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VIEW FROM THE ENEMY: Newcastle fan on selling Obertan and signing Rooney

Continuing with our fan previews, Ed Harrison from The Newcastle United Blog discusses all things geordie.

Scott: How did you rate 2012-2013 for your club?

Ed: We had a very poor season and finished 5th bottom in the league table, although we reached the quarter finals of the Europa League and went out to a good Benfica side. But after finishing 5th the season before it was a huge disappointment.

Scott: Who was your best player?

Ed: The Newcastle caption – Argentine International Fabricio – and he was out
for a couple of months from February and we struggled – but he came back
for the last three games and we looked much more solid at the back and got
four points. Colo was also voted Player of the Season on the Newcastle United Blog.

Scott: Which player are you expecting most important in 2013-2014?

Ed: When French International Yohan Cabaye is on song Newcastle do well, and he has had a disappointing second half of last season but he’s looked back to his best in pre-season – Yohan is very important to Newcastle and is our major play-maker in the middle of the park.

Scott: If you could take one United player, who would it be?

Ed: Wayne Rooney.

Scott: Are you pleased Fergie’s retired?

Ed: He was a fabulous manager and as Alan Pardew said – his retirement may give the rest of of us a chance.

Scott: Where do you think your club will finish this season?

Ed: In the top eight and maybe in 7th place, but we may not be good enough to qualify for Europe – which is our goal from now on.

Scott: Where do you think United will finish?

Ed: It’s between Chelsea and Manchester United – but it wouldn’t surprise me if new manager David Moyes has the Red Devils winning the league next year – he’s an excellent manager.

Scott: What do you think about the decision to give Pardew such a long contract?

Ed: Good – but as soon as he signed it we went into decline – but I think he’s a good manager and very good with the players – and I hope he will do very well again next season – fingers crossed.

Scott: Where did it go wrong last season after such a strong campaign the year before?

Ed: It was Europe and we just didn’t have the squad in terms of numbers and we sustained lots of injuries too – to our top players like Coloccini, Steven Taylor, Tim Krul, Yohan Cabaye and Ben Arfa – we didn’t have the squad depth to handle that. Hopefully we have learned from the experience.

Scott: What do you think of Obertan?

Ed: When he’s on song he’s a good player – but the Frenchman is just not consistent enough and is a fringe player now at Newcastle, and he may even be sold this summer.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. WeAreUnited says:

    Carrick + Cleverley possibly Ando if fit and 1-2 midfielder + kagawa and Januzaj adds that depth, freshness and hunger into our game.

  2. King Cantona says:

    Southgate having a cheeky go at Rio saying people saying England has no identity were wrong as they scored 2 goals from set pieces and that’s the identity. UH?????? Right Gareth Lol! Rio clearly hit a nerve there but he is right!! England have no identity/identifiable style. Period.

    Surprised to see Moyes commentating!!! Maybe this was booked before he was United Manager. Sitting next to Keano!!!! Who at one time I thought would be the next United manager. Moyes is not the most interesting or captivating on TV, bit bland to be honest. Seems like a nice, slightly shy, softly spoken man. Very patriotic Scott. Very different vibe to SAF who was Mr Charisma, all presence, wit, aggression, turn of phrase and coolness.

    No SAF at this game. Was hoping to at least see the Old Man. Been a while. Would be nice to hear from him.

  3. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Wakey – Welbeck is Mr Manchester United, after Neville as a player he is probably the most passionate about United. Joe Hart even said Welbeck does not take kindly to digs about United on international duty. He has injuries but he was key in games like RM. I think he is developing nicely. The goals will come. Also when you play and compete with RVP…..!!!! That’s pressure.

    For me RVP & Welbeck or RVP and Pea would be great combinations. But I also think Pea & Welbeck would do well. Danny is smart, he would spot Pea’s runs. Looking forward to seeing them play together.

    My prediction, in 2 years Danny will be the big name for England and United.

