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VIEW FROM THE ENEMY: Red Rants On Ingerlernd’s Chances, Brazil and Queiroz

After adopting Brazil as our own following the draw for The Sun’s World Cup sweepstake, RoM will be business as usual ahead of match day, so here is our first View From The Enemy from a Brazilian perspective.

Our first match is against North Korea, who fellow United blogger, Red Rants, got drawn with.

Scott the Red: So, North Korea eh? Happy?

Red Rants: Heh. Good question. Totally agree with you. I have now decided to throw my full support behind N Korea for the next week or so – which is as far as they will go. You know, someone has to support them. So I’ll proudly say: I support North Korea so you don’t have to.

STR: Good on you! Only 3 players in your 23 man squad play for clubs outside North Korea. How do you think this will have an impact on their chances?

RR: Yeah I heard about that… after I was given North Korea in the sweepstakes. Did little online research and all that. To answer your question, no, it will not have any impact on them.

STR: Jong Tae-Se has scored 15 goals in 22 games for his country. Will you be relying on him?

RR: Of course. Especially considering their striker situation. I read about one hilarious (and perhaps sad) incident: that N. Korea are one striker short because they listed him (Kim Myong-won) as third back up goal keeper in a bid to have an extra forward. FIFA, alert to this manoeuvre, told Korea that it can only play him as a striker.

STR: D’oh! Your team havent gone to the World Cup since 1966. Does that mean its England’s year?

RR: Heh. Another brilliant question. Of course it’s England’s year. Especially now that Gerrard is captain. It’s destiny. *puke*

STR: That’s what I thought. So, you have been drawn in the group of death, alongside Brazil, Ivory Coast and Portugal. How many points do you think you’ll get?

RR: Optimistically I think they will get a draw against Portugal. Especially after Nani’s injury, unless Queiroz becomes a tactical genius, I think Portugal will continue to underwhelm. And it’s Korea’s best chance to steal a point. Unless Mr. Kim Jong Il waves a magic wand. After all, in Korea they say he can control the weather with his mood. And that he can hit three to four holes-in-one per round easily. So you never know.

STR: Unless Queiroz becomes a tactical genius? He did alright with us didn’t he? Anyway, on to tomorrow. What are your predictions for your opening game against Brazil?

RR: 3-0. I won’t say who. I like to keep my cards close to my chest. Or something like that.

STR: Who do you want to win the World Cup?

RR: I would like Spain to win it this time. They’re a treat to watch when in full flow. (Argentina is too, but then question marks remain over Maradona) But, since Spain are so ominous, they probably won’t win it. I think their draw beyond the group stage is potentially a bit tricky.

STR: Who do you think will be the tournament’s best player?

RR: Just random guesses, Xavi perhaps. Notice I haven’t mentioned Ronaldo and Messi.

STR: Interesting. Who do you think will win the World Cup?

RR: Brazil. My dark horse is Germany.

STR: Cheers mate. May the best team win and all that!

Join RoM in supporting Brazil with the supporters pack.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Costas says:


    That was in 2004 mate. Now we have the International Monetary Fund on our side. No good fortune, but plenty of cash if we want to bribe a ref. :D Goodnight.

  2. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Costa we are still missing some guy called Roy keane , don’t know if you know him, Gibson will be the man at Ireland . From day one I’ve takin slack from almost everyone when I say that Gibson will be everything the English media will tell you lumpard is.

  3. Moscow is my heaven says:


    Forgot to say it, Costas pointed it out, spot on mate about France and their lacking element.

    Gourcuff was awful today, someone said he’s trying way too hard to impress, I’m suddenly not too sure about him joining us as Scholesy’s successor. Would he crack under the pressure at United?

  4. Costas says:


    Fair point. Some players are irreplaceable. And as an old school fan I always look back to the good old days, lol. Romania have never replaced Hagi either. Same goes for Bulgaria and Stoichkov, Ireland and Keane, England and Darren Anderton (:P) etc etc…

    I hope you are right about Gibson . I admit that I started losing faith after the Leeds game, which was the easy thing to do at the time. But his comeback towards the end of the season made me eat my words. No need to be like anyone though. I am sure he will be his own man. For one thing, he has scored more deflection-less goals than Lampard!

  5. bigphil2003 says:

    @GHTT – Id much rather hear the horns than Alan fucking Green!

  6. Ash says:

    I dont know why but now i have a feeling that france could be knocked out in the group itself and soth africa could go to the next round.Hope this doesnt happen.

  7. Man cpt says:

    I hope all u pricks lose ur bets. Nothing but negativity coming from u guys. Why don’t u get off ur high horses and blow urselfs. I’d rather listen to those damn horns than listen to sum drunk english singing songs about his mommy! So yeah I am South African and a Manchester united supporter and I am proud to say that we have honour of hosting this event. I was really hoping u guys would win the right to host the 2018 finals but now I hope u won’t get it and that u’ll never get it in ur lifetimes. Asswipes

  8. Gotta hate tiny tears says:


    its a toss up

  9. huzi says:

    @man cpt
    same as me mate. im a reader of this blog since a long long time and i gota say im quite pissed of at some guys here.

  10. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    no fuck this shit, the horns are a disgrace it sounds like a beehive , theres no cheering or singing or chanting. you cant even hear the ref wistle. far play to south africa for getting the world cup and my next sentence is no direspect to the country or the fact that they got the world cup but. THE HORNS ARE A PAIN IN MY FUCKIN BALLOON KNOT

  11. parryheid says:

    Well seen all the teams in one section and S.A will finish bottom of the section with Uraguay second bottom.The only reason France might finish second is because Lloris is one ropey Keeper.

  12. Red Devil says:


    I have to agree with you there……No disrespect the South Africans have done a wonderful job of organizing it…..but the constant blaring of the horns is getting into my head…..I mean I went to sleep and I just couldn’t with this terrible headache and I couldn’t put it down to what it was until I was watching the highlights of the game again this morning…..UGHH!

    You cant hear any cheering or songs or chanting….just a whirring sound all the time….

  13. aig alex is god says:

    The vuvuzelas are the synbol of africa and this tournament. anyways the commentary in most games is shite and the chanting cant be figured out most of the times. just mute and watch if the voice is so irritating

  14. Costas says:

    The problem is that the bouzouki is a symbol of Greek culture and our music, but you didn’t hear 70000 people play it during the 2004 Olympics. I respect every country’s culture, but personally, I do find them a bit annoying while I am watching a football match. It’s not about putting down South Africa or anyone else.

    That being said, Greece Ole! :D

  15. Corea says:

    also dislike vuvuzelas. it doesn’t let you here the atmosphere of the stadium. i hope during the playoffs we won’t hear it because 99% of the people in the stadium will be supporters of respective countries.

  16. Corea says:

    aig alex is god – for sure you didn’t mean it, bro.

  17. Corea says:

    My boy!

  18. Rai says:

    What a goal from Park

  19. Lung420 says:

    Great goal from Park ji sung

  20. Tony Starks says:

    Well done Jee… great finish and run… I always say he should play more minutes for United…

  21. Fze123 says:

    No chanting, no crowd noise, no atmosphere, just the drone of the vuvuzelas. The sound makes my ears bleed. I respect the fact they’re part of South African culture but do the supporters really need to blow on them for the whole 90 minutes?


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