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View from the Enemy: City Fan On Chicharito, Losing 4-3 and Nigel de Jong Chant

Manchester United beat local rivals Manchester City on three occasions in injury time last season. Michael Owen grabbed a late winner in the dramatic 4-3 win at Old Trafford, Wayne Rooney made in 3-1 and knocked City out of the League Cup, contrary to Garry Cook’s very public assertions, before United denied City entry to the Champions League with a Paul Scholes’ injury time winner at Wastelands.

All in all, it was a good season for United where bragging rights over our locals were concerned. We got the last laugh over our noisy neighbours and added another year to the banner, after personally seeing to it that they wouldn’t win the League Cup.

Jack Pitt-Brooke, who writes the excellent City blog, The Lonesome Death of Roy Carroll, has reflected on last season as well looking to the future.

Scott the Red: With hopes of silverware and finishing in the top four dashed, were you happy with your team’s performance last season?

Jack Pitt-Brooke: Of course I was disappointed to have missed out on fourth but overall I was pleased. I certainly think Roberto Mancini did a better job than people think. He arrived in difficult circumstances and were it not for Spurs’ late surge we would have made fourth.

STR: I suppose winning just one of the final five games of the season didn’t help either. But it’s a new season now, so what are your aspirations?

J P-B: I think that fourth is a reasonable minimum expectation. I’d much rather win a trophy, which I think is quite plausible given the depth of our squad.

STR: Leicester City, Blackburn, Portsmouth and Middlesbrough have all claimed silverware over the past ten years, so I’d agree there’s no reason why City shouldn’t be ending their trophy drought this season. However, I suppose that’s the beauty of knock-out competitions, you just never know who’s going to win them. Several players joining you recently have claimed they are there because they want to win trophies but who do you expect to be your most important player this season?

J P-B: If he plays like he can David Silva will be the real difference maker. There are not many players in the Premier League with his imagination and ability. I do think, though, that he might take a while to settle into the pace of the game and we ought not to expect too much too soon.

STR: He’s just one of may players Mancini has identified as someone capable of making the difference, but how do you rate Mancini’s ability to make the difference to City and take your club forward?

J P-B: I rate Roberto Mancini highly. As I said, he did a good job last year in difficult circumstances. He is very tactically astute and a much more authoritative man-manager than people realise. I’m certain he is the right man to take us towards trophies.

STR: Robinho and Craig Bellamy are amongst those who haven’t been keen on his style of management, whilst Carlos Tevez claimed he was speaking on behalf of the team when critical of his training methods, but he certainly won his fair share of trophies in Italy, even if some were by default. Anyway, what’s the best chant you’ve heard sung by your fans?

J P-B: At the 4-2 at Stamford Bridge three guys stood behind me started singing ‘Nigel de Jong Nigel de Jong Nigel de Jong’ to the tune of ‘Panic’ by The Smiths. That was good.

STR: Lots of people (granted, mainly City fans) talk about the power shift in Manchester. Where do you think United will finish this season?

J P-B: If you sign Mesut Özil then I think you’ll win the league. If not I think Chelsea will do it but they’re very dependant on Michael Essien getting back to his best and maybe recruiting another forward. I think Chicharito will be crucial in allowing you to manage Rooney’s workload intelligently without compromising on dynamism.

STR: Yeh, Chicharito certainly looks pretty handy so far, but if you could have any two players from our current squad, who would you pick?

J P-B: Wayne Rooney, obviously, and Paul Scholes. I would have said Patrice Evra but he conducted himself shamefully at the World Cup.

STR: I know. Fancy sticking up for your team mate who has been sent home from the World Cup on the say so of a magazine! Shocking. Anyway, lots of City fans are enjoying United’s debt problem, displaying ‘Love Glazer, Hate United’ banners during our 1-0 victory at your place last season. What are your thoughts on the debt?

J P-B: Well it doesn’t keep me awake at night but it’s obviously a shame for the fans given that it has prevented Ferguson from giving the squad the regeneration that it requires. I imagine he would have been much more active in the last few transfer windows with more resources available.