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Cracking game England Scotland. Been better for ENG with Smalling in the game I feel but Cleverley Danny and Zaha were all excellent. Danny much better in center of the park.

    Rooney looked well, a bit like a man who hasn’t had a game in 2 months. But will improve. Hope he stays.

    Love the Home Internationals. Hope they return as a fixture. Good for all involved in building the game.

    Right, and Joe Hart still crap! Good stuff from the game.

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    If cahill is the best england have to offer at centre-half then they’ll walloped more often.

    Thought welbeck was quality, when he adds more composure, he’ll rip teams apart. Abundance of technical skills added with pace and power. Goals will only boost his confidence, bound for the very top hopefully.

  6. soccerman says:

    I’ve heard that moyes likes anderson’s style of play so if we buy no central midfielders expect him to partner carrick in midfield.After all anderson is a better player than cleverley I have no doubt about that but its just getting him in the right condition and hopefully moyes’ s tough training sessions can help him cos we have to remember he is only 25

  7. soccerman says:

    And also welbeck will be such a good player if he works on his composure, I have to say I really like the lad

  8. soccerman says:

    Just get a couple of midfielders and hope we sell ashley young and we could have a good season

  9. soccerman says:

    And to those who still think hart is better than De gea……………………

  10. Scoreboard paddock says:

    Fuck England ………who gives a fuck !

  11. Costas says:

    Nice to see Welbeck and Cleverley showing that they are not so useless as some United fans would have you believe.

    As for Rooney, going by Moyes’ comments post match, it doesn’t look like he will feature on Saturday. Sounds to me like they don’t want to bring him back until after the Chelsea game.

  12. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Those interested in how Rooney did – Mail did a Rooney watch – touch an issue agan –

  13. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Telegraph say we will make a 40m bid for Fabregas this week.

    Woodward has the bit between his teeth then.

  14. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Danny MOTM for several papers. That will be good for his confidence.

  15. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Fletch – who knows what’s between his teeth, maybe Ed has not been following things. Lots to do. Fabregas, Fellani, all sound the same….can’t see us having a chance in hell of getting Fabregas this year.

    I was never a fan of directors of football, but Ed has a lot on his plate and football is not his passion, but, there is a certain SAF on the board, maybe he can do that job…..?

  16. Costas says:


    Or playing it safe again mate. After all, Fabregas categorically said he’s happy at Barcelona. And they are not looking to sell him any more than we want to sell Rooney. More waste of time.

  17. FletchTHEMAN says:

    NBI, Too right mate. Played well enough and covered every blade of grass on the wing, but england only became a set piece threat after Wayne-the-lad got pulled off and Danny moved into the center.

    Well worth his position for the second goal.

    Some folks just can’t take it when a United man receives praise playing for England though.

    Take this Tweet from that fair minded lad Barton…

    Joseph Barton ‏@Joey7Barton 2h
    Welbeck MOTM. What has Townsend been smoking?


  18. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Roo will be pissed. First RVP now Danny…! And then headlines stolen by a former beetroot bottler…. Danny actually reminds me of Scholsey the way he just always seems to find a pass and be available.

    @ Fletch agree, centrally is where Danny can do most damage. He is also a great lead striker. As SAF said, he is one of the best at holding positional discipline and we saw it again today, did what he was asked. Very pleased for him. Lambert is a great story but Danny deserved a few headlines too. Hope his versatility does not see him shunted around too much. Barton..!!! Is there anything he won’t fight?

