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We Often Score Six But We Seldom Score Ten…?

We are just one of those teams that you see now and then. We often score six but we seldom score ten.

How true is that?

MUFC Info has the stats to back up the chant, showing that we have scored ten goals in a game, although it is seldom, on just three occasions.

There have been a massive 64 matches where we have scored six goals and a total of 92 games when we have scored between six and nine goals.

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  1. willierednut says:

    united have always scored loads of goals and played attacking football. So we did’nt score 80 goals plus last season next season will be different with 3 or 4 top signngs.

  2. Macheda is GOD says:

    rooney scored a magnificent 154 goals in 3 seasons in my unbeaten run in my 09 :D

  3. Nas says:

    What a stupid f ing post. It’s times like this when you should seriously consider getting a real job.

  4. Red-Manc says:

    Fucking love this chant.

    We are just one of those teams that you see now and then
    we often score six but we seldom score ten
    we beat em at home and we beat em away
    we kill any bastards that get in our way
    we are the pride of europe
    the cock of the north
    we hate the scousers the cockneys of course (AND LEEDS!)
    we are United without any doubt
    we are the Manchester boys
    na na na na na na na na na OOOOHHHHHH!

    cant wait for next season to get back to Old Trafford, i miss football.

    If you going to pick out random lines the same could be said for
    ‘he scores goals galore’ (Paul Scholes chant) as he doesnt anymore, but at the end of the day there all class chants.

  5. Scott the Red says:

    Nas – take that stick out of your arse eh and lighten up.

  6. Manchester united forever says:

    Can anyone tell me why do we hate leeds so much?

  7. Wiggsman says:

    Because their cunts – and they actually used to be decent way back in the day, and nothing like a Lancs-Yorks rivallry

  8. Chinatown Branch says:

    The undoubted king of theUnited songbook in my opinion, Pure Manc attitude and northern swagger.
    Has Scott or anybody else got any info on when It was written and first began to be sung at Old Trafford? I know that the original is ‘One of those songs’ from the Late 50′s, I’m sure Jackie Gleason did a version.

  9. Chinatown Branch says:

    @ Manchester united forever –
    There’s a long history of blood being shed between Lancashire and Yorkshire. I’d imagine the main reason for the hatred and rivalry is the geographic proximity of both cities to each other, and no doubt it’s been fueled by Leedsonian envy of our success. As a United fan who lived in Leeds for 10 years I’d say the general neanderthal nature of your average Leeds fan has helped promote the hatred. Having said that I do miss playing them, and secretly would like to see them back in the Premiership.

  10. King Eric says:

    Chinatown Branch – I live 10 miles out of Leeds and I can safely say they are cunts. They are like you say Neanderthal and the worst can of fans next to the dippers. That and the fact they ALWAYS refer to United as either “Munichs” or “Scum”. I fuckin hate the cunts!

    That said I DO miss the games but it is funny the fact they are in “Division 3″ where they belong.

  11. Chinatown Branch says:

    King Eric – My outstanding memory of my time in Leeds as a red was the Juve semi final in ’99. I was in the Hyde Park pub in Leeds 6, rammed with students and locals. No red shirts in sight but definatley a few reds in the pub. The joy of the natives when we went 2 down was sickening, plenty of Munich bullshit predictably enough. Everything turned sour at 2-2 though. You couldn’t celebrate, in fact you could barely open your mouth. All that joy and no way to celebrate, those twats were ready to start with pint glasses. They really are a horrible bunch of no marks. Turning the tables on them was a fine feeling indeed (still kept my mouth shut though).
    Their affinity for Rangers and that dirty nationalistic streak are others black marks against them.

  12. King Eric says:

    Chinatown Branch – Yes the Hyde Prak pub on Hyde park corner! They are certainly fuckin scum, they cannot take defeat and always make excuses. You can spot the cunts a mile away. Adidas Sambas, Stone Island Jackets and Burberry caps. I hate the bastards. Did you see that docu. the other week . The tear up they had against Millwall. It looked like it was filmed in the 80′s! Grow up. “We all hate Leeds sum, we all hate Leeds scum……………………………………….”.