STR: Certainly. He’s won at least one trophy every year since the Glazers came which is pretty incredible. He did that in spite of them so imagine what we would have won without them sucking the money out of our club… Anyway, what is your favourite game your club have played against United?

J P-B: Probably the 4-1 at Eastlands in 2003/04? The last derby at Maine Road was also special.

STR: And your worst?

J P-B: The 4-3 last season still sickens me. But we showed good spirit there so it’s not as bad as the 1-0 at Eastlands in 2008/09, which was pathetic.

STR: Lots of City fans have spent the past 20 years criticising United spending money and have been particularly critical of glory supporters. How do those opinions fit in with the change in situation at City? Are you not now aspiring to be everything you’ve criticised United for?

J P-B: It barely even needs to be said that I’d rather we won things with a team of home-grown players. But you just can’t transform a mid-table side into a successful one without a big cash injection. If we ever win anything it will not feel at all sullied or dirtied by the money we have spent. I’d be surprised if we attracted glory supporters for a while yet, given the hegemony of the Sky Four.

STR: What do you anticipate being the biggest draw back, if any, of City bringing in so many new “superstars” on such massive salaries?

J P-B: There probably will be dressing-room tensions, particularly given that not all of our egomaniac forwards can play at the same time. But I trust Mancini to keep a lid on this. Of course, bringing in players on silly wages also means that if Sheikh Mansour gets bored we have a fairly big wage bill that needs to be cut.

STR: City’s academy has brought through the likes of SWP, Richards, Ireland and Onuoha in recent years. How much game time do you imagine these players will have next season and what do you rate the prospects of other youngsters being brought through the ranks from now on?

J P-B: My best guess now is that SWP and Richards will stay but that Onuoha and Ireland will leave, which is a real shame. If we have a good season we’ll play 60-70 games so I’m sure those that stay will play some football. Mancini keeps saying he is keen to bring through the next generation, particularly Dedryck Boyata, Vladimir Weiss and so on but we’ll just have to wait and see.

STR: Robinho was your first “superstar” signing and got fed up very quickly. Adebayor has recently confessed he wants to leave for Juventus, whilst Carlos Tevez said he was struggling to motivate himself to play. Are you concerned your other “superstar” signings will go the same way if you don’t win anything/don’t finish top 4 this season?

J P-B: If we don’t get in the top four I don’t think Carlos Tévez, David Silva or Yaya Touré will be too impressed. But there’s a difference between not winning anything and not finishing fourth, and if we show improvement across the board I’m sure we will maintain their interest. I think the failure of Robinho is more to do with lifestyle issues and the pace of the Premier League rather than simple dissatisfaction at City’s performances.

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  1. Gizmoj says:

    See you in the Champions league – piss myself everytime haha

  2. Costas says:

    Love the banner. Spot on as usual.

  3. bigphil2003 says:

    What a stupid name for a blog…

  4. Gizmoj says:

    I’m off down the chip shop to find out about Ozil, everyone seems to have the inside knowledge so I reckon someone down there is bound to know :)

  5. yooney says:

    @ Costas

    spot on about ‘that’ banner. Delusion at it’s best / highest order. come back to earth as the sky not always blue.

  6. aig alex is god says:

    Actually like De jong. Really good midfielder. Could do with someone like that at the moment. loved that kung fu kick on YSB Alonso in the final

    Good interview. City will do better this season. 3rd or 4th but not close to the title this season. Maybe next season they will really challenge for it

  7. MG says:

    See city in the Champions League

    Er.. they didn’t make it

    Thanks for Tevez

    Er… We have Chicharito – city can have all the strikers in the world – who gives a shit…

    Anyway who is this city – never heard of them : )

  8. LORD GAGA says:

    The definition of insanity is doing something exactly the same way time and time again expecting to get a different result.

    This can best be seen in the average City fan saying that this will be their year, that they will win something. They never take into account the “City Factor” – Their DNA means that if ever they look like winning they will do SOMETHING to fuck up. They cannot help it.
    The next year they get another manager, some more over-paid players and say that this will be their year,that they will win something.
    In the meantime the men iin white coats begin painting the new number change on the Stretford End banner.

