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Welbz: I Went Wild When We Won In ’99

Danny Welbeck and Ashley Young took part in a webchat on the official site where they were asked questions by the fans.

Ashley Young said that if he could have played a part in any game from our history it would be the Nou Camp in 1999.

“I’d say the Champions League final from 1999,” he said. “That’s the one that sticks out for everybody. You just think, ‘Wow, I can’t believe that’s happened’.”

Welbeck, who grew up in Longsight and is a lifelong United fan, was just 8-years-old at the time and watched the game with his family at home.

“I was in the front room watching with my family,” he said. “The celebrations were mental. I think the whole street went wild!”

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  1. parthi says:

    Read the Webcast. Starting to like DW & AY even more

  2. Andromeda says:

    Football, football..bloody hell.never forget that night, I was in agony until the last minute then Teddy got the equalizer and everything went crazy with me, a hysterical celebration, then hugged my dad and broke in tears, them wow the big bang Ole scored the winner, I was shouting as if all the world was belong to me…what a club, what a manager and what a history…I once lived as united, and I will die as united..

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Love Danny,

    Get your sorry arses over to the

    Danny is on a 5-man shortlist to be named England Player of the Year.

    The image of Ashley Cole winning this is one I would not recover from anytime soon.
    To be fair, the image of anyone from CFC or LFC winning it this year (on the heals of the Terry and Suarez fiascos) is not one even the FA want to think on.

    Vote here, Do it today!

  4. rudeboy says:

    What a moment

  5. Dinos says:

    I lived in Japan those days and the game kicked-off at 3.45am local time. I screamed my head off when Ole scored the winner and got an earful from my neighbour afterwards for waking her up (miserable old cow). The following morning I wore an United shirt to school and got severely told off by my teachers. I’d love to see another madness of this magnitude before Sir Alex calls it a day. Come on you Reds!

  6. domunited says:

    I was in bed watching my tv and thinking “I’m just gonna stay in bed a couple more days…” Then we get into S+S time and I exploded. That season was just a storybook example of redemption, it’s ridiculous. I still smile ear-to-ear when I watch those final moments on Youtube or something…

    “Can United score? They ALWAYS score.”


  7. Neil says:

    When I watched that skills video Play Like A Champion, the one that shows Danny with Giggsy in the picture above, I always wanted to know what happened to that one kid who got stick from Sir Alex and Rio about his hair haha. Sir Alex asked him if he had lard in his hair. It was great.

  8. Neil says:

    The other kid with the blue top on

  9. Simon says:

    We want more players like Welbeck playing for us. Players who support the team will always give 110% and show loyalty through their career.


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