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VIEW FROM THE ENEMY: Tottenham Hotspur fan on selling Bale and Arsenal’s celebrations

Following another season of just missing out on Champions League football, Spooky from Dear Mr Levy discusses all things Spurs related. Follow @Spooky23 on Twitter.

Scott: How did you rate 2012-2013 for your club?

Spooky: It’s a little paradoxical supporting Spurs. On the one hand it was a decent season, considering we started with a major overhaul of our coaching staff having let Harry Redknapp go. AVB was a risk appointment, be it a ballsy one for Levy to make and AVB to take (although Levy could appoint him without having to pay compensation to anyone, so I’m sure he saw it as a fiscally safe move). Considering we lost Luka Modric, failed to sign a traditional playmaker and didn’t find a solution to the tailsmanic Van der Vaart (the link between the forward and midfield), we still competed. So much so, in the end, it was disappointing we lost CL due to our own failings. Couple of mistakes here and there costing us vital points. So a good season, but for the second successive season one with regrets.

Scott: Who was your best player?

Spooky: Is that a trick question? No? Okay, brace yourself to be bored with more Gareth Bale hyperbole. Without Modric to recycle possession and craft out chances and with no Van der Vaart to inspire, all eyes were on Bale to take the mantle of ‘the player to get things done’. With Adebayor mostly in and out of the side and Defoe blowing his traditional hot and cold form, Bale blossomed in the free roaming role and decided if no one else was going to score, he would. He was in game-changing revelation form. Outstanding and growing in stature and confidence. Pretty much undeniable for me to look at any other player. I guess as a supporter you look to such players and simply seek to enjoy their talent. We like to be entertained and he did that at a pulsating tempo.

Scott: Which player are you expecting most important in 2013-2014?

Spooky: It’s a tricky one this. Bale might or might not be with us. We’ve signed a fair few new players already in Soldado, Paulinho and Chadli. We’ve got Kaboul returning along with Sandro. Dembele will hopefully be far more progressive and expressive this season. Holtby has to be more cultured as opposed to his frantic urgent running we witnessed last time out. There’s a fair few candidates tbh. I’d say, Sandro is pivotal and his inclusion will fix the dynamics of the side that were impacted when we lost him to injury. Dembele does like to sit deep but with Sandro pressing, he’ll be able to glide forward more. I think when Sandro plays the rest of our players can concentrate on their role rather than compensate for the lack of balance the side has when Sandro doesn’t play.

We are shaping up to look like a very strong side. Physical and technical. Sandro is pretty much like The Hulk in the Avengers. Control him and pretty much nobody will dare to bully you.

Scott: If you could take one United player, who would it be?

Spooky: Considering our centre-back ‘crisis’ I might have to pinch Vidic. We’ve got Vertonghen and Kaboul. The latter is returning from a long term injury layout. Dawson is bloody wonderful thanks to his heart and passion for the shirt but he’s not the best technically. Caulker is gone. I’m sure we’re in for another CB and I’m pretty happy with the rest of our team – although Nani might be worth a cheeky bid. I’m certain there is still an expectational talent somewhere in amongst the inconsistency.

Scott: Are you pleased Fergie’s retired?

Spooky: It seems surreal. I’m sure more so to United fans. I have some United friends who have grown up only ever knowing Fergie as the manager. That is incredible. I remember his appointment, I remember United early struggles and I’m hardly ever going to forget the dominance. I’m showing my age here but I remember Liverpool in the 80s and never saw them letting go of their grip on the title. Football is all about cycles and time does equate to new eras and new teams leading the way. I guess its interesting to see how United adapt without Fergie leading them. There is already doubt from some. I reckon there’s a possible transition for United but not one that will see them outside of competing for the title.

Scott: Where do you think your club will finish this season?

Spooky: We’ve been expected to finish 5th last two seasons before the season has kicked off. Once the season has kicked off, our expectations have risen due to the form of others and thanks to our continued improvement. Then, with plenty of irony, we end up in 5th. I think the point I’m making is, there are always four sides that are perceived as being stronger than us. Utd and City are title chasers, Chelsea and Arsenal have wobbled a little. I think more so Chelsea – who this season will probably be favourites to win the league. Which means Arsenal are once again the side we need to look at finishing above if we want CL football. I have to say 4th. What’s the point of following, supporting your side if you’re not going to believe in them? We’re good enough to finish above them. We’ve been good enough for two years. Sadly, their experience has got the better of us. Redknapp ballsed it up two seasons back. Last year, we just dropped stupid points (Liverpool away, Everton away, Fulham home). I know, I know…anyone can claim to have seen their side drop stupid points – but for me its about looking solid and our away form was fantastic last season. A slight improvement at home would have been enough. Fine margins.