    Welcome to the Wastelands Insane Asylum – please leave all sharp objects with the guards when you pass through the turnstyles. Please be reminded that patients may bite,spit or throw semen at you and under no circumstances must they be handed a victory as this will only set back their treatment.

    Delusional Schizophrenics with a tendancy to manic fantasy periods followed by boughts of profound depression.

  9. FloridaManc says:

    What kind of shite is this? We got beat out by Barca for Ozil?!? How many players do they need?

    And for only 8.3 million quid. Bastards.

  10. Moscow is my heaven says:

    By the way, the usual tripe from the Guardian, predicting us to finish 3RD:

  11. Moscow is my heaven says:

    Florida Manc


  12. MG says:

    Ah yes Ozil

    Gone to Barca apparently because he’s been dreaming about them apparently since he was a wee baby in his nappy crying Barca apparently

    That would be a laugh – how the fuck could you get Iniesta Xavi Busquets Ozil in the same team – couple that with Fabregas next year – seems like Barca are turning into Madrid and City – just keep on buying everyone for the sake of buying

    Don’t care if it does end up for real – then some players are just daft beyond recognition – but it is the sign of the times –

    No sweat – United will always be United – players will always come and go – this club will never die

  13. Red Devil 19 says:

    Haha so many Fucking stupid supporters in here beggin for his signature. If sir alex wanted ozil he would be here by now. Fuck ozil we don’t need him we fucking win the league without him. Some of you guys are so excited over potential transfers, when we have several good young midfielders coming through. So happy were not buying that Turkish frog after a hell of an inconsisten season

  14. Costas says:

    There are conflicting reports about the whole deal. Some say that Guardiola prefers to buy Mascherano while a fellow United blog says that David Gill told journalists that we won’t make a move for Ozil.

    Either way, doesn’t look like UNited are anywhere near making an offer for him, so might as well get used to it.

  15. aig alex is god says:

    German Newspapaer Bild has Ozil saying on his supposed Barca move ” “I don’t know anything about that! I haven’t spoken to anybody.””. He also attended Bremen’s training session today morning.

    Further Guardiola has said ” “I trust the juniors. They have shown quality and that has reassured me. If they don’t fulfill our expectations, then we will become active in the transfer market, but I am sure they have the ability.”

  16. Wax Dart says:

    Mezut Ozil was never going to sign.. Unless it was on a free. How many times? There’s no freaking money!!

    “No sweat…”

    “We don’t care!”

    La la la la la la la la la…

    Everything’s going to be just fine. This is united after all.

  17. yup says:

    i suspect SAF wants Cleverley to become a cost free Ozil

    i also suspect Kenyon will take over from garry cock one day

  18. Scott the Red says:

    Ozil in today’s German paper, Bild, on Barca rumours: “I don’t know anything about that! I haven’t spoken to anybody.”

    Doesn’t look like he’s agreed a deal with them then.

  19. Sayyid says:

    He may not have spoken but his money-grabbing agent may have

    If he signs for Barca for £8.3m then thats ridiculous

    If we get him its a bonus and if we dont then we still have Cleverly who could make the step up

    Cover for Fletch is more important considering Hargeraves is practically retired. We have plenty of attacking options in midfield and up front with Macheda, Hernandez, Rooney, Berbatov, Scholes, Giggs, Anderson, Park, Nani, Valenica, Obertan, Cleverly

  20. doncobaino says:

    he’ll be warming the bench at Barca or Chelsea shortly. Mark my words!

    Fergie hanging onto cleverley sealed that.

  21. Griffin says:

    aig alex is god:

    Good sign if Ozil says that though reading between the lines, I’d say Barca are actually out of the frame for the moment, especially with Mascherano now available (“for half the Fabregas cash”…15-20m?)…

    Then again, do Barca need another hacker like Masch? Busquets Im sure will play as many games as possible.

    Ozil will remain quiet until he’s holding the shirt of another club, its the words that come from Werder’s manager that are the most important. Is something actually happening or is he trying to up Ozil’s price?

  22. aig alex is god says:

    Joe COle is better than Leo messi. Is this a Fucking Jkoe??

