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Wayne Rooney Obsession Is Back

Those who read this blog regularly will know that I’m a big fan of Wayne Rooney and tend to defend him whenever he faces criticism. Granted, sometimes he deserves the negative things that are said about him, but generally, I see him as a cut above and the first player I’d put in our team every week. I’d sell Ronaldo twenty times over before even considering letting Rooney go.

It seems that the Rooney obsession is spreading though, following his performances and goals for United and his country recently.

First it was Capello banging on about Rooney, then it was Rio Ferdinand. Now Sir Alex Ferguson has joined in.

“I think when players get into their mid-20s, they get more consistency and I think his consistency of scoring will improve,” said Ferguson. “What I have noticed with Wayne is when he goes in bursts, his form increases with it and that’s the way it’s been since he’s come to us. You hope by the time he gets to his mid-20s, with that experience that he’ll gather, that he’ll get more consistency to his scoring and it will spread out better for him. We know he can score, it’s just getting that consistency of scoring and he has to get that thing of what experienced players do. Players like Gary Lineker never kicked a ball in the game, yet walk off having scored two goals. Some players don’t accept that, though. They feel they have to play well all the time and Wayne has that mindset at the moment. It’s all a question of maturity.”

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  1. ManchesterMonkey says:

    He is a class player only numptys think otherwise they think just because hes a striker he should score 30 odd goals but has so much to his game assists, movement and workrate i love him so much its quite scary

  2. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Like I said in a recent blog last week, A future United Captain? I hope so..

  3. casandra says:

    Spot on Scott, Rooney would be in my starting Eleven every time, no problem and I hope Sir Alex dose not rest him on Saturday and unleashes Wayne on West Brom. The boy will be brimming with confidence and having sleepless nights because he cannot wait until the next match, for me he is the complete player and he is still only 22 with much more to come. His enthusiasm and love for the game is infectious and what p….. me off is when I read comments like “overrated” What! ask any player who performs at the highest level in the England squad and there is nothing but praise, Gerrard described him “world class” and with similar comments coming from Walcott. Ronaldo , while a great player will never hold the affection that Rooney does and may the obsession continue.


    He wants to sign for life… we would let him sign for life… and will be a legend for years and years to come.

    There are good players, great players that grace OT, but then there is “Special” players… and Wazza is definately a special player.

    He is like a real Roy of the Rovers… a modern day Duncan Edwards.. a real lionheart…. tecnically awesome, a football brain well and truly beyond his 22 years…..

    I cannot say enough about Rooney… this lad is a UNITED player… where some players merely play for United.

    Nobody can ever doubt his class as that is permanent… his bad form was temporary, but the press are too easy to jump on his back when he doesnt score for half a dozen games…

    I agree with the article Scott mate, i would seel CR7 20x over rather than sell Rooney… coz for me United wouldnt be United without him gracing our OT turf.

    And the BONUS…. well………….

    He wont even peak for another 5 or 6 years… and what a treat we will be in for then….

  5. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Failsworthdevil, when I was reading this piece, and was thinking to myself what former United player he reminds me of, I thought of Duncan Edwards as well. Agree with all of what you say on Rooney…Should be the club legend of his generation…


    North Stand mate, i have only seen short clips of Duncan Edwards, but heard stories off my old man, and other family members, and the way he is descibed, also described Rooney…

    He will be seen in the same way are Eric, Ole, Gigs, as Modern Day Legends, i have no fear about that mate.

  7. Stephen says:

    Oh what a suprise to see JT the cunt fit for Chelsea on Sunday, a real captain marvel.

  8. Tevratov says:

    How fucking fickle are the British press??? A month ago the mirror printed collymore ramblings about dropping Wayne from the England first team. Now they’re printing headlines like ‘Hero of the weekend: Wayne Rooney’. Fucking abysmal.

    Rooney should just smack a hack.

  9. Gabriel says:

    ‘Rooney should just smack a hack’ :) that was good!! Rooney is a married man, life is good, he’s playing well at the best club in the world.. the English press can write all they want, nothing can bring him down….

  10. suhayl says:

    Failsworth true mate…absolutely true…

    Stephen pal…are we in the least bit surprised…fuckin fake capain

  11. Stephen says:

    suhayl, true just hate the cry baby cunt mate.