  13. twinnyd says:

    @ manchester united forever

    other than being absolute cunts…the Manc/Leeds rivalry goes way way back to the “War of the Roses” between the houses of York and Lancaster (if i remember it correctly).Lancaster won the war of course!!!…as expected.Lancaster bore a red rose and York bearing a white rose.that is one of the reasons why United wears red and the Scum wears white.i must say i do kinda miss kicking their asses in the PL but i dont mind them bein in league 1.thats where the fat cunts belong.

  14. Red-Manc says:

    “Can anyone tell me why do we hate leeds so much?”

    are you mad mate!?

    lancashire/Manchester-yorkshire rivalry to begin with
    they are horrible cunts,pure scum
    they are inbred sheep shaggers
    they mock munich more than they sing for there own team
    oh and yorkshire is a terrible place, truly terrible.

    we all hate leeds scum we all hate leeds scum we all hate leeds scum

  15. King Eric says:

    Red- Manc – Eh watch it pal, Yorkshire ain’t too bad just Leeds!

  16. Lacoste says:

    Fuckin hate Leeds.

    Fuckin love fightin. Any hooligan film or documentary just makes u feel great. Leeds cunts, especially from places like Hyde Park, deserve to get the shit kicked out of em.

  17. Scott the Red says:

    Hyde Park? It’s all Chelsea, Arsenal and United there. Students.

  18. vidic will get ya15 says:

    we all hate leeds scum, we all hate leeds scum, we all hate leeds scum

  19. King Eric says:

    Scott – How do you know that? You are right , Hyde Park and Headingley is just full of students. The worst scum are from the likes of Beeston and Armley.

  20. Corea says:

    Yes, is time for some retrospective. Keep it on, mates.
    I am really happy to know more about all this history of relationship between the cities and the clubs..

  21. Scott the Red says:

    I went to Leeds Uni and did my time in Hyde Park. Don’t think I ever came across a Leeds fan in the pubs there lol.

  22. Mark Moore says:

    Steady on Red-Manc, im a Yorkshire lad and its a great place. Dead right about that scummy side tho’ and Leeds its self is full of fuckwits.

  23. King Eric says:

    Mark – I have already had a go at Red Manc as well! Only messing RM.

    Yorkshire is a decent place it is just Leeds is full of cunts. They even still do that old racist arm action when they chant “Leeds, Leeds, Leeds” right fast. You know the one where their arm goes back and forth towards their chest. Horrible Horrible bastards. I miss the banter though now they are two divisions down. Funny how about 3 million of em crawl out of the woodwork when they reach a play off final!

  24. King Eric says:

    Scott – Leeds Uni Eh! You will have to think of summat to put on regarding Leeds just to attract the bastards! If you think banter with dippers is bad, wait till you try and have it with Leeds fans!

    My wife was out a few years ago and saw Mills, Fowler and I think Batty. She said they were proper arrogant cunts thinking they were it. Karma I say.

  25. Mark Moore says:

    Good idea King Eric lets get the scum on here and rip the piss out of them. Got a couple at work, one’s a right tosser keeps calling us Munichs but not in ear shot of me now, after i gave him the look, lol, the cretin.

  26. Red-Manc says:

    King Eric and Mark my bad lads, maybe i generalised the place to much cant be that bad if theres reds there.

    I had a laugh in Sheffield if that helps make the peace? ;)

  27. Nas says:

    Scott the Red… Lets use that stick by smacking it over ur dumb thick head and knock some sence into it by making you write sum good posts unlike stupid ones like this one ;-)

  28. Macheda is GOD says:

    Nas he is capable of doing posts!Unlike you.

  29. twinnyd says:

    @ Nas

    put your toys back in your pram, mate.its just football banter.this is after all a UTD blog.jeez…get a life.


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