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Welbeck to Arsenal confirmed

The BBC have reported that Arsenal have signed Danny Welbeck on a permanent basis. The Times have reported the figure is £18m.

Two hours ago it was reported that Welbeck was having a medical with the North London club, but Arsenal released a statement to “categorically deny” any deal was in place. When this was announced to the fans outside the Emirates this evening, the fans present cheered.

All the best at Arsenal, Danny.

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  1. SebaLaBrujita says:

    Jonny Evans, Anderson, Chris Smalling and Ashley Young must be pinching themselves in utter incomprehension at how they each remain footballers of Manchester United.

    How the fuck was the oversight in getting rid of them allowed to happen? I’ll cling to the hope that none of them kicks a ball in anger for the club again, but I’ll not hold my breath.

    Which brings me to our former/present/fuck knows where this leaves him number 23? I guess we’ll have a rotten apple within our ranks until January.

  2. trevor knightsmith says:


    Danny hasn’t signed for Arsenal yet either

  3. ashtheking says:

    I am having a mixed feeling about welbeck. He may not be a great player but he was a red through and through but LVG is doing the right thing by bringing some balance. We can’t have too many attackers. Also one positive in this is we could give Wilson more chances. Welbeck would have featured rarely so better sell him. I would have preferred if he had been sold to a spurs or Everton rather than arsenal.

    Also we need to sign falcao, like dela said, it’s getting nervy, if we don’t sign him then we will just have two strikers in rvp and Rooney. I think the deal is done otherwise we wouldn’t have sold welbeck.

  4. Marko Maric says:

    Danny was good lad in our club, so let him to Arsenal, but i wouldn t coz they didn t sell as Vernaleen

  5. Tommy says:


    Its not like he will go from his reported £80k a week to a grand a week, he would stiull earn a forune at Villa, the TC23 brand is indeed embaressing, hed rather play no football and pick up his wage, shocking

  6. m09538061 says:

    Everton would not pay £8m for cleverly so United said deal off. Aston villa said yes to £8m but cleverly said no.
    Should be made to rot in the reserves with that other imposter…Fellaini.

  7. cr says:

    Agree 100% with those who say that this is a mistake. Give a past-his-best Rooney a 5 year deal and sell Welbeck to Arsenal? Arsenal now will have two United fans in their starting line up, Ramsay and Welbeck. FFS.

    Happy about Falcao but we should have loaned Welbeck, not sold him. Big, big mistake.

  8. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Danny – it’s like buying a Lamborghini but you are locked on the other side of the fence and can’t get into it yet.. The anticipation is overloading

  9. Tommy says:


    Please dont compare both situations, Fellani waved away a loyalty bonus to come here, cleverleuy wouldnt leave for a few quid less when he has been told he can go disgrace

  10. trevor knightsmith says:


    We haven’t sold him yet or signed Falcao

  11. Mike Fibes says:

    So, let’s look at our window.

    Shaw – Fantastic talent, needs to show the professionalism off the pitch but if he can do that has all the future in the world. Probably overpaid but for young British players these days you’re forced to, so good deal.

    Herrera – I’m not sure if he’s really going to come good in the Prem until second half of the season at the earliest, but definitely an upgrade from say, a Cleverley.

    Rojo – Not an outstanding player, but solid enough either on the left of defense or left-back. I’m not convinced he’ll offer enough as left wing-back, despite LVG’s protests. I see him as potentially a placeholder for Tyler Blackett. He’ll be the benchmark for Tyler, and I wouldn’t be surprised if within a couple of seasons Tyler displaces him fully.

    Falcao – What’s not to like about this one? Only to say that the option on him after a season sounds very much on the pricey side for what will by that point be a 29-year old. Could turn out to be a one-season wonder until we’re back in the Champions League.

    Blind – Good option for us, and suits our needs very well indeed. Of course we’d have loved to have seen Vidal, and Blind absolutely isn’t a substitute for him, but ultimately a very solid player, great passer, can break up play brilliantly – and in terms of mobility, quick thinking and passing ability will be excellent for us. Will suit any system Van Gaal can throw at him. Injury permitting, will be an ever-present for us, like Herrera will pick up the physical side as the season goes on I think. Carrick and Fletcher absolutely have a fight on their hands.

