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Wayne Rooney’s Record Should Be Better

Wayne Rooney is enjoying fabulous form for Manchester United, as he usually he does during this time of year. Whilst his goals are an obvious indicator of his great form, and what is picked up in the press, it’s his all-round game which I’m most impressed with. He’s at the centre of everything, the Midas touch at its finest, creating great chances for himself and his team mates.

Rooney is now one goal away from 100 in his club career, a remarkable feat for someone who is still just 22-years-old, but really, it should be more.

Even when Rooney isn’t scoring, those who watch him regularly will see the massive impact he has on our team. In the five games we lost last season, Rooney was absent for four of them. In the fifth, he scored the equaliser, before being subbed off through injury, at which point United went on to lose. There is no denying he is hugely influential for our team, whether enjoying a goal-run as he is at the moment, or otherwise.

Before getting too deep in to this, it’s important to note that Rooney has already surpassed the 100 goal target. His official stats read 7 goals in the past 6 games, however, he’s actually scored 9 in 6. There was nothing wrong with the goal he scored against West Brom on Saturday, which was scrubbed off for a non-existent foul, and Rooney was clearly onside when his goal against Celtic was ruled out last night.

However, it is Rooney’s injuries which have held him back. Just as he starts to reach peak form, he tends to suffer from that reoccurring metatarsal injury. This sees him miss weeks of the season, then even longer on top of that once he’s returned to recapture his form. He has often been criticised for not reaching his potential set out for him in 2004, yet is it any wonder when he spends chunks of practically every season on the sidelines.

In 2006-2007 he was relatively injury free, playing in a total of 55 games for the club. During this season, he was the 4th highest scorer in the Premiership, with the 3rd highest amount of assists. He was behind 25 goals that season, with Cristiano Ronaldo the only player ahead of him in the league, scoring and assisting a total of 30 goals. He was 20/21-years-old then. Can you imagine the records he’d have for goals and assists had he managed to play in nearly every league game in all the seasons he’s spent at United?

In July, Pele had a pop at Rooney, claiming he hadn’t achieved the great heights predicted for him since 2004. The people who criticise Rooney in this way obviously don’t take in to account the injuries he has, which not only rule him out for parts of the season, but mean he isn’t up to scratch for some time after returning.

I had a look at Rooney’s stats since he joined United, which clearly slowly that with every season at the club he has improved. When looking at his goals and assists, as both are vital parts to his game, we can see how many goals per game on average he was responsible for. In 2004/2005 (18-years-old) it was 0.5 goals per game he played in, 2005/2006 (19-years-old) it was it was 0.7 goals, 2006/2007 (20-years-old) it was again 0.7 goals, and in 2007/2008 (21-years-old) it was 0.9 goals. So far this season (22-years-old), including the Champions League as well as the league, he’s played in 10 games, scored 5 (7) goals and has 3 assists. That’s an average of 0.8 (1) goals per game!

If Rooney makes it through the season unscathed, this truly could be the season the press have been waiting for. However, I do say this with some trepidation, not wanting a case of ‘famous last words’ on my hands. November 7th was when we lost him last season and I’m desperately hoping his current blinding form isn’t interrupted by another injury.

Hopefully I’m fretting over nothing though and the Wayne Rooney this country has been waiting for will show himself fully this season!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. miele says:

    For me Rooney is already a legend for all the incredible love and boundless enthusiasm he shows for football, goals or no goals. Couple with the talent he has, it’s just magic.

  2. alan wood says:

    for us man utd supportes he is already a legend and we dont care what pele or any assh****l says if hes good for us hes good for everybody b cause hes a man utd player and by the way were not a one team player anymore journalists

  3. rubanraj says:

    I’ve have always had the same thought on my mind. I totally agree that Rooney’s injuries have kept him aback a few times in his career. If anyone still don’t get it, just look at how Ronaldo’s playing now as compared to last season. He came back from injury a month ago & he’s still not playing upto his best level yet.
    I hope everything goes well with Rooney because I’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time.

