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Wayne Rooney: England captain?

Wayne Rooney was chosen to captain England in their 5-0 win over San Marino on Friday. Rooney scored twice and put in a good shift for his country, but has his eye on the captaincy on a permanent basis.

“As a young player, your dream is to play for England and once you do actually play, the next step is to try to captain your country,” Rooney said. “It was a great honour and hopefully one day it can be full-time.”

England manager, Roy Hodgson, would have John Terry as his captain, in an ideal world, and Steven Gerrard as his vice-captain. At present, Gerrard (32) is his captain and Lampard (34) is his vice-captain. Rio Ferdinand (33) is too old for Roy hints that Rooney could be his future captain.

“[Rooney] was my vice-captain at the Euros from the moment he could start playing again,” said Hodgson. “He does take playing for England unbelievably seriously. I know being captain is something he’s very proud of and something he wants to do. Frank Lampard has captained the team when both Steven and Wayne were absent. But I always had in my mind that Wayne would be the vice-captain and when Frank comes back I suppose I’ve got a decision to make.”

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  1. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    Tunnicliffe made a mistake and he’ll get the riot act read to him but certainly won’t be sacked. He will be reminded in no uncertain terms of the responsibilities and expectations that players are subject to and if he’s smart he’ll take that on board and continue down the right road towards being a bery useful midfielder. As for the polcia case he’ll have to face the music but a teenage indiscretion doesn’t make him a monster and let’s keep things in perspective.

  2. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Nice story for vida, 126 thousand is a lot of money but put the,money aside, the compassion he showed to his friend’s father is in way an example all mankind could learn from.

    Bobby Charlton’s combover – you’re absolutely spot on. a balance between tunni facing real punishment whilst also giving him the platform to learn and get on with developing his ability is the sensible way. You hope he knuckles down now and focuses on what’s important and that’s hopefully avoiding situations like this whilst also working towards making it united.

  3. AntiScouser says:

    I’m sick of international breaks. I don’t understand people who follow international football. It’s vastly inferior to club football. And boring.

    What’s with Smalling? Is he training, when can we expect him back?

  4. The One says:

    People, what Tunni did was utterly disgraceful and inexcusable. It was fortunate that nobody got seriously maimed or killed in the incident and people who come on here and say that it’s ok, give young people like him the space to make this kind of mistake is laughable. One should consider the possibility that he could have serious maimed or killed someone, and what happens if that very someone is somebody very, very close or special to you, would you be looking at it as lightly?

    Yes, Tunni deserves to be dealt with very very severely by the club in addition to the punishment he’ll receive under the law, but I do not agree at all that his head should roll though.

  5. Proverb says:

    And the amount of bollocks published during international breaks are mind boggling.
    Proper football can’t get back quick enough!!

  6. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    As for Rooney I think the last 2-3 seasons might prove to be a turning point.
    At 24-25 the wonder kid tag was more than worn off and looking back on it he was at a bit of a crossroads – he said he wanted to leave, problems in his private life, loss of form on the pitch for club and country etc Now he seems to be coming through that and is ready to move into the second half of his professional career. He seems settled at United, stand-in (and who know’s maybe permanent) English captain, stable family life with a new baby on the way and the experience of 10 years as a professional.

    He seems ready and willing to accept more central roles i.e. moving into midfield and more responsibility as captain, guiding youngsters and hopefully we will see this new found determination
    bring results on the pitch.

  7. The One says:

    mig78, thanks for the link. It’s really nice to read, for a change, and in the light of how thick and senseless many a highly paid footballer are, that we still have very caring and sensitive ones around. Vida, CHEERS to what you did!!

  8. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    October 15, 2012 at 03:58
    samuel – united WE stand says:
    I’m sorry but who exactly has underestimated what tunnicliffe has done?

    October 14, 2012 at 22:09
    samuel – united WE stand says:
    Goat – i just think tunni has got carried away/plain stupid and needs to learn from his wrongdoings.

    I rest my case

  9. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    Yeah Ill also thank you for that article. What a wonderful gesture. 100 000+ euro is no bloody envelope of cash is it. Lovely to see that look after friends and family attitude, often when these mercenary pricks see the big time they forget all about the past and concentrate on spend spend spend and acting the cunt.
    Well done for finding it.

  10. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    I agree with you mate about mobile phone usage whilst driving. Im quite a clever lad, I can multi task, I always seem to be aware of things before other but even I dont SMS whilst driving. I have a hands free for calls but most the time wont even take them when Im driving – mainly because my music is too bloody loud. As for the drink driving, I live out in the sticks and there are no busses that go past my house. I have to walk 25 minutes to the nearest buss stop and then they run at the latest to 6pm. I dont go out to the pub because I know I cant get back. I could take the car but dont. I grew up around pub culture with my parents owning a couple so I know what Im missing. I just dont do it.. Tunni has no excuses. He is a sportsman, he is used to diciplining himself, not to smoke this, not to eat that, dont feel like it but better do that run anyway. This was a stupid error of judgement that will have to go punished, hes a silly boy.

  11. Zibbie says:

    Fuck go to Mothers against drunk driving, what we should all stamp our feet, get mad over a football lad get a drunk driving!! This is a football blog. Not a social fix-it blog.

    Rooney to Captain Country.
    5th in goals for country and club!!! STILL ONLY 26!!!
    Clevs coming on strong.
    Welbeck scores a brace!
    Smalling and Young back in training.!!!!