Scott: Where do you think United will finish?

Spooky: 2nd. I think far too many people are under-rating the impact Moyes will have. He’s hardly going to come in and United finish midtable. The quality is there. Perhaps not enough in certain areas. You need a midfielder, that much has been obvious for a season or two. I think City more like to be erratic than you lot. Chelsea have so much quality in depth is ridiculous. Jose’s life is far too easy there IMO.

Scott: How long do you think Bale can reasonably be expected to stay at Spurs without CL football?

Spooky: Spurs publicly (via AVB and Levy approved I’m sure) has said the player isn’t for sale. IMO, Madrid have probably inquired, perhaps even bid for him. We’ve rejected it. That’s my guess. Until Madrid bid again we won’t know how this will play out. On the one hand AVB stating that the player isn’t for sale is making a very public statement that almost suggests we’re no longer willing to listen. Unless its us using the media (the same way Madrid have) to incite them to match our valuation…or scare them off once and for all.

I think Bale is ambitious. I’m sure he’s spoken about Madrid before so if he wants the move, if he really wants it, I can’t deny him that. But I’d like to see him stick it out at Spurs for another season. He has a chance of really doing something special, consolidating his legacy at White Hart Lane rather than ever so slightly diminishing it.

I think if Spurs keep looking the other way with Madrid then this saga might get messy. So far there has been no direct attempt to engineer a move away this season.

To answer your question – one more season. If we get into the CL, you never know, he might want to stay for another. But I wouldn’t begrudge him a move if he led us into the CL this season.

Scott: Do you think your players would have celebrated like Arsenal’s did if you pipped them to 4th last season?

Spooky: No. Hahaha, seriously, I reckon they would have celebrated – no doubt – but in the past couple of season we’ve hardly been the underdog. I think the Gooners have celebrated because they no longer have much else to shout about. Finishing above us is now very important to them. And so it should be. For a long time they dismissed the North London rivalry and instead humped the leg of Manchester United instead. From my perspective, it’s gutting that we’ve managed to let them off the hook for the past two seasons. I think the celebrations of the players would have not been as embarrassing as Arsenal up at Newcastle and equally so, not as silly as the celebrations at Eastlands when we qualified for the CL. I can’t say the same about the fans though.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

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    Gay = a mincer, see Gareth Bale. As in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo Montague is telling his cousin of his affection for Juliet Capulet and the anguish it would cause the two feuding families.
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    R* The Gareth Bale it is then.
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  2. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    First again Im on form

  3. wayne says:

    Bale is one stupid looking cunt and the heart shaped celebration does my fucking head in,if as reported Bale tried to trade mark it lol pretty nauseating,Bieber been doing it for years another phony obnoxious cunt
    All this bollocks about Bale being a down to earth homebody who loves AVB and Spurs,soon as Madrid showed any interest he want’s out,read this week he’s refusing to play for Spurs again.Good footballer but imo overhyped beyond reason and somewhat of a phony cunt

  4. wayne says:

    That photo lol looks like he’s just had a run in with Nurse Ratched

  5. Dazbomber says:

    Ronaldo is at the Worsley Mattiott Manchestet

  6. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    Bale is a half decent footballer and worth 60 million in England as hes a shirt lifter, I mean seller. 100 million or whatever has been quoted from Real Madrid is ridiculous. They have plenty of players of their own that look like the cast from a Charlton Heston classic (Planet of the apes). source: Walt Disneys Ferdinand the Bull – the matadors.
    4min 21 sec

    My point is they wont sell that many shirts with Bale on as he wont be their quickest, best passer, best shot or prettiest. So 100million is just for the football. Id say it should be more like 30 million.

  7. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    From £84 per night per person.
    The tight fisted wanker! What next a slap up brunch at Little Chef.

