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Welbeck: Every Lad From Manchester Dreams Of What I Did

Whilst most United fans have been ranting and raving about Rafael Da Silva for some time, the rest of the Premiership were forced to pay attention after his brilliant goal against Arsenal last weekend. Everyone wanted to know who he was and when we’d got him. I took great pride in letting them all know that his identical twin brother, Fabio, is the one who comes more highly rated out of the two.

Danny Welbeck is another United youth team player whose name has been batted about for a while, with plenty eager to see what he was capable of, particularly when it was looking like we weren’t going to be signing a new striker this summer. Despite scoring two goals against the dippers during the week, Frazier Campbell will certainly be jealous that Welbeck got to stay on the books whilst he was loaned out, particularly after this afternoon!

Sir Alex Ferguson gave Danny Welbeck plenty of time on the field today, meaning he had the chance to compose himself and become adjusted to playing in the Premiership at Old Trafford for Manchester United.

His first contribution was to hesitate on the ball and giving away a throw-in. “Come on Danny!” people in the crowd shouted in encouragement. The 17-year-old didn’t let his head go down and worked hard to get involved. With just over five minutes left to player, Welbeck got his name on the scoresheet, with a goal fit to win any goal of the month competition.

“It feels amazing,” said Welbeck. “Scoring in front of the Stretford End is what every young boy from Manchester dreams of. I loved it. I wouldn’t say I’ve dreamt about it, but I’ve thought about it every day of my life ever since I started playing football. There’s nothing better. I got the ball on the edge of the centre-circle and I knew Ryan Shawcross was behind me. I played a one-two with Manucho, took a touch and just thought, ‘I’m going to hit it’. I was just relieved to see it hit the back of the net. I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen replays of it a few times already!”

Was this a ‘remember the name’ moments? Quite possibly. Welbeck should have big things ahead of him, but what a way to start!

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  1. Taehr says:

    Great goal,hope the lad gets a few more chances this season.

  2. Failsworth Devil says:

    He reminds me on Bambi, when he is first born in the film… doesnt look like he knows what to do with his legs… but…………….

    If you can score goals like he did today, then who cares…

    Carry on kid….. class class goal mate…

  3. asidfg says:

    Thumbs up to the lad, but if Rossi couldn’t break into the first team( which is even stronger now!) i doubt if Welbeck will, like Cambell( who scored again today) he will probably end up at villa, Portsmouth, Sunderland ….the list is endless . I just hope utd don’t end up with a MADRID -ETO’O love situation…Real didn’t realize Eto’o full value , now he plays hardest against them!

  4. Failsworth Devil says:

    Send him out on loan for 3 years… like we have been doing with Campell… the way to learn is by playing regular at a good level…

    Bring them back after a few years..and develop what had already been taught them, to what they learnt onloan, to what they can learn as 1st teamers..

    It aint a bad thing.. plus if these kids can get premier league experiance.. and score goals against the dippers cockneys etc etc in the process then its a double bonus for us..

    I know what your saying about Rossi situation… but…. i think we loaned Rossi to the wrong club.. as Glenn Roeder didnt know how to develop a kid…

    Shame about Rossi as i would have liked him to stay, and hope Welbeck gets the opportunity…

    He is a Manchester born Red…. United is Life… he will know that being local, so will give his heart and soul to the cause… so it cant be a bad thing..

  5. Anant says:

    we all knew he was amazing . just an advert for the rest of the prem . so much for the ”young guns” !
    seriously wish we get arsenal in the league cup mext round and test our youth against theirs and shut them up forever . just because we dont keep bragging about our youth like them doesnt mean we dont have quality .

  6. Anant says:

    Failsworth Devil , i think he has been pretty vocal about not wanting to go out on loan . feels he can develop far better by training with our world class first team . fair play to him . think we should respect that and give him games against the lesser teams (no disrespect) like stoke , as we did today .

  7. Failsworth Devil says:

    Anant mate, the thing is what the gooners dont realise is, the more they big these kids up.. the more pressure will get to them, and also the more they will get big headed…

    The more this happens to the more they are likely to swim when there armbands are taken off…

    We do things the right way at united…give them plenty of time to adapt…

    Arsenal dont have that luxury… as they dont have the financial clout as we do…

    So i hope we get the gooners dummy suckers in the final..

    After all we could play a team of under 23 year olds that contain the following :

    Johnny Evans
    Darron Gibson

    The list goes on and on… the thing with us… we dont realise how young these players above are.. is coz they are so good, and some of them have 50+ games under there belt for us… and then u got CR7… what is it.. 101 goals in sommat like 237 games…

    We dont have anything to fear…

    “The futures bright… the futures United”…

  8. Failsworth Devil says:

    Anant fair play mate… i just think if he played for a middle of the league team that created plenty… and he got 40 games a season under his belt, then he would really develop…

    I like the atitude that he wants to stay and learn.. thats good…i just hope his determination in that sense doesnt interfere with his progression.. as he will defo learn from our players.. .but will he progress… thats my argument buddy

  9. Anant says:

    i see where you’re coming from Failsworth Devil , and its a good point you make , but how many mid table teams would be willing to give a 17 year old 40 games a season ?…maybe 2 years later he would be a starter for them , but probably he might become good enough to be a 3rd choice striker for us .
    ah , too many permutations and combinations , should just leave it all to Sir Alex . After all , he knows best .