  4. Mr Speakers says:

    Usually enjoy your articles, and don’t think anybody who follows United thinks it’s necessary to defend Rooney’s development and record. However, your article loses its value when you start making stats up. The inclusion of the two phantom goals into his record is just nonsense. Are you going to be taking two goals off Berbatov’s scoring record in future due to their offside nature last night? Will you be striking other dubious goals off our other players too? All a bit like Mourinho’s insistence that they never got beat by the Dippers in the Champs League a couple of years back.

  5. Martin m says:

    World class truly wc no dinineing that. Wayne is simply d best d world of football has been waiting 4.

  6. SULLY [South Africa] says:

    Goes by the name… WAYNE ROONEY 10

  7. Scott the Red says:

    Mr Speakers – the point of inclusion was the double sided meaning of the heading.

    Rooney should have scored 100 goals already because 1. he’s been robbed of 2 decisions already this season 2. he’s spent large chunks of the season out injured.

    People are ranting and raving about how great Rooney’s scoring record is, and I’m simply stating that if not for poor decisions in the past 5 days, his record would be even better.

  8. an Eritrean ManUtd fan says:

    i agree with everything that is said here except for the inclusion of the 2 goals wayne had scored ahainst W.B.A & celtic, but denied by the referee. if the referee says the goal shouldn’t be allowed, it is finished. regarding wayne, he shouldn’t be bothered by what ever pele or the press says. he should just concentrate on performing and hopefully he will score 35 PL and 12 CL PLUS 5 FA CUP goals.

  9. Sam says:

    your forgetting the perfect goal that wasn’t against portsmouth at the beginning of the season. he’s had 3 perfect goals dissallowed. what’s the odds he finishes the season on 41 goals or 45 for that matter and missing out on Law’s record.

  10. denton davey says:

    From the day I first saw Wayne Rooney – for Everton v. Arsenal – it was absolutely clear that this kid had the makings of a superstar (indeed, it was the same reaction I had when I first saw CR7 tear apart Bolton’s right back in a cameo role). Obviously, SAF saw TheBoyWonder even earlier and tried his damnedness to sign him on schoolboy forms but, at that time, you couldn’t take the ToxtethBoy out of scouserland. Wayne grew up fast and realized that he needed a change of scenery and the moment he was available SAF blew his wad to get him. What a great buy. He has had rough patches – who wouldn’t being in the public eye at 17 ? – but it is clear that he has matured without losing his passion and desire. The story is that Wayne was a boxer as a kid and he plays like a pugilist, always looking for a knockout and chasing down his opponent.

    Having Rooney – in addition to Ronaldo, Tevez, Berbatov, and (soon) Anderson – is an incredible embarrassment of riches. But, hey, I’m not embarrassed ! party on, dude.

  11. Ste says:

    Just imagine Rooney would have signed for Newcastle instead of United, we might not even be talking about him coz his career would be down the sh!tter, and I dont even want to begin who we would have signed if we hadnt gotten Rooney

    He has gotta be one of Fergies Top 10 buys, and rightly so. He is a world class footballer, Id have Rooney over Ronaldo every day of the week

    P.S.Wasnt Rooneys injury last season on the opening day when we drew to Reading?

  12. Superdorz says:

    Actually Scott, his record IS better:

    England v Croatia, Rooney scores 1
    England v Kazhakstan, Rooney scores 2
    England v Belarus, Rooney scores 2

    Most importantly:

    United v Bolton, Rooney scores 1
    United v Aalborg, Rooney scores 1
    United v Blackburn, Rooney scores 1
    United v West Brom, Rooney scores 1
    United v Celtic, Rooney scores 1

    10 in 8 :)

  13. Superdorz says:

    I’m now thinking there might have been a game between the England/Croatia and the United/Bolton matches.

    Oh well, still 10 goals officially this season!

  14. OTRed says:

    @Sam: you stole my comment, lol. I was gonna remind everyone that he had another disallowed goal vs. Portsmouth.


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