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We Bought Him Just To Sell Shirts, Didn’t We?

Ji-Sung Park has scored against Arsenal, AC Milan and Liverpool this season.

Not too shabby for a lad we signed just to sell shirts in the Far East…..

[edit]“I didn’t think that (Park was bought just to sell shirts),” said Ferguson. “When I went to see him play in those Champions League semi-finals for PSV Eindhoven in 2005 I thought this is a player who understands football. He is intelligent and disciplined and he can play different positions. I had no issues about that at all. Someone is always going to take a runner on something like selling shirts. But you could say that about every player we have signed.” [/edit]

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. aig alex is god says:

    Thanks ghtt

    i did

  2. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    @ mara{34009B66-8C50-42F4-816F-CE57868EDE49}&page=4&competition=&datemonth=

  3. Bob Koh says:

    The difference between Utd & Loserpool was not just the 2-1 scoreline. It was the players bought & selected by SAF to play in certain matches that Benitez could not or did not know how to do.
    Onward to the Reebok, ManUtd!

  4. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Bob Koh
    it was no mistake that united ended a 2-1 game against liverpool with Rednev Giggs and Scholes and liverpool brought on 2 players that I dont believe Rafa thinks are good enough

  5. emn says:

    Great performance from the lads against the Scousers!

  6. Red Devil says:

    @ Good Morning all
    Had too much of a hangover after last night……..
    Greatest Birthday gift ever………
    Thank you Sir Alex…..Thank you Man United!!
    Have that ya scouse bastards…..
    Come on REDS!

  7. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    not a bad read this from a liverpool fan

    “I’ve mostly just been drinking all day, particularly after watching Gonzaga shit themselves against Syracuse, so take all this with a grain of salt. But the main problem for me is that this Liverpool side isn’t that likeable, and it showed today.
    It starts with Gerrard and Torres–both are guilty of basically emulating me on the pitch: whiny, petulant, feeling the world is out to get them. Torres scuffing the penalty spot, chipping at Howard Webb (who is a c**t in his own right), and generally moping around Old Trafford for the last 80 minutes or so. Gerrard had another laugher–when Jon Champion (who will haunt my dreams until the end of time) said “some were questioning whether or not he should be playing today” I was expecting him to talk about performance, not the Michael Brown dragon elbow. He’s cut a frustrated, pompous figure for much of the season. Maybe it’s the wear of a tumultuous season, but it’s getting harder to swallow. That’s what she said.
    Couple that with a tactical approach that was the footballing equivalent of armless tetherball, particularly with the substitutions, and you have a wholly disappointing performance. Sure, expecting three points at Old Trafford is the dream of an idiot, but this idiot was hoping for more.”

    he doesnt have much faith in there captain stevie me
    doesnt like brunos attitude
    and signs off with the line” Sure, expecting three points at Old Trafford is the dream of an idiot”

    i got this off a liverpool blog and other comments were on the same line with comments like “benfica win 4-0 i think ”

    cast your mind back 12 months its crazy

  8. Jeet says:


    The weekend just seems to be continuing on Monday…Terry: BRAVEHEART, CAPTAIN, LEGEND……CHEAT

  9. Jeet says:

    @Red Devil : Happy B’day…was it yesterday or is it today? Mine is today, and yes, one helluva gift..THANK YOU!!!

  10. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    red devil…jeet…and maybe even Scott I say Happy Birthday

  11. Jeet says:

    @GHTT: Thanks, mate!

    By the way, read this:

    Chelsea sounds completely demoralized…their confidence is shot and they seem to have all but given up the ghost…I cant believe that the majority of their fans think this way!!!

    On the same note, I couldnt believe the attitude of my Gooner mates when they drew Barca…they had DEFEAT written in their faces…they had given up hope weeks before a ball was kicked…can you believe an Utd. fan ever doing that? Most of OUR fans I spoke to are delighted because they believe they will get a chance to avenge last year’s defeat…I mean if their fans are like that, what are their players like?!!!

    Fuck me – United for life!!

  12. Red Devil says:

    @ Jeet and Ghtt

    Thanks a ton mates!

    it was at the weekend…..and I couldn’t have taken another Scouse defeat……it was either a win yesterday or a win yesterday!! four in a row to the vermin would have been too much to take…….