  10. denton davey says:

    Danny Welbeck scored a great goal – remember that name, indeed. But, otherwise, he looked a bit lost out there – playing IS DIFFERENT FROM practising at Carrington. Let’s not get carried away with this cameo – I would imagine that he will get a few more opportunities but the road ahead is full of obstacles, as Giuseppe Rossi found out and Fraizer Campbell is now learning. On the other hand, if Welbeck is good enough to be in the squad at 17-plus then he’s surely an even more impressive talent than either Rossi and/or Campbell. Truly great players show that greatness when they are young – like Tevez, Ronaldo, Rooney and Georgie Best/Bobby Charlton before them – because their talent is irrepressible. I guess that this gives Welbeck the chance to join the select company – the rest is up to him; does he have that drive and desire that is irrepressible as his talent ? SAF gives youth a chance but THEY have to grab it. It’s going to be fun watching Welbeck, Fabio, and Rodgrigo play catch-up with Raphael, who already seems to have established himself in the squad. And, just to think, Anderson and Nani almost look like “old men” in comparison to these bright sparks.

  11. steve says:

    Now there is a player rooney will benefit from a pacey powerful central striker that is if welbeck continue’s his progress, it will not only help rooney but will do something not only centre half’s will hate but the midfield will hate is well a striker who is athletic powerful as the height and as the pace to run at players which berbetov does not do. welbeck reminds me of paulo wanchope in the way he runs at players.

    People forget what brought united to the dance again in 2006 was a very physical front man that as the pace and heading ability to make defences worry which rooney can feed off, van nistlerooy did not do it with his mobility but other parts of his game were there, tevez does it at times with his movement and berbetov does not do any of the things that will help the team overall, what puts tevez ahead of berbetov is his mobility because I have yet to see berbetov score goals with his head run at defences. when united hit teams on the break I see berbetov in the positions that are not threatening at times which welbeck I think can offer that option as he developes over time.

  12. mav_9me says:

    While somebody made a good point about Rossi and what chance does Welbeck stand if Rossi couldnt make it here. One thing is he has over Rossi is he has height. I am not sure if he as good a finisher or as good a passer but I am fairly certain his composure on the ball, his touch and calmness makes him the best candidate since forever to stand a chance of making it as a striker with us.

  13. AlexofMancunia says:

    They’ve been ranting and raving about this kid for years now in the academy.

    He was compared to Kanu by Fergie and other coaches in the youth acadey setup, and Fergie also said that if Danny doesn’t make the grade at United then they might as well render the academy obsolete, as noone will. That is the potential they all see in the lad.

    He seems to be a modest lad, whom I don’t feel will let any of the pressure affect him, and as a few of the other players have said, he looks to have the temperament to make it at the greatest club on earth (as you can have all the talent in the world, but without good temperament you won’t get anywhere).

    I could see Fergie not loaning him out at all, and just allowing him the odd game here and there for the first team, whilst mostly having him playing in the reserves. In the next few years he’ll get more and more games [especially with this new 7 subs rule in the league (which has been fantastic for giving the younger players chances to get some gametime!)] and just training and learning from our senior players will give him more and more confidence.

    I’ve got high hopes for the lad, let’s just hope he fulfills his potential.

  14. steve says:

    I agree totaly if he does not make it united may is well just sell the academy but I always thought use the 1999 attacking model have as many attacking options to change a game, there is nothing better then having an extra fresh pair of attacking options to give your best attackers a breather.

    it is a little unfair to say if rossi could not make it wellbeck will never what will help wellbeck that as already been said is that rossi never had what wellbeck has the height and the strength advantage to handle the physical demands of the premiership but look at zola and paul scholes they are not exactly peter crouch.

  15. aaron says:

    What abt Manucho? No ones seems to be talking abt him, i guess cos Welbeck stole the limelight with that fantastic strike. I tot Manucho looked a little lost against Stoke, show a couple of nice touches here and there, a side-heel flick to Berba at one stage was nice. Overall tho, rather disappointing outing for him, had a few chances to open his account and take his share of the headlines with Welbeck but lost his composure when it mattered.

    On a side note, mightily impressed with Fletchrinho. He seems to have really found his groove this season and has improved beyond expectations. Hargo may be out for the season, but i just think this will give Fletch the chance to shine.

  16. denton davey says:

    aaron – you’re absolutely right about Fletcherinho stepping up in Hargreaves’ absence. It’s almost a perfect example of preparation taking advantage of opportunity. Yesterday, again, Darren gave the team bite and ball-winning aggression in midfield paired with TheEnglishPirlo, who also seemed to be under orders to be more assertive. I think that in addition to his goal, Carrick was also to be seen in Stoke’s penalty area on numerous occasions, loitering with intent.

