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Want A Valencia 16 Ecuador Shirt?

Antonio Valencia won a clean sweep of prizes at the club’s awards last night. His team mates and the fans voted him the player of the season, whilst his goal against Blackburn was voted goal of the season.

Valencia joined the season late, missing out on the pre-season, when recovering from his injury. “It was tough not being able to go away and do a proper pre-season with the lads,” he said. “But as the season went on, I managed to pick up and my fitness improved and as a squad we’ve put in a good performance.”

Idealo UK have given RoM a Ecuador shirt with Valencia’s name and number on the back to give away. Idealo UK are a price comparison website and in line with RoM’s opposition to buying the club’s official shirt, have given us an international shirt instead.

Simply follow our accounts and retweet this on Twitter.

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  1. CedarsDevil says:


    Now seems like a good time…. First decree is to demolish the K Stand and send them buggers to Stretty school

  2. TonyBee Watson says:

    Evening Holmes….. take that Batwoman pic off then….

    my fucking wrist is killing me ….

    99 change hands…..hee hee

  3. CedarsDevil says:


    Need us a few jokes mate

  4. TonyBee Watson says:

    Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish sacked or quit?

  5. TonyBee Watson says:

    want some sick ones Cedars….. ?????

    and I mean ones that will make you wince…..

  6. CedarsDevil says:

    Fire away Mr Bee

  7. TonyBee Watson says:

    Worried about your penis size.

    Try sticking it up your wifes arse and I guarantee she will say its too fucking big!

  8. TonyBee Watson says:

    not that one….. this one….

    I was in asleep in bed with my girlfriend last night, having quite a pleasurable dream when I accidentally sighed “Ohhhh, Lucy” in my sleep.

    My girlfriend immediately put the light on and started screaming at me, “Who the fuck is Lucy?! Is she one of those sluts from your office?! I knew you were cheating on me you cunt!”

    I sleepily replied, “No.. err… you don’t understand. I was having a dream where me and you got married, and we lived in this big house together and we had a beautiful baby daughter called Lucy.”

    “Aww that’s so swee-”

    “And then I made her suck my dick.”

  9. CedarsDevil says:

    Ha ha ha pissing my self………

    We want more, we want more

  10. TonyBee Watson says:

    A friend of mine from the UK told me he’s shagging his girlfriend and her twin.

    I said “How can you tell them apart?”.

    He said “Her brother’s got a moustache!”

  11. TonyBee Watson says:

    I came across a prostitute on the way back from a club on holiday in Thailand she said, “Hey gorgeous, blow job and sex for five baht?”

    “Sure go on then,” I said, “what’s the catch?”

    “There isn’t one,” she replied flopping her cock out and handing me five baht.

  12. TonyBee Watson says:

    “I stuck a cucumber up my arse last night,” I confided to my psychiatrist.

    “Hmmm ok, I see,” he replied, “and why do you think you felt the need to insert a cucumber into your anus?”

    “A carrot wasn’t fucking big enough stupid,” I replied.

  13. TonyBee Watson says:

    My mum walked into my bedroom holding a pair of underwear this morning.

    She turned them inside out and said, “Look! These are completely ruined with shit & cum stains.”

    “Very nice mum” I said, “But I’d prefer it if you didn’t wave your fucking knickers in my face.”

  14. booandman says:

    Something about that Rebekka Brooks, dont judge me lads but I would have a pop at it..;)

  15. TonyBee Watson says:

    Night night all

  16. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    King Eric – In reply to your post on the other thread at 13:33.

    Those Cunts Nasri and Tevez think they will go down as something worth remembering ! Bunch of twats, One is notoriously stupid and greedy, the other a ungrateful prick who turned on the fans and the club that made him who he was.

    Tevez owes Manchester United and SAF, without United he would not have any career highlights to his name and we made his “brand” big because quite frankly that dick neck had a shite suarez like goals record and was only immune from criticism from the media because we had his back throughout and he throws it in our face.

    Samir Nasri needs a good kicking, nothing else would teach those cunts a better lesson.

    It goes beyond football when these two disgusting people lack basic human qualities. (Tevez is a absolute cunt for having an affair while his wife gave birth, no wonder she left him and the media made him out to be the loving husband and father who was separated because of immigration issues.)