    Christ I almost had a stroke the moment the ball fell to that ladyboy cunt in the box late on yesterday….thankfully he scuffed that shot almost at the exact spot he had fluffed up the pitch to prevent Rooney taking the penalty…..its called KARMA ya scouse shit!

  13. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    jeet thats crazy
    “I think its time we got rid of the trouble makers at Chelsea. Need to get rid of Ray Wilkins, John Terry, ashley Cole and Frank Lampard. ”

    attitudes stink around there sites its nuts

    and about valencia “fowl outside the box diving looking for a peno” bullcrap

    did valencia get fowled outside the box
    did he get brought down while running into the box


    which is pull on the shirt ,free not given , advantage played

    fowled again inside the box arm pulled player went down

    peno given

    its simple

    advantage given then peno given

    to say that the free should of been given outside the box like rafa and alot of rival fans are saying then that means the want people to drop on any given touch

  14. Macheda IS GOD says:

    my name is soon going to be 1 year old
    God time flies.

  15. willierednut says:

    I wonder if Park had of missed that header, would Webb have called it back for a penalty, because jc was all over Rooney like a cheap suit.

  16. King Eric says:

    Stephen – Spot on pal. The cunt’s Dixon and YSB Hansen found him kicking the pen spot rather amusing. It was a disgraceful act and should be punished.

    aig – Hello mate. I feel absolutely fuck all for the tranny. He made his bed. As for getting ahead I don’t think people are, well they shouldn’t be but the desire our lads have and present form we are well capable of winning all our games and I think the lads can smell that.

  17. King Eric says:

    Red Devil – Happy Birthday mate.

    aig – Hey we are FOUR clear of the Chav’s. They have to WIN on Wednesday. I do agree with you about Arsenal being our likely challengers now.

  18. King Eric says:

    Jeet – happy birthday.

    gotta hate – The Chav and dipper fans are nearly as bad as the Villa fans. Booing their fucking team off even though they have been in one final (but lost to the best) are in the semi’s of FA Cup and unbeaten in 2010. Fickle bastards.

  19. aig alex is god says:

    @King Eric

    Hi mate.

    Agree but there are important champions league fixtures whiuch could affect our season too.I feel there are still some twists and turns to come.United hardly ever do it the easy way. May even go down to the last day which i dont mind if it is in our hands as i expect us to beat stoke

    As for Chelsea the gap should be 1 point as i expect them to beat pompey. If they cant do that too then they dont deserve to be anywhere near the title.

  20. Costas says:

    Happy birthday to Red Devil and Jeet!

  21. Red Devil says:

    @ King Eric

    thanks mate…….I must say this, last week you were on fire mate!!
    Love the positivity from you…..although sometimes it makes defeat so much more harder to take later on if things dont go our way…….Thank God they did go our way this time!

  22. Red Devil says:


    thanks to you too!!

  23. King Eric says:

    aig – Yeah mate good point we certainly never do things the easy way. Like you say if the Rentboys can’t beat Pompey they don’t deserve it.

    Red Devil – Thanks for your words, much appreciated.

  24. redneckAlexsir says:

    rednosed bastards

  25. redneckAlexsir says:

    cheating cunts

  26. Sanj says:

    Happy birthday to all whose birthday is today! Quite a present from the lads. I’m sure this has been mentioned countless times, but I loved Park’s celebration, patting the badge, then saying #1. Top stuff.

  27. Corea says:

    It was a very emotional moment when Parky scored and was clapping logo on his shirt. It really made my day and i thought at this moment about all of the haters who didn’t give him credit he deserves.
    And Costas, Blackburn made it. ;)

  28. kaihnsn says:

    park performance in the last 2-3 months really make me proud. for someone from asia what park was giving make doubters eat their word. asia player never had their success like players from africa who play in europe. in case of park they will always say united just bought him to make their brand spread in asia. i dont know about other part of asia. but in malaysia as long as i can remember united is already a household name in early 80s.

    but if journo and abu need to work their mind just remind them about kleberson the world cup winner. he never made grade in united midfield. so how come park can convince SAF to play him? dont insult SAF intelligent please.

  29. Fred says:

    Saying we bought Park to sell shirts in Korea is as ridiculous as saying we bought Kuszczak to sell shirts in Poland.

  30. Paul Parker says:

    Im Sorry, but mentioning Dogs and Park in the same sentence isn’t racist, not within the context I said it in anyway. Just for the Record.


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