  12. Zibbie says:

    Goat wrote last post before I read this one, no bash at you mate just, saying I agree and try to push football talk here. I use to drive 1000-1500 miles a week was almost killed by a 17 yr old girl on the phone, I was 1st 2nd on many wreaks and the fucking phone is out!!!!!!!

  13. Zibbie says:

    I get your self disciplined thing.
    Pubs to be around drunks when your sober!!
    Excuses to drive and be a danger!!!!

  14. Zibbie says:

    Tunni is Red and old school of sorts, hurts when that type fucks up.
    Like Rooney and Wayne. That fuck sucked this old cynical dude in and broke my heart!! In the end my fault for being nieve , he was low balled and fuck opened his mouth!!!!

  15. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    I will mark you down as a sane red.

    Unbelievable how Cashley, Tiny Tears and that scouse cunt Gerrard can be villified for their and their famillies wrong doings but as soon as a United player does it its ok. Madness.
    The Rio drugs test scandel I can absorb, not taking a test means nothing certainly not an admission of guilt, anyway I think we all suffered with that one when he was banned for longer than a doping/drug cheat.
    The Cantona Kung Fu incident I can let go as fans are scum bags, some on here have proven to be so to, and a football fan is a long way from holier than thou and if I was subject to a torrent of abuse Id certainly jump in the crowd too.
    Rooneys indescretion with a prostitute was a law breaking incident and Im surprised when that went unpunished. Having an affair is not against the law and a personal issue, paying for sex is against the law even though I personally am for the legalisation of brothels. But somehow escort girls are exempt? I havent read into the law so the logic escapes me. I still think hes a bit of a scum bag though. Prostitution doesnt kill anyone though.
    Tunnis drink driving is a bit more naughty as I laid out above. If some of you want some pictures involving kids and famillies spread out all over the road due to drink driving accidents or road accidents in general all you have to do is ask. Maybe you should search for such content before deciding if this should just be swept under the carpet. Im not a moral fag or anything like that, Im a liberal kind of guy but not at the expense of life. Party long party hard but when you leave the party you leave the party.

  16. Zibbie says:

    mercenary pricks is right , I lived it in the US in the 80′s and early 90′s. BIG FUCKING BUSINESS!!!!
    I grew not to blame them in $ talks.

  17. Zibbie says:

    Goat I hear you mate. Man Utd have there share of fucks. Giggs blew me away, fucks his brothers wife!!!!

  18. Zibbie says:

    I am not a fan of sweeping under the rug!!
    Tuni to be punished by Law, his club.

    We all play favorites me with Rooney Goat You with Berba!

  19. Proverb says:

    Anzhi to tempt United captain Vidic with mammoth £250k-a-week offer

    Nemanja Vidic is a target for Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala who plan to offer the United captain a mammoth £250,000-a-week after tax salary.

  20. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    No offence taken my friend. There is always a time lag involved when I write an epistle, I dont get to read as I write and couldnt manage it anyway.

    Football football football you’re right, back to the game and less of the moral side of things. Ive had my say and no doubt others will have theirs.
    Sorry about this – international football – I see Woy is going to ring the changes from a successful team performance back to the same old same old. I suppose we get to watch the Poles take the piss out of Gerrard and co again. (Well I wont, I watched 1 England match the last tournament (forget where and what for) and thats my only game for 3 years now).
    I see Liverpool have decided to stay at Anfield. It would be fucking hilarious if a few United fans could buy houses near Anfield and refuse to sell and move when the developers come. Maybe they will waste even more millions on their Stanley Park fiasco instead of spending that money wisely on an Andy Carrol or Stuart Downing. No, scrub that, let them have the money I love the comedy.

  21. Zibbie says:

    No sorry mates you have a mad funny mind I enjoy :cool:

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Bring on Stoke, United football confronts most negative team in the league. 100% Fact. Luckily our lads on England duty had the perfect practice game……. v San Marino ;)

    Hope we come out with minimal injuries.

  23. Zibbie says:

    off to work!!

  24. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    Stoke will be a tough game, they have a decent back 4 Huth and Shawcross especially. Well drilled and all. But I do believe if Ferguson carries on with his 4-3-3 allowing Rooney to drop deep and playing two good passing midfielders (2 of Kagawa, Cleverley, Valencia) then we will undo them. Im more confident of that then last year when we adopted Rooney as a lone striker for much of the campaign. This style suits Rooney better and suits United better as well.

  25. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Goat, Cheers mate. I completely agree mate. The way through Stokes monstrous oak wall is with small midfielders and quick one touch ball. Just not sure that is what we will see if the lads coming back from internationals need a rest.

  26. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Anyone else seeing these rumors (Mail and others) that Anzhi Makhachkala have put in a 41M offer for Vidic?
    That is a lot for any defender on wobbly knees.

    Sit the lad down and ask him if he would fancy 250/week in Russia and if he does sign the deal. Hate to see him go though. Hope he turns it down and we don’t have to look back at this.

    My feeling is that Vidic values trophies and the Captains shirt way more than and extra few quid. But then, every man has a price at some point, and this is silly money by the sound of it.

  27. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Goat – up to you to interpret my comments in whatever way suits you but i’m certain i have not expressed the situation to be swept under carpet.

  28. ARUN says:



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