    I didn’t bring up the cunts personal life but it reflects on the field when he kicks and punches Joey Barton and receives no punishment. The cunts make me sick !

  17. CedarsDevil says:

    Night Mr Bee!

    Cheers for the laughs

  18. TonyBee Watson says:

    final one……

    I spotted a woman stumble out of the sea yesterday and collapse on the beach screaming that she’d been stung, so ran over and threw her down on the sand…….

    “Just keep still” I shouted, getting my cock out, pissing all over her, “This is the best thing for jelly fish stings.”

    “It was a wasp sting… you cunt!” she screamed.

  19. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Kanchelskis -

    In reply to you asking me whether Gary Nev is included as the Lousy Fucks of the England Set Up?

    I reply yes he is a lousy fuck :lol: But honestly who in the right frame of mind would want any type of link or affiliation with those clowns in the Ingurand camp?

    Red Nev has been one of the biggest critics of England’s failures in management, mentality, ability and preparations yet he joins along with Circus Act !
    Why? As a minor little assistant anything he does will be considered inconsequential due to the fact Roy Hodgson has already stated he is prepared to linger in the past with his 23-man squad.

    Why would Nev want to join such a pathetic freak show? It must be a pay packet, its the only explanation, I don’t think for a second, Neville believes he has an opportunity to be apart of a English footballing revolution !

  20. Collyhurst Red says:

    Bring back the cantilever stand!

    We want posts that block our view! (could always go to Goodison I suppose)

    Bring back piches that look like sandy beaches after 10 games!

    Turn off undersoil heating when it snows! When was the last time we played with an orange ball! (no rude jokes please)

    We want little white picket fences at the side of the pitch, wagon-wheels at half-time, jumpers for goal-posts, isn’t it!

  21. Costas says:

    From twitter:

    Yaya Toure’s agent Dimitri Seluk: “He has done all he could do at City and he needs new motivations. Toure would like a new challenge.”


  22. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Watched the Testimonial match….lovely atmosphere and enjoyable, nice way to end the season.
    That Wiley Scholes pulled out all the tricks to get the Belfast Crowd Ooohing !

    Love United, already put the title defeat behind, now is the time for growth and positivity. :D

    Hope we buy the right players ! I love this quote from Sir Matt Busby.
    “You don’t need to chase money at a club like Manchester United, it will eventually find you.”

    That should be told to every young player at the club when they join, but not to Rio who is likely to take a ma-hooo-sive pay cut of £50,000, hope he realises that his value is not the same as before he is no longer a £120k a week player, he should be on level with the other veterans wage-wise.

    ;) Only Kidding Give Rio more money for his “Salfords got Talent” show he’ll most likely organise in his free time.

  23. MG says:


    Here here!

    Watson, night already!

    Got me on the pic Watson :lol:

    G’dnight mate!

  24. Collyhurst Red says:


    I could believe that, it’s what mercenaries do isn’t it, go from 1 place to another for the money!

  25. MG says:



    Waiting for the next one.


  26. Mikekelly12 says:

    Who was that from? Aguerro next along with Tevez!

  27. Costas says:

    His agent supposedly said it on a Catalan radio guys. Seems to me like Toure is looking for a wage bump. Poor guy. Can’t make ends meet with 25ok per week.

    If indeed he’s lacking motivation, then it just goes to show how unbareable this team is, even for mercenaries. :lol:

  28. WeAreUnited says:

    Costas, I just read about Toure , it’s, but still a bit amusing to say,

    their legacy will not last long, soon will aguero and silva go, of course balotelli and dzeko, they will remain with adam johnson, milner and barry :D DDDD though they are good players, they will not do anything together with nasri hahah.

    Crazy world we are living

  29. Mikekelly12 says:

    Just read a match report written by a QPR fan at the match. “who were we to deny city a title, we were safe so why not allow them the win” made me feel sick!!

  30. Redbilly says:

    Toure clIms he’s done everything he can at city?. What about champions league football ?. Sounds odd to me.

  31. MG says:


    That QPR shit is going to drive you crazy mate – throw it away in the bin where it belongs!


    God has come to Toure, sorry I mean Allah – same thing – ;) The situation has now become polemic.


  32. Redbilly says:

    MG- after the tour bus debacle and the lack of support on the streets, he’s realised they really don’t have any class .


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