    My attack set up for United – 4-2-3-1 (Kids for subs)

    Danny – Kagwa – Nani
    Carrick – Ando/Clev


    Nani – Danny – Zaha/Valenica
    Carrick – Kagwa

    Attacking Subs: Giggs, Januzaj, Zaha, Pea


    RVP – Pea
    Welbeck – Kagwa – Carrick – Nani


    RVP – Welbeck
    Nani – Carrick – Kagwa – Zaha/Valenicia

  19. soccerman says:

    I can’t see kagawa in a 2 man midfield but what do u think of this team
    4-3-3 with 2 holding midfielders and 1 attacking

  20. soccerman says:

    Actually maybe welbeck for zaha

  21. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    It’s funny that RVP and Lambert who replaced Rooney and scored both wear No. 20. Roo must have been sick at the sight of that, it’s rumoured he is now unhappy and looking at playing for Lithuania. By the way this is a joke before Roo lovers attack attack attack…

  22. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ soccerman – I think Zaha is still too raw to be a starter, the CS and England game kind of affirmed that for me. Wellbeck for me is one player who should be starting. Swap Zaha for Danny and I can live with that. Danny better on the left, Nano better on the right. Don’t see Jones in MF for me he looks best and plays best in CD. Ando/Clev if we buy no one. Also prefer Rio to Evans in defence. Lots of options for Moyes.

  23. Sparkz says:

    I’ve said it before but too many people focus on Welbeck’s workrate and overlook his other assets. And I’m not just talking about his pace and power.

    His ability to hold onto the ball is better than any of our strikers bar RVP.
    His ability to link play up is better than any of our strikers
    His ability to run with the ball is better than any of our strikers.
    He’s also got really intelligent movement and positional play.

    Obviously he lacks the goalscoring ability of the other 3 strikers, and his all round passing isn’t as good as Rooney – but I’ve been saying this since I first saw him back in 2007 – he has the potential to be a real superstar.

    I Can see him playing in behind RVP a lot this season – they worked together very well last season (Liverpool at home comes to mind)….he offers a very different type of number 10 option than Kagawa or Rooney, but a very useful one. Plus, his energy levels means he can drop into midfield if the 2 boys in there are getting outnumbered

  24. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Despite complaining about playing there a few times last season, Roo was often in MF and trying ambitious punts back. A couple of times he lost possession there in dangerous areas. His job was to the lead the line. Danny was brilliant at popping forward when he saw Roo was out of position so there was some outlet in front. I don’t know if Maureen watching would think he has the positional discipline to lead the line like Drogba. Rooney likes to get involved in build up play and when he drops deep there is no one leading the line and he is the MF’s zone needlessly sometimes. This was one of the things that frustrated SAF who had to tell him to stay up from the sidelines the year he lead. When Lambert came on England created 3 great chances for him in under 30mns and he could have had a hat trick. Part of this is because he stayed high and held the line. One thing RVP and Danny have in common is great positional awareness.

  25. soccerman says:

    The only thing going for Valencia is his pace and power as he he is so predictable and I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a good cross as they always seem to hit the nearest man.All I see him doing is running down the wing and either passing back for Rafael to cross the ball or he tries to cross and more often than not fucks it up.I’m hoping for the form of 11/12 season or I don’t know how long I can cope with his negative play.Nani is the winger I’m looking foward to see as he seems intent on fighting for a first place and imo is still by far our best winger.

  26. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ soccerman – Hopefully Zaha will give Valenica the boost Buttner gave Evra. It will be good for Valencia to have proper competition. We barely had a fit winger last season. I love Valencia, really hope his form comes back. Even if it doesn’t he is also a very useful RB.

  27. King Cantona says:

    Too hot to kip so watched game highlights again. Poster above is right, Rooney did NOT congratulate Danny after his goal. :( He also had a bit of a tiff with Cleverly and looked like they were ignoring each other. Plus he was booed by both sets of fans Lol. His replacement No 20 had his name sung. Things are clearly not right between Roonetta and other United players. As the “senior” player and someone who always wants to be Captain, his treatment of youngsters Danny and Clev was pretty shabby.

