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Wait…Ronaldo’s Real Supporting Mum Says He’s Staying

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum, Dolores Aveiro, has long admitted she would one day like to see her son playing for Real Madrid.

Earlier this year, she claimed she would only be happy once he signed a deal with the Spanish giants. “They are my favourite team, the best in the world,” she said. “If one day he were to leave England then I would really like to see him go to Madrid. I would not like to die without seeing my son playing there, then I could go knowing that my dream was fulfilled.”

It is rather surprising then, after quotes claiming to be from Ronaldo appeared on a Brazilian website stating he wanted to move to Real Madrid, that it is his mother who has moved to dispel these rumours.

Speaking last night to the Portuguese television channel, TVI, she claimed Ronaldo was staying put. “He is fine where he is,” she said. “Only God knows the future, but it is certain is that he will continue in Manchester.”

This suggests, like some reds already thought, that the quotes appearing on Brazilian website, Terra, did not come from Ronaldo at all.

However, this news will be met with mixed emotions, with large chunks of the United following claiming they want rid of the player who has failed to commit to the club.

Do you think Ronaldo will stay?

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  1. julio says:

    She is after all the the motivating factor either way if he is going or staying.


    but wasnt the quotes from his mum discredited by ronaldo (on the whole real issue) after she made it? he claimed that she never talked to anyone and the photo was photoshopped – in it shes wearing a united cap.

    personally i think he’ll stay and all these paper stories are a result of real using their connections to unsettle the player. would you be shocked if i said terra has links with marca? they fed the story that robinho was going to go to real

  3. luke says:

    i’d love to believe that does comments didnt come from Ronaldo yesterday but given the feverish reporting and the fact that he didnt even come out to say he was still undecided (never mind his “2/3 days ” being up) makes me think that he DOES want to leave but realises that ultimately it is up to United wether they decide to sell….All i want is for a clear cut decision to be made and put an end to this circus so that we can go abt our business making sure that we retain both our trophies next year….with or without ‘that young boy ronaldo’

  4. Nik says:

    Can’t everyone see that the Real controled press like Marca and Terra are only trying to stir up a hatred for Ronnie among the United fans so that he feels he can’t come back like after the World Cup by claiming he wants to elave, has agreed a deal etc?? He knows that he is at the best place to continue developing and has said as much in an interview with UEFA.

  5. Kina says:

    just outta curiousity…did Man Utd sign CR7′s mum as well?….LONG LIVE MAN UTD.


  6. 10enB says:

    Since it was reported earlier in the week I have questioned the authenticity of the quotes from the Brazilian website, Terra. I mean out of all the media sources around the world, why spill your thoughts to a Brazilian reporter as opposed to the spanish or english press; it didnt make a lot of sense for various reasons. And the fact Ronaldo’s mother has officially come out and said what she has said, it does make me wonder, if any of Ronaldo’s quotes are true or indeed fabricated. The only annoying thing about all this speculation is that none of the reputable quotes have come from ronaldo; its either been his mum, god father, SAF, Gill, or various other Real madrid c**ts.

    If I was to seperate my head from my heart I would say if Ronaldo really wanted to stay he would have come out way before the euro’s quashed all rumours, hype and unnecessary frenzy which is detrimental to his and Portugals preparations. The only thing I would say about his lack of vocality is that maybe he wants to think about it before he makes any concrete choices, he may be swaying in one direction, but who could blame him on a personal note if that was what he was doing. Clearly if that is the case it is fairly selfish especially to the fans, but Ronaldo doesnt strike me as a selfless person, as it would be for any player with such talent, and the bottom line is he is from Mediera not Manchester.

    Come on Ronnie use your head and stay with the European champions, theres plenty of time to jump ship.

  7. Red Devil says:

    This is just an absolutely ridiculous situation. Nobody needs me to say what a good player Ronaldo has been for us, but for me this has gone too far. Why hasn’t he just come out and said that his future lies with UTD? Silence to me means he is hedging his bets, those sort of players we don’t need.
    For those who will be gutted if this ill advised Ronaldo leaves, let me remind you the disrespect that shows to the rest of our great team and club.
    Yes he scored 43 goals, but he didn’t do this alone, credit should go to the rest of the team that enabled him to achieve this. When the ‘horses head’ Van Nistleroy left everyone was saying we just sold 30 goals a season, when in fact we have as a team been scoring more goals every season without him.
    United is a great club, it makes players like Ronaldo look even better than he is, it points the spotlight in his direction, but please don’t forget it was our team that won the double not Ronaldo. It was the Park’s and Nani’s who sat on the bench patiently, who came on when called on and done a good job, it was the Vidic’s who refused to come off the field when they were injured, it was the never say die Rooney’s and Teves’s.
    This is the man we took in as a boy, this is the boy we made into a world class player, this is the man we stood by when all of England wanted his head. Does he think if he’d done to Raul what he did to Rooney, the Real fans would have stood behind him and belted out songs for him?
    I hope Ronaldo proves me wrong and this turns out to be media hype, but if it is what it seems, then just be a man and stand up and say you want to leave. It will be nothing but a blip for UTD because we are a great club.

