The international break has seen Manchester City’s new defender, Kyle Walker, reunited with his old Tottenham Hotspur teammates, Dele Alli and Eric Dier.

In an Instragram live video on Alli’s account, Dier called Walker a ‘traitor’ for leaving the club.

Walker quickly responded with: “It was alright when you wanted to go to United.”

The media had reported earlier in the summer that United had approached Spurs over signing the midfield and he was keen to leave, but the club wouldn’t sell to us.

Around that time, United’s £40m offer for Nemanja Matic was accepted. Clearly we’ve ended up with the better player but it doesn’t do Dier’s reputation with the Spurs fans much good to know he wanted to leave for United.

Walker has since explained the video, which Alli deleted, claiming the ‘traitor’ talk is just something they have a bit of fun about.

It’s just a bit of friendly banter. I think it’s been took a bit too far, me, Del, Harry, Eric, we’re all very close. I’ve know them for a good six, seven years now. It’s all just a bit of friendly banter I wouldn’t read too much into it.

It’s just kind of one of them things that you just have a bit of fun about. You know, me and Eric have a good relationship on and off the field. We have banter together and I take it, he takes it. That’s just about it, really.