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Viva Ronaldo – Still Supporting Portugal

Scored one and unselfishly assisted another against the Czech Republic. At the very least, he’s bumping up his transfer fee with every game he plays in the Euros!

It’s a shame we can’t take the same enjoyment from Ronaldo’s performances as we would if we knew for certain his future, for the next season at least, was tied to our club.

On the upside, at least Chelsea’s Petr Cech is on the losing side against Ronaldo again. “Now I have another match against Ronaldo and he’ll be the main man for Portugal,” Cech said earlier in the week. “But hopefully this time I will be celebrating.” Unlucky.

“Portugaaal, Portugaaal, Portugaaal,” we sung to West Ham, when they chanted about England on the final day of the home season, trying to get a rise out of us. It is a country we have adopted thanks to our love for Ronaldo, but the shine of their success is taken away thanks to these constant rumours.

Regardless, the lad is still a United player and I’m not going to throw the towel in just yet. In 2006 it appeared to be a done deal that he was off to Real Madrid, but he’s enjoyed two trophy filled seasons since then.

‘One trick pony’ they called him, ‘no end product’ they said, ‘too selfish’ we were told. Yet with every passing game over these past two years, Ronaldo has stuck two fingers up at all those ABUs who took time to criticise him.

So congratulations Ronaldo, well played…

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. KingOfZamunda says:

    Still contracted to United, still bumping up his transfer fee and not in a Real short just yet. It’s all gravy for the time being!!

  2. luke says:

    not to mention he’s part of my fantasy football team ;)

  3. jsos says:

    glad to see the reds are still on the side wth ronnie for now… (see poll results). brilliant showing from him today. Viva Ronaldo!

  4. Karan says:

    I’ll be supporting him until I see him holding up a Real shirt…

  5. stewart says:

    I think that unless he commits long term to the reds straight after the Euro Championships that we should bomb him out! We only want players who are committed and proud to wear the shirt! If not? then sling your hook!! This team is going places with or without Ronaldo! We must sort this out quickly and if necessary, move on without him. we are Manchester United! We are bigger than any individual player! Ask David Beckham! Good bye Ronaldo?! Long live UNITED!!!

  6. KingOfZamunda says:

    Heck yeah, the club is always always bigger than the player- and SAF, CQ and the dirty Ham Rick-Ans are behind this view so we hold all the aces in this sorry saga.

  7. Tom F says:

    You read my mind Scott… I find it a real shame that I was watching Ronaldo (as I do all United players on International duty) and felt as though I didn’t want him to do well.

    When he scored, I usually would have been really happy but instead felt quite sad. It’s a bit like getting over a girl-friend who has cheated on you but you still feel for… yes, psycho analogy but that’s how it feels.

    Like the time has come and there is no going back. He is an amazing player but the way he has acted is not what I have come to grow used to by United players and a record fee seems likely, next year if not this.

    For all he has done for us, he’ll never be the same. At least in the eyes of those fans who backed him supported him and adored him when we knew who we had.

  8. Tom F says:

    By the way, I have never been cheated on. (or at least I’d write to Deadrie in The Sun if I had)


  9. Adam says:

    He’ll be at United, he hasn’t said he wants to leave…I still love the lad.


  10. Adam says:

    People saying they can’t feel the same about Ronaldo, I just don’t get. He has not said he’s leaving, he has not said he wants to be at Madrid, he is just unsure whether it is the right time or not to fulfil a dream of his, a dream he’s never hid.

    I’m confident he’ll be here for a few more seasons and then move to Spain, to fulfil a dream of his, no matter how hard it is to support him in his dream, we shouldn’t knock the lad because while he’s been here he’s given his full commitment and heart to United and has never disrespected the club.

  11. DuudeLove says:

    Even if he ends up with that wretched white shirt, he will always have a special place in my heart.

    I’ve seen a kid join the club at the age as i was at the time so i really notice how much he has developed physically at least. I felt every high he experienced and was down with him when times were low.

    I have many fond memories of the boy at OT and have had the rare chance of filming some of his goals sitting in the Stretford End. Footage i will treasure forever.

    When we look back in the future, i would like to remember what he did for us ON the pitch. How he captured our imaginations and raised the bar so high that only he could surpass himself. He is unique in ability and will continue to break records no doubt.


