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Senchenko Wears Manchester United Shirt Ahead Of Hatton Fight

Danny Welbeck, Tom Cleverley and Ashley Young were all at the MEN last night to watch Ricky Hatton take on Vyacheslav Senchenko.

Hatton, who walks out to City’s anthem “Blue Moon” and who was wearing sky blue shorts with City’s badge on, was confronted by his opponent, Vyacheslav Senchenko, wearing a United shirt.

Hatton lost in the 9th round and was left in tears before announcing his retirement from the sport.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. BananaHill says:



  2. Proverb says:

    Haha classic
    Will mancini do the same??? It takes a proper man to do that

    Well done shevWHo

  3. Swedish Red says:


  4. Little Red Ant says:

    battered by a RED :o )

  5. RedJonah says:

    ‘We’ll show those city bastards how we fight…’ haha unlucky fatton at least you’ll probably win I’m a celeb 2013.

  6. AlphaRS says:

    Was Rooney there?

  7. wayne says:

    Got to love that City hero left weeping at the feet of a red,salt in wounds

  8. Ash says:

    To all the negative fans
    Real madrid lost to betis last night. They have superstars in their team yet they got their ass wooped by dortmund and city also took the game to them at emptyhad this past week. With the player sand amount they spend on buying players they should be winning the champs league every season. Do they win? NO. Give us one energetic midfielder we will be scoring more goals. If we had carazola the arsenal lad then we would have been winning with ease. Anderson is our best midfielder currently. I have always said our squad is great it is just we lack one quality midfielder. Just wait and see how we perform when kagawa is back in full force. He will be our mata,silva etc

  9. FletchTHEMAN says:

    A bitter blue crying after defeat. Never saw that before ;) :lol:

    Speaking of defeat. Hoping chavs take points off the bitters.
    Bitter yet, a loss would do nicely as well.

    Its the Cashlico aka The OilFirm game! :lol:

    Ch€£$€a v Cit€h for bragging rights in the OilFirm ;)

    Hoping for some silly injuries while diving. That’s always such good entertainment innit?

  10. Fredrik says:

    Haha The Oil Firm :)

  11. mansuy united says:

    Yes, Ash. Yes. He shall return.

    This is hilarious. Hatton is a joke. A joke who could knock me out, but a joke.

  12. Red Robin says:


    Is Senchenko a true red or just an attention seeker?

  13. Diablo says:

    Do we really need ANOTHER Midfielder? We have Anderson(Overweight and Overrated) Cleverley,Fletcher, Kagawa,Rooney,Carrick,where excactly would anyone new fit in? we also have Scholes and Giggs, surely we would have to sell first!

  14. FletchTHEMAN says:

    SAF: Still shocked at what’s happening down at Liverpool. £35M on a kid that your sending on loan?

    I am sure if you ask the lad Senchenko will say. Me not from Manchester, but was born a RED :lol:
    He’s a showman mate! Cut the lad some slack!

    BTW, Did any of you lot catch the twit battle between One Direction and Piers Morgan? Seems a couple of those lads grew up with the Red and Black! Funny stuff.

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    On a serious note:

    David Sexton OBE. R.I.P.
    Former reds manager (’77-81).

  16. shankthecitizen says:

    blue moon has got to be the stupidest rock song i’ve ever heard and believe me, i know my rock music.
    to have that song as your club’s ‘anthem’ is pathetic.
    gotta feel bad for a grown man shedding tears, but he got what was coming to him for being a city fan.
    like i always say – do a good deed, shank a city fan

  17. Strik3rr says:

    hahaha Nice!

  18. redbilly says:

    senchenko obviously knows his football, good man. respect for Hatton, regardless of him being a blue. pulled himself out of a distructive cycle of behaviour for thisd fight and appears ot be on the road to recovery. Always liked the bloke and i wish him well.

  19. SHINJI THE NINJA says:


    THE most overrated and over-indulged player at the club is Wayne Rooney.