  12. mark says:

    Do be quiet Scott and Casandra. This article is about Rooney, yet you had to mention Ronaldo, despite both players playing in different positions and don’t say ‘both are young’ because we have plenty of young players. Obsessed with Ronaldo? I think so. Scott, I used to like your blogs but recently your standards have slipped and maybe its time for someone else to take over. You are doing Rooney no favours by trying to put down another team mate to defend him. Infact, he would be pretty disgusted with reading such

  13. mark says:

    oh and I include failsworth devil in that also

  14. jake says:

    ‘big fan of Wayne Rooney’. erm…………………rooney is class but I am a Manchester United supporter. This isn’t a one man team. If Rooney left, I am sure you Rooney fanboys would start supporting the club he joined

  15. Scott the Red says:

    Mark – what the fuck are you on about? I’m not putting down another team mate to defend him. I’m saying he’s far more important to us that the player regarded as our best player.

  16. mark says:

    there you go again scott. ‘far more important than…’. that is putting down another player to defend another. when i want to praise rio, who is my favourite united player or ronaldo and evra who are other favourites of mine, i don’t need to criticise another player on our team to do so. I don’t have to say ‘well they are more important than…….’ to do so. For example, if I ever defended Rio by saying ‘he is far more important than vidic’ I would cringe

  17. mark says:

    all of our players are equally important to the team and thats what makes us so great.

  18. Failsworth Devil says:

    So your telling me that John O’Shea is as important as Wayne Rooney… I dont think so.

    If O’Shea left it would be … “Oh ok”…

    If Rooney left it would be … “i dont fuckin believe it, im gutted, i cant believe it”…

    Now do you see our point??

  19. Tom F says:

    Mark, I see where you are trying to come from but at the end of the day mate Wayne Rooney is far more important than Cristiano Ronaldo because he represents the future of our squad where as Ronaldo will be gone before too long.

    Wayne Rooney is a true red and he will captain our club one day, that is a certainty!

    Scott made a point comparing him to the other superstar player in our first team, these two players are the main faces of our squad, they are both likely to start before any other player apart from the back 5 which generally remains consistant.

    I totally agree with this article and think it is pretty clear that once again, Wayne has answered his critics, fans, press and otherwise regarding his ability. People need to accept that form comes and goes and now Rooney is on form he is unstoppable.

    A real United player, who once again, is far far more important than Ronaldo, long term.

  20. mark says:

    Maybe I was silly to say every player was equally important and yes I see your point about Rooney in the long term but the fact remains in the short term, which is this season, to say one class player (a striker) is more important than another class player (a winger) is silly as they both have different roles to pay for us this season and will both be equally important. Not so sure I agree with Rooney being a true red either. He once held up a t-shirt saying ‘once a blue, always a blue’. He is going to need to stay with us for the majority of his career, if not the whole of it, prove even more he loves the club by sticking with us through thick and thin even if we go years without coming close to winning anything.
    I am also not sure about him being captain one day. How do we know the new manager after Fergie will like him?

  21. mark says:

    I also disagree about him being the first player I would put down on the team sheet. Rio is the one I would put down first

  22. FERGIES ARMY says:

    OMG mark let it go! rooney is a million times bttr than ronaldo he mite not get as many goals but he is amazin . we all appreciate ronaldo but we all know he wont be stickin around 4ever rooney on the other hand def has potential to be captain in future and if the nxt manager doesnt like him he needs his head examined!

  23. phoenix red says:

    Nice one Scott! The Roon is back with a vengence.

  24. glory_911 says:

    Wayne will always be the 1st in list cause he’s Fergie and my favourite player but I hope he’ll start on the same position where he played for England. Changing his position over and over might cause inconsistency. I don’t want Roon to lost his scoring touch which took some time to gain. I know that even if he playing as a winger, he will always contribute to the team. Ronaldo’s might repeat last season form but I daresay THIS IS ROONEY’s YEAR… Glory Glory Man United!!!

  25. Tom F says:


    I don’t know if you were referring to my point, but I did put apart from the back 5.

    If we had him, I’d put Luke Chadwick as the first starting player every game! :)

  26. Tom F says:

    Also Mark,

    I am certain Rooney will become captain one day. Not that I am psychic but he has what it takes and the only thing against him is his maturity, luckily he’ll be at United for many years to come and with that his maturity will grow. I would say Rooney is a true red on the basis that he has stated that he wants to be at United forever, at Everton he was young. At United there is no way up, so yes, it is obvious most English players would want to stay at the best English Club in the world, but he isn’t going anywhere.