    My love for United will always burn deeper than any affection i will have for a single player. I’m sad it has come to this but i will not be one of those arrogant narrow minded fans than will suddenly turn on him after all of the service he’s given the club. Unlike Gabriel YSB Heinze (how i loathe him!!)

    Sure he could have handled this whole saga with more tact but how can he with just the small matter of being your country’s great hope of winning a tournament.

    Cut him some slack and just watch him do what he does best in neutral colours lol for these few weeks and hope he is the top scorer as i will earn a tidy sum off the wager i placed ;)


  12. Ron says:

    He isnt going anywhere. I just cant see it -not yet anyway. After the EURO we will find out the truth behind all the BS we have read the last few weeks. Till then FORCA PORTUGAL

  13. johnpanda says:

    he’s still a united player for now but the fact is that he could have killed all this speculation weeks ago by clearly stating his intention to honour the huge contract he recently signed. i’m really disappointed in ronaldo’s conduct throughout this affair.

    am i the only one that suspects he is taking enjoyment from all this attention and fuss?

    i still think he’s the best player in the world but as a person he falls miles short of unassuming and loyal united legends like solskjaer and scholes!

  14. stuart says:

    hes been quoted today after the match saying to marca i love playing in a white strip ,the white of the national team that is.If thats true then thats awful its disrespectful to united and all the people at united who have helped him.If all this is true and he really does want to leave now then we should get rid but im hoping that most of this stuff from marca is rubbish then id be ok with him.

  15. wayne says:

    No surprises Scolari was suggesting he should leave after yday’s announcement. Dirty bast**d.

  16. Tom F says:

    How can you feel the same about a player who has given you so much joy only to show complete disrespect to Sir Alex, to Manchester United, to his team mates and to us.

    We all supported him when he was the most hated figure in football. I don’t think the problem is that he wants to leave but more the way he is going about it.

    If he stayed silent rather than flirting with the press I wouldn’t feel the way I do right now.

  17. Tom F says:

    Also, speaking of Portugal.

    What does everyone think of the way Phil Scolari has told Ronaldo to go to REAL MADRID… when he knew e’d be the manager of Chelsea next season.

    I bet he wants Ronaldo out of England.

  18. stuart says:

    i think that scolari is a big fat C*** like you guys do lol

  19. denton davey says:

    I just don’t get this business about CR7 being “disrespectful” to UTD or SAF. It’s all based on inuendo and second hand reports and the reading-of-tea-leaves. Until we actually see a direct video-taped interview with him, it’s just speculation.

    And, don’t forget, in his role as a commercial “face”, it’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s job to keep that face in the public view. He’s not done a bad job of that since there is more written about him than anything else to do with this tournament.

  20. Tom F says:

    Good point Denton, but there is still the point that Ronaldo is allowing the speculation to continue. Saying to the press exactly what they want to hear depending on which country he’s in.

    I am talking about on screen interviews too, not stuff written on the daily bog roll.

  21. Gary says:

    To be honest I was stricken with rage when these rumours come out last week that he had quoted he wanted to leave but I have calmed down now and got over him already. I never used to trust Ronaldo’s loyalty but after the world cup I genuinely felt that he had changed and that he really was moved by the way the United fans turned him into a marter. We love nothing more then an anti hero. Like every United fan we all knew he would leave one day but I thought that would be 3 or 4 years down the line. I just feel like a mug like every United fan does because we like so many I genuinely felt Ronaldo had taken us and the club to his heart, but hes shown himself to be a self obsessed, disrespectfull twat. Im so sad to be agreeing with all those people who labeled him that after the world cup in 2006, its really sad. I wont be giving him a good reception if he returns to Old Trafford one day with Real Madrid.

  22. stewart says:

    He has to go! How can he stay now? The only way for him to stay is to totally commit to the ’cause’ and he aint gonna do that! Get real people (no pun intended!) He wants out! Time to move on and let the ungracious, ungrateful, egotistical, immature boy go and play in a sub standard league that is the Spanish La Lega! Premier league it aint! Why else has big Phil come to the Premier league? (OK R.A.’s money helps but!?) He’s come here because it’s the best league in the world! Ronaldo would do well to remember that when he’s playing against the likes of Getafe and Real Mallorca in half empty stadiums! I mean ok Real Madrid V Barca is massive, but the rest? No, sorry Ronny it’s a backward step! Its your choice and I think you’ve already decided! So go now! We have other heroes to discover and to lavish our support on and hopefully they will be more worthy of it!!!


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