    He is not a “midfield maestro” and I cant remember the last time he scored a “great” goal…………… as far back as City and he had his own haor still when he was actually playing great football.
    He is a busted flush and if I were taking over after Fergie he would be on the list headed “TO SHIP OUT”

  20. SHINJI THE NINJA says:

    @ Ash

    I think one energetic midfielder would definitely make all the difference.Like RVP has made all the difference up fromt – …………..SO WHY, AFTER NEARLY 5 YEARS, HAVE WE STILL NOT BOUGHT ONE?

  21. Proverb says:

    Chelsea fans are actually mocking Benitez here by singing “You’re just a fat Spanish waiter”. There’s something very wrong at that club.

  22. Proverb says:

    Fucking typical game, its to be expected two free spending small clubs, one already with no hope of progressing to the next round of the champions league and the other already out. chelsea looking nowhere near finding a goal. City at the other hand looking short of options up front….

    Probably its going to be a drab nil all or lucky cheeky goal from city right at the death

  23. Jesper Olsen 11 says:

    Fair one if he was from Salford or anywhere near OT, but he’s from Poland. We should be getting behind our fellow mancs. People like Ricky are what makes Manchester what it is; it’s embarrassing that some Polish bloke bounces in the ring wearing our colours. He’s probably never been to a game in his life; it’s cringeworthy that there’s blokes coming on here lapping it up

  24. belfast red. says:

    Even though Hatton is a blue. He seems like a genuine down to earth humble guy. And tbh found it very sad to see him go out like that.

  25. Kungfoocantona says:

    U no il be the 1st to say it was sad to see hatton like that yes hes a coteh fan but hes always been respectful to united an also he was a great british boxer so it was sad to see some fans are just fuckin fickle…

    Anderson is overwieght and over rated…how about u fuck off u idiot hes been the beat midfielder we have had this season with hos performances yet fergie has no faith and chooses to start to old men before him(those 2 old men are legends but there time is over). Its jut bad managment by fergie at the end of the day regardless of wt any1 thinks…every united fan knows anderson deserves to start and it wouldnt surprise me if hes dropped again…so get ur fuckin daidrie barlow glases off and stop talkin shite

    Theres far to much fuckin player rotation and formation changing for me theres no consistancy in the team at all..i bet fergie doesnt no his best eleven! Playing rooney on the left is stupid as was plying scholes an fletch together an young out of position on the right. Why didnt he start with rooney and rvp up front ashley on the left ando and fletch in the middle and maybe rafa pn the right with jones right back..these shitty performances are down to fergie and his mindless tinkering crap because we are not a shit team, yes we are missing 1 or 2 top players especially in midfield but we need consistancy if we want to win this league….

  26. markg says:

    dosen’t matter who hatton supports he’s like a fellow you would have a pint with

  27. Ice Cube says:

    Hatton is OK in my book. So he supports another team who we don’t like, big deal. Football can become too tribal IMO. Hatton wears his heart on his sleeve and I like that. Hatton is not an athlete, but he is a warrior. If he was both and looked after his body the way an athlete does, he would have been number 1.

    Hatton fought the best, even this polish guy is no mug. Compare that with Calzaghe, who fought mostly nobodies and past it legends and claimed he had beaten the real deal. It was sickening listening to JC after the Jones Jr fight. Roy in his prime would have made JC look like the punk he is, instead he waited until Roy was well past it. Hatton can be the biggest blue going, but this is boxing and for the fights he took, he gave the public their monies worth and didn’t milk them. Paqman and Floyd are awesome, yet he stepped up and took them on in their primes.

    While I’m not his biggest fan and never actively cheered him on, he deserves more respect than has got from some.

  28. Canada says:

    Now that’s just funny!
    I was in Vegas same time as a Hatton fight. Hatton fans were giving a couple Geordie’s all sorts of a verbal going over at the bar. Apparently they wanted everyone to know Hatton belonged to the Blue side and no one else. Bunch of wanks. They can keep his retired a**.

  29. King Eric says:

    I have no problem with Hatton whatsoever, he is a good lad. He did NOT need to redeem himself. No shame in losing to Mayweather and Pacquiao. No other English Boxer will EVER take 25,000 fans to Vegas.

  30. King Eric says:

    Jesper and Ice Cube – Spot on lads.

  31. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    Lol. I hope our boys can learn from this!


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