  8. kanchelskis says:

    PL Squad numbers are out…

    … and there’s no #7

    Let the rumours begin

  9. wayne says:

    Goat I’ll bet a penny to a pound Ronnie has the suite

  10. Domes says:

    Interesting article, and i think ‘Spooky’ is pretty spot on with the predictions, though maybe Spurs could finish higher still if the continue their current buying AND keep Bale. They’d be challenging for the title themselves then.

    The comments on the article are retarded. Shameful.

  11. Costas says:

    It’s really of sad that United don’t have 2 players ambitious and brave enough to wear numbers 7 and 9. And don’t give me the “they are saving them for a new signing” crap, lol.

  12. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    If I had his fucking money Id import a hundred thousand needy kids from around the world to strip naked and arch over me joined together like a fucking ant raft. I wouldnt be getting wet and theres no fucking chance of getting a bit of chocolate stuck to my pillow as it melted in the heat as no doubt one of the kids would have stolen it.

  13. My Heart Is White says:

    Wayne, I do believe that you sound like Cartman from South park! Medication time, medication time! I don’t personally take any notice of liars like media people, you obviously take their word for gospel. Does that mean he refused to play for Wales too? You fool, take a look through all the reports, none of them give any quotes. So far, the real comments that have come from people around Bale, (Welsh team mate & AVB) is that Bale hasn’t said a word. With that in mind how do you or anyone else know what he wants. I think that you support another team, probably arse and have the fattest amount of jealousy because you have no-one near the talent of Bale. Quite sad that you feel the need to show your mental state in public.

  14. kanchelskis says:

    If United aren’t to win the league this season, and it’s between City and Chelsea, I’m honestly veering towards wanting City to win it more. Mourinho in his presser coming across like a smug git again. More comments designed to unsettle Rooney.

    There’s nothing I’d love more than to see him flop back at the Bridge.

  15. Proverb says:

    Rumour is ronnie as turned up slapped Rooney n said the real big man is back. Turned round winked at moyes then went an done his hair

  16. The Truth says:

    @WeAreUnited on the number 7 shirt: “a youngster/Kagawa will get it.”

    Anything to say now smart arse? In fact same goes for anyone else who thought Zaha or Januzaj would get the 7 or 10 shirts.

    More Ronaldo rumours I see. Pie in the sky I tell you. Read somewhere that he’s filming something in Manchester for Nike and that could be the reason he’s over here. Sounds more likely than him re-signing for us anyway. That’s if these sightings and rumours are even true.

    As for Spurs they’ve made some very good signings again. Soldado is a player I’m a big fan of. Very interested to see Capoue and Paulinho as well. Surprised they let Huddlestone go but I suppose they are a bit overstocked in the midfield department now. Nailed on for 5th place again.

  17. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Costas – that no 7 can only shine with a player with genuine quality and belief, it’s type to embrace and not choke under pressure, ronaldo took it at 18 and dazzled. I would give it to adnan as out of the younger players coming through, he seems the most that will cherish it. Not sure why those squad numbers are kept aside, unless a cardboard cut-out of bale and fabregas will be wearing them, the closest united will get to landing either.

  18. RedHarry4Life says:

    Rumour is Ronnie turned up at the AON training complex(bollocks of a name but hi more money) this morning saying he is ready to resign. But unfortunately EDDY WOODENTOP’s hot air balloon he took early from the tour has not arrived yet and not expected to land until Sept 3rd.

    EDDY clock 47 days and counting. So far 3 new sponsors and NO SIGNINGS

  19. RedHarry4Life says:

    Anyone seen or heard where or what that tosser Eddy Woodenhead is or doing (apart from licking the Gimp’s ass)

  20. wayne says:

    The commercial isn’t Woodwards job anymore,don’t understand the abuse he’s getting there’s only one or two players Utd need and unless their top quality no point in signing anyone.Like to point out getting RVP took 4 months.If Utd go out and sign a player that’s not top quality will get shit for signing someone who’s not good enough.The club can’t win with some
    How many top quality immediate impact players are out there?

  21. WeAreUnited says:

    @thetruth fuckin weirdo

    thank you for keeping my comments safe, it does not prove anything, did I say they will get it this season?
    Secondly if nobody’s getting it now, does it mean that I am completely wrong?

    and if I were wrong what would that matter? probably another player will get the number 7 if not the ones I mentioned. What the hell si wrong with you, just because I want to give it to our 2 best youngsters Januzaj or Zaha or Kagawa you bash me? because I want to give them courage to be the best.