  23. Costas says:


    No mate. It’s not a joke. It’s something worse. It’s Gerrard. At least a joke is funny. Gerrard is just sad.

  24. Sayyid says:

    how deluded are those scouse scum

    20 years without the title…embarassing

  25. singh says:

    hey just want to say tat there s a private league only for united fans on the fantasy premier league site….
    the code for the league is 922667-218680…

    so please join the league nd lets support our players by selecting them as much as possible……
    nd hope we hve a year agn like 1998-99 nd 2007-08….

  26. wisdom says:

    that is how we are going to do this season because man c them look like wife to us so there is not them can do

  27. Lanaya says:

    that is a stupid name for a blog…

  28. SmartAlex says:

    My first post on RoM, I hope to do it justice as it is the best blog site I know.
    RoM is the only site where I always read all the comments.

    A Chant for Chicharito…

    Our Little Pea
    Super Hero
    He’ll soon be

    Kisses our Crest
    We all know
    He’ll be the best

  29. Eight08 says:

    They will eventually win a trophy, mickey mouse or not. The only thing I’ll be missing is singing those chants… “This is how it feels to be City”, “34 years, fuck all!”, “Who’s that twat from Argentina” etc etc.

  30. eighthsin says:

    August 10, 2010 at 11:13
    MG says:

    “Thanks for Tevez… Er… We have Chicharito”

    Riiiighht. One of the worlds top strikers or some random Mexican player. Tevez scored as many goals last season as Hernandes has scored in his entire career! Poor deluded Rags know nothing about football.

  31. parryheid says:


    As far as some on hear are concerned (not me) the fact David Gill said United are not bidding for Ozil the complete reverse will happen. haha.

  32. utd4life says:


    we would rather have some random mexican player who’s way better than that argie please fuck off…

  33. reddevil forever says:


    we love chicharito and hate tevez and remember we fucking kicked him out
    mexico mexico mexico

  34. Costas says:


    Lol, I know. But it’s an easy thing to do though. The club has been known to bluff from time to time. :D But this time, something tells me it’s for real.

  35. huzi says:

    hernandez: 45 minutes – 1 trophy!
    citeh: 34 years – 0 trophies
    enough said. . .!!!

  36. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Here is another bit of trivia for your banner
    Tevez: 2 years with United
    * Premier League – 2007/08, 2008/09
    * FA Community Shield – 2008
    * UEFA Champions League – 2007/08
    * FIFA Club World Cup – 2008
    * Football League Cup – 2008–09

    citeh: 34 years – 0 trophies

    You can agrue that Tevez was good, but then
    i. Tevez is a money grabbing panderer
    ii. United are right to see him gone

  37. Toms says:

    Wish you had asked him to explain how city is going to manage this homegrown player mandate. Lovely interview otherwise as usual.

  38. 20legend says:

    Excellent interview. I have to say for a bitter he didn’t seem bitter at all. As for Ozil, should we really be bothered that much? We have Ando and Cleverley who deserve a shot at the playmaker role and to win their spot in the team. It makes no sense to sign young players (for a lot of money in Ando’s case!!) if you don’t give them a fair crack at their best position. Besides we still have Giggsy who weighed in last season with 11 assists. Even Rooney can drop deep and pull the strings for Berbatov and Chicharito playing up front.

    For what its worth, Ozil’s behavior has been impressive. Even though the biggest names in football have been after him, he has been very respectful to his club. That’s the kind of player I would like to see at United.

  39. RedScot says:

    Great Interview.I think I will change my Manchester Citeh blog I look at to the Lone some death of Roy Carrol. Never really learnt much on Blue Moon.Ass oles.
    Panic on the Streets of London.
    Panic on the Streets of Birmingham
    Panic on the Streets of Dublin ,Dundee Humberside.
    Note there is no word of panic in Manchester. Manchester is Red.

  40. damien says:

    Son , Analka is Chelsea , not Mancity.

  41. Wiuru says:

    Hmm , They are and always will be Citeh from the council house (projects) up there in the wastelands. Im not dismising them just putting it all in context .


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