  8. dennis axisa - malta says:

    All the newspapers are rubbish. Man Utd fans only want to hear it from the horse’s mouth.
    question 1:
    Ronaldo tell us striaght if you are staying or leaving?
    question 2:
    Is it true Fergie that he doesn’t want to talk to you?
    We want straight clear answers only.

  9. Ian says:

    Ronaldo will not leave this summer and I could bet on that. I live in Santiago de Chile and believe me when I say those quotes from Terra are fake. How can anyone explain that he didn’t appear on tape saying that? Simple, he never did.

    He has said many times he would like to play one day in Spain, but that dreams may never come true (and he said that being already aware of Real’s interest). That means he will not take this oportunity to leave us and that he isn’t sure if they will be interested in signing him again. After that he said he wouls love to continue. Both those things he DID say in front of a camera and tha’s all you guys shoul believe.

    I believe he will try to get a better deal with us (which he totally deserves) and does not comment on the situation, because he is fully focused on the Euros… for God’s sake everyone should understand that.

    So I beg all united fans please don’t make silly judgements when we are not certain of anything. He has not said anything wrong in person until now and we are actig like stupid England fans from Liverpool or Arsenal. Ronaldo said this club feels like home for him and will show the respect he has for the club the day he leaves. I am certain of that.

  10. Superdorz says:

    We’re supposed to be basking in the glory of what has been one of the all time great seasons in our history and its being overshadowed by this circus.

    I agree with Red Devil, Ronaldo has flourished thanks to the hard work and talents of those around him. He’s been consistent because the team has.

    I wish he would just come out and say what he really wants now, just to get it over with because frankly i couldn’t care less anymore whether he stays or goes.


  11. NorwegianDevil says:

    I would just like to point out that the claims from Terra has been denied by the portugese spokesman, and the only reason this is not been reported by the world press is that it dosen’t sell papers.

    So far the only place I’ve seen that has reported that the claims has been denied are SkySports. At least well done to them.

    I wount believe that Ronaldo leaves us before he shows up in a Real press conference wearing their ugly white shirt!

    What the papers report is just fabrication, lies and taking quotes out of context. Don’t believe everything you read!

  12. Mr United! says:

    I believe, like many of the above posters, that all the stories appearing in the media are complete rubbish! I think that Cristiano Ronaldo is totally focused on Portugal and Euro2008 and will therefore not say anything until after Portugal’s interests in the tournament have ended/the end of tournament – which ever comes 1st.
    I think that although he would like to play in Spain, he will – for this coming season at least – remain a Manchester United player. Until he and United say otherwise, this is what I will continue to believe.

  13. Brian Garnett says:

    This is a scam set up to turn United fans against Cristiano and thereby force him to leave Ubnited because of adverse reaction by United fans.

    If United fans did indeed believe the lies being perpetrated by Marca and Terra Etc it would be playing right into the hands of Real Madrid.

    Look at how the media attempted to turn English fans against Cristano after the last world cup after his run in with Rooney. It was the fact United fans supported him that he stayed and opposition booing of him only served for him to better performances.

    Until Cristiano appears on the United website video I believe nowt and CR7 will continue to get my support and I urge ALL Manchester United fans to continue giving the lad their support until the air is finally cleared AFTER Euro 2008.

    None of the ‘reports’ of Cristiano’s alleged comments have been recorded on tape, video etc., if they had been I may have believed some of the bull, but as this form of ‘evidence’ has NOT surfaced, forget what the media is alleging. This is how the media sell their papers and we mugs buy them to find out the latest on CR7 and the so called comments/quotes he wants to leave.

    FINALLY I personally believe Cristiano ‘could’ be playing games with the media as his revenge for the way they have treated him in the past.


  14. denton davey says:

    Twists and turns – new ones every day, too. CR7 is sure keeping himself in the media spotlight, isn’t he ?

    I wrote yesterday that since we haven’t heard anything directly from Ronaldo’s own mouth, that this frenzy is superficial. It is part of the RM campaign to unsettle the player and try to put pressure on UTD management which is why SAF and CQ were so vehement in saying that Cristiano ain’t going nowhere anytime soon. Four more years on iron-clad contractual obligation gives UTD all the trumps in this particular pissing contest.

    However, Ronaldo’s MisterTenPerCent is no doubt agitating for more. But, hey, that’s his job.

    The most interesting thing I have read on this subject was on a GuardianOnline blog in which one of the posters noted that Nike (who are a supporter of ManUtd) are working on a gazillion quid deal to make a special line of CR7 shoes – kinda like they did years ago with “AirJordan”. The key point is that RM are sponsored by Adidas so that Nike would hardly want to see their prize advertising asset fly off.