    Welbeck out? Think it’s a cheap deal for Arsenal in today’s market. But I think the deals out for him and Hernandez absolutely clear a route for James Wilson as 4th choice striker. In that sense I think both are decent deals, in theory. In a perfect world both would have made it at United, Danny being a Longsight lad, Hernandez as likeable, smiling Mexican goalscorer, but I can also see how time is right for both to move on.

    Shinji I think we can all agree is a talented player, a special set of attributes which are a delicate fit for any side, let alone one in the Premier League. I don’t think he’d ever have been able to offer us consistent performances in the No.10 role, and as such while I like him and would have liked to see him succeed.

    Tom Lawrence will be belting for Leicester I reckon. Looks like Cleverley is falling through, surprised at that and also that Anderson hasn’t gone but I also have a suspicion that LVG might fancy a shot at solving the barrel-shaped Brazilian. No matter what fans think – too fat, enough chances, too many injuries – he’s not short of technique, and seems like a character who could respond to the meticulous nature of Van Gaal. We’ve been here many times before of course, but an injury-free Anderson gives us a really interesting option in the middle of the park.

  12. Tommy says:


    Danny pushed for a permanent deal, he didnt want to go out on loan

  13. Tommy says:


    Weve got till 12, if we sign some papers off to premier league

  14. trevor knightsmith says:


    You talking about Falcao or our wish for FSB to depart?

  15. SebaLaBrujita says:

    For those saying Cleverley has pulled a smart move by effectively rolling down his contract. How the fuck so? He has made himself look an utter tool and he has isolated himself within the squad yet further and revealed himself as a complete greedy bastard by pursuing money over the rebuilding of his career as the move to Villa would have presented him with. Silly, silly boy.

  16. trevor knightsmith says:

    Looks like we’re stuck with Cleverley though, got in touch with my mate who is chairman of Woking FC but he said bollocks to him !

  17. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Tommy – i actually thought he would jump at the villa opportunity. First team opportunity and the wages won’t be cut as significantly as you say. i guess we now know the brand is more important than his career. Darron gibson was in similar position and he knew when to call it a day. What cleverley is doing just confirms the infuriating joke he truly is. As bad as the likes of jamie o’hara,david bentley etc.. Clowns thinking they’ve made it without doing anything

  18. Tommy says:


    Falcoa mate, we could get an extra hour sky said,

    Nick Powell on loan and Tom Lawrence permanent both at Leicester trying to complete deals, shame about Lawrence.

    Neil lennon has said United may get it done if not this hour then the next hour but Welbec the most likely to fall through

  19. trevor knightsmith says:


    The millionaire Tom Cleverley won’t give a toss about how he looks to others all the time he has the cash rolling in.

    He never needs to do any work of any description again if he chooses, a very rich young man !

  20. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Anyone imagine Cleverley walking into training after all these mess? the shameless fucker would probably get in front when the squad pictures are taking…

  21. Tommy says:


    In fairness to bentley he decided to retire when he could of continued to play for the money but he said hed lost the love of the game so called it a day, If I was a club i wouldnt touch Cleverley next year after his shananagans this year

  22. trevor knightsmith says:


    His arrogance is astounding, it is only him and Opik ( that’s a thought, perhaps Opik is Cleverley ) that think he’s any good

  23. Tommy says:


    Arsenal have applied for an extention for Welbeck so that will probably go through

  24. trevor knightsmith says:


    It is all such a shame really, would love to have seen Danny reach dizzy heights at united, and even Cleverley, there is only one player I really dislike at United, if you can guess who it is you can have my last Rolo !

  25. SebaLaBrujita says:

    Trevor Knightsmith

    I have to think that he has someone in and around his camp that is telling, what the hell are you doing flushing your career down the bog? No amount of money will make up for that, surely?

  26. Tommy says:


    Come on mate DDG is not that bad lol

  27. trevor knightsmith says:

    BBC Sport’s Simon Stone tells Radio 5 live:

    “Manchester United haven’t confirmed Falcao because the deal has not been completed yet. Should fans be worried? No. Providing a deal sheet has been submitted then United have until midnight to conclude the deal.”

