed shit and average.

  28. slim says:

    Apparently Fergie rues not getting lamps earlier on in his career.
    There’s been a lot of noise here about it.
    Reading the story, it sounds like he’s moved on and all i gotta say is thank goodness

  29. ahjs says:

    wayne says:

    “Maureen”s never been sacked…Chelsea went he left was dire,just not true mate stop making things up.”

    I don’t want to get into the whole debate again for my own good… but I can’t help it. Chelsea fans stayed away from his last game, I think, in the Champions League when they drew at home with Rosenborg. Poor attendance, boos and shit football so he left. Roman wasn’t happy. He was either sacked or ran away when it got tough, after we had just won the league in 2007 :) He couldn’t stomach it, or Roman couldn’t stomach him. Probably a bit of both. Surely Real would sack him this year, but it’ll be better for them if he negotiates a deal elsewhere.

    “you go on about Madrid beating up on weaker teams,well wtf has Barca been doing for the last 4 years same fucking thing.”

    But Barca have also beaten up big teams in that time, Real haven’t. Barcelona comprehensively beat us in two finals. Guardiola’s Barcelona battered Real 5-0, the biggest classico defeat in years. I remember them beating Bayern 4-0 a few years ago. Law of averages says Mourinho’s teams would have beaten Barcelona sometimes but Real under him haven’t dominated a big team once. I think we’ve always been better than Mourinho’s teams in the CL, whether it’s been Porto, Inter or Real but we didn’t get close to Guardiola’s team.

    “And talk about Pep leaving a legacy? His transfer record is abysmal, and the team he left behind just got trashed by Bayern, so did he leave the team in good shape “unlike” Mourinho? ”

    So Pep left a weak team who this year have gone without a manager for a chunk of the season and had major injury problems yet they’ve WALKED the league ahead of Mourinho’s Madrid and that’s somehow reflects well on… Mourinho?!
    Chelsea took three years to recover after he’d left. Buying old players at Inter meant there was nothing coming through. There’s now divisions in the Real squad and for the next manager to repair.
    As I said, Guardiola brought through Busquets and Pedro when they weren’t fancied and both are regulars. Does Mourinho look at a clubs academies? No, because it’s not worth him looking at young players because he won’t be there down the line to benefit from it.
    I don’t think the manager has final say on who is bought and sold at Barca so while their transfer record hasn’t been brilliant, how much is that down to the manager?

    I’m not a Guardiola disciple but he’s won almost as much as Mourinho has in less than half the time. He has to prove himself and hopefully he’ll take Bayern backwards. But deep down, you all know Mourinho would take this excellent Bayern team even further backwards into an ugly team that didn’t dominate games, but looked to spoil them.

    Part of United’s identity is to bring young players through, so Mourinho would have to change. The fans would have to accept the “gung-ho” football we love would be traded for cynical, percentage, counter-attacking football. And if he pokes a guy in the eye from behind and runs away then we’ll have to defend him because he’s our manager. I don’t think he’s worth all the hassle, certainly not for one or two trophies in his early years before it all falls apart and the club becomes of secondary importance to his ego.


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