    He will also captain the national team, which is also going to show what level he can reach.

    Comparing a player in different positions may not make much sense to you but over-all you can do it with ease. You can compare how important Van Der Sar is to Berbatov if you wanted, just look back and see. Long term definately but short term comparisons are easy to make.

    I’s still say over-all, Wayne is a more important character, player and talent.

    Ronaldo is pure class, the best player in the world, though to be of serious importance I’d say you have a hell of a lot more to do than scoring goals. I will make it clear again, that I have nothing against Ronaldos game, he is an unbelievable talent, but Rooney is class throughout, from his touch to his attitude to the way he talks with passion about the club, the way he fights and the way he always answers the critics.

    Rooney has his head in Manchester, Ronaldo has his in Madrid. That is the difference, that is why most of us would sell Ronny 20 times over before Wayne.

  27. OTRed says:

    Wow someone is having his period today.

  28. mark says:

    I have never once doubted Rooneys talent. He is class and I always knew he would come good. However, stupid posts such as ‘Rooney is million times better than Ronaldo’ (which they mean in terms of talent) is a ridiculous thing to say.
    Tom, you say ‘to be of serious importance you need to do more than score goals’. Erm, I don’t follow that. A forwards job (winger or striker) is to score goals for their club. Ronaldo had 20 assists on top of his 23 goals in the 2006/07 season and had 42 goals and 8 assists in the 2007/08 and his assists would have been much higher than that had players including Rooney buried their chances and thats a fact. He already has 3 assists this season. So its not like all he does is score goals. If a player like that is not of serious importance, then explain why Fergie refused to sell him. Exactly.

  29. mark says:

    Another thing, as good as Rooney is, he is still not highly rated worldwide (I went travelling around Europe for a year and they were mad for Ronaldo, Tevez, Rio and Scholes and Giggs but not a mention of Rooney) you don’t have to be foreign to do that as Beckham showed. Only United fans abroad really recognise his talent. Rio attracted Barcelona last summer before turning them down to sign a new contract. It was all over the spanish press but I always knew he would stay. Owen and Mcmanaman two other examples. Also, Tevez has always said he was happy but Madrid have still come knocking so its not like you have to say you want to leave to attract attention. Not a single overseas club has shown an interest in Rooney, I think he needs to show the form he is in now consistently for the next few seasons before he gets the recognition he deseves overseas

  30. Tom F says:

    Mark you went a travllin’ ,

    In the press, there may be no talk of Rooney being asked about by other clubs, but I am sure it happens. The press only ever seem to drag up nearly stories about unsettled players, everyone knows Wayne is not unsettled and has his feet firmly stuck on the ground at United.

    Ronaldo has done a whole lot more than score goals you are right, he has won us games and links our play up with great effect.

    On the pitch, they are both incredible. I would not say one is better than the other, though evidently calling Ronaldo the best player in the world, which he obviously is, would suggest that yes, Ronaldo is better than Wayne.

    In terms of talent and roles on the pitch I’d not argue with you. In terms of everything else, I would. I do agree with your comment about consistency though, Wayne always has certain periods of unmatched quality, like the way he took his goals against Belarus and Blackburn, but he needs to keep going. Saying that, he has improved every year since joining United and that is only a good thing.

    I think we best agree to disagree on everything else, that’s what football is all about, opinion.

  31. mark says:

    I agree with you Tom, good post. I don’t agree about being settled means the press won’t link you to other clubs though. look at rio and tevez

  32. TonyBee says:

    Rooney busts a gut everytime he plays and CR7 only excels when he wants to. CR7 spends a little too much time on his arse lookin at the fucking ref in indignation after tackles against him. Rooney gets straight back up, says fuck it, and chases back for the ball trying to win it back.
    Also ask most prem managers who they would want in their teams each week, CR7 or the Roonster, I reckon Roon would get the vote for his commitment

  33. klauq says:

    Hey I really love your sentence “I would sell Ronaldo 20times over Rooney” haha me too. Although I see Ronaldo for now is a teenie bit better than Rooney, but I think Rooney is far more talented. It’s just sometimes he gets blinded by his own big ambition while Ronaldo has a clearer focus on his own dream.
    I just hope Rooney will be matured enough to lead the team when Ronaldo eventually leaves us.


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