  28. trevor knightsmith says:


    I don’t believe the bloke has one ounce of shame in his body, he doesn’t need the money, he hasn’t really got a career at the top level in football, you and I, and most other people on here would have done the decent thing and moved on, but not him .

    He has an extremely high opinion of himself, hence the TC23 brand , he won;t be botherd in the slightest what others think

  29. Marko Maric says:

    Such a shame # couldn’t sign Rickie Lambert or Adam Lallana cause of no CL football. They had to settle for Falcao and Di Maria @GoalUK

  30. Marko Maric says:

    @tommy agree about Bentley…

    I m asking myself what SAF thinking now and what he would do on LVG s place, after that scumbag decided to stay. I would leave him in reserves, after year of reserve football, profesional football will forget who is he.

  31. unitedyankee says:

    Personally I’d love to think Ed is just dicking Arsenal around. Falcao came out and said its a dream move to sign for United. Maybe Ed is stringing them along just to say sorry we thought about you stiffing us with Vermaelen and we don’t want to sell to you at the deadline. Sorry we wasted your time and you didn’t’ find a replacement.

  32. Tommy says:

    It must be nearly done, Falcao has given interview with independent saying its a drem move to sign for united, he wouldnt give interview if he wasnt signing

  33. Ezzerguru says:

    @ Tommy
    Coming to this one late as I was listening to Sky with my son – way passed his bedtime but he was excited about the Falcao deal… Had to call it a night at 11:00 and told him it would be all right when he woke up in the morning. Just been going through all the earlier and still pissing myself at your ‘cunt list’

  34. Ezzerguru says:

    @ Mike Fibes
    Love your analysis and I agree with a lot of it although I don’t know too much about Blind or Rojo other than what I saw in the World Cup. Like you though I also have a sneaky feeling LVG thinks he can get something out of Anderson. Ando seemed capable of doing what he asked of him in the 4-0 drubbing and like I said in an earlier post I wasn’t surprised to see him in the squad for Burnley. I also noticed Rooney seemed to give Ando a really encouraging acknowledgement at the end of the game. Who knows.

    Anyways with everyone fit if I can really see big things happening.

  35. Gazzer says:

    Don’t let Cleverley get a single competitive game, make him train with the youth team.
    Don’t do a single thing to help him be more marketable a year from now.

  36. lecho says:

    Welbeck is another considerably talented young player, who was practically pushed out of United. Barely played at his natural position, showed no confidence in, threated like an utility player up front. I have a feeling that hes going to shine under Wenger. We will be regretting this.

  37. trevor knightsmith says:


    Keep getting this “played out of position” , good players adapt, under Sir Alex lots of players played out of position, and in his last seven season United one the league five time, losing the other two by one point, and goal difference, reachde three champions league finals also, winning one, all this with Welbeck hardly bothering bothering the scoreboard .

    He is a good player, but not a very good striker, hence the purchase of RVP and now Falcao .

    The Arsenal supporters aren’t ovre thrilled by the signing , coming out with comments like ” Chelsea get Costa, United get Falcao, and we get Welbeck.”

    But saying all that, I do like the lad and hope he does really well at Arsenal, I wish him no ill

  38. trevor knightsmith says:


    Keep getting this “played out of position” , good players adapt, under Sir Alex lots of players played out of position, and in his last seven season United one the league five time, losing the other two by one point, and goal difference, reachde three champions league finals also, winning one, all this with Welbeck hardly bothering bothering the scoreboard .

    He is a good player, but not a very good striker, hence the purchase of RVP and now Falcao .

    The Arsenal supporters aren’t ovrer thrilled by the signing , coming out with comments like ” Chelsea get Costa, United get Falcao, and we get Welbeck.”

    But saying all that, I do like the lad and hope he does really well at Arsenal, I wish him no ill

  39. trevor knightsmith says:

    Sorry for the double post, was trying to correct some spelling

  40. Jackie Spain says:

    And the irony is, Welbeck got injured training with England.


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