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VIEW FROM THE ENEMY: Sunderland fan on having a fascist manager and John O’Shea

Continuing with the fan previews, Pete Sixsmith who writes for Salut Sunderland has spoken about all things Sunderland. Follow @SalutSunderland on Twitter.

Scott: How did you rate 2012-2013 for your club?

Pete: Last season was dismal. I have watched Sunderland regularly since 1963, and the O’Neill appointment was probably the one I was most pleased about. But, he has clearly lost his powers of motivation and appeared listless and disinterested in his job. The players, with a few exceptions, appeared equally listless, so we did well to avoid the drop. Had 0′Neill not been dismissed, I would be contributing to Republik of Bolton.

Scott: Who was your best player?

Pete: Simon Mignolet was outstanding and went from a promising keeper into a very good one. A shame he left us for Liverpool. John O’Shea stood up to be counted as we slid down the league and gained the respect of this correspondent. Stephen Fletcher did well before his injury.

Scott: Which player are you expecting most important in 2013-2014?

Pete: Emannuelle Giaccherini could be a revelation; current Italian international, Scudetto winner and signed for a relatively low fee. From the bits we have seen, Cabral, signed from Basel (who did well in the Champions League, I believe) may well anchor our midfield. We look for a better season from the frustrating Adam Johnson and Stephane Sessegnon.

Scott: If you could take one United player, who would it be?

Pete: It would have to be someone who would fit in with the Di Canio approach, which rules out Nani. I do like Alexander Buttner and, seeing as we have no full backs, he will do.

Scott: Are you pleased Fergie’s retired?

Pete: Mixed feelings about Fergie. He could be the most annoying, inconsiderate and rude manager, but there was a genuine warmth about him and his impeccable working class upbringing is something we shall not see again. I can’t imagine the likes of Pardew or Rogers being Labour supporters. He will leave a big hole that Moyes will have to work hard to fill.

Scott: Where do you think your club will finish this season?

Pete: I would be delighted if we finished in the top half but suspect it will be 13th or 14th. I just want to see some decent football after the turgid fare we sat through last season.

Scott: Where do you think United will finish?

Pete: I’ll stick my neck out and predict that United will finish in the top four next season.

Scott: How do you feel about having a fascist as a manager?

Pete: I’m sure that there are many United fans who are uncomfortable having a Socialist as manager for 26 years. His politics are for him – so far at Sunderland he has kept them to himself.

Scott: We probably shouldn’t compare socialism with fascism though, eh? Hmm. Moving on. How confident are you of avoiding relegation after coming so close to going down last season?

Pete: Yes. I think he has shaken the players up and the performances at Horse Puncher Park and at home to Everton gave us an idea of the mood he can create amongst players. He has a good reputation as a coach (top of his class when he took his A badge) so I think we will be fine – but a good start is essential.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    Compare socialism to fascism. That’s easy YES they are the same EXCEPT fascist are honest about their intentions and socialists are back stabbing scum bags who garner support from the mentally deranged and pig thick ignorant turds of society. Socialism has killed more people than fascism has around the world, socialism has made more peoples life’s meaningless around the world than fascism and socialism is also the tool in which fundamental muslims use to target the weak and impoverished for promise of a better world.
    In short socialists are scum bags and we surely need a good fascist to come in and eradicate the clueless cretins.

  2. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    oh yeah! FIRST

  3. thedonmassawe says:

    Well that escalated quickly!

  4. everydayislikesunday says:

    First in front of the firing squad your politics endorse!


    No further comment required.

    Glad to hear O’Shea valued up there on Wearside. Whenever I caught them on TV he was certainly putting in a shift.

  5. redredred says:

    Socialism has killed more people than fascism? Fucking lunatic

  6. Costas says:

    People complaining that a fascist shouldn’t be managing tend to overlook how fascist that very notion is. Like Pete said, his politics are for him.

    Anyway, Sunderland missed Wes Brown last season
    He and JOS will be vital for them.

  7. andy1989 says:

    He was not comparing fascism with socialism, he was stating that a managers political views are his and so long as he keeps them to himself which he has in this country should not be used to judge him as a football manager. If he was on the election to replace David Milaband as the MP of south shields then it will be relevant.

  8. wayne says:

    Lol started my day with a laugh any Utd player and he’d take Buttner

  9. wayne says:

    Lol started my day with a laugh any Utd player and he’d take Buttner,not knocking Buttner but to take him over everyone is weird,must be having a laugh

  10. Mr C says:

    All ‘isms’ are dangerous bollocks and politicians are generally self-serving scumbags. Just want the fuckers to leave me alone.

    Now that lesson is over, back to the footy.

  11. wayne says:

    Don’t know what happened there phone misfunction

  12. Blah says:

    I grew up and (till now still)stay couple of miles from the gaffers upbringing(SAF)

    One thing I will say is that,in a politically manipulated financially contracted system of domination AKA Glasgow and Scotland(and of course much of the works to varied degrees)
    What you’ll find is,people with a real gift (albeit flawed and blindspotted aka human)
    Again IE SAF is that in order for those people to advance their capacities as humans(which being 10 years old and remembering the day of his arrival made my painfull abused childhood a little lighter…till I went home that night!!)

    Point Iam making is,there’s ALOT of ‘white guilt’ then comes from getting ‘out’ hence many pioneers eventually resort to Mis placed allegiance with Socialism..

    There’s a reason why Glasgow and to a lesser extent Sunderlnad will have these sentiments still active is that both cultures are steeped in deep denyal and childhood repression hence the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ that comes from the repeated stories of micro-family abuse denial and macro socialist control states is evident

    SAF knew the toxicity of the religious venom in Glasgow..(why I’d reckon he was so driven to succeed at Aberdeen as in part an unconscious ‘fuck you’ to the old firm despite being a Rangers man.

    Iam talking about the recent past and present of a primitive environment..

    It’s a little more nuanced and trendy libral from Manchester down ..

    @goat-I occasionally troll for your insight and exposing of pathetic left wing right wing narrow talking points..keep up the expressions(can’t say I resonate with your frankie Boyle esqe venomous use of the relentless spermatoooozamm word when dissecting the psychological profile of people..)but,it is often pre season and the extrapolating intricate mind processing is subdued )

    Sorry if someone has to read this…and,being so non football

  13. wayne says:

    Some of you lot still don’t get it when Goat is taking the piss

  14. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    Mr C
    Complete Jism!

  15. Scott says:

    Andy1989 – There are some political views that are less offensive than others, which is why the mention of socialism wasn’t a fair one. Just like it wouldn’t be fair to compare Ferguson’s dislike of England (in terms of football) with someone’s dislike of black people.

  16. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    And your audience is? lol

    There are 5 mancs who understand the words that you have written and at the moment they are all in london having a nice snooze in the house.

  17. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    You say that the interviewed (nice read Scott) didnt think it a point of discussion that an openly facist manager is a problem. Does he share the same view that an openly racist individual (Suarez) isnt a problem for Liverpool FC or football in general. And if not then why not.
    I can understand the extreme political situation that was between war Germany in creating a need for a fundamental shift in peoples thinkings as the present system wasnt working. But in todays society to be openly fascist is somewhat silly. Why not just be a politician or or a news paper editor. Far more effective. A twat that NAZI salutes openly is as stupid as a group of anarchists with Tom Cruise masks and tries to hide their identity by getting arrested for public disorder.
    Now? what about Brievik, lol. too soon.

  18. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    In regards Sunderland. back to football BTF

    Sunderland wont be doing anything special this year. They’ve lost a half decent goal keeper. Brown will get injured again as hes made of glass. Sessagnon was actually a midfielder before Bruce payed money for him thinking he could turn him into a striker that tackled back or like United does have a defensive line in the forward line (our case Rooney, Wellbeck, Hernandez and now Zaha). He has been found out as he cant pass for toffee. Fletcher was a decent buy as he is the typical mid to low table striker that is able to hold the line himself and have a decent shot. As soon as Sunderland are considered a threat and climb the table teams that play them would instead looking for an easy 3 points would be looking to get a result. Their game plan changes and Fletcher marked out of the game. He is a journey man, that is it. Colback is a midfielder and not a full back serious pace issues and Larsson despite being a decent dead ball specialist is pretty clueless, rash with challenges and has a 70 minute motor. Rest assured if hes picked for a match the opposing managers knows 95% that Larsson will be subbed. He waits with his subs and then can pull Sunderland apart by tactically subbing. Bellamy and Diouf used to be the same and these teams are easily pissed about with in the last quarter of an hour of a match. And so it continues week in week out as the fan argues that Larsson/Bellamy/Diouf shouldn’t have been subbed off as it all fell apart once they left – its obvious they are the best players. The new boys I know little about. In my eyes Adam Johnson is the only bright spark but he too goes missing large periods of a game and is almost a cert for being subbed in a match.
    Sunderland needs fit players. Not glass defenders, players who cant pace themselves and mercenaries whose shoulders will drop once they realize they’ve made a complete arse of their careers by joining Sunderland.
    No disrespect to Sunderland, Its one of 5 teams I would want to manage in life but they would be better suited building a core of players with a fighting spirit and add to that rather than a glut of new players with dubious attitudes or fitness levels.
    I would guess, some more extravagant football than that on show last year but also more holes at the back. 14-15 th would be a good season for them. 12th excellent but would not be surprised if it goes tits up billionaire QPR style.

  19. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Sunderland have signed quality in giacherrini from juventus, how they pulled that off is beyond me, probably has something to do with paolo being in charge. Jozy altidore has improved too and has returned to the premier league and I hope he kicks on for sunderland. They have sessegnon who on his day can be superb, adam johnson is not bad, same goes for larsson and if they can.keep their experienced players fit then they’ll be fine. Sunderland won’t be spectacular but under di canio, they’ll play good football

  20. kanchelskis says:

    Hahaha. I knew as soon as I saw the title for this blogpost that RoM’s fascist-in-chief would be along with some choice opinions. He has not disappointed.

  21. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    Is that me – yippee – I got a promotion – does it come with benefits – does it come with a little rent boy sent to my room for a little fun – lube up mate or Im going in dry. If you like my little Russian glorifying nonce Ill leave you a patch of Harry Monk on your forehead so you can feel the Gorbachev.

  22. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    You obviously havent followed the adventures of Lenin and Stalin to mention but a couple.

  23. kanchelskis says:


    Lenin and Stalin were socialists? Lol. Good knowledge.

  24. redredred says:

    Goat do us all a favour and go and shag your mam again eh.

  25. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    Digging her up again? I cant I broke my spade on your grandma, she was tight – you really werent looking after her in her final years were you

  26. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    socialist dictators.
    Allthough you could argue that socialism is an economic concept rather than a political one it cannot be argued that every high positioned member within socialism acts like a fucking dictator. They were as much socialists as Bush Thatcher reagan and co were torries/capitalists etc. Its just a cover to woo the masses so they can do as they fucking please. Only difference is socialist dictators are loved by the people because the twats that vote/or bring them in believe he is one of them so things will change. The educated or capitalist among us realise the tory/republican is the lesser despot.

  27. redredred says:


    No your right i let her down in her final years but she understood cos she knew i was busy getting your dad to suck my cock every night. He insisited on wearing my United shirt as well. Top bloke your old man.

  28. kanchelskis says:

    No matter what they called themselves, or what guise they came under, holding up Lenin and Stalin as examples of socialism is bizarre.

  29. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    Its no more bizarre than holding up Bush as the voice of republicanism.
    I said
    You obviously havent followed the adventures of Lenin and Stalin to mention but a couple.
    in reply to
    Socialism has killed more people than fascism? Fucking lunatic

    I didnt say Lenin and Stalin were socialists. it could be interpreted as they did what they did under the guise of Socialism.

  30. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    We’ll then its sorted. Well use whats been digging you out every night to dig up my mother. You’ll have to come along as your the only one to make my dad hard enough.

  31. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    My point being. If we cant hold lenin and Stalin responsible for their action and label it socialism, then maybe we cant label the actions of Thatcher and Bush capitalism. Maybe we cant blame facism for the actions of Hitler or islam fundamentalism on Bin Laden. Seeing as we arent playing the blame game.

  32. Hassan says:

    “Compare socialism to fascism. That’s easy YES they are the same EXCEPT fascist are honest about their intentions and socialists are back stabbing scum bags who garner support from the mentally deranged and pig thick ignorant turds of society. Socialism has killed more people than fascism has around the world, socialism has made more peoples life’s meaningless around the world than fascism and socialism is also the tool in which fundamental muslims use to target the weak and impoverished for promise of a better world.
    In short socialists are scum bags and we surely need a good fascist to come in and eradicate the clueless cretins.”

    Just wanted to say that I come from a Muslim country, I live in it and I’ve never been outside it. I’ve had shops blown up in my face, I’ve seen minority neighbourhoods burnt by Islamist twats. I’ve seen people literally die because they hold a difference of opinion. And the Socialist parties are the only ones combating the right wing religious fundamentalism and Islamo-Fascism. In fact a lot of these Islamo-Fascist/Islamist bastards were bred in the first place to combat the growing support of Socialism in the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia. The fundamentalists HATE socialists.

    So please, get your facts straight before talking about stuff you have no idea of.

  33. redredred says:


    Like father like son eh?

  34. andy1989 says:

    scott you hasve missed my point. PEACE

  35. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    And fundamentalists preach socialism or a koran based ideology where people are all treated equally under the koran and god. so using socialism to recruit soldiers to do away with the godless individuals as they see it. So they see themselves as equal under god and non islamists are god less lose and morally repugnant = capitalist/westernised.
    Swings and roundabouts fella.
    And as for your I am a muslim bullshit I dont give a rats arse. Your problem, not mine, not your personal army not a fuck is given. I only speak to humans.

  36. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    Are you trying to seduce me? Its working ;)

  37. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    Facism is a term that so called socialist use to shout down people they dislike because they have a differing opinion.

  38. Traffordium says:

    You can all fuck off with your politics,lets talk football.

  39. The Truth says:

    So yeah this thread went well. Glad Scott asked the Sunderland bloke the question about Di Canio’s political leanings.

  40. salfordes says:

    Isms are all fucking retarded… the US has a publicly funded and controlled Police force, is that socialist? Before you start laughing, it could be privatised, but isn’t as no one wants that.

    Just coming out with isms debases any kind of meaningful discourse. People have said ‘oh, well I’m a socialist’ but that doesn’t tell us anything. I may well agree or disagree with you over any number of issues. Does anyone really just subscribe to a preset collection of opinions under the banner of an ism? I don’t I’m sure you don’t either so why tag yourself with the baggage of it?

  41. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    Fag! Politics is a part of life, those that dont discuss are either uninterested or to scared to voice an opinion. If youre scared man up, if you dont care go to another thread 5 different ones today.

    The Truth
    Went very well I thought. Dont dismiss political discussion and differences for hatred or scorn. I think Scott had a valid point. Why should it be any different to having a facist as manager, or racist as manager or a fucking pedo. It does need discussing. What is the point of the respect campaign when Hitler can manage a team especially in an area of the country with low employment and all the connotations that brings in race relations.
    Its just a shame that everyones idea of getting over an issue is to not include themselves and sweep it under the carpet. What did our ancestors die for?

  42. cjh says:

    Goat – You realize that religion and capitalism go hand in hand right? Being poor=lack of education=turning to religion. So in sense, if you want to get rid of Islamic extremists, socialism is a better path than what is currently in place. It’s not perfect, but I can’t think of a mainstream political system that is.

    “And fundamentalists preach socialism or a koran based ideology where people are all treated equally under the koran and god. ”

    If only. All major religions preach the golden rule, very few follow it the way it should be. If they were treating everyone equally why do they still stone women and gays? It’s a lack of education. Something that socialism provides, for free.


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