    But there’s an even-bigger point – I think that behind all this agitation is a campaign by his MisterTenPerCent to try to capitalize on CR7′s popularity in the same way that David Beckham did when he signed with LAGalaxy for 250 million dollars – 250 million dollars !!!! – most of that money came from what is called “co-sponsors”. And, it has paid off these co-sponsors handsomely – Beckham 23 soccer jerseys are outselling Kobe Bryant and LaBron James combined, by a big, big margin. Ronaldo’s MisterTenPerCent must have taken cognizance of that incredible infllation in the rewards of merchandising – he would be a fool not to do so; in fact, he would be seriously negligent not to do so. Therefore, in my opinion, what we seeing in the press is a kind of charade to distract attention from the real money-making negotiations.

    The stakes are HUGE which is why UTD won’t sell him without getting an incredible return-on-investment for foregoing those image rights. UTD got skinned by Real Madrid when they sold Beckham for a “mere” 25 million because that sum was covered by shirt-sales in less than a year.

    Now, consider this: Beckham was the flavour-of-the-month a few years ago and has since shown by his American contract that the bar has been raised a lot in the meantime. In tihose circumstances, what would a younger man who is a much better player like be worth ? The mind boggles.

    My guess is that the resolution to this charade is going to be a “new” contract for Ronaldo that takes into account these merchandising fortunes.

    All the talk about Madrid’s weather is simply beside the point. Plus, he is not Spanish – he’s Portuguese and as Carlos Quieroz made very clear last week there is considerable resentment about Spanish chauvinism among the Portuguese.

    Ronaldo is currently at the best team in the European soccier world – back-to-back EPL champions and now also CL champions. He is back-to-back player of the year in the EPL and the glamour boy of English football. even if he is only the fourth “most valuable” player on his team. At UTD he can help this team become a real dynasty because it is already on the way to that status.

    If he goes to Madrid then he joins a very good team that has absolutely underperformed in the CL for the past three years. So, in a very real sense, moving to Spain would be a step backwards in commercial terms.

    And, don’t forget, that the EPL gets more television viewers aroung the world because it is considered to be the best league so coverage from a “remote outpost” like my home town is now part of a globalized media.

  15. Brian Garnett says:

    WELL SAID DENTON DAVEY. Another sensible evaluation.


  16. AZY says:

    LOL Scolari havent gave permission for ronaldo to leave the euro camp at all and sayd officially that no one will be contacting ronaldo while hes still with portugal!! so wats all da fuss he neva spoke out yet

    read it on any trust worthy sites…sky sports etc..

  17. denton davey says:


    Manchester United ace Cristiano Ronaldo faces a massive £25 million hit to his wages if he moves to Real Madrid.
    The Daily Mail says Ronaldo risks blowing a £25million jackpot with sponsor Nike if he moves to Real this summer.

    United, who will report Real to FIFA next week for their public pursuit of Ronaldo, are working on a complicated image rights deal with the club’s kit manufacturer for a ‘CR7′ range in an attempt to appease the winger
    Michael Jordan was the first high-profile name to make a fortune this way when he launched his range and Tiger Woods has a 10-year deal with Nike worth £50m.

    United’s non-executive director Bryan Glazer, who was closely involved with the deal for shirt sponsor AIG, is in negotiations with Nike over a contract that could be worth another £100,000 a week to the Portugal winger.

    The contract is expected to run concurrent with his existing £120,000-a-week package at Old Trafford and will effectively top the £200,000 a week on offer at the Bernabeu.

    Ronaldo, who has changed his signature simply to ‘CR7′, can market baseball caps, T-shirts and shorts around the world to capitalise on his growing status.

    Nike, who already have an endorsement contract with Ronaldo, are keen to exploit his name but are reluctant to launch the range if he moves to ‘an adidas club’ such as Real.


  18. Brian Garnett says:

    Response to Anakin.

    I doubt, from your vehement uneducated response, that you are even a Man Utd fan. More likely a Man City Fan or a Chel$ki moron.

    Take yer blinker off and get a life, it is not Cristiano talking, it is his money grabbing agent to get more mioney and REAL MADrid trying to unsettle the lad.


  19. Markus Revolver says:

    im at the stage where i think its quite funny.

  20. Ron says:

    The spanish twats are trying to unsettle him for two reason. First to try and get him to move to Real. Second unsettle him for EURO 2008. Not even sure we can play them(Spain) at some point but I hope we crush them good. Maybe then those spanish twats will leave him alone and he can stay at the greatest club in the world – MANCHETER UNITED


  21. Anakin says:


    Well Im a United Fan. I believe in Self Respect.

    SO we don’t need to kiss any whore-shagging-Portuguese’s arse to stay at the pinnacle.

    We’ll make another No. 7!!
    Got it Moron!

    (And Where’s my POst?)

  22. lalo says:

    u most stay in man unaitd
    i love u cristiano
    and my frind also love you
    my surname lalocristiano


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