  17. Sam says:

    would be good to see welbeck make it as united have a shit history of bringing striker’s through. The last striker would be scholes and he dropped into midfield. Hopefully both him and campbell will make the grade and push berba out when he get’s into his 30′s to play with tevez and rooney.

  18. bossdem says:

    our youth system has been very good for some time now. just take a look at some of the teams in recent years that have come up from the championship with ex utd youth players playing a big part. even wolves now have a few! although people keep making judgements based on the fact that not too many world class players have come thru since the fledglings, thats down to the increased level of the players already in the first team. if we didnt have rooney and tevez im sure rossi would have stayed. wellbeck is different to any striker we have at the moment and this reason along with his obvious talent is why he has a chance. rossi was in a tough situation.

  19. Red-Manc says:

    When you think Scholes,Beckham,Neville brothers,Butt,Giggs,Brown etc have come up through our acadamy how anyone can not be impressed with it needs to wake up, Welbeck Gibson Foster Possebon and Rafeal are going to be our future stars, ive been watching our reserve team for a couple of years now and there somes top class players.

  20. Matty says:

    Take a bow. Danny Welbeck. =)

  21. gautam from india says:

    nobody has said anything abt gibson(no. 34) he showed some pretty good passing & composure.

  22. Failsworth Devil says:

    I think Fletcher looked really really good… never thought i would say it to be honest.. .but this season, seems to have added to his game.. well his decisions and timing have improved a hell of a lot… and has stopped passing backwards all the time, and the improvement is there to see..

    SAF’s lovechild is becoming a man… at last…could be a real bonus for United this season espec with Hargreaves being out all season..

    Manucho looked lost… totally lost.. ive got a feeling that our place might just be too big of a stage for him… its happened to a lot…

    I might be wrong he has only had about 25 mins total in 2 games for us… one in the tin pot cup and yesterday against Stoke..but from what i saw.. he just seems 3 seconds late on decisions.. and thats 2 seconds more than what your allowed in the PL..

    Who knows with Manucho what will happen..

  23. traanZ says:

    Just curious, who is our youngest scorer in the Premier League?

  24. steve says:

    as for Fletcher for me as been doing the business since the 06/07 season it’s just this season he has had a run of games in his real position, I know it is going off the subject but what really frustrates me with some idiotic pundits and certain sections of united fan’s is they keep saying we need another midfielder.

    for starters we have Fletcher who chips in with goals has become a tough tackling midfielder and becoming the heart beat of United’s midfield who is now miles better then mascherano if Fletcher was Spanish or anything but British people would say he is one of the best midfielders in world football, we have Carrick dare I say it with his recent run of goals coming is almost developing late as Franck lampard done and becoming a goal scorer. There is Anderson who in time can be one of the best midfielders around he just need’s time he has only been here a year and we still have scholes who for me is still a class player and Hargreaves is here. and there is gibson and possebon so where in the hell will this new midfielder fit in.

    when everyone is fit united on their books have 7 so that is one area we do not need strengthening to be honest if foster does not make it the only area united will need strengthening is the goalkeeper position, this season is more important for the next generation of players like Anderson nani foster Fletcher then winning trophys so when next season comes around Fletcher Anderson nani foster are week in week out players.

  25. Sam says:

    i wasn’t knocking the youth system. Just saying we have a history of buying our strikers. We’ve had some promising kids come through the acadamey but they haven’t made it with the first team.

  26. SteRDLK says:

    Some promising strikers have been at United in recent years and failed to make it.

    Alex Notman
    Guiseppi Rossi
    Sylvan Ebanks-Blake
    David Healy
    Febian Brandy

    All had a lot of promise, sadly never got the chance.

    Now we have

    Frazier Campbell
    Danny Welbeck
    Federico Macheda

    It seems in the last few years, since 2000, that all of or youth players are better than the previous year.

    It’s great to see so many ex-United players having a successful career (Kieran Richardson, where did he get that left foot from?!)

    It’s a shame so many have failed, but now we have a whole batch waiting for their chance – Jonny Evans, Danny Simpson, Da Silva twins, Rodrigo Possebon, Darron Gibson, Danny Welbeck

    And even Darren Fletcher and Wes Brown have shown their class when given the chance.

    The future is bright!!!

  27. steve says:

    yet the media always hype arsenals so called youngsters and they have been doing since 2005 and we are almost in the year 2009 is it that arsenal have not got some great youngsters coming through. 5 of our youngsters if they do make it in Darron Gibson, Danny Welbeck Jonny Evans, Danny Simpson Frazier Campbell have actually come from our youth system unlike arsenal who have poached them from other clubs wolcott fabrigas two perfect examples.

  28. OTRed says:

    @Matty: that was class from the commentator. I disagree with Welbeck though, every kid from Manchester don’t dream about scoring that goal…no, every kid from any part of the world in any league trying to announce his presence would be his right arm to be noticed with such a goal.


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