    Don’t like player power. But is it worth keeping this guy with his attitude in the team ???? His performance is being described as “rusty” with the first touch of a trampoline but it looked just like his last few for United. Why can’t we get rid and have faith in other players? SAF is right this boy is past his peak. Hate Collymore, but even Talksport was saying enough about Rooney being England saviour, he is not good enough. If Chelsea pay £40mn its a bargain. Wazza, completely over-hyped. I’m backing Danny, Kagwa, Pea and Henriques looks good for a sub role. Time to cut our losses and move forward.

  28. denton davey says:

    King Cantona @ 03:07: “Time to cut our losses and move forward.”

    Not yet.

    You’ve got to “know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em” and it’s much to soon to show our hand.

    The new manager should not play TheWayneBoy in any of the CL qualifiers so as to make him a prime target for desperate teams in January. In the meantime, he should be given very, very, very tough love and a very clear-cut job-description.

    Give him the chance to renew his vows and if he’s still recalcitrant – which I doubt unless it finally dawns on him that no one really seems to want him at his grossly inflated weekly wage – then he can be flogged in January if anyone really wants him.

    So, in contrast to your opinion, I would see what the real season – as opposed to the silly season of lies, rumours, and innuendo – brings. TheWayneBoy’s attitude – and his footie skills – will be on trial through the new year.

    This whole situation is just bizarre – Rooney is 27, turning 28 in October (I think), so he should be entering his prime. He’s been a very, very good player for the last decade – but NOT a great player and, in fact, not always the most significant player on his own team. Now he seems to have lost some pace and seems to no longer have that edge that make him both ornery and difficult to defend against. Plus, there are other options – RVP, KagawaBunga, Chicharito, and DannyTheLad (as well as some youngsters like AdnanJ.) who all need to get playing time and who seem to be better-bets for the future.

    Selling TheWayneBoy out of spite would be foolish; he still has a pretty impressive skill-set – just not as good as he seems to think (or has been told by his “people”). In my contributions to this forum, I’ve been pretty constant in my suggestion that the only place for Rooney @ UTD is TheScholesRole. Maybe after stinking out the joint again today, he might realize that his days as a first-choice striker are rapidly ending. And his desired landing-place – CSKALondon – seem to be searching out other options, too.

    The big question is whether we can predict Rooney’s abilities in the future from his performances in the past. SAF seems to have thought that he was past-it – still a good player but one whose best days are now in the rear-view mirror. It will be very, very, very interesting to see what the new manager thinks – of course, Moyes won’t say anything publicly but his team-selections will speak much, much louder than words.

  29. Ash says:

    It will be not correct to play rooney ahead of Hernandez, Welbeck or Kagawa at the moment . Period. Hell I would love us to give chance to Janujaz, Lingard, Henriques and Powell (When fit)

  30. Rukky says:

    The fact remains that roo has declined abit and if SAF was still here he would be gone. God teaches us lesson about greed in mean ways, after lack of ambition yesterday, we now have a superstar finisher and better no10′s in the making, who would give him the competition he so despises. Truely the probable way of getting a assured starting slot could arguably be in the scholes role(which im against and think it would be wrong for all parties involved). Lol The boy is just drained of all the limelight by anyone with the ’20′. But mind you wayneboy would be back, but not to the best we hoped for.

  31. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Calm down, rooney was playing his first game, in a competitive game albeit being a friendly, was always going to look off the pace. Some love to exaggerate.

  32. samuel - united WE stand says:

    How gullible is it, to actually judge anyone off their facial expression or body language. “Oh look, Bob isn’t smiling, he is a big bad wolf”. What is this, the kindergarten?. How exactly would anyone know the relationship between rooney and cleverley just by looking at the fact he didn’t give him a hug? Goodness me.

    Rooney won’t start against swansea or anyone for a while because he still needs to get back his sharpness, he still isn’t match fit and the likes of the outstanding welbeck should be given the nod, he has to fight for his place but to conclude that he is declining from that is mind boggling, he was always going to be rusty and behind the pace simply because at least 90% of the players have had a solid pre season.

    Rooney will Not be sold to chelsea, it is unthinkable for the club to even contemplate it. Rooney has always had highs and lows in his career at united, the last 4years rooney has hit 34, 16, 34, 16 goals, showing he has dips and then recovers his high standards. His experience at the very top is valuable, he’s a proven match winner and contributes in the creative department and general play as gary neville stated lately, those big contributions can be replaced but not over-night as some people think. It will have to be gradual, united must protect itself and making sure the team are in a stronger place in-case rooney leaves and also improving. Some wonderful players coming through with great potential but the club with its brand also has to be kept at the very top and match winners do that.

    If rooney still wants to leave, it won’t be just after fergie retires and moyes comes in needing all the footballing armoury, he will be gradually fazed out and hopefully some players will have stepped up to fill his gap consistently or bought. No doubt about the potential of the younger players but it would be naive to demand they conquer all before they’ve gathered the efficiency to do so.

    Certainly don’t want to see rooney strenghtening any rival, it paints a weakness on united’s part, a supposedly unhappy wayne rooney is better at united than one motivated and fired up at ths bridege with all the creative players behind him. He can’t stay unhappy, rooney didn’t get to the very top by sulking, he will knuckle down and get sharp for the world cup, he can leave at the expiry of his contract.

    People love to exaggerate when it comes to wayne rooney, the “rooney watch” sums up the obsession some have with him, I suppose when you’re a footballing nature filled with losers and failures and ridiculous expectation, it tends to turn out that way.

    My conclusion, rooney won’t start at swansea nor will he for a little while, moyes will have made it abundantly clear that he has to fight for his place, certainly a lot of competition in the attacking department

  33. Marq says:

    Well, the good thing about Rooney that came out of this friendly was that it helped Moyes make a decision about who to start the first game. Regardless of whether Rooney is staying, on current form, Rvp & Welbeck should be our starters. And lets hope Carrick can start as well.

  34. Dazbomber says:

    The Mega Store has cleared a wall where the shirts are , I was told they expect it to get busy in the next week hope so.

  35. samme says:

    Rooney is so far off from fit it hurts my Eyes to see him. This will be Dannys year i can feel it. I love the lad just needs abit of composure infront of goal and he will be a beast.

    Dont Believe that abit.


  36. Diego says:


    We’re about to announce another sponsorship deal? Nice.

  37. WilliamAR says:

    To be honest regarding rooney I’d do a malouda on him and destroy his career systematically but then again i’m kinda cold that way lol. personally my front 2 would be chicharito and RVP. adnan would be competition for them or he’d be in the mix to play the scholes role as he’s very clever on the ball. I really don’t think welbeck is a natural striker at all as for me strikers have to be naturally composed in front of goal and his goal tally suggests otherwise. I would much rather see danny as the strong pacey winger type player as he’s a big lad who is pretty quick and handy at linking up with the midfielders or full backs. danny’s pace flying down the wings would be the best thing for him in my view. danny could fight it out with nani on the left for that position (even though I think nani is brilliant in the right) our right wing could be a straight fight between tony V and zaha. (again this is all subject to our formation tactics etc).

  38. soccerman says:

    “I find it hard to believe that’s the way the balls came out of the bag, that’s for sure. I think it’s the hardest start Manchester United have had for 20 years and I hope it’s not because Man United won the league quite comfortably last season that the fixtures have been made much more difficult. It is certainly something I would question.“But you have to play every team twice and if we’ve got a tough start then the others have as well in playing Manchester United.”
    David Moyes

  39. Rukky says:

    I dont want rooney sold to london, neither i’m judging him based on yesterdays match. Like i said he would be back but not as the boy we saw in 09.Im just stating the obvious which is 1- People still rate him like the old roo which is wrong because he aint what he was. 2- SAF saw this, made it public and it was certain wayne was not indispensable to him anymore. There is no doubt of his quality, but he has certainly lost it a bit


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