    Go and crawl to youe chelski hole, ok? thank you.

    @samuel I agree mate, Adnan I think should get that #7 he reminds me also of Ronaldo in the sense of pure talent, this does not mean Zaha does not deserve it, but Adnan somehow strikes me for the #7 and Zaha #11, but this being said, they are just shirt number, but the nagain a shirt number can lift your game or drop your game, if you don’t seize your moment then what can you do.

    It strikes me odd how people don’t see that giving it to youngsters would only lift their game and give the courage to beat what other number 7:s the likes of Best etc did and what the new ones could do.

    anyway, whoever gets it, will wear it with heart. peace.

  22. WeAreUnited says:

    @wayne what’s up, long time no seen, don’t see you here anymore .

    the new season wil lsoon begin, are you ready fo the new aarguments with me? haha.

    peace mate.

  23. wayne says:

    WeAreUnited hi mate I’ve posted on a few threads just got tired of the trolls and the constant negativity before even a ball has been kicked.It started the day Moyes was hired and hasn’t stopped all summer just get’s really boring and tiresome

  24. WeAreUnited says:


    yeah it’s constant, just take a look at thetruth the lad goes and saves my comment and now went into the other thread and posted it to prove a point or something

    tal abou being crazy, the same lad betetd against us for the swansea game, but he’s doing a great job to piss people off otu here, he’s my new friend hahah

    Moyes will do a great job btw for those who thinks otherwise

  25. Costas says:


    I agree. If no senior players wants to take, give it to Adnan. Ronaldo was exactly the same age when he was given that number. Keeping that number vacant kind of sends out a message that we don’t have anyone worthy (established or promising youngster) to wear it. Which is bollocks, since United should always have someone like that in the team.

    9 bugs me as well, but that number has been vacant in the past. I think it was two years after Andy Cole left that someone else chose it.

  26. WeAreUnited says:


    that number 9 is a weird one, it’s not that popular and Cole wear it very nicely and it fitted Berba also. but it somehow is not that valued , even though it’s only a number.

    maybe Moyes is waiting for someone to establish himself this season and give it then next season, for the new arrival or the duo of Januzaj and Zaha. we’ll see.

  27. WeAreUnited says:

    the last sentence is for the number #7

  28. wayne says:

    Yeah him,King Cantona,Phil Gay normally work as a tag team to go after someone.King Cantona out and out Lied about me pretty well his first post but just avoids answering why.All three could be the same person.Also noticed ‘random’ posters show up with names that’s never been on here before just to attack.Well organized by sad deranged cunt or cunts whatever it may be

  29. WeAreUnited says:

    Yeah that’s sad more than sad. hope Scott interfers on this thing cause it’s getting annoying. Luckily therr’s still some quality posters and we can communicate with them. Scott should try to make us register our usernames and somehow find out who’s 2 users or more.

    Peace mate

  30. Costas says:


    Some players get too attached to their original numbers. Look at RVP. Could have wore 9, but kept 20 for his own reasons. Danny and Javier also avoided the number 9 shirt for reasons I don’t get.

    Some players also maintain their original numer for commercial reasons. Which is why Cleverley will wear 23 for the rest of his life, lol.

  31. WeAreUnited says:

    Yeah sometimes it’s players making the numbers big and not the numbers making the players.

    But the number 7 is so special and the best way to make it your own is from the scratch, and I just see Januzaj being able to make it for himself. Maybe it’s a new player getting it. We’ll see.

  32. Marq says:


    Ignore that guy, his name tells you what kind of person he is. And guess what, he rates Huddlestone, shows what a keen eye for talent he has.

  33. WeAreUnited says:

    @marq mate, no I’m done, cause irealised the lad is pathetic and is just playing and having fun. I’m done with him, just could not stand when he put a bet against us, own team.

    Can’t wait for tomorrows game and to shut some people up.

    Cmon United!!!

  34. Mr C says:

    No no.7 or no.9 shirt? Is this ‘expectations management’ bullshit or some supposedly canny commercial move on the part of the club? Either way it’s not the spirit.

  35. King Eric says:

    Chelsea have ridiculous strength in depth? Really. They don’t have a fucking decent striker and Mata aside fuck all width. Keep writing United off. Getting sick of it.

    The Truth still on I see. Chelsea game yeah? You